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Can I Video Tape a Police Officer?

Get a mini cam. however if you are black and he is white forget about it ,or just do a Rodney King and take the cash (should you survive)

Can I Video Tape a Police Officer? 1

1. Video Tape Engagement at Walt Disney World?

The Big Question is where and when do you plan to Propose? If it's in a public place or the lobby you can probably just ask a Cast Member to do it for you at no charge. If you want it professionally done you have several options. If your not going to be in the parks you can hire a local Videographer to "Visit you" in the hotel and film the big event. If you want to do it someplace inside the parks, or in one of the more formal locations, or just want to make it extra magical you can Hire Disney to do it. The Weddings Team is available at 321.939.4610 and they can help you with some amazing ideas and set everything up just the way you want, but I will warn you they are not cheap, and you should definitely be up front with them around your budget when you call. They are not pushy and I've worked with them for client's wedding trips before so I can tell you the results of a Disney Wedding and everything leading up to it are absolutely amazing, but again, they are not cheap but then again neither are the results either! Best of luck to you both!

2. Why don't men believe women's account of how they are groped multiple times, until they "go to the video tape"?

Because people don't behave the same way with everyone.e.g. Racists can be very nice to people of their own race and turn into nasty bigots when it comes to someone of a different race. People have a hard time reconciling the two personalities. A man who gropes women is perfectly aware that he is doing something shitty unless he is mentally ill.He will usually only grope and harass when there are no other males around or at least no men likely to intervene are looking.A guy who would never do this to a woman cannot imagine that someone else would do this. (The same way many women refuse to believe that another woman would lie about sexual assault. They wouldn't do it thus they don't believe another woman could. Who in their sane mind would??)I often travel to various parts of the Middle East where, I've had more metoo experiences during a dozen business trips than I had back home my entire life, and I've had quite a few in the States and Europe as well. The men who harassed me on the street on my way to work, would never repeat the same if I was walking with a male colleague. They would double down if I was with a female colleague.If I walked by a shopkeeper with a male colleague present, the same shopkeeper who was commenting on my body the day before, the same guy wouldn't even so much as look me in the eye. I worked out that if I felt threatened, I quickly found a group of older local women and sat down next to them.I told a male colleague about how I got groped once in a touristy part of town. He didn't believe me because the local men were all buddy-buddy with him and he had a great experience. A week later, we went down to the market and an old guy yelled at him "hello my friend! nice wife! Do you do her often"? He was shocked and stunned into silence. He apologized for not believing me.I've had cab drivers ask me for sexual favors as "payment". Foreign woman without male chaperone = free game, apparently. It made no difference how conservatively I dressed and what I covered up. It made no difference how much of the local language I learned to speak. I learned that when a man tried to speak to me on the street, I was a "bitch" if I ignored him and a "whore" if I stopped to talk to him. You just can't win.I had another cabbie offer to give me foot rubs when the car stopped at red lights.A local female friend of mine in one of the countries told me off that I was being nice. Nice here was an invitation. "You have to be rude! They don't understand nice."The worst things that happened to me in a cab with a significant other, male colleagues, male friends or family around was to get ripped off for the fare by a few dollars.No male colleague ever had the same experience. No woman who lived in or traveled to the same destinations alone ever questioned it.I chose not to name the countries as I don't want to offend anyone and also because unfortunately I had this repeat experience throughout the region. It was however, only a part of my experience, among many positive ones. Most men have better things to do than hang out on the street harassing women.That however, still doesn't negate the reality women experience with the occasional scum in public, often on a daily basis.Perhaps, because so many of us can't behave ourselves, we need cameras everywhere, both for our own protection from others as well as protection from false accusation. Why do not men believe women's account of how they are groped multiple times, until they "go to the video tape"?

Can I Video Tape a Police Officer? 2

3. Are audio cassettes analog or digital? How about VHS video tape?

Both audio cassetes and VHS tapes are analog. Audio recorded as digital, has to do with the analog wave being sampled, and then stored as a sampled rate. In analog audio recording, the wave is recorded directly onto the medium. The easiest way to think of this is your computer. it reads binary encoding, and that's really what digital is all about. If it will play on a computer, it's binary encoded, and therefore it's digital. Audio cassette tapes or VHS tapes will not play (directly) on your computer, and are therefore, analog. They can be played on a computer, but the signal or wave needs to be encoded (digitized) before it will play on your computer.

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