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Which Dress for a Holiday Party?

sparkles are always more fun!!! The gold one sounds too dressy anyway...and why do not you use the extra $20 for something to help you exersize...work out video, sports bra, herbal supplements.

Which Dress for a Holiday Party? 1

1. What is that video!?

I believe it's the "Tender Roni" video

2. i think i got a ghost on video! (video attached!?

I do not see anything at :43 secs, but at about 1:18-1:20 someone is in the window and if noone was in that house and you are sure noone was in the house,you have someone in the window. That's not a glare. I watched both parts like 20 times and I can not see it being a glare. It's not bright enough to be a glare. I paused and kept rewinding it,but if it was a glare,it would have been in all the windows of that floor. It's a ghost,or someone in the house

Which Dress for a Holiday Party? 2

3. Fellow Teenagersss: How about a survey?

Chocolate chip TEENick Pandas Yes.. on Facebook. Nope. Not really lol. Yeah, I went to the mall, went to my grandmothers house, met up with my friend who I have not seen since September, I jumped on a bed in Nordstroms and then my friends ran away (I got it on video, haha.) And also I am going to my grandmothers tomorrow again. =D Cat, hate to say it because I love my dog. Kathy Griffin! Or John Candy. Tank top and pajama pants. Pretty nice, a little bit windy though. Miley Cyrus Yup, but I am getting them off in May! Or at least the top, hehe. Zebras! Eat gum off the ground. =/ Yup, pink. :) MY NIZZLE! Basketball, all the way! :D - OCD

4. Can a blu ray dvd still work even without a blu ray tv?

Your post indicates you have several ... misunderstandings. Let me clear them up. You cannot watch a "DVD in BluRay". You can play a DVD in a BluRay player - but a DVD contains standard def video. The BluRay player will up-convert the video to HD, but... it can only do so much. If the movie/show is one you love - take back the DVD and buy the version on a BluRay disk. This will give you HD video (and should look stunning on a HDTV). You will also need a BluRay player so shop for one. A basic model is about $70-$80. You will also need a HDMI cable. I like the $10 "Media Bridge" brand cables from Amazon. I have just re-cabled my system with 4 of them ($43 including shipping) and they work great. IMPORTANT: Look at the back of your HDTV. Do you have a spare HDMI input? If not - there could be some issues. Post another question if this is the case.

5. How to prevent or handle when vandalism happens to your car parked on the side of the street??

That does not qualify as vandalism, maybe criminal damages if any actual damage occurred, but if no damage was done, maybe criminal mischief. get a wireless portable camera and set it out toward the street where you park. Many of them come with hard drives that can store long portions of video. You can get them for as little as 60 bucks.

6. What is the best indoor exercise to burn calories and work up a sweat?

okay. i will give you an exercise that requires no equipment,burns calories and works up a sweat and almost nobody knows about it. hindu squats. go to youtube and type in matt furey hindu squats and watch video on how to./ i like to do no equipment exercise but if i could choose have an exercise machine i would get a treadmill with electronic elevation and a heart monitor and i would walk for hrs. But i can do hindu squats anytime and anywhere and no equipment necessary

7. For blogging about nail art: Should I buy a superzoom bridge camera or a DSLR?

I think both cameras are wrong for you:Nails are small, to fill the frame with a nail you need a lens with macro capability, the 18-55 kit lens can not do macro.The most important thing for getting images just right is getting the lighting right, the FZ45 does not have a flash hotshoe and can not use external flashes.You can get the D5100 (or any other DSLR) with a macro lens instead of the kit lens (or in addition to it, the kit lens can still be useful). You can get a mirrorless camera with a a standard hotshoe and a macro lens, this will be cheaper than a DSLR but you will not have such an extensive selection of cheap Chinese accessories like you can find for a Canon or Nikon DSLR.And you can also find a fix lens compact camera with an hotshoe, but high-end compacts tend to cost as much as a mirrorless camera or an entry level DSLR making them a bad deal.Once you start taking pictures with your new camera you are likely to find that for exactly the image you want to make you will also need an external flash and some flash modifiers, for video you will probably need a tripod.

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