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What Is Your Favorite Picture Or Video Taken with a Smartphone?

Wow, I have thousands, literally-bit of a nut when it comes to photography! This one is a recent choice. Corner of two main streets, George and Charlotte, in Peterborough, ON., community of about 80,000. My iPhone 7.And awhile ago, sunset clouds from my 10th floor balcony. Love the 'green moments'.

What Is Your Favorite Picture Or Video Taken with a Smartphone? 1

1. What is the best overall smartphone deal?

Buy an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 44s you can buy them new or refurbished or you can go on graigslist.com and find an iphone for cheap (make sure it's for AT&T and has a sim card slot) then go to AT&T and get the prepaid unlimited talk,text,pics, for just $50 a month flat no hidden fees or late fees any other charges you get 30 days of service no dropped calls you do not however get Internet but an iPhone is equipped with wifi so it's ok

2. Buying new smartphone [closed]

To be honest, the only phone on that website I would personally recommend is probably your first suggestion, the Samsung J3.Samsung devices have good build quality and performance overall, they also last a long time, from personal experience.Otherwise, I would most likely recommend the LG smartphones, either of the two below:To be reasonable, the General Mobile (GM) phones dont look too bad on paper, its just that i have never heard of them. My personal advice would be to buy a Motorola G5 and get it shipped to your country if you are looking for a pure and fast android experience.Hope this helps

What Is Your Favorite Picture Or Video Taken with a Smartphone? 2

3. Ordered the wrong smartphone case??

Sorry, however the help plan is needed inspite of no count if the telephone is penitentiary-broken or no longer. there's no way around the help plan. penitentiary-breaking permits you to apply a third occasion utility, & different agencies. All agencies require a expertise plan for a telephone.

4. What will U.S. smartphone penetration be in 2020?

I would be surprised to see any "featurephones" left in the U.S. in 2020. The demand will likely be tiny as the costs to obtain and operate (data plan) a smartphone will be comparable to or below current feature phones. Yes feature phones will likely continue to see their cost of components fall, but if you are a manufacturer and you can produce featurephone part X for almost no margin, or smartphone part Y for a decent margin, which one are you going to chose? Also if you see demand continue to trend towards smart devices, which one will you spend R&D on?I am pretty sure you can get a very basic smartphones for $50 now without a contract. In 7 years they may even pay YOU to use a smartphone and make up the $ from selling your info (note: new business model).What will U.S. smartphone penetration be in 2020?

5. What is the best smartphone for under 2000 rupees?

As per my knowledge, cheapest Android smartphone available in India is Celkon Campus A35K, which costs Rs.2999. Even the cheapest smartphone is not in your budget, forget about options. You can look for used smartphones on OLX and Quikr.

6. Motorola Q PDA Smartphone QWERTY Keypad?

No, the Q is Verizon-exclusive, and operates on CDMA, a different cellular technology than GSM which Cingular uses. A GSM Q is rumored to be released early 2007.

7. Which Smartphone do you prefer and why?

treo > all competitors usa t mobile

8. Blackberry/Smartphone, out of these Bell ones?

I have the blackberry curve$ Its the greatest blackberry Pros Battery life good Fast internet Yuotube can be watched Fast and good keyboard

9. What is lifespan of a typical smartphone if it's always on?

my current apple is a 4 and its going well

10. How to extend the battery life for my smartphone?

you probably have apps running in the background that should be turned off. wifi uses a lot of battery so turn it off if you dont plan on using it for the day

11. Vivo Takes Lead In China Smartphone Market for First Time

OPPO and vivo fight for the top position in China after Huawei's decline. The top spot in China may change hands frequently this year. For the first time, vivo has risen to the top spot in China, according to Counterpoint's China Smartphone Weekly Tracker. In week 11 (March 8-14) of 2021, vivo surpassed its nearest competitor OPPO due to a consumer friendly product line-up. The battle for supremacy in China's smartphone market is heating up, with the top spot changing hands in quick succession. Riding on the continued strong performance of its newly launched budget model Y3 and S9, vivo was able to jump ahead of OPPO during week 11 and again in week 13. vivo was one of the first brands in the market to launch 5G devices, with the Nex 3 5G and iQOO Pro 5G in August 2019 and September 2019, respectively. vivo has grown its 5G portfolio quickly to account for more than 76% of its sales in February 2021, from a mere 0.5% in August 2019. vivo's clear product positioning has paid off. Currently, vivo's portfolio includes the NEX, X, S, Y series, and sub-brand iQOO. The NEX and X series are vivo's flagship series focused on camera capabilities while the S and U series are focused on good value for money. Y is focused on budget customers while the iQOO is are focused on online channels. In addition, vivo has been putting more effort into enhancing its camera capabilities through a strategic partnership with German optical expert Carl Zeiss. OPPO had been aggressive in January and February this year and became the No.1 smartphone brand in China with the successful rebranding of Reno series and the strong momentum of A series in the mid-segment. Ever since Huawei started to struggle due to US restrictions on the company, other Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been eager to take advantage. Commenting on the market dynamics, Senior Analyst Yang Wang said, "vivo and OPPO are adopting aggressive market and product strategies, and we expect to see the two brands continue to jostle for the top spot in 2021." Counterpoint's China Smartphone Weekly Tracker will be keeping close track of this new rivalry between the two Chinese manufacturers. The Tracker is available for subscribing clients. Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in products in the TMT (technology, media and telecom) industry. It services major technology and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analyses of the mobile and technology markets. Its key analysts are seasoned experts in the high-tech industry. You can also visit our Data Section (updated quarterly) to view the smartphone market share Global, the USA, China , and India. None China Smartphone Market Declines 14% YoY in Q3 2020; Over 50% Smartphones Sold Were 5G Capable None China's 'Two Sessions' See a Great Wall of Supply Chain Resilience, Next-Gen Technologies None China's Xiaomi launches premium phone to challenge Apple and Samsung and fill void left by Huawei None Global Smartphone Shipments Share - Last Eight Years of Winners & Losers

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