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What Should I Use to Clean the Glass Door of Our Fireplace?

Here's what you do. Get a 1 qt container. fill it up with 1/2 ammonia liquid and the other half with plain Windex. The ammonia kills and cleans the black fire ash off the window and the windex makes the glass sparkle like a mirror. Have fun cleaning

What Should I Use to Clean the Glass Door of Our Fireplace? 1

1. Any creative ideas for a boring sliding glass door?

I would say to use curtains, especially if you want to show off the wood work. If you put up the other type of blinds then you will be hiding the wood work too. Also curtains dress up a room, and they are cheaper! Hope that helps!.

2. Cut my hand pretty bad on a broken glass door?

Hello, I would go to the emergency room, they will give you an antibiotic shot and pain medication. How deep is the cut and how wide? It is possible you could have a fragment inside the wound. *Personal opinion, go to an emergency room. Chief complaint, hand lacerations. Always better to play it safe than sorry. Kind Regards, Stephen Furthermore if you have any pictures I can give you a better idea of what you may be looking at in the E.R. if you choose to go.

What Should I Use to Clean the Glass Door of Our Fireplace? 2

3. Bathroom remodel-glass door or shower curtain?

go for glass doors it looks nicer and will last you a long time

4. What's the cost to replace 9 windows, 2 skylights and a sliding glass door?

You owe your boyfriend the 50. You broke the glass door. If you are struggling to make it, stop kicking doors. This was not accidental. You were drunk and angry and took out your anger on the door. Your boyfriend might have been involved in the argument, but he had the sense not to break anything. Now own up to your mistakes and pay the man

5. Can I just drywall over an old sliding glass door?

No problem with others' suggestions, but I would be more inclined to actually add an extension, or side-room to the garage, which can never be "big enough". If that chain-link fence is the property line, however, then probably back to Plan A. Plan "C": Take the thing out, add a knee wall, and top with a window. The rest of the needed framing is already there. Nice to have a little extra light in the garage. The only thing that would actually get me thinking of totally walling it in would be security need.

6. what's the best lock or method to keep my toddlers from opening the sliding glass door to the pool?

a 2x4 jam in there so wont open

7. how do I remove the sliding screen door so I can clean the glass door behind it?

Usually if you center the door and lift straight up they will come out

8. can a pet door be installed on a non-sliding double paned glass door?

It can be done but you will need to get someone who can cut the glass. Usually the glass is very difficult to cut and would require speciall equipment. I know I can not cut that kind of glass with my glass cutters. (stained glass crafter). Like one of the previous answers, you will need to get a carpenter to do the job. If you do not own the apartment you may not be able to do this.

9. How can I fix the lock on my sliding glass door? It used to lock, but now it won't. I can provide pictures if

A picture is worth a thousand words ! Please feel free to send pics to my e-mail

10. what is the best device to keep my toddlers from opening the sliding glass door that leads to my pool?

They have bars that attach from the wall and you can lift it down and it will prevent door from opening I know when all else failed my parents put a really heavy board there that I was not able to lift.I would suggest going to wal-mart.com and seeing what they have for safety locks

11. We have a show with a glass door that seals it and my son filled it up and broke the shower door. What's next?

I am a little confused on what happened here. Was your son just curious and experimenting when the whole thing broke? How does putting water in the shower break the glass door anyway (what happened to the drain)? Did he do this on purpose? How does he feel about it? Guilty? Happy? Angry? If he did it on purpose because he was angry or upset or depressed, you should get him to a therapist right away. If he did it on purpose because he's violent and destructive, punish him and get him to a therapist because he may have a personality disorder or something similar. If he's a otherwise well-behaved kid who was just curious and made a horrible mistake, it's unfortunate, but perfectly normal. Accidents happen, even big ones. Let him "pay back" some of the damage by doing extra chores/odd jobs, losing allowance for a while, etc... Obviously he wo not pay you back $4500, but it will give him a sense of the damage he's done and encourage him to be more careful.

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