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7 Areas and Items of Your Home You Should Clean More Often

You deserve applause if you try to be regular at home cleaning. Not everyone is willing to spend hours and hours every week just to maintain the items at home in a clean state. However, as thorough as you may be, it is highly likely that there are some areas and items you overlook. Read more about them and include them in your cleaning routine:

Dryer and washer - many people believe that just because they use the washer and the dryer constantly, the appliances are clean. This is a common misconception, because these appliances use a lot of detergent. However, the truth is these machines should be cleaned every 2-3 months in order to remain in top shape. Break mineral deposits in them by running a cup of white vinegar.

Kitchen sink - the kitchen sink is forced to tolerate an immense amount of food spoils and other nasties. Don't think that just because you wash the dishes there, that is enough to maintain the area clean. Instead, you can run a lemon slice across the surface to sanitise it. As for the drain, it is easy to maintain it clog-free by pouring ½ cup baking soda followed by some vinegar. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wash with warm water.

Bathroom mats - if you think about it, you stand on the bathroom mat every single day. How often do you clean it though? Once you consider all of the germs and bacteria the mat gathers every day, you will surely want to clean it more often. You should wash the mat on the highest temperature and tumble dry.

Makeup brushes - the usual place for a makeup brush is the bottom of the bag where makeup residue accumulates. So if you are using the brush often, you are essentially wiping bacteria, oil and dirt onto your face. Prevent this by cleaning the makeup brush often enough by washing with water and baby shampoo.

Computer peripherals - considering that whenever you use your desktop computer, you come in contact with the keyboard and mouse, you really should clean them more often. Multiple researches reveal that these devices, along with touch screens, harbour a lot more bacteria than toilet seats. Wipe them a few times every few days using antibacterial wipes.

Door knobs and light switches - these items are regularly used by multiple people. You will shiver in fear if you consider the amount of bacteria and germs that constant human contact leaves on these objects. Every time you are cleaning the room, you should clean the light switches and door knobs too.

Remote control - it is a common situation to regard the remote control as clutter and just toss it on the side as you clean the rest of the room. In reality, you should be cleaning it every week or so by using cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

Don't make the mistake of forgetting about these items the next time you do your home cleaning round. The sanitation process will be complete only after you deal with them too. For more info call 020 8945 5046.

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7 Areas and Items of Your Home You Should Clean More Often 1

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