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What Are the "double-door Lock Mechanisms on Many Vending Machines and Postboxes Called?

It may be a stretch to apply the term to a vending machine, but in forts and prisons, such double doors are called sally ports:

What Are the double-door Lock Mechanisms on Many Vending Machines and Postboxes Called? 1

1. how can i program a door lock remote key for a bmw 2001?

The dealer will program the key for you. Some keys went down during a BMW Malfunction about a week ago. The dealer is the best idea. They will also give you batteries. Good Luck

2. Patio door lock won't engage. How to move it to correct position?

Anderson Sliding Door Lock

What Are the double-door Lock Mechanisms on Many Vending Machines and Postboxes Called? 2

3. 2001 ford taurus driver door lock?

had this exact problem with my 2001 Ford Taurus SE, except mine was the front passenger door. Go to an auto garage, they order a part or if they have it they will install the part and you are good to go. Its not too expensive just depends on what they charge for labor to have it done.

4. 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear door lock?

You just lifted the open handle? You can not be serious

5. where to get automatic door lock/unlock?

Try to find anyplace that sells car alarms they shold carry them and be able 2program it to work witth your car stay away from dealers

6. How can I make a simple door lock?

A standard exterior key lock is exactly the same as the interior knobs as far as installation. If your home has the standard round hole design, just remove the current knob and install the key lock with the key to the outside. The inside will have a push button or turn latch to lock the door. An exterior key set will cost you about $20 and come with 2 keys. Installation is simple and less than 20 minutes

7. Does anybody know where to buy door lock actuators for 2003 Honda Pilot EX and 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T?

Honda dealer for the Honda and guess where for the Mitsubishi? You got it! The Mitsubishi dealer!!!

8. Can you blow only the door lock, without harming the door itself (chill it's for a school project)?

It can be done there will be some damage to the door and it would take up to twenty test shots on exact duplicates of the target door to get the right charge configuration, weight, attachment and priming methods to ensure a quick and safe entry into whatever the door is securing. US Special Operations forces have dozens of pre-tested charge setups they would base any attempt to get through a door in a hostage rescue operation. It is up to the on scene commander and the team to determine the best and safest for the hostages method of entry. Explosive, Mechanical and Deceit would all be on the table for starters. It is far better to deceive the terrorists and catch them off guard than to force the issue if time allows the development of a conversational path for entry.Can you blow only the door lock, without harming the door itself (chill it's for a school project)?.

9. How do I open my car door if the lock is frozen?

You can buy a lock de-icer product at most auto parts stores or Walmart. You squirt it in the lock and it unfreezes it

10. How can I open a door lock that has no key hole?

Use a hairpin (bobby-pin). Just open it and stick it in until you find the thing to push or turn. It works for me all the time

11. Can I upgrade my Toyota corolla CE 2006 to power windows and power door lock?

It is not worth the money! I would not bother

12. What causes difficulty in inserting or removing the key to my door lock? It feels "rough" and you need force to insert/remove. This "roughness" is not consistent though. Some days itu2019s very smooth. Turning the key is consistently smooth.

Your pins have worn unevenly, or there is something foreign in the lock (possibly sand or a bit of metal).If I had to guess, one of the springs in the pin stack has broken and is intermittently binding up one of the pins, which can't then freely move up and down.If you own the lock, and you're reasonably handy, have a screwdriver, long tweezers, scissors and an empty soda bottle it's very possible to take the lock off the door, disassemble the lock body, remove the pins clean things and reassemble the lock, possibly replacing 1-2 parts, but it's a bit more complicated than I'd type up without some additional information about the locks. If you're not too handy, or don't have good fine motor skills, I'd not recommend it. If you don't own the lock, don't work on it, ask the owner to repair it.You may want to clean the lock out. These will both flush out and dissolve contaminants, and evaporate fully, allowing the brass inside to do it's job(which is considered self lubricating, which is why it's used in locks). DO be mindful that these can both dissolve or discolor paint, so you'll want to protect the door surface, and be sparing in your application of them.-Do NOT put oil or WD-40 in a lock. While it will temporarily help to make things slippery, it will encourage grime to build up inside the lock, eventually making it stickier, and requiring more aggressive cleaning or replacement. Anyone telling you to put a lubricant in a lock (and leave it there) is either trying to break your lock to sell you a new one by slowly gumming up your lock or has limited understanding of how locks work, but thinks they know more than they do. It's the equivalent of using duct tape as a hair band. Sure it'll keep your hair back today, but it's not a good idea in the long term. Graphite powder is OK to use, but doesn't really help significantly on brass on brass lubrication at the tolerances involved in locks.If the lock is old and rusty or otherwise stuck, then a penetrating oil can be used to free up the internals, but then should be flushed out to prevent future build up.What causes difficulty in inserting or removing the key to my door lock? It feels "rough" and you need force to insert/remove. This "roughness" is not consistent though. Some days it's very smooth. Turning the key is consistently smooth

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