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Blog - the Beginner's Guide to Sheet Vinyl Flooring | Beauflor USA

Blog - the Beginner's Guide to Sheet Vinyl Flooring | Beauflor USA 1

How to select the right flooring for your home Selecting the right flooring for your home can be a tough decision. Flooring sets the tone for the rest of the room and not only has to meet your interior style preferences but also be suitable for your lifestyle. There are so many different types of flooring to choose from with all of them touting different features and benefits.

Before making a flooring purchase, you should ask yourself some basic questions to determine what features are important to you. · What room(s) in your home is the flooring going to be installed in? · Do you have pets and/or children?

· How much can you spend on flooring and installation costs? · Do you prefer a floor that has low maintenance requirements? Your answers to these questions can help guide you in selecting the right flooring for your home.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, one flooring category to consider is sheet vinyl.

Blog - the Beginner's Guide to Sheet Vinyl Flooring | Beauflor USA 2


I have 1800 sq ft of 18x18 ceramic tile in my home, can you put wood flooring over it?

U can put laminate flooring over it if your tile floor is flat with no humps, etc.

That stuff is not glued or nailed

hallway / kitchen flooring question?

we have friends who built a house - very pricey - but they paid for ceramic tile in the foyer and hall and then laid linoleum down in the kitchen to save money. it looks cheap - which is what it was.

if it was another flooring of the same quality, it may have looked better to me.cuz it was still basically the same color. i would not make it a drastic color change if you do it.

What do you call the piece of wood/metal that you lay on the floor between two rooms if the flooring is uneven?

“A leveler“, now that's funny. They are called transitions strips.

They come in different styles to accommodate different heights in the opposing floorings

what is suggested for flooring for public areas in apartment buildings?

quick fix and cheap (wo not last too many years) is vinyl flooring-sheet goods (linolium).better and longer lasting and more money is to use ceramic tile or go with VCT tile (like grocery stores)

Does flooring need to be consistent throughout an entire house?

Since you are splitting the flooring between upstairs and downstairs there should be very little problems. I think that it would actually be nice and it would help to give the second floor an identity of its own. I have Tile in my kitchen and bathrooms, and carpet in my bedrooms, while the hallway and living room are wood.

We own a ranch and everyone thinks it is beautiful. The separation will only help to show off that there are two distinct floors in your home. Character is a major key to any house, so go with what you like.

What are the best ways to advertise my timber flooring business?

It depends! If you have enough cashflow (a stable business, that makes stable sales) do yourself a favor and go to Cardone Kern Branding Agency they are experts in bringing you sales for the money you invest (every dollar you spend will come back with some of his friends).

If you are working on a tight budget (you are the only one working and have to do everyactivity) then post you ads in Youtube (there are videos on how to open an Adwords account and how to upload videos on youtube). Cheers!What are the best ways to advertise my timber flooring business?


can we pour concrete over plywood for flooring?

There are instances that special types of concrete can be done over a ply wood flooring.

It depends on what you are doing to the finished floor. For example. I used to do a cement base for ceramic tile.

The is an 100 yr old process and this have held up for years. But this is a special method. If your referring to regular poured cement over plywood, generally not because of the weight.

Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . GL

is my flooring installer telling the truth about laminate repair?


Self locking laminate CANNOT be cut out and replaced.Since it s impossible to relock these pcs like this. Cut out method was used in the old glued edges in laminate flooring.

Your installer is telling you the way it is. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a couple 100,000 s/f.


basement flooring?

The last thing i would put in a basement or bathroom is wood. Wood does not take moisture well at all and absorbs moisture even in the air.

Concrete is the best place for ceramic that's why when it's a wood floor they put concrete backer boards down. I would sugest caramic, vinyl or the newer pvc flooring made by balta it comes in alot of patterns and moves just like a laminate floor

Should I be taping down the vapour barrier on my concrete flooring around the edge?

I think you will find that you need an adhesive to hold it in place; and tape wo not do the job on concrete.

It will peel up because it can not adhere. Talk with a flooring company about what is best.

Why is it so difficult to find Pergo (wood) flooring?

i worked a home depot and we sold it there. and we could order any kind of flooring you wanted try

Best flooring for 3 big dogs?

Stone/ceramic tile is the best for that situation. Short berber should be ok - it's just going to be a high maintainence situation - constan t cleaning and replacement. Just part of the price of owning pets.

** My nephew already ruined his 1 month old laminate flooring with 1 large dog running around - I tried to warn him :) hehe

what's an advantage and a disadvantage to having asphalt, rubber, or wood flooring in a horse stall?

Asphalt. Advantage: It's durable and does not absorb water.

Disadvantage: It's hard on the joints while they are standing, and unforgiving when they go to roll - they may bang themselves up. Most expensive, must be professionally laid. Rubber: Advantage: It does not absorb moisture and it's softer and easier on their joints and skin.

Easy to install. Disadvantage: It can be slippy and you have to clean under it sometimes. On dirt, it shifts and sags and poses a tripping hazard.

Wood flooring: Advantage: Softer, more forgiving than asphalt; keeps them dryer. Cheapest alternative. Disadvantages: Splinters.

Wear from horse shoes. Smell if urine puddles underneath. Must be properly installed and maintained or a foot can go through and be trapped, causing severe injuries.

which hardwood flooring to use, woven bamboo walnut or bamboo toast?

well . .

I personally think that hardwood looks better over time, as each piece has it's own characteristic . . you look at a couple of pieces of the bamboo flooring and you see activity in it .

. albeit very dense. When you get it on the floor, it looses any characteristics really quick and looks like a field of uniformity.

Not necessarily a bad thing . . .

but it depends on preference. If you want a more relaxed softer look . .

I think hardwood with a beveled edge and a little distressing is the way to go . . if you want ultra-modern .

. then bamboo would be an ok choice.

Asbestos in floor?

I went to homedepot for new flooring. they said they won't remove the lenolium in the?

This Site Might Help You.

RE: Asbestos in floor?I went to homedepot for new flooring. they said they wo not remove the lenolium in the?

kitchen or bathroom unless it is tested for Asbestos. since the rest of the house is carpet it is ok. they said this is a law and law is one yr old.

if i had it done last yr I did not have to find an specialist to do it. and if it has asbestos it will be very costly. has any body done the asbestos.

How do you make laminate flooring sound more solid, less hollow?

Use a second or even a third layer of plastic under the floor. Laminate flooring is inherently noisy, and very thin sounding, unlike glued down or nailed wood planks.

Also the thickness has something to do with it. But if its already a done deal, more plastic underneath. If thats not an option either, then no dice, theres nothing I know of you can apply over the laminate to help this

how can I determine the type of wood flooring I discovered after removing old carpeting?

congratulations, pulling up carpet and finding wood plank flooring is always a treat and maybe a Pandora's box if you do not invest in the proper steps to refinish it. Given the age, you are probably looking at the floor being pine or oak. You can try to hammer a nail into it, if the nail can start to be driven in ,you have pine.

If the nail will not go very far without great resistance then it's no doubt oak. You can also try to press your finger nail into it. pine will start to dent slightly under your nail, oak will not.

learn how to operate a floor sander and refinish them or better yet hire a pro. there is never a home owners job quite as well done as a professionally done job

How do I pull out wood flooring in a kichen in kitchen without pulling out the cabinets?

need more details.

Why do you want to remove the old wood flooring. How old is the house verses the age of the cabinets. The wood might not even run underneath the cabinets.

More info would help.

Has you ever installed pergo flooring yourself?

pergo flooring is easy to install.

the boards snap together with a little will need the installation tools,a miter saw,a hammer, a hand saw, tape measure, a pencil. make sure you buy the rubber padding that goes down under the floor and staple it down.

and leave a 1/4 inch gap between the floor and walls for expansion. you take the base molding off before you start and when you replace it it covers tha gap

In a kitchen remodel, where do you start? Paint first?

Do flooring last?Appliances in last? What order?


Buy Christopher Lowell's book “Seven Layers of Design“.

I would definitely suggest putting the appliances in last as you will need those floor spaces open to paint and do the flooring

I want to replace my carpet flooring in my car with all rubber flooring.How do I go about doing so?

Look for a car interior shop near you.

I am sure they can set you up with the needed materials

What are the rubber flooring effects on dairy production?

with the aid of fact interior the U.S.

maximum manufacturers do no longer feed sufficient fibre to their cows, so, the cows pass acidotic and get soft ft. we do not choose rubber flooring in Canada with the aid of fact we feed em what they choose up here. Cheers word: bile salts created from cud chewing prevents acidosis.

In a balanced fibre nutrition plan a cow will bite her cud seventy 5 circumstances earlier swallowing, it incredibly is an illustration that your diets are formulated properly. Many manufacturers feed too plenty starch for this reason the cellulitic micro organism of the Rumen are not getting fed the soundness between cellulitic bugs and the starch digesting microbes is lost; rather you turn the cow into an alcoholic. whilst the livestock get acidotic ketones construction up interior the blood and tiny blood vessels interior the hooves get under pressure and burst simular to diabetic rectinopathy.

A nutrition plan containing 60% dry be counted might preclude this. Feeding cows hay. who might have thunk it

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Has Anyone Bought/installed QUICKSTYLE Laminate Flooring? Looking for Comments. NOT the Same As QUIC
Has Anyone Bought/installed QUICKSTYLE Laminate Flooring? Looking for Comments. NOT the Same As QUIC
Quickstyle Laminate Flooring1. How do you cut laminate flooring when dealing with bifold doors?just screw the brackets to the casing and not through the floor2. Please help, how much should I pay?Just installation of the laminate flooring or is more involved such as removing furniture from the room to lay the flooring and replacing the furniture after installation? Removing old carpet, padding, and disposal? Does the flooring have the padding/vapor barrier on it or will that require separate installation before the flooring can be installed? Laminate flooring requires that a small gap be left between the flooring and the walls. So, 3/4 round moulding will also have to be installed to cover the gap between the wall and the edge of the flooring. Does the room currently have 3/4 round moulding installed? If the room has carpet in it now it does not. If the room does have 3/4 round it will have to be removed before installation and then reinstalled after the flooring is installed. Labor rates vary depending upon where you live. Just a general (rough) estimate for ONLY the flooring and 3/4 round installation: $450.00 (labor only) If more must be done (such as items mentioned above) then the cost will go up.3. What are your laminate flooring suggestion for Light Oak cabinets?Check out they are all the time mismatching wood colors, I do know that if you add all one color of wood your house will take on that color. For example I have gold tone wood on my cabinets and my floor so my house has taken on a warm golden shade. I do not mind this but my husband Absolutely loves it. So make sure you are prepared for that to happen if you use a shade of what you already have. You really can not clash with wood4. Darlington Oak Laminate Flooring Installation?I have laid alot of that particular flooring and am headed to Lowe's to pick up more Darlington oak in the morning. Its actually pretty good flooring. We use it in apartments and it seems to be holding up very well. Any way Start in a left hand corner .Assemble a complete row . When you cutoff the last piece in the row to fit , the piece that's left over is what you start the next row with. That automatically staggers the joints and makes the floor stronger. I always assemble whole rows ,then lock togather the newly assembled row to the flooring already in place. When looking down at the flooring the longest lip faces new rows. I always tap all joints with a scrap after I lock then togather. Hope this helps. If you were here tommorrow I could give you a quick lesson5. Need some advice on how best to make a kerf slot in door stop to accept vinyl clad weatherstripping?Got good hands,,,, the fastest way is an undercut jamb saw. You can rent one at the home depot, and probably the Lowe's, for about $20/day. Traditional use is for cutting door jams to accept laminate flooring. If you feel a touch shaky, get some carpenters clamps and put up a board inside of the door, to hold a board as a rest and a guide. Good luck.6. How do you fix air bubbles in wood laminate flooring?If you placed it over concrete and did so without a 6ml vapor barrier, then you have ruined the job. Most people do not realize that concrete "sweats". If you put it over a plywood subfloor, you should have put some rosin paper down first as well. If you did not do this, moisture will cause the floor to buckle7. What removes the cloudiness on laminate flooring?Have you tried vinegar and water? Mist on from a spray bottle and use a duster type mop. You may have to do it a few times since you may have a build up of improper cleaners..Dry with a bath towel between cleanings.. Start with a 50/50 mix and cut down to a 1/3 solution of vinegar/ water for normal use.. This is a mild acid type cleaner to cut through any build up. BTW.. white vinegar.. At least this is a cheap try and can be used in day to day cleaning.....GL
'Ivy League' Architecture Inspires Polygon's Prescott Commons
'Ivy League' Architecture Inspires Polygon's Prescott Commons
Project location: 3323 151 Street, Surrey Project size: 248 apartments - various one- and two-bedroom plans available between 642 and 969 square feet. Two-bedroom plans start at $299,900 Developer: Polygon Prescott Commons Ltd., Polygon Harvard Gardens Ltd.Architect: Rositch Hemphill Architects Interior designer: Polygon Interior Design Ltd.Sales centre: On site Hours: noon - 6 p.m., Sat - Thurs Telephone: 604-541-8092 Website:Occupancy: Spring 2018 If you take a stroll around Polygon's master-planned Harvard Gardens community, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in the courtyard of an Ivy League university on the American East Coast. The effect is intentional and proving extremely popular with buyers, according to Goldie Alam, Polygon's senior vice-president of marketing."It was all inspired by a trip that our architectural and development teams took to Boston a few years ago," she explained. "So we have buildings that have a lot of red brick and wrought-iron-inspired accents. It's traditional and linear and has very carefully manicured landscaping. The architecture is really quite distinctive and people have been very impressed by it." Polygon has just launched Prescott Commons, the last of four phases of the development in South Surrey. This will be two U-shaped apartment buildings that allow for a landscaped courtyard in the middle featuring a trellised seating area, children's play area and quiet lawn surrounded by trees. The buildings will have wrought-iron-inspired entry canopies and double-height lobbies with stained wood-panelled walls, feature lighting and stone flooring. The four-storey buildings will contain 248 homes in total; Polygon launched the first of them - 122 homes - on June 18."Previously, we've had a lot of first-time buyers at Harvard Gardens, but there has been a good mix of downsizers and investors as well," added Alam. "It's just off 32 Avenue and 152 Street so there's great access to Highway 99, from where you can easily get to the border, the airport or Vancouver."There's also shopping really close by. You can walk to Save On Foods, The Keg and a Home Sense. The South Point Centre is within walking distance and it's only a short drive to Morgan Crossing." But perhaps the biggest attraction for potential buyers in this community is the 9,000-square-foot clubhouse - The Rowing Club - which opened in the fall of 2015. It includes a gymnasium where residents can play basketball, badminton, floor hockey and indoor soccer. The outdoor pool is open from May to October, and the hot tub is open year round. There's also a fitness studio with universal equipment, free weights, cardio machines and a mirrored aerobics area. In addition, the Rowing Club includes a barbecue terrace, a games room, a great room with a bar area, a billiards table and an outdoor fire pit.Residents can screen movies and sporting events in the Rowing Club's own HD theatre, featuring built-in surround sound. The building also includes two fully furnished suites for out-of-town guests, a dog wash station complete with both hot and cold water and a ping pong table and crafts room. The amenity is managed by a full-time resident concierge."The clubhouse is definitely proving to be a big draw," said Alam. "It really sells the lifestyle. It's like a resort right on your doorstep - the perfect place to host parties and socialize with the neighbours. It's just a beautiful building that is already being well used by the residents who are making new connections and using the great facilities. We've got a range of activities and programs up and running, including yoga and aqua fit." The specifications and finishes at Prescott Commons will be suitably high end to match the grandeur of the architecture. Homes have laminate wood flooring in the entry, living, kitchen and dining areas and nylon carpet in all bedrooms. Buyers can choose from two custom, designer-selected home colour schemes. There are nine-foot-high ceilings and low-E windows throughout to reduce UV damage while improving energy efficiency. All homes have covered sun decks or ground-floor patios.Kitchens feature engineered stone countertops and breakfast bars, flat-panelled cabinetry highlighted by polished chrome pulls, and cabinet doors and drawers with soft-close hardware. The stainless steel appliance packages include 18-cubic-foot Samsung refrigerators with bottom-mounted freezers and slide-in gas ranges with self-cleaning ovens. There are also Energy Star dishwashers and microwave and hood fan combinations by Whirlpool.Master ensuite bathrooms have frameless spa-inspired showers complete with integrated bench seats. There are also engineered stone countertops, dual porcelain under-mounted sinks, and polished chrome hardware (in most ensuites). Second bathrooms feature engineered stone countertops and either walk-in shower stalls with glass doors or tubs (in most homes).Asked for the top reasons buyers should consider Prescott Commons, Alam said: "Apart from the clubhouse, the architecture in the community gives the whole place a really distinctive, warm and rich feeling. People love it. Then there's the South Surrey location in a master-planned community. That's proving to be really popular with buyers."The nice thing about Prescott Commons is that people will be moving into a community that is already well established." Homes at Prescott Commons are scheduled to be move-in ready by spring 2018 and prices for two-bedroom, one-bathroom plans start at $299,900.Prescott Commons: By the Numbers 9: Ceiling height, in feet 122: Number of homes in the first launch on June 18 248: Number of total homes 969: Size of the largest homes, in square feet 9,000: The Rowing Club, in square footage
Does Anyone Have Laminate Flooring and Have a Baby/ Young Child??
Does Anyone Have Laminate Flooring and Have a Baby/ Young Child??
I would lie on the floor next to her feeding bowl - full of her next feed of course - and entice her to come and eat; and I would not not let her sit on me while she eats! - (Cats are very good at making up their own rules!) If she wo not stand on the floor to eat; walk away and leave her for an hour (or two - if you think it appropriate) then try again. Sooner or later she will be hungry enough to eat whilst standing on the floor - when she does, stroke her and tell her what a good girl she is - then finish her mealtime by giving her a treat she's particularly fond of. Whatever it was that scared her off the floor will eventually become a distant memory - which pales into insignificance when compared to the praise and treats she gets for standing on the floor. You should also notice anytime she stands on the floor without being 'bribed' and reward her then too... Actually - I think your cat could be PRETENDING to be scared of the floor as a way of getting lots of extra praise and extra treats... I warned you cats love to make up their own rules did not I!!! If, after all your efforts, she STILL is not happy with the flooring; have the laminate and carpets ripped up and have cardboard laid everywhere. .. she's worth it!.1. What do you recommend to clean laminate flooring?I put laminate flooring throughout a house, and never used anything but vinegar and water to clean it (as directed by the installer). It not only cuts any grease and grime, but absorbs odors in the room as well2. Is there health and safety info on the components used in laminate flooring?Is laminate flooring safe? 13th June 2008 Author: Laminateexperter Views: 104 Is laminate flooring safe? Many people like laminate flooring due to its features. But they have a doubt: Is it safe? Unlike marble, granite, ceramic tile and concrete, this product does not contain radioactive substance. The key factor is its content of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is contained in not only laminate flooring but also furniture, paint, glue and other interior decorative materials. Formaldehyde is a kind of chemic gas. If formaldehyde release exceeds some extent in the air, it will harm people's nose, eye, respiratory system, etc. and conduce to dermatosis, rhinopharyngocele, leukaemia, etc. The formaldehyde for laminate flooring is contained in its support material. It is used to make aniline-formaldehyde resin which has strong capacity of agglutination. This kind of resin acts as mucilage glue for the support material. It is cheap. And it can add to the antisepsis, hardness and insect resistance. So it is the first choice of agglutination materials for veneer. The formaldehyde in the support material will not come out at once. The release period is up to different conditions of temperature, humidity and the quality of the surface. The period will last at least 12 years. So many countries have relevant regulations for formaldehyde release of veneer. For example, EU set us 3 grades for formaldehyde release: E1 ((10mg/1 00g),E2 (40mg/100g) and E3 (100mg/100g). E1 rating products can be used for interior purpose directly. E2 rating products can be used after the treatment of surface. In fact, minim formaldehyde release can not do harm to people's body. So you can feel free to use eligible laminate flooring. Tags: mucilage, resin, first choice, veneer, ceramic tile, formaldehyde, respiratory system, marble granite, temperature humidity, support material, aniline, laminate flooring, relevant regulations, insect resistance, 100g, radioactive substance, conduce, decorative materials, agglutination, release period3. Can you place self-adhesive tile on top of laminate flooring?? Will it adhere well??Remember, in any remodeling project, your results are only as good as your preparation.That being said, how good of shape is your granny's linoleum in? Any bubbles, rips, tears or ripples if you get on your hands and knees and look across the floor? When you set a marble on the floor, does it stay in one place, or roll across to the frig? Then there is the wax factor. Have you thoroughly stripped all the accumulated wax, grime and crud on the lino? And then washed and dried the floor afterward? If you've done all of the prep work, the floor is in excellent condition and you insist on using peel and stick floor tile, at least spend the extra few dollars and get the good tile. Not the thinnest cheapest stuff on the shelf. You will thank me later
How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor?
How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring That Was Put Down and Glued to the Floor?
You need a sharp scraping tool that you can stand up and put alot of strength into it!1. What are the tools I need to install my laminate flooring?Here is a small list of the tools you will require to install laminate flooring; Hammer Craft knife or "Utility knife" Measuring Tape T-Square Pencil Saws: table, miter, circular, hand, jigsaw Drill Sealant gun for applying adhesives or sealant to trims, etc. Screwdrivers3. How do I ensure my concrete floor is "flat" for laminate flooring?To use the string method you need a length of strong string and a tool called a line level . The line level cost's under 5 bucks . What you do is anchor one end of the string to the wall at a specific height using whole numbers- [If you use 3' you can use a 4' level to insure that you have a perpendicular measurement to the floor ] hook the line level on the string and with the help of an assistant stretch the string to the opposite wall. When the string is level ,anchor it. You now have a level line across the room. Take your tape measure and measure the distance from the line to the floor along various points. Record on a piece of graph paper , change locations and repeat as needed. You will wind up with a topographical profile of your floor.5. Hardwood Floor or laminate flooring I have a boxer dog?Hardwood is always preferable to laminate if you can afford it. Scratches can be easily sanded out and/or restained. That can not be done with laminate. I am a stickler for the real stuff, so if you can afford to have it laid and then stained, as opposed to the pre-finished variety, it will last a lifetime AND stand up to you pooch. Not only that, it adds to your equity. I am an interior designer and have worked with many homes built in the '20s and before. In almost every case, the hardwood floors are original and often only require minimal repair.7. will i have to remove trim/panel around bottom wall in order to install laminate flooring?You will either have to remove just the trim ( base) , or add a 1/4 round ( shoe molding) to the base after to cover the gap needed that must be left around any solid or fixed fixture to allow any laminate to float, move, expand and contract. REmoving it must be done with care as not to break it. But these can be reused, even given a new look with fresh paint if you d like or replace w/ new and stained, All up to you. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. I ve attended several seminars on installation , as well as installed a few 100,000 s/f.. GL8. Is laminate flooring hard to keep clean?Usually it is very easy to keep clean. However there are various qualities of laminate. A cheap one might discolor easy. Textured will hide dust and has to be vacuumed. Some are better than others. It is more durable than any flooring except vinyl. The better quality laminates can withstand harder impacts without scratching than any hardwood. And they wo not discolor in the next decade like hardwood definitely will.9. Installing bamboo laminate flooring with padding built in and pieces won't fit together well....?I installed 'swift lock' a couple of years ago and it has the backing also. The 48 hr waiting period is for temp. acclamation and expansion. Fitting the pieces together is not bad once you get the hang of it. You have to get the butt ends of two pieces to be even before you can attach them to a row. The challenge is the long runs of four or more boards. It would have been easier if I had help..tough for one person. Good luck, I love mine.
12 Contemporary-style Condos Available in D.C.'s Glover ...
12 Contemporary-style Condos Available in D.C.'s Glover ...
Glover Park, a neighborhood in Northwest Washington tucked just above Georgetown, offers quiet tree-lined streets along withaccess to shops and restaurants along Wisconsin Avenue.Cathedral Commons, just north of Glover Park on Wisconsin Avenue, has added to the mix of dining and shopping options in thearea. Newly built residences are rare in this community of rowhouses and single-family houses that are interspersed with apartments,co-ops and condos, but 12 new condos are available at Cathedral Crest at 3915 and 3919 Fulton St. NW.The condos were developed by Columbia Property Capital, founded by Guy Prudhomme, and have open floor plans with large livingareas, open kitchens, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural light.[D.C.'s Glover Park is close-in but set apart]The two-bedroom units, some including a den, have two or three bathrooms and each has private outdoor space. The residencesrange from 1,385 to 1,405 square feet on the lower levels; the penthouse units each have 1,960 square feet. The lower-levelunits are priced from $750,000 to $775,000, while the four penthouses each are priced at $1.15 million.The condos have 10-foot-high ceilings, six-inch plank wood flooring, energy-efficient windows, a contemporary style metalstaircase and kitchens with dove-gray Quartz countertops, white subway tile backsplashes, stainless-steel appliances and whiteshaker cabinets.The bathrooms have white Quartz countertops on the vanities, walk-in showers with marble walls and free-standing soaking tubsin the master bath. The penthouse units have an upper level with a den and a rooftop deck, while the standard residences havetwo levels with a balcony off the living area.The penthouse units have one parking space. Owners of the standard residences have the option of purchasing a parking spacefor $25,000. Condo fees range from $220 to $230 for the standard units and $487 to $491 for the penthouses.For more information, contact Washington Fine Properties realty agents Kimberly Casey at 202-361-3228 or Daryl Judyat202-380-7219.To pass on a tip or news item, contact us at and put "Town Square" in the subject line.
Remodeling My Basement, Can I Use Laminate Flooring?
Remodeling My Basement, Can I Use Laminate Flooring?
You can but, if you have sump-pump failure it may ruin it... You can use peel n stick flooring.. It's durable comes in many finishes/textures and wears really, really well. Our basement has had many issues with flooding and the flooring has held up very, very well. It's well over 20 yrs. old... ! The newer styles, colors are very nice and I think on a home improvement show on HGTV one of the designers used some that looked like hardwood floors ! I've seen rock patterns as well as more traditional styles.. I would use that especially if you are doing a large space... My neighbor has had "sump pump" issues and she has waterproof carpet in her basement.. It looks like a berber.. We simple vacuumed it with a wet/dry shopvac.. and ran some fans and dehumidifers and the carpet eventually dried out... ! It was a long process though... Our basment we just shopvac would and mopped everything down with bleach/water... Very easy to clean and maintain... Even though it's older and could used replaced it's not bad... Good luck1. Is it possible to install laminate flooring over ceramic tile and preserve the integrity of the tile?Are you talking about a glueless laminate? If you are using glueless laminate like a Pergo floor then you would be ok, not ideal but it would work. If you are talking about something like linoleum that requires glue then the only way to make that work is to lay a subfloor over the tile. As soon as you put any adhesive on the tile and grout then you are asking for trouble when you want to change back to the tile.2. Cost of laying laminate flooring?you can get it likely in the $1.50 - $4.00 /sq ft (not including materials)3. I am going to put kitchen cabinets and laminate flooring my house and i dont no were to start. does the cabine?I agree with Kayak up there. We had laminate in our kitchen until the dish washer backed up and soaked the entire floor. Then it curled and stunk because the water under the floor could not dry up. We pulled it all up and put down ceramic tile. Water can not hurt it. I agree with her on the color choices too. Complimenting is better than matching when the areas are so big4. How can I remove floor polish buildup from my laminate flooring?They make special compounds called "strippers" to remove wax buildup. I am NOT sure which ones are for laminates, so read carefully on the instructions. It sounds like you might have put it on too heavy, and it dried unevenly. Perhaps you need a to run a floor polisher or buffer over the floor to remove the streaks and "shine" up the finish. These are usually available at rental centers.5. Can anyone tell me the basic uses of Grand Wood Hollow Core Particleboard?Because chipboard is not considered a "beautiful" wood, the most common uses involve applications as a base or foundation, where the chipboard itself would ultimately be covered up. Most laminate countertops have a chipboard base, and many types of laminate flooring are installed over chipboard. Because of its low cost, chipboard is commonly used to build low-cost indoor furniture, especially the kind shipped in a flat-pack. High-density chipboard is rigid, durable, heavy, and even flame-retardant, making it a useful, yet inexpensive material6. can you hide asbestos tiles with laminate flooring?You are fine to cover over it. In fact it is the safest way to deal with it. Removal will disturb the particles that are harmful to your health and they may be blown everywhere instead of contained to the flooring they are a part of at this time. Be sure to use the membrane underlayment with the new laminate and taping the edges will not hurt to keep the asbestos in place. As a tenant the entire project it seems would be the owners responsibility and not yours though7. What do i need to consider when laying laminate flooring over wood sub floor.?Cover old, uneven floorboards with hardboard. . Lay the sheets across the floorboards, staggering the joints and fixing with panel pins every 100mm or so around the edge and at 150mm spacing in the middle to prevent movement.
Laminate Flooring and Cleaning? Please Help! :)?
Laminate Flooring and Cleaning? Please Help! :)?
I have laminate flooring and all I do is clean it with a mop with a removable, washable microfiber cloth.. The microfiber cloth really picks up all the dirt and it dries almost instantly. I simply run the cloth under hot water, wring it out and go over the floor. If there are any sticky spots, I give it a small squirt of Windex and wipe it up right away. The other good thing about the microfiber cloth is that it does not put a lot of water on the floor, you have to be very careful because if the joints get wet, they will swell and the floor will be ruined. Always vacuum beforehand to get any dirt up that might scratch the floor when you clean it. The floor is always nice and shiny when it dries, I mop it every day, just give it a quick once over. The wet feet stain might be something that you can not fix. The water may have sat on the floor too long and lifted the finish. Because laminate is like fibreboard with a picture of wood grain then a coating, there is little you can do about the finish once it's gone. The key is proper maintenance Good luck:)1. Carpet replacement with laminate flooring - Good idea?Go with real hardwood. For the price of a good laminate and installation you can get a cheaper hardwood and installation. Hardwood will add more value, look better, feel more solid to walk on, have les isuues with a heavy pool table being on it, and wood floors can be refinished in the future2. I have dark cherry cabinets with black granite countertops. What color of laminate flooring could I use?You left out the color of your appliances but I would recommend stainless for them then use a deep oak on the floor that will mostly accent the cabinets and also the counters. The cabinets will visually take up more space so you will need so address them first when choosing color. Use a coordinating color on the walls to pull it all together. I've done many a home remodeling project and color choices are many and mostly vary according to taste3. I found the laminate flooring display called "CAROLINA LIFESTYLES", are they good quality?My experience tells me that most laminate flooring is not good quality. I believe if you want the look of wood, you should just get real wood floors4. In our kitchen we have white appliances and walnut cabinets. What color laminate flooring should we buy?Personally I would NOT put laminate flooring in a kitchen or a bathroom, and the manufacturers usually recommend against using it in areas where there may be water. I have done that with horrible results when the sink leaked and ruined the underlayment of the floor. We ended up replacing half of the kitchen floor TWICE. Then we ended up putting in porcelain ceramic tiles, which after 3 years and heavy use still looks like new! There is also more color and type selection with tile. I think some of the other posters above are confusing LAMINATE with VINYL flooring. I have not seen marbled white laminate (but I do know they now make a faux tile that is laminate, but still NOT water resistant)5. How do I ensure my concrete floor is "flat" for laminate flooring?You do not really have to have perfectly level concrete to lay the floor. You need a flat surface not necessarily level floor. I have laminate over concrete in my house I did not check for level except visually for anything really off, it is fine. If you really want to you can use a string line in several places. Along opposite walls staple a string 3 inches from the floor. measure to the floor in different places along the string if it is more or less than it is out of level. NOBODY DOES THIS WHEN LAYING FLOOR. As long as it is close that is fine, just ask the place where you bought the flooring it comes with complete instructions.6. What is the best way to wash laminate flooring?There are cleaners out there expressly for laminates. Not knowing the brand of laminate, I would suggest a laminate cleaner made by Capture. Spray on and wipe off. It is not recommended to bleach or even mop laminate floors. If you are trying to get it shiny looking, it may not be possible due to the finish of the final product. Some laminates have higher gloss levels than others and it sounds like yours may have more of a matte finish so your scrubbing is a moot point. Know that laminate is a cinch to remove and replace- you could always look into a renovation!.
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