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Which Do You Prefer for a Dining Table Centerpiece?

it depends on how the dining table looks, maybe A or B

Which Do You Prefer for a Dining Table Centerpiece? 1

1. Glass top is better or wooden top is better for dining table?

wood is safer. when 6yr old stood on and went through almost gave me an attack the fool was ok but i was not.

2. How do I build a dining table that mounts to the wall like a shelf?

I liked gold digger's answer, but if you put the table and hinges under the batten so the table would swing UP into place, it would not be dangerous at all

Which Do You Prefer for a Dining Table Centerpiece? 2

3. Is sitting around the dining table and sharing a meal as a family a "dying" art.?

I went to Norway not too long ago and we all had dinner at the same time. there was no t.v., just everyone sitting around and shooting the bull. it was very nice and relaxing

4. What can we do to fix this wood dining table? (link to picture included)?

You may want to try some Old English dark scratch-cover furniture polish on it--but it looks as if the solvent actually destroyed the finish. The polish may not work well. The table looks like it has a veneered top--which can not be sanded and refinished. Try the Old English--it's the cheapest way to go. It's available at most grocery stores or Home Depot

5. where I can buy this dining table?

Wow, that's a beautiful set. I do not know where you can find it, but definitely high end table. You could put almost any type of rustic/ leather/ wood chairs with it and it would look perfect. Also, when I first saw it, I thought that it may have been custom made from large wooden doors, like from a building. Craftsmen recycle doors like that quite a bit. Maybe you should check with a local craftsman in your area. He could either make a suggestion, or keep your idea on file, so when he gets some wood in, he can build you something very similar. Good luck! ;)

6. how do you prevent bowing on a long dining table that was handmade?

No. We all work different shifts & pass on the doorstep on occasion. My son is now an adult & even though we do not often eat together as a family he has never been in any trouble. Not even a parking ticket. He does not binge drink, smoke, is not violent & does not do drugs. Does this mean the findings of the report are rubbish or have we just been lucky?

7. How to remove sticky stains on wooden dining table?

Murphy's Oil soap....it's made specifically for cleaning wood

8. will a round dining table look good in a rectangular room?

I think it would be great, round tables break up all the straight lines and length in a rectangular room, and they probably leave more room for additional furniture, like buffets, consoles, extra chairs, or even built-in window seats .Just make sure you measure the room, and get a round table that is in proportion to the room size , so that it does not look to tiny. If you think of wedding receptions with round dinner tables, they are great because you can see all your guests , and that makes for easy conversation between everyone. If you have not bought a round table yet, look for one that comes with additional sections, that can turn it into a larger capacity oval table for when you have a larger dinner party. Go for it !! Good Luck xo

9. How can I go about making a simple dining table?

boards from home depot and bannisters for railings as legs use gorilla glue

10. What do you think of 'Morning's Preparation And Serving' morning pome?

So aptly captured natures annual feast always laid on so nicely on earths dining table. Refreshingly revived for the young among us savour and whet their appetite on something so different. Here in the U.K.the grass is luscious and so green forming the perfect table cloth for the feast to be laid upon. Two hours until afternoon tea. Good afternoon.

11. Is sitting around the dining table and sharing a meal as a family a "dying" art.?

well you can truly see which famililies dine at a table together and which ones dont... the families with better values and that are closer together eat together... and it makes sense too, when i was growing up things were hectic and busy and im sure they are even more so today with families. .. but dinner time was the one time where the family was together enjoying 'quality time' ... our family did one even better ... immediately after dinner we would clear the table and clean up the dinner mess together, then sit down and visit in the living room with a family show on primetime running in the back ground... I actually miss that

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