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Why Does Denny's Do a "Free Grand Slam" Every Year?

its a great way to advertise their business, by giving back to the community annually. And also making it fun

Why Does Denny's Do a Free Grand Slam Every Year? 1

1. What does everyone think of Denny's?

I think there commercials look good but they do not have enough restaurants! The closest one to me is 50 miles! And they play that d**n commercial every other commercial break! Every time I have been there is was fine.The food was pretty good, the wait was a bit long, but we have that at IHOP every time we go.

2. Which restaurant is better? IHOP, Denny's or Waffle House?

My vote is IHOP. I used to waitress at Denny's when I was in high school so nothing there appeals to me anymore.

Why Does Denny's Do a Free Grand Slam Every Year? 2

3. What's the "healthiest" thing to get at Denny's?

a lean meat and vegetables. good luck, and if you eat a little piece of that pie its ok :)

4. What do you think about this guy who's suing Denny's because the food had too much sodium?

Well, he did not have to eat there dear. The courts are full of frivolous law suits.

5. What item should I avoid at Denny's?

A2A I like all the items on the Denny's menu. If you dislike any item, do not order it again

6. Which is cheaper Denny's or Waffle House?

This website below has prices of Denny's and Waffle House with menus;

7. Denny's Free Grand Slam question?

Sorry Im gunnna have to flag this question. I dont wanna have to stand in line tommorow. You are just making it worse!!

8. Should future All-Americans, like myself, eat Denny's Skillet Slam with Waffles or with Pancakes?

Breakfast is not manly. The sole exception may be scrambled eggs with ketchup

9. What is the average pay hourly for a cook at Denny's?

Cooks usually get paid about 8-10 an hour depending on their exp. Be confident!!

10. What comes to your mind when I say Denny's Restaurant?

restaurant owned by denny :)

11. Poll: Whose nachos are better, Denny's or Taco Bell?

I have never had either places, but I like Denny's food better so I am sure their nachos are better

12. What do Denny's, Papa John's, and Hostess have in common?

All announced within days of the election about how they were planning to offset the cost of health care. All have a two pronged offset method geared at both, the cost of their products and cutting cost on the lower end of their labor scales

13. Who here got up and had a free Grand Slam at Denny's this morning?

DANG IT!!! I completely forgot about this! I was going to take my hubby. Oh well, maybe next time

14. How Long Does It Take An Agnostic To Order At Denny's?

Hey, I do not know, I just stopped by to tell you that your avatar's so fat, when she was killed by Jack the Ripper, it took him TWO trips to get her liver home.... hehe

15. Is this a good sign? Interview at Denny's?

Yes. Referrals from good employees adds points above other applicants

16. I REALLY like Denny's and Texas Roadhouse Style Ranch, does anyone know the recipe or ingredients used?

Most places usually make their ranch from a packet mix such as Hidden valley buttermilk etc

17. Do you need a food handlers card to work at denny's?

I hope so. Nothing worse than dirty people dealing with food

18. Does Denny's restaurant charge gratuity?

no but you can tip

19. Do you wish you could afford to eat at nice restaurants like Golden Corral and Denny's?

Too true. I still save up every month to treat my family to a full course meal at McDonalds

20. Are you going to go to denny's and get the free meal?

I wish!! Mine's steak, fries and sweetcorn with ketchup!

21. Would Denny's or IHOP Hire.......?

You have a wonderful head on your shoulders!! Good for you...Working at Ihop/Denny's is a very good idea! I have a feeling this wo not be hard for you to do. However if you have never waitressed before, you might also add Bus person to the app or simply mention it when you turn in your app. I say this just in case there are other ppl with prior experiance. Adding bus person to your app. Is a greater chance of getting you in the door...Also perhaps there are smaller family style dinners in your neighborhood you might also consider. . It's always nice to start off in a smaller non chain enviorment. Whatever you decide, " I Truly Wish You All The Best" I do hope I have helped you a bit... 0 ; )

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