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10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Door Frame

Here are top 10 questions about door frame asked by people online.

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Door Frame 1

1. What is that type of metal detector called, that is around a door frame and you walk through it?

A quick search yielded two names: door frame metal detector walk-through metal detector

2. i need to know how to replace electric window motor in a 1998 pont. grand am?

to start you will need to remove the trim panel...attached at the pull handle with either 20 or25 torx head.or7mm screws along with possibly a hidden screw under the lamp to the rear of the trim. ..door panel has push plastic clips around the outer perimeter that you will need to get behind with a tool to pry them loose. ...after panel is removed motor is bolted in with 3 10mm head bolts...unbolt window from motor and use tape to hold it in the up position. ..(tape to both sides of glass up over top of door frame....remove motor assembly

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Door Frame 2

3. One of the doors in my house is suddenly hard to close. How can this be? The door frame has moved?

First of all, one would think humidity. However, it is most unlikely that the phenomenon would continue for days. Second, there is the HINGE problem... Depending on the type of hinge that you have, there can be 2 types of issues. If the hinge is fixed, that is the "flaps" of the hinge are either screwed to the dood edge and to the door frame, then the screws are loose, probably at the uppermost hinge. If the screws can not be tightened (possibly someone used the door as a "cradle" to rock from one side to the other - my boy used to do that when he was about 5 or 6), then dismantle the screws and insert some wood splinters and adhesive in the old hole (try pieces of matches). Then retighten the screw and lift the door a little bit placing some wood or plastic shims under it at the "doorknob side". Leave it closed till the adhesive tightens. There is also the possibility that you have an "adjustable hinge". These are attached to the door in a special hole, where a metal bar welded to the hinge itself enters. Usually there is also a blocking screw, which as a rule is on the "door frame side". Try to see if it is loose... Third, and last, also you should check the closing mechanism area... It may be that one of the screws holding it in place is loose and it is protruding a bit at each close... At any rate... check the HINGE first! It does look like a loose hinge problem to me. Good luck!

4. Howdens Softwood 78mm Double Assembled Outward Opening Door Frame

Fit our easy-to-install, preassembled external double softwood door frame that is ready for painting. For the quick and smooth installation of external doors, preassembled door frames are a great option. We stock preassembled softwood double door frames made from premium quality softwood and they are also treated to protect against fungal decay and rot. They are ready to paint in the colour of your choosing.

5. We need to replace our front door. Do we have to replace the door frame as well?

No, we replaced ours. We just pulled the pins in the hinge and reattached them to the new door. You will probably have to drill a doorknob hole and install a new doorknob but you do not have to tear the house apart to replace the door frame

6. Can you sand back the sides of a door frame so things will fit through it?

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Why Do Vertical Blinds Keep Coming Down and Landing on ...
Why Do Vertical Blinds Keep Coming Down and Landing on ...
Introduction to Falling Down Patio / Balcony / Vertical Blinds If you have a big old balcony or patio door you most likely have those long blinds that hang vertically from the top of the doorway. If you have vertical blinds you no doubt realize that these suckers fall down from time to time.If you are wondering "Why do vertical blinds keep coming down and landing on the floor?" or "How do I fix the blind after it falls?" You have come to the right place.Reasons Your Deck / Balcony Blinds Keep Falling Vertical blinds come down because they are generally made from material that is not particularly strong and a lot of stress is placed on this material Your blinds hang from a hook at the top of the door way. The hook is attached to a pretty thin and flimsy piece of plastic on the top of the blind. A great deal of stress is placed on this thin piece of plastic from any number of reasons including:Gravity and Deck Door Blinds Gravity, of course. Constant stress on the material since the blind hangs with no 'rest'. Gravity plays a part in all the issues below.Wind Weakens Blinds Wind causing the blinds to swing. Leave the door open so wind can get in and those blinds can really whip around. Much stress is placed on the already weak blind if it is windy.Keep Reading Great Blind Repair Tips Below....Keep scrolling down this post for more great reasons why the blinds keep falling as well as some sound advice on how to actually mend those shades. I have a real easy way further down this post to fix those blinds without ever leaving the house or buying anything (except maybe a little glue if you don't have that).If you want to spend a little money and do more of a professional job, there are some blind repair kits you can check out below from Amazon. Click on any product below to learn more and.........and keep scrolling down this post after your Amazon visit for great tips to get those shades hanging again....Back to the Reasons....People Walking Through Those Patio Door Shades Traffic. People walking between the blinds causes stress where the hook is attached to the blind. People push the blinds out of the way, walk through and let the blinds swing back banging against each other. Lots of wear and tear.Opening and Closing The Blinds Opening and closing the blinds. Whenever you slide the blinds left and right or simply open them up, the motion causes "normal wear and tear" stress on the blind.How to Fix Blinds to Keep Them From Falling Once your blind falls down, you do not have to run out and buy another one, especially if it looks to be in good condition. There is a way to fix the existing blind. I wrote a step by step guide on how to do this easy repair right in your home without any fancy tools or training. I linked it below.How to Fix a Vertical Blind Not exactly the way Bob Villa (anyone remember him from "This Old House" ?) would do it, but then again Villa would likely rebuild the entire slider, door frame, porch, before even getting around to making the blind stay up.Check out my post for a much easier way that won't be as expensive as a "This Old House" episode.OK, I fixed the Blinds but What About My Front Door That Keeps Swinging Open?Every have a door in your house that won't shut all the way? It might even swing open in a stiff breeze or just crack open itself as if some sort of invisible person was walking through it. Sometimes doors simply won't remain closed. I wrote an article that focuses on the typical front door of a house. This post will give you some tips on how to prevent it from swinging open on its own.Check it out. I linked it below.Looking for a More Conventional Way to Repair Blinds?If you don't feel like running out to the store to buy a kit to repair vertical blinds and you'd rather not follow my cheap and easy advice above, then there's nothing wrong with fixing this problem the right way. The vertical blind repair kits below are also an inexpensive and easy way to fix those blinds .Click on any product below to learn more. Not seeing what you want? Click on any product and you'll be taken to Amazons secure site where there are other great products for a variety of shade, window, etc home repairs.Yes! HA! Definitely keep the kids away from the blinds. Especially the ones that like to use those shades like a Tarzan swing.Thanks for stopping by.
Can Door Frame Pullup Bars Be Trusted?
Can Door Frame Pullup Bars Be Trusted?
1. How do you fix a screen that has a hole torn in it?Here's how to repair the screen: 1. Go to your local DIY or hardware store and purchase a roll of replacement screen material (black or gray which may come with a rubber spline also) and a spline roller. This is a little plastic tool with wheels on either end. 2. Remove the screen door from the door frame by unscrewing the hinge screws. Lay the screen door on a table. 3. Carefully remove the rubber spline from the screen door frame (find the end and start there by pulling it out from around the frame. 4. Remove old screen and discard. 5. With another person helping you, unroll the new screen over the top of the screen door frame and work the spline into the groove, starting at the top right or left corner. Do the spline along the top first. 6. Once the spline is in the groove along the top, stretch the screen tight at the bottom and keep rolling the spline down the side, working any wrinkles out of the screen as you go along. 7. Finish by completing the insertion of the spline all the way around the frame, making sure that the new screen is nice and tight. 8. Reinstall screen door in door frame. 9. Watch out for squirrels!2. What is the metal part on the door frame called?stiker plate3. My car door freezes shut in cold weather. Is there anything I can coat the door frame with to prevent this?You are right about using the silicone. I prefer to use a spray. If there are perforations (little drain holes) around the weather stripping, use a silicone-based aerosol lubricant (like WD-40) that comes with a pipe/tube that fits onto the spray can. Insert it into the holes all around the weatherstripping and spray for 3-4 seconds in each hole (a lot of the spray will soak right into the rubber from the inside). This will prevent freezing for a longer time between applications. Also, apply a light spray to the exterior of the weatherstripping as well. If you do this, you should only have to repeat the process 1-2 times over a winter.4. How can I stop my dog chewing the skirting board and door frame?Door Skirting5. What is the average inside height of an elevator door frame?Standard door 7'-0". Per the BOCA National Building Code, the International Building Code, the Standard Building Code, and the Uniform Building Code
Definition:  Isometrics
Definition: Isometrics
IsometricsIsometric exercise or "isometrics" are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction (compared to concentric or eccentric contractions, called isotonic movements). Isometrics are done in static positions, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion. The joint and muscle are either worked against an immovable force (overcoming isometric) or are held in a static position while opposed by resistance (yielding isometric).DefinitionIsometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. This is reflected in the name; the term "isometric" combines the prefix "iso" (same) with "metric" (distance), meaning that in these exercises the length of the muscle does not change, as compared to isotonic contractions in which the contraction strength does not change but the joint angle does.Resistance in isometric exercisesResistance in isometric exercises typically involve contractions of the muscle using: * the body's own muscle (e.g., pressing the palms together in front of the body) * structural items (e.g., pushing against a door frame). * free weights, weights machines or elastic equipment (e.g. holding a weight in a fixed position) * pressure plate type equipment that have a digital readout of maximal force.Depending on the goal of the exercise, the exertion can be maximal, or sub-maximal.HistoryIsometrics are thousands of years old and examples can be found in the static holds in certain branches of yoga or Chinese martial arts.Isometrics was first brought to the modern public's attention in the early days of physical culture, the precursor to bodybuilding. Many of the great bodybuilders of the day used and incorporated isometrics into their training regimes. Perhaps the most famous of the isometric advocates was Charles Atlas. In his course he advocated a series of dynamic tension exercises which included isometrics. He had learned these exercises from the "Conscious Evolution" Course of Alois P. Swoboda. Atlas said "everything he knew he learned from A.P. Swoboda". Unfortunately, isometrics fell out of favor as it was discovered that many of the principal advocates were using steroids to enhance their gains. Charles Atlas' methods of self-resistance did not have traditional resistance limits as weight exercises do, as the tissue exercising against can provide greater resistance as it develops in tandem. His system was flawed in that there was no method of measuring progression; users were not motivated by measurable progress as assessment of increases in strength subjective and lacked an empirical means of demonstrating progress.Isometrics todayToday many new training protocols exist incorporating isometrics once again. Isometric exercises are often made into parts of normal, isotonic exercises. For example, during a set of rows, some people hold their position when the handles are closest to their chest in order to "squeeze" the muscle, in an effort to further strain the muscle. Other systems dedicate themselves entirely to isometrics.Medical usesIsometric exercises can also be used at the bedside to differentiate various heart murmurs; the murmur of mitral regurgitation gets louder as compared to the quieter murmur of aortic stenosis.Isometric exercises in comparison with dynamic exercisesIsometric exercises have some differences in training effect as compared to dynamic exercises. While isometric training increases strength at the specific joint angles of the exercises performed and additional joint angles to a lesser extent, dynamic exercises increase strength throughout the full range of motion. Generally speaking however, people who train isometrically don't train through a full range of motion as the strength gained at the training joint angle is where they require it. While dynamic exercises are 5% better at enhancing the twitch force of a muscle than isometric exercises, isometrics are 32% better than dynamic exercises at increasing maximal muscle power.Wikipedia, the free enclyclopedia &copy 2001-2008 Wikipedia ContributorsThis article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License
How Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) Works
How Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) Works
A vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating is an important number to know, whether you're driving a pickup truck towing a trailer, a two-seater roadster or anything in-between. You can think of the GVWR as a weight limit for your specific vehicle -- a weight limit set by the automaker. Gross vehicle weight ratings take into account the base curb weight of the vehicle plus the weight of any optional accessories, cargo and passengers. A vehicle should never be loaded beyond the manufacturer's listed GVWR.Safety is the driving force behind the GVWR for any vehicle. If a vehicle is overloaded, a number of problems can result. For example, if the vehicle is too heavy, the brakes may not be substantial enough to slow down or stop the vehicle effectively; the suspension components can become ineffective or possibly even break under the added strain and tires that are overloaded generate more heat, making them more likely to blow out. For safety's sake, the GVW should never surpass the GVWR.It's important to understand that a vehicle's GVWR is not a measurement of how much a vehicle actually weighs. A vehicle's actual weight is the gross vehicle weight, or GVW. The two numbers should not be confused -- the GVW of a vehicle is constantly changing, but the GVWR will always remain a constant.As a simple example, if a car has two passengers and one of those passengers exits the car, the GVW is reduced by the exact weight of the exiting passenger; however, the GVWR remains the same. If the same vehicle (with two passengers on board) stops to pick up a third passenger, the GVW is increased by the exact weight of the new passenger, yet once again, the GVWR remains the same.When you're towing a trailer, one last point to remember is that the entire weight of the trailer is not considered to be a part of your vehicle's GVW; however, the tongue weight -- the weight of the part of the trailer that actually attaches to your trailer hitch -- is part of your vehicle's GVW. Again, none of this changes your vehicle's GVWR. Trailers have their own specific gross vehicle weight ratings that, similar to the tow vehicle's GVWR should never be exceeded.If you're curious about your own vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating, that information can typically be found on a label inside the vehicle's door frame, often in the area where the driver's door latches. Another option is to search for the information on the Internet. Most manufacturers will publish this and other important vehicle information online.The chart on the next page may be helpful, too.
Report: Dog Charged Police, Prompting Gunfire in Wrong Home
Report: Dog Charged Police, Prompting Gunfire in Wrong Home
ATLANTA - A dog charged police officers who entered the wrong Atlanta home searching for a burglar, prompting gunfire that seriously wounded an officer, injured the homeowner and killed the animal, according to a police report released Thursday. Three DeKalb County police officers entered the rear of a house Monday around 7:30 p.m. after a 911 caller reported seeing a possible burglar, according to police and the caller. However, the officers lacked an exact address and entered the wrong home, leading to a dangerous confrontation.Officer Benjamin Penrosse, who was not present at the shooting, wrote that homeowner Christopher McKinley, 36, "burst out of a closed door" with a pit bull that charged the officers. The report said multiple people opened fire. Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials have said that police killed the dog and shot McKinley in the leg, and that Officer Travis Jones was "likely' struck by police gunfire, causing a serious wound to his hip. Trending News Biden Leads CBS News Poll Controversial Police Video Massive Power Outage Hong Kong Protesters No officials have suggested that the homeowner, McKinley, was carrying a gun. Officers Quhanna Lloyd, left, Travis Jones, center, and Timothy Harden CBS affiliate WGCL The report does not make clear Penrosse's connection to the case or whether he wrote the report based on the accounts of officers who were present that night.The Associated Press requested a copy of the police report using Georgia's open records laws. DeKalb police declined to publicly release other documents related to the ongoing investigation into the shooting. McKinley did not return messages seeking comment.It was not clear Thursday how much weight to give the initial report. DeKalb police turned over the investigation to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation shortly after the shooting. GBI spokesman Scott Dutton said there is no evidence that McKinley or anyone else in the house did anything illegal. DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander has acknowledged the officers entered the wrong home.And some details in the report were inconsistent with other accounts. The officer misspelled the homeowner's name. Contrary to the police report, one neighbor said McKinley owned a boxer, not a pit bull.The personnel files for the three officers involved in the shooting mention only one instance of discipline over use of force. Officer Timothy Harden was ordered suspended without pay for eight hours in May as punishment for using unnecessary force during an arrest on Nov. 6, 2014.Interim Police Chief James Conroy wrote that Harden was observed during a traffic stop pulling up a suspect from the ground and pushing him into the rear of Harden's patrol vehicle. "You then opened the back door and pushed the suspect into the backseat, causing him to hit his head on the upper door frame," Conroy wrote. "That action was unnecessary."Harden could not be reached for comment Thursday. It was not immediately clear who Harden had arrested or whether he appealed the punishment. Otherwise, Harden's superiors rated him as exceeding police department standards in his last annual review. He received several commendations since joining the department in 2010, including one in 2012 for helping catch a burglary suspect who was also wanted on murder charges.All three officers - identified by the GBI as Harden, Travis Jones and Quhanna Lloyd - have been placed on administrative leave.
Inside Peek at Steel Door Frame Component Manufacturing
Inside Peek at Steel Door Frame Component Manufacturing
How Does the Steel Door Frame Component Get Shaped? · None The steel door faces are sheared from flat steel stock. This reduces the raw material to the specified size needed for manufacturing. · None Next the steel door components head off to a punch press. A CNC punch press has dozens of tools to make precision cuts for openings in which to place door hardware, light kits, louvers, etc. · None It's time to form it! In most cases a press brake bends the vertical edges of the doors along a hardened forming die. A separate press with multistage folding tools bends interlocking edges on the opposite door face so the two pieces can be joined. · None Finally, spot welding locks things up with vertical and horizontal edge channel assemblies. If it's a hollow door, a core is placed inside the shell. Further welding occurs around the perimeter to literally seal the deal. · RELATED QUESTION What do you call this part of the door frame? im a builder .over 50 years .its NOT a jam .its a jamb .i would stake my life on it .and the rounded bit in photo is a draught excluder .its a door frame set that came complete .frame and door already fitted My iron gym made my door frame loose! Why? Its both. First of all, on the commercial, the door frame is made out of IRON not wood like most houses are. Second of all, you a big boy, you can bring alot stuff down, no offense. I live in military housing, any my dog just ripped part of my door frame off. I know what you mean. I lived in Army housing in Georgia and Arizona. You can go to Lowes or Home Depot. Either you would have to measure the piece of wood that is broke and replace the one piece. They will cut the piece of wood to the length you want at the store. Paint or finish to match. It would probably help to take a pic on cell or digital camera so you can show an employee. Also, don't forget the golden rule. Measure twice, so you have to only cut once. But I do think that they sell an actual whole door frame already put together. You would have to know the size of your door. Cat scratching door frame? He may not be scratching to wake you up but scratching to stretch after waking up himself. You can place a scratching post in front of the frame so he uses that instead. You can temporarily tape the door frame so that it is uncomfortable for him and he will use the post instead. Once he is in the habit of using the post, you can move it slowly to a more convenient location but usually somewhere near his bed is comfortable for him. Do you need a standard door frame to use the P90X Chin Up Bar? i had to go look at what the bar looks like. the first thing i thought was to find a length of pipe that will fit over the each bar end to extend both sides and maybe then maybe wrap some duct tape over the pieces so the do not mar the door frame. i am sure i could find something at a home improvement store that would work. What can I put on my wood door frame to stop my grand kids cat from scratching it? I have lived with cats for 37 years and have found only 1 thing works every time. Give kitty something more pleasant to scratch. Cats need to scratch. Declawing is not the answer, so I am glad you did not mention that. Often door frames appeal because of their height, feel and strength. To protect the frame, you can build a casing which protects the frame and makes it uncomfortable for kitty to scratch. There are many how-to instructions on this online. I suggest offering kitty a log or tree segment. The natural smells of the tree segment will attract the kitty, and the strength, and texture will be perfect. Be careful about insects that live in trees though, make sure kitty is recent on all shots and is under flea treatment first. If that alternative does not work, many companies make cat scratching posts. They do work, though they are not all build to last. Carpet, rope, and cardboard are all coverings cats like. Some cats prefer vertical surfaces, while others prefer horizontal surfaces. (It sounds like your cat prefers vertical surfaces.) Try different things. You may have to train the cat at first, by taking it from the surface they are scratching to the surface you want them to scratch. Training is easy though. Reward kitty for scratching the right surface with a treat. Use sounds and unpleasant smells or touches (like a squirt of water) to deter them from the places you do not want scratched. Just do not give up. Your cat deserves all your efforts, even if it is a nuisance to you now. Repairing a door frame my dog chewed on? Need some tips on materials and techniques? To smooth it out, the easiest way is to use some quality wood filler. Just sand the door frame down until it's as smooth as possible, then use a putty knife and smooth the filler into the little holes. Allow this to dry completely and sand it smooth again (with a sanding block). Take a sample of the paint to Home Depot (paint and decor department). They have a machine that can perfectly match the shade and reproduce the paint, it should not take too much to paint the door (maybe a pint or so). I've done this several times and I rarely spend over $25 for the entire job. >>>>Caution<<<< most of these old house contain lead based paint, which is extremely toxic. Wear rubber gloves throughout the entire operation. I suggest buying some Ajax Grapefruit dishsoap to wash up (not orange). This will wash off any lead residue, oils or anything else. You can find this at Wal-Mart chin up bar and old door frame? a door frame is not high enough. they are usually six foot eight inches. your arms must be able to reach out full length so you must reach at least your height plus arms length plus 6 inches I have a stained door frame that I want to paint white. Do I need to sand it down before I paint it? you should sand every door frame before you paint it because if you do not all blisters and dents and dings will show up after your done. after you sand it you should prime it then paint it preferably with a semi gloss latex paint. if this is a bigger job than you want, replace the frame if it is plain looking. if it's ornate then you can take your time and do it right Theres a door frame in my house where the wood is really starting to deteriorate (really old) and the door. "old frame but well designed.expensive to fab." -This Is not this the casing (flat board that the hinges attach to)? sounds like u need to replace the door frame on the hinge side. U could try resin impregnation and/or plastic wood. If that's not possible replace door. Have doubts that scabbing a piece into edge of door will work as rot always goes deeper than U think. U should also look for the source of water that caused the rot. Does the iron gym break or rip off your door frame? On their site it says no damage, but man, after seeing it it might as well rip the door frame What do I use to transition from floor tile to carpet between door frame? In bathrooms , I ll only use a marble or cultured marble threshold. Many come in 4 1/2" wide to fit directly into the door frame. Just have to redo the carpet ( turn and tack) on the bedroom side. Or if you don t want to mess with the carpet. , find a sill (threshold) that works color wise and tile to fit. Leave the thresholds ever so slightly above the tile so if there is a water problem on the bath room side , the water will some what stay in the room and off the carpet. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL Easiest fix for crooked door frame First, be sure your door leaf is square. Old doors tend to sag, where the hinge side top gap is correct but the latch side gap is wide. Also, you will see the latch strike is low on the jamb's strike plate.To verify your door is square, measure both diagonals. The corner-to-corner measurements should be identical. the top hinge corner to bottom strike plate corner measurement will be longer on a sagging door.If the door is out of square, you can re-square the door, or you can re=hang the door frame to match the out-of-square door. You've noted neither jamb is plumb, which means it is very much vertical. You should re-hang your door. You will find lots of great instruction on hanging a door. Here are one I like: When laying concrete block wall, how do you leave an opening for a window or door frame? build around door frame also with windows goodluck with your project how to replace door frame/outside? Are you asking how to replace the moulding on the outside of the door? Or are you asking how to replace an outside door? Outside moulding is fastened to the door frame usually with nails and/or glue. Carefully pull it off. Replace it with new moulding. If you replacing the door, then remove the moulding off the inside and cut or remove the nails which are into the framing of the house. Then push the door outward. It may require hitting it with a heavy hammer and the use of a crowbar. The new door must be plumb and squared with shims to keep it from shifting. Is the landlord required to replace a cracked door frame? You may want to look into her lease. The landlord should be responsible for anything that get broken. However, the landlord thinks he provided a "quick fix" I would contact the landlord via telephone and see if they could get the door frame/door replaced. So, that your mother feels safer especially if she is home often. Also, check your mother's rental insurance policy they might offer some help as well. If you can not get anywhere with your landlord maybe have a new door installed with new locks and strike plates and send the bill to the landlord. OR simply call and ask if it can be deducted from the rent. . If the landlord objects- send some pictures to the city and have the landlord cited for building code violation. If they get one they will come back and check for more! How to stop my cats from scratching the door frame? Goooooooood mornin' m'lady! Well, there's the old squirt bottle to chase 'em away with. Feliway, as previously mentioned, can (strong "can") be halpful, but is very expensive and may not do much (not to mention it is a 1 room thing, so they could stop using it here, but start scratching there). A catnip post is a great idea.just put it right where they usually scratch and it should help. I have also heard, but not tired, orange oil. Might even be able to accomplish by zesting and orange and then rubbing it on the door frame. Apparently they do not care for it and should leave it alone. Worth a shot--and helps the room smell citrusy! You can not lose! Best luck with the good ol' kee kats! Does your door finish have to match your door frame finish Not at all.I've seen doors done in a natural finish hung in painted frames that looked great.and doors done in the same color as the walls while the door frame was in the trim color.Be brave, the worst thing that can happen is you will have to paint the door over, how long will that take?
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