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Which Is a Better Video Card?

Actually the 6770 is better The 7350 is not really a gaming card but for general use. 6770 is only a 6000 series but its in the middle range of that series where the 7350 is in the low end of the 7000 series.

Which Is a Better Video Card? 1

1. Which is better a better video card?

Best Combo: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS & NVIDIA e-GeForce 7200 GS

2. is 512MB ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4530 is better video card for gamming ????????

ATI will continuously be extra desirable than Intel, Intel snap shots enjoying cards are generally in-built (that's a ingredient of the mummy board) and probable proportion their memory with the ram. AtI are applicable snap shots enjoying cards. maximum newish laptop video games require ATI or nVidia snap shots enjoying cards besides.

Which Is a Better Video Card? 2

3. Which is the better Video card??

9800 GTX or 4850. The 9800 GTX uses less power iirc, and there is at most a 10 percent difference between the two cards at any given test (5-10 frame difference)

4. Will a better video card help with editing pictures?

a video card upgrade is for videos. not for pictures. ram doesnt really help with the picture quality either, it just speeds up the filtering process, etc. mainly, you dont ever need to upgrade your graphics card to do any digital imaging things. especially since it doesnt change the picture every fraction of a second. your card is fine. if you want better quality out of the picture, increase the amount of megapixels that the camera is using to take the picture. it will store it as a larger file, but will look a lot better when zoomed in a lot (due to less grain/pixelization). if you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

5. What CPU is better/video card is better?

What is your budget?, they are all quite slow in terms of performance

6. Better video card set up?

The card has 512mb of dedicated video memory (memory that is on the video card) But the card has the ability to use (steal) another 512 of your RAM memory as video memory if it needs to *shared memory. That makes it over 1 GB of video memory when you read it in "dxdiag". 1) Do not let that fool you, memory is just used as a marketing strategy. -Modern Video cards do not make use of all that memory. -When you buy a video card, it is common for rookies to look at the amount of memory to determind whether or not the video card is good or not. -Now it all depends on the architecture and the numbers of shaders, transistors etc etc... very geeky stuff. Therefore having lots of memory does not actually increase game performance. (check benchmarks eg "3D mark" for list of fast chips) 2) Crossfire can help game performance by 30-40% because it makes use of both GPU chips. It is still better to buy the BEST video card instead of getting 2. (many reasons where i will not get into) it does not matter if you get the 4850 or 260, they are about the same. I generally prefer Nvidia, they offer better drivers and games run smoother in my experience.

7. I want to speed up my PC. (Besides a CPU upgrade) What's best: more memory, faster drive, or better video card?

More memory? That would slightly increase your computer speed, but not enought to where you would notice any difference. Faster drive? You can not physically make your drive faster with a program or tool. You can clean your drive of files and material, if thats what you mean. Video card? that would only effect the graphics within your computer. Yeah, it make increase the performance of the picture, therefore getting a better quality image, but speed would not be effected. I would suggest "cleaning your computer" to increase performance and speed. Delete piled up cookies, get rid of registry errors and keys. They do sell programs specifically designed to "clean up" your pc for you. Webroot window washer is one off the top of my head. Sorry if i contradicted any parts of your question. Hope this helps you out!

8. Microsoft indicated I needed a better video card in order to install Windows 10. Updated video card ( GeForce 210 ).?

use a program to delete all the old drivers including the 210 drivers. clean install again

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