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Who Is the Guy in the Evanessence Video Call Me When You Sober?

i do not no but he is so SEXY!

1. Is it possible to make a video call between the Iphone 4 and other android phones like EVO 4g or the epic 4g?

No... apple is anal about anything else so its just apple with apple

2. Can WhatsApp video call be stored on your phone?

No , but you want to make copy of that video call . Install screen recorder on your android phone

3. What is the best video call with chat API for mobile and web?

MirrorFly One of the leading video chat solution provider in the market by having a quality list of client base across the globe.MirrorFly has an ideal role in the market in delivering video call API and SDK for web and mobile applications. It's a custom-made video call solution built-in with WebRTC signaling that performs on Android, iOS and Web applications. The MirrorFly video call solution is equipped with sublime features that enhance the performance of the application and also embedded with video encoders, low latency technologies to ensure the video quality is at its best.MirrorFly's Video Calling Features100% Customizable SolutionOne Time License CostVideo ConferencingLive BroadcastingReal-time Instant MessagingScreen SharingPush to TalkVoIP & SIP CallingWhiteboardOn Premises/Cloud HostingOn the other hand, a robust video calling API and SDK possess some basic features that help to connect remote workforce.Video Conferencing : You can enable one-to-one video call, group video conferencing, mass or large conferencing such as broadcast of webinars, etc.

Screen Sharing : With screen sharing, any user can present their screen for sales presentation or any use case for real-time collaboration.Video & Audio Call Recording : A cloud in-built recording feature to record on-going webinars, meetings in a secure environment and retrieve recorded files for further updates.Real-time Messaging : This enables your users to chat with other users in real-time through multiple communication mediums. Once you're aware of basic features available in video conferencing platforms, and understanding of video call APIs and SDKs, it's time to choose the right video chat API & SDK providers to build one.What is the best video call with chat API for mobile and web?


achieving a stable video-call experience with an infant or toddler

Try a cookbook stand with a clear plastic front. I use one to keep the pages of my cookbooks clean of food debris while cooking. That way you have a easily cleanable surface that wo not affect your call between the tablet and the baby.

That, or use a Chromecast to put the call on your TV screen

5. Why do I feel awkward making a video call?

Right now we all lecturers are taking zoom classes for around 50+ students.I feel very uncomfortable to make video call.

Looking at students face and teaching is not my cup of tea. I become very conscious of my looks and seating.Teaching in a classroom is way more comfortable to us than teaching with a mobile in hand.So to avoid that, as soon as I start the class I put the camera on the paper where I explain the problems. That's the most comfortable way of teaching for me.I also put my students video off as I can not concentrate on what I am teaching.But many of colleagues teach facing the camera and sharing the notes on the screen.

May they feel comfortable that way. I feel awkward as I am an introvert and shy person!Why do I feel awkward making a video call?

6. Can we have a video call?

Yes you can have video calls and video conferences using apps like R-HUB HD video conferencing servers, Polycom, Webex etc


Why can't the United States or United Nations arrange for a FaceTime video call with Kim Jong-un and North Korea to negotiate without meeting in person?

Negotiations are rarely carried out by heads of state. It takes many sessions to hammer out deals and there is far more going on than just the discussion.

Within reason you need to be able to see everyone in the room to gauge interest and reaction. In person is the best way to judge things, but preliminaries could be done on video conference

8. Can someone chat during a WhatsApp video call?

Well it is possible with many other VOIP apps but not with whatsapp, my suggestion is to use whatsapp web while on Video callEdit : I just checked, whatsapp video call uses 'picture in picture mode' so if you have that feature in your phone you can chat even during video call

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