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Wooden Dog House for a Chewer

I recently built a custom dog door into our laundry door and our dogs liked to chew on it so I bought some aluminium rails from the local big box hardware store and lined the edge with that. The aluminium is easy enough to work with (and to file down to ensure no sharp edges) but strong enough and distasteful enough to discourage the dogs from mistaking my handiwork for food. Generally dogs will try and chew on a corner or edge where they can get their teeth in so you only need to line these edges.

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Where can you buy 72" shed doors?

If you are a beginner or have done some woodworking you will find these plans easy-to-follow as the instructions are very clearly written The woodworking plans are straightforward so they are not complicated at all. Even if you are a total newcomer to woodworking you will simply be able to master all the techniques that are needed and the woodworking skills very quickly by following the concise and clear instructions. Another thing which is so great about these woodworking plans is that there have been some videos included and there are some to guide you in how to build benches home furniture dog houses bird feeders sheds and much much more


No planes on 9/11?

And how about the plane ttha crashed in a field? That is the first plane crash in history with no wreckage and no bodies, just a hole in the ground. I still do not know how they did the planes hitting the buildings. Experts have called it the Roadrunner Effect, because in the Roadrunner cartoons, when when of them goes through a door or something, it leaves a perfect body shape. An aluminium plane hitting a steel skyscraper would disintegrate in a giant splodge on the oustide of the building and all crash to the ground below in pieces.


need help on exterior painting :)?

A paint job is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform the look and feel of your home. In fact, a new paint job is known in the home improvement industry as the least expensive remodel out there. Depending on the color scheme you choose, you can create an entirely new feel within your interior space. While more neutral tones can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, brighter hues will make the living space feel more vibrant and energetic. JQ Painting Company is licensed and bonded painting contractor providing all services involved with painting


Difference between UPVC and Aluminium Doors & Windows?

Hey thanks for asking to answer. When it comes to the decoration of our house or office buildings, doors and windows plays an important role. Doors and windows protects us from outer elements of the weather and keep the outer elements, such as dust, rain water etc, out. There are different types of door and windows (material) available in market in different size and design. In India, generally aluminium, wooden and upvc doors and windows are used. Each of the material has its own characteristics, advantages or disadvantages. Due to high demand, many upvc door manufacturers in india are in race. Let me discuss some advantages and disadvantages of these two here. Aluminium Doors and Windows - Advantages - Aluminium doors and windows are light weighted and are available at cheap price as compared to others. They are environment friendly. Disadvantages - They are heat conductor, so outer weather may effect the inner weather. They requires regular maintenance. UPVC doors and Windows - Advantages - uPVC doors and windows are easy to clean. They are heat resistant. They are dust proof. Disadvantages - The only disadvantage i found in upvc doors and windows is, they are little bit weaker as compared to wooden or aluminium. Hope this will help.


I am a mechanical engineer. but my work is to fix aluminium windows and doors. Is this good or shall i change?

Check for a better job and that too in Production Engineering or maintenance Engineering jobs in a continuous process industries like Petroleum refineries, chemicals and petro chemicals etc. Develop keen interest to learn the job and quickly become a fine professional to lead a team!Good luck! Do not resign your present job till you get the new job confirmed by the company! In the current job if you have the opportunity to lean and do more work in the supervision of construction activities with complete calculations on the job work and scheduling etc, get on same and improve yourself which may get you a job promotion leading to more control with learning and earning since you are basically an engineer!


Garage door do it yourself home repair question?

The door should have a I.D. plate or name of manufacture take that info along with width and height of door call a couple of overhead door suppliers or go on line to see if manufacture is still in business. If they are order replacement panels if not take measurement of panel and try to replicate it out of sheet metal or wood. Be careful that your repairs are to heavy as this will strain your springs and break them. Also call overhead door companies and ask if they will give free quote to repair when they come out see what they suggest


At home personal Green House?

I have built more than 20 dry ecological latrines and here in the states i am working as an estimator with a plumbing firm. THe problem will not be the ordanances and permits the problem is affording the materials. Right now solar panels solar heaters are expensive. Also drilling into the earth for geothermal heating is expensive. Also there are Toilet/Lavs that use the reclaimed lavatory (handwashing sink) as toilet water. Also I would suggest doing things like Lombricultura. I know the word only in spanish, but these worms can compost your organic waste and provide natural fertilizer for plants in the castings and the "juice" it is incredible the output you can get. With our grey water garden we built in Bolivia we produced some of the most bomb Jalepenos ever. There arent jalepenos in bolivia. good luck


Force (torque) to break a bike handlebar? closed

I hope this isn't a joke, because it's a real waste of people's time if it is. This one has me scratching my head whether mods should close this or not. There are so many variables to this problem. You're going to need to know how much the truck weighs. But then it depends on the duration of force applied on the bike, and the angle, and where exactly it was applied. You're going to have to make all those measurements before you get anywhere. And then there are issues of friction. The amount of variables and things to consider makes this problem much more difficult than it's worth to solve, I believe. Because even if you did manage to solve it scientifically, the uncertainty is going to be huge unless you have a huge amount of data and measurement. To be honest I think using your own common sense of law and physics as to how fast he was going is probably going to give you a more sensible answer than to try to calculate it yourself (what was the speed limit, were they trying to park or driving normally).


What processes will aluminum go through before it is sold to a remanufacturer?

counting on have been you reside you need to come domicile to make certain all your aluminum siding is long previous, be happy its basically cans and junk. And whats it to them, a truck crammed with siding ought to internet you a pair hundred greenbacks on the scrap backyard. Whats that approximately seven or 8 luggage of groceries? Its an indication of the situations basically like having a demanding time on the pawn shops these days, their promoting no longer procuring plenty. what number weeks ought to you circulate without activity and get by skill of? Ive seen 3 hundred gal. propane tanks disapere in the evening in a rather plenty secure community in ruale MI


Cannot adjust dropbolt on bifold doors which is catching

That is called a manual flush bolt. The piece that protrudes through the top and bottom of the door is called the bolt head.Both the bolt head (which is threaded to an actuating rod), and the actuating rod (which is threaded to the lever actuator) are designed to be adjusted by threading them in or out. The bolt head is commonly keyed, i.e. it is not round but designed with a flat spot (like a "D" shape) and protrudes through a guide plate (attached to the top and bottom of the door) which is also keyed, to prevent the bolt head from turning, which would change the length/adjustment.

You need to thread the bolt head and/or rod in to shorten the flush bolt throw length. The proper way would be to remove the door and lay it flat, then remove the guide. You could try turning it while the door is still hung, using long nose pliers or similar tool; but if the bolt head is keyed and a guide is installed it wont turn, by design.


What to do about tenants who are destroying/scraping house one piece at a time?

Where I live the fire department has more power than property officials. If the house is a deemed a fire hazard or unhabitable, they can be evicted immediately until it's brought up to standards. This happened to the house next door to me and they boarded up the windows and tossed everyone out. The tenants were using it as a crack house. Try calling the fire department about your concerns about how the tenants actions may be creating a fire hazard on the property. From our local Fire Code: A third option is to request the approval of the Fire Marshal to close the building. If building closure is being considered, three conditions must exist. The building must be especially liable to fire, existing conditions must constitute an immediate fire hazard and the life safety of the occupants must be endangered. If these conditions exist, a request may be made to the Fire Marshal to approve an Order to Close. Once approved, the Order to Close would be issued by the Fire Department. Due to the contentious nature of this action, inspectors would likely request the attendance of a police officer or other assistance when taking this action, as permitted under the Fire Marshals Act.


what should i do if i have a southwest entrance door in my rental house?

It is very important that house entrance should be in right direction, but if it is not ypou can apply these remedies....there are several houses or plots with wrong alignments and design. So what is the solution in such circumstances? Buying a different plot and constructing another building according to Vastu principles is a little far fetched and unfeasible. You can use Metal Strips, Pyramids and Swastikas. In case of wrong direction of doors and balconies and division of plots, the negative forces can be controlled by implanting metallic strips of brass, copper, aluminum and zinc, on the floor. The kind of metal used depends on the severity of the dosha. Pyramid placement is a very helpful concept and is one of the most popular vastu shastra remedies. According to it, mental correction is just as influential as that done in buildings. The Pyramids are designed for the rectification of Vastu defects. A Swastika is known to be an auspicious symbol all over the world. Studies in bio-energy point out that this particular symbol is linked with specific positive energy levels. Just visit

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