The perfect choice of one-stop service for diversification of architecture.

FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python

FFMPEG scales the output video so it matches the valuethat you specified in either Max Width or Max Height without exceeding the other = source heightsw = source widthheight = new heightwidth = new widthif float(sh / sw) == float(height): return width, heightelif float(sh / sw)

FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python 1

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how can i get the live horse racing video in malaysia in my computer?

why does you want to have a horse raching video in your tape recorder? malaysia is a country. so it is a stupid quesion

Can police officers go into peoples homes and video tape without permission?

FFmpeg: Scales the Output Video so It Matches the Value in Python 2

Yes. Maybe they had a warrant. I am not aware of any departments that would go videotape a case like this on the first call. Usually, officers would check to see if the call was substantiated. If it is, then maybe they will make notification to ACS/SRS and others.

why does my husband spend a lot of time playing video games?

Okay. But who is better in bed, you or the video game?

gift for boyfriend that likes football, video games, street racing?

i believe BLITZ the video game is under 25. it is a mix of fighting and football. you can play football and walk around the city with your team fighting with other teams. He might also like Tom Clanceys Vegas. it is like call of duty except it takes place in vegas. you have fights in casinos and hotels with tons of weapons

What's the best PS3 video game of 2008, Please pick the choices from the list below?

resistance2, also you should do littlebigplanet. Littlebigplanet is my most favorite video game ever

Is there a real video which is made in the space?

I am not sure what the question is. During manned flight NOW there is copious video footage shot and made available. During the Apollo mission the technology for a live television link simply had not been invented then. It took time after landing for the link to be established - then they did send black and white low definition tv. If you are asking about pictures of distant objects well a telescope takers hours if not days to get enough photons to make a decent image.

Why is my video player playing slow (or sticking) all of a sudden?

It could be that your Internet connection is too slow for the video stream to keep up with the player. Maybe your ISP is having problems, or perhaps your modem or one of your cables is flaking out

Who is playing a psychedelic soundtrack in this Salvador Dali video piece?

Jean Claude Pelletier is the composer of the soundtrack to the u201cSoft Self-Portrait of Salvador Daliu201d a 55min 1970 Film narrated by Orson Welles featured in the clip which l discovered with some more research after writing most of the answer below, more on him at foot of answer.The music is better described as a free jazz influenced piece rather than psychedelic but at a guess is incidental music recorded for the film. Not any piece l recognise or musicians. French Jazz label BYG, NYC label ESP has many recordings in a not dissimilar free jazz style. Salvador Dali was not unaware of this style of music, on at least one occasion he visited one club that championed this style, the infamous Slugs Nightclub at Avenue B, 242 East 3rd Street New York, which hosted many of the free jazz musicians^ of the time from about 1964 until the early 70sThe mystique of Slugsu2019 kept growing. Singer Patty Waters was there when Salvador Dalu00ed entered with a small entourage. He held a lit candle in a holder. Paintings by local artists hung on the walls, and Dalu00ed slowly circled the room, examining each one by the light of his candle. Then he and his disciples left. u201cAlphabet Cityu201d as this area of Manhattan is called, was a tough run down part of the city in the late 60s but was home to some musicians including Jackie McLean and other artists, Salvador Dali still has to have been one of the stranger visitors to that part of the city. His work has inspired other free Jazz influenced musicians more recently.Ted Nash #2EditThe composer of the soundtrack to the Salvador Dali Film featured is Jean Claude Pelletier , a French Jazz pianist, composer & arranger who incorporated Jazz influences into his soundtrack work. Another example of his work is below with somewhat more conventional jazz, which is his background. The Dali film incorporates Free Jazz stylings that were in vogue in art circles in 1970 but is not a major piece of free jazz work. Pelletier is from a more orthodox Jazz background (having recorded earlier with Buck Clayton and Lionel Hampton) but seems to have incorporated free jazz styling into this work. His soundtrack work on this sountrack appears to draw from his Jazz background married to whatever was in trend at the time.Jean Claude Pelletier - 39u00b0 de Fiu00e8vre^) Performers at Slugs included Albert Ayler & Singer Patty Waters who recorded for ESP, Jackie McLean for Blue Note & Archie Shepp for Impulse & BYG, Charles Mingus, Charles Tolliver for Strata East. Slugs also featured Sun Ra and infamously trumpeter Lee Morgan (not an avant player) met his demise there shot by his girlfriend.Inside Slugs' Saloon, Jazz's Most Notorious Nightclub - JazzTimesWho is playing a psychedelic soundtrack in this Salvador Dali video piece?

What would be the best combination for a P.C. within Rs. 15000/- for normal day to day work, web browsing and moderate video editing?

Processor- AMD athlon 200ge APU (has cpu cooler included in the box)Motherboard- Asus prime A320M-K/CSMCabinet- Antec Nx110SMPS- Aerocool vx plus 550Ram- Adata XPG gammix D30 8gb 2666mhzHDD- WD BLUE 1tbThis configuration should cost you around 16k(due to lockdown I could not give you exact price but my friend bought this same configuration on January for 15200) and it meets all your requirements.What would be the best combination for a P.C. within Rs. 15000/- for normal day to day work, web browsing and moderate video editing?.

Will App preview video for iPhone 5 be the first item on iPhone 6() app store

I now have an iPhone 6 and can verify that with the current version of iOS (8.1), the user will see the app preview video as the first element

What can an Asian Studies major do as their career? Can they get into a video game company somehow?

Keep doing what you are doing, and when you finish you should look around for a technical college to teach you the more specific parts of video game design. The three guys I live with go to Full Sail, an art school for film, music, graphic art and game design. People from all over the world go to this school, but you would do fine just finding something like it in your area. They do not require any kind of degree for admission, only a high school diploma. Good luck : )

Why do I get a green box when I try to watch (some) streaming video on the Internet?

Open your Windows Media Player and then go to tools, and then click on options. Now click on performance. Where it says Video Acceleration, change this from full to none. If it will not allow you to change this then click on Advanced and unclick the box beside “Use high quality mode“. Now click OK. Back on the Performance Tab if it says full under Video Acceleration you should be able to move the slider to none. Then click apply, then ok, and close out your player. Now try to play the video again. This should help

Movie "Heat", had a copy cat in the news. Where can i download the video of that news footage?

Yeah, there was that big shootout in North Hollywood, California with cops trying to take down these two robbers who had body armor and machine guns. Search for North Hollywood Shootout and you would probably find a lot. They still show it some on TV, especially those “wildest police videos“ shows, etc.

which is good audio and video player for Linex &downloading site for it ?

amarok or xmms for your audio mplayer, dragon player, xine, vlc for video all in your software so no need to search the web and download it, just enable it in your software management

old metal/hard rock music video from late 90s early 00s?? help!?

I seem to remember the video for A Perfect Circles - The Hollow being set in the woods and being creepy. I have bugs flying out of peoples mouths in my head. Ive searched the net for it but its as though it doesnt exist.

I forgot the title of a youtube video, it would mean a lot to me if someone could find it.?

i have not any particular techniques yet listed less than are some issues to imagine about: Do you've any quite weird and wonderful or unusual abilities? Any thrilling pets? humorous music parodies are always good. seem at different extreme view videos, you may locate something thrilling' MAKE relaxing OF FRIDAY!!!!!!!!(like by technique of rebecca black) fake to be a ninja and sneak round your city randomly Do a flash mob desire this helped

should i buy a ipod nano or ipod video? which store should i buy from?

it depends on what you want... i guess the biggest question is how much music you have, how much memory you need and if you want the video feature or not

If I videotape someone going through a red light, can I e-mail the video to the police? Will they do anything?

I was wondering the same thing. Today Someone ran a red and almost caused an accident with oncoming traffic. The first car rightfully going through the green light was half way through the intersection and had to swerve and slam on breaks to miss a truck as it failed to stop for their red light and sped super fast right through. Thank goodness no pedestrians were crossing the walk way. I got it on my dash cam with their license plate and make of truck but is it worth it to bother the police with? Same question, would they care

Which video game console is better Xbox 360 or PS3?

I will answer your questions in order to that of which they were asked: 1. PlayStation 3 has “better“ graphics than the Xbox 360 due to it's processing power. 2. PlayStation 3 has smoother gameplay due to it's processor technology. However, Xbox 360 has a more comfortable controller that your hands can get used to and feel better after long periods of gaming. 3. With both video game consoles you can game for hours and not “kill“ the system. Depending on how well the hot air is gettting ventillated out of the system. I would recommend a Nyko Intercooler Fan for the Xbox 360, PS3 should be fine without one. None of that matters however. What matters is what system in you enjoy and like to play. The system that has a game library to fit your needs and interests. I hope this answers your question.

Where can I purchase a whiteboard animation video?

I advise the company InovitAgency . They are masters of their craft, the portfolio will say everything for them. They will show and tell everything.Where can I purchase a whiteboard animation video?

IYO, Which of these are/were your favorite Nintendo video game system out of these list?

I am still big into playing all of those consoles. All have great libraries, and bring back a ton of memories. My favorite at the moment is the Nintendo 64. Brings back a lot of happy memories of being a little kid. I was driving around to the Bomb Omb Field music from Mario 64 earlier and immediately felt happy. Tough to pick favorite Nintendo video game. Favorite at the moment would be Super Smash Bros 3DS and Mario 3D and.

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Video Game with Amaizing Story ?
Video Game with Amaizing Story ?
I would highly suggest that you pick up Dragon Age: Origins. It has an incredible story and 70 hours worth of gameplay.(w/out all the dlc) If you have ever played Kotor on xbox, it like those story elements with Skyrim's era put together! Totally worth it! :).1. Need help with video card?With on board graphic card you can not be able to play most modern game's. You need to have external graphic card. So you can get ATI HD 5770 just under $100 - with a very good gaming performance.2. Is there a free computer program available that can record any sound from a computer?definite audacity works, yet you may desire to checklist and stop and suitable time and trim whilst finished to maintain the sound bit you opt for for,there's a purely way, u may even get carry of the finished movies off youtube if decide for be, purely via pressing one button, get carry of and setting up realplayer - then have been given to actual participant or similiar and video it is streaming a button will arise once you hover over the video and you will get carry of the finished video with sound3. How important is a video card?If it's not for gaming a high end board with nice onboard graphics is perfect4. When a cell phone video is shown on TV, why is there a very blurry copy of the video on each side of the clear video?Because when filming on their cell phone to be shown on TV, no one thinks to turn their phone sideways. Video on the cell phone is meant to be seen/fit onto your cell phone screen. Not a TV screen. You could show the video with black band down the sides. There is the same problem of showing theater run movies on TV. However almost a century of dealing with it and a lot more time to edit than putting something on the 6 PM news, means you might not have noticed.5. What is the best video editing software for entering a video competition like CSPAN?Whatever you are comfortable with. If you are entering a contest now is not the time to learn new software. Use what you know. If you do not know any software then what are you thinking entering a contest? I do not know what contest this is, but if it's for a finished news package then you better be top notch with your editing skills already. If this is for some sort of on air position, like an anchor, reporter or correspondent, then they are not interested in your editing. Keep it simple in that case. What is the best video editing software for entering a video competition like CSPAN?6. Is this a real video of a ds glitch?that kid creeps me out7. Whats the difference between general desktop graphics and 3D gaming graphics?General desktop graphics are no for intensice stuff, it is only for video, work documents, and taht sort of thing but Gaming graphics are for Rendering intensive 3d Models, Photo editing, video editing, and animation creation. These are the things the 3d Gamign grpahics would be used for to improve your graphics rating u would have to buy a new graphics card8. Ideas for a video game name?Now in the market feel interesting game is very little, or very boring, or will cost a lot of money. However, I have recently in playing such a game and feel good, you can try to look at SWTOR, personal point of view, only supplies the reference9. what is video hardware?The video hardware is your VGA card. It would have been helpful if you told "us" what this is. Is it on board graphics or an additional card. Did you upgrade XP Home to Pro or do a clean install? Have you checked to make sure the graphics drivers are installed. It is possible that if Windows is using the Standard VGA drivers that this is where your problem lies. With Home you had the correct drivers, with Pro you now have the wrong drivers and these are not adequate to run the games requirements. If it is on-board VGA then it is likely that with a re-install the settings will be altered in the BIOS, check to see if the amount of allocated (VGA) memory is sufficient to run the game, if not increase from the BIOS settings (Del or F2 at start up usually) You can right click in the desktop, select properties, Display properties and Advanced and see if you can increase the Video Acceleration, though it may already be at maximum.
Top Five Online Video Converters 2019
Top Five Online Video Converters 2019
Every user needs a video converter at some point in the life. The requirement rises when you try to play certain video on your mobile device or laptop and it says the format is not supported. It is the time when all your plans of entertainment get thrashed because your device cannot play videos of certain formats.This type of instances can occur time and again with you. Instead of getting frustrated you should look for the solution. A video converter program can provide the best solution.These are top five online video converters of 2019:1. Convert2mp3:Convert2mp3 is one of the latest additions to a long list of online video converters. Although it is new, it has quickly drawn thousands of internet users towards its quality performance. It can convert online videos into AVI, MKV, MP4, WEBM, and several other formats. This program features the simplest method of converting online videos. You just need to paste the video link and click the start button to begin conversion. It will convert the chosen video and make it available for download. Thats how this program works and it is admired for its smooth performance.2. Online converter:It is another quite popular video converter. This tool allows you to add videos from local storage or add their links. This online program can turn videos into an array of different formats. The best thing is it offers options settings to change resultant video quality, bit rate, file size, and cut unwanted portion of the video. It is free but the conversion process can puzzle anybody.3. Cloud Convert:It is another effective video conversion tool. Designed to convert videos in a variety of video formats, this tool is fast and quite versatile. It can also convert images, documents, presentations, and PDF files into other formats. You can add video or other types of files from various different sources such as URK, PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, or from other online drive. It converts and provides the converted file as per your demands.4. Zamar:Zamar is another versatile file conversion program. It is not only designed to convert videos, but also other files such as audios, images, documents, and other types of files. You can either fetch files from the web or add them from local drive. Zamar will convert the chosen file into another format with ease.5. Files Conversion:It is another simple but effective online video converter program. This program allows you to add video from your computer and converts it into the required format. It does offer an option to add video link and online conversion. First, you need to upload the video and then you can select the size, format, and the quality of the resultant video.If you check all the top five video converters, Convert2mp3 emerges as the best choice in many ways. This program will not only convert the videos but also provide videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and other platforms for free download. Thats how it works and thats why you should try this video converter·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I find a video converter that can covert ALL files?You may try Total Video Converter.It can convert all format
Understand HTML5 Video
Understand HTML5 Video
An overview of HTML5 videoTobechuwu "Tobe" Nwigwe (born March 8, 1987) is an American rapper and singer. He is from the Alief neighborhood of Houston, TexasOpen source flash player software of HTML5 videoI retorted to using the plain HTML5 video element and it worked perfectly, click on the link to see how it works HTML5 VideoTop 5 HTML5 Video & Audio Players For Live & On Demand StreamingNine years ago, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to Adobe regarding Flash and why it wasn't allowed on iOS devices, listing out various shortcomings that Flash showed on mobile devices. Ever since then, Flash has been on a decline and has been replaced by HTML5.The Demand For HTML5HTML5 allowed audio and video embedding features through its and tags. This fulfilled the increasing demand for custom online video players, especially in the advertising, marketing, and entertainment sectors. Not only is HTML5 natively supported by all browsers, but also it does not need any third party plug-ins to execute its resources.It greatly enhances scalability and interoperability by reducing the cost of developing web applications and seamlessly integrating all HTML elements on the web page without using any third-party applications or plug-ins. This allows for better video-on-demand and live streaming capabilities.Owing to its immense features and advantages over Flash, HTML5 is currently the top choice for video player development. Some of the best video on demand and live streaming video players in the market run on HTML5.VplayedVplayed is an enterprise-grade media streaming player that provides both audio and video streaming options. It is a feature-packed player which supports both HTML5 and Flash, providing Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Live Streaming, Video-on-demand, multiple monetization options and a plethora of other characteristics that makes it the premier choice for enterprises.Vplayed is highly customizable as well as scalable to over a million viewers simultaneously. Its UI/UX has been designed keeping in mind the viewer aesthetics, developing an immensely intuitive and responsive design. Vplayed has catapulted to the forefront of HTML5 audio and video players that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.Features:Adaptive Bitrate StreamingMultiple Format CompatibilityMonetization MethodsFaster Playback and Live StreamingMulti-Bitrate HD EncodingVideoJSOne of the best HTML5 video players, VideoJS is an open source online media player which is compatible with multiple third-party plug-ins like Google Analytics, advanced format support such as HLS and DASH, playlists, branding plug-ins, etc.Apart from being one of the top online video players, VideoJS is also an HTML5 video player building solution with brilliant customization potential and extendable support to YouTube and Vimeo. Although it's primarily an HTML5 video player, it's backend also contains optional support for Flash for browser versions that don't support HTML5.Features:Plugins SupportAnalyticsPlaylist SupportBranding PotentialEasy Setup and Highly CustomizableContus VplayContus Vplay is a top-of-the-line HTML5 video player for enterprises and startups. With Contus Vplay, you can build a custom HTML5 video player that supports live video streaming, OTT, Video-on-demand and other feature-rich solutions for your consumers.Lined with end-to-end encryption for extended security, this platform provides scalable and secure delivery to any device, be it Android, iOS or on websites. Contus Vplay has clever video distribution and monetization models that discover video preferences and browsing models to maximize reach and revenue.FeaturesAdaptive Bitrate StreamingOn-Cloud TranscodingCustomizable Stack and UI/UXHLS and HTML5 StreamingJWPlayerJWPlayer is one of the top HTML5 video players in the market that provides professional video on demand and live streaming solutions for startups and enterprises. They employ a data-driven approach, providing recommendations and analytics information to improve viewer experience and scalability.They also provide iOS and Android SDKs to target mobile device users. Their simple and efficient UI/UX makes video streaming faster and much more reliable and they have multiple monetization methods for their clients to generate revenue.Features:HLS and DASH Adaptive StreamingCloud-HostingMultiple Monetization TechniquesPLYR.IOWith its straight-forward and on-point approach, Plyr is definitely one of the cleanest and lightest online video players with an enterprise-level backend. It can handle high traffic, long HD video streaming and live streaming while having a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX, making it immensely scalable.Plyr is HTML5-compatible for all formats (audio and video) and all platforms (Android, iOS and Website). Moreover, it has in-built support for YouTube and Vimeo video playback along with monetization options for generating revenue, making it an amazing HTML5 online video player for websites.Features:No DependenciesMulti-screen CompatibleOpen-source and Highly CustomizableYouTube and Vimeo Video Playback Support
What Are Some Things I Can Turn My Old Portable Dvd Player Into?
What Are Some Things I Can Turn My Old Portable Dvd Player Into?
If it does not work... Paperweight, doorstop, turn it in at the next Electronics recycling event in your area. If it does work and it has AV-in capabilities and if you do videography (or know someone who does) it can be used as an external monitor when capturing video with a camcorder. Or you can use it as a small monitor connected to the video-out of a security cam, DVR or quad-splitter.1. How can I determine whether my computer will run World of Warcraft?Easy. Right click on My Computer and go to properties. That will tell you your processor type and how much RAM you have. You can go into the device manager and look at display drivers to see what kind of video you have and what kind of CD rom drive you have You can go to My Computer and right click on your local disk drive and click properties and that will tell you how much Hard Drive space you have. I would recommend going to and downloading the directx 9.0c if your not entirely sure if you even have directx.2. Cheap video editing software?So You, Behank^ Why do not you post this video that won you an Award , Your talking it up so what you got, you tube...can you post it??? Now, to BrandedComb You want facts...well you have come to the right place my friend. Well, Ya Know, I would listen to the guy that posted his last answer and check out his video and how that came wanted input dudes(1st answer) giving you a demo of what you asked...So if your not looking to save then why do not you just go to this land of no answers and Ask, I want some help here, I need input on the inexpensive video software, be it good bad or indifferent ,why would they have a video editing software for 60$ and also have the same video editing software for 4000$ The difference between the two is, the 60$ version Does not come in a box, It comes to you in a zip file which you burn to a blank cd does not come with a manufacturers recieipt, or warranty or instruction manuals, so you know if I get that one, I will be back here with a few questions,:) Obviously ability to obtain instructions are as simple as coming on here. ..SO here I reposted the question so maybe more feedback will can check this out on the link left up top. I am going to check out what the first guys editing video demo looks like. I go .3. Preffer? PSP or DS? why?PSP because it's graphic is good, some game are good too. I agree to the above that DSlite do have better games....but that is on the outside.... check the inside: beside, mp3, internet, and watching video did i mention that u can download FREE UMB movie from the internet AND GAME! rip vcd, dvd into PSP. play flash game online using PSP. can dslite do that? the best is it can play GBA, SNES....all ROMs game, PS1 game if u know homebrew. with the latest custom firmware 3.03OE-C u can do the above! who know that one day u can download DSlite emulator into PSP and play dslite game. try to make DSlite play PS1's game...what? IT CANT? i rest my case!4. why wont my LG blu ray player work on my samsung tv through HDMI?Try using the normal cables and hook it up to your TV then in the settings of your player "enable HDMI" video, after that try hooking it up with the HDMI cable. This should do the job. Refer the manual further5. Video Converter for Mac?I am sorry, i dont know. However, i will pay attention to it, once i get the soft which is similar with your description, i will tell you. Good luck, anyway ^_^6. "In regards to myself" video?the song, the band so that means I will the video!!!! which I do!!! it!! the entire band, song, CD, it all rox!!!7. Baby Monitors: Video Vs Audio – Which Is Best? | BT BabySo Should I Choose Video Or Audio? It's entirely up to you to decide whether or not a video monitor would be more suitable for you than an audio monitor, there are benefits to each. If you are likely to become more anxious knowing you can see your baby all day and you think you will find yourself doing nothing else but checking the monitor to see if they are okay, then an audio monitor may be better for you as you will be able to hear if they are distressed. However if you find yourself going into their nursery to check on them all the time then a video monitor may be more suitable. Video monitors tend to be a little more technical so bear that in mind when choosing a model. Whether you choose a video or audio monitor ensure that it has a good range and a high sound quality to ensure you can always hear your baby. We offer a wide range of audio and video baby monitors here at BT Shop. Browse the full collection today to see which one is best for you.
Babysitting Ideas for 4-8 Year Olds?
Babysitting Ideas for 4-8 Year Olds?
I like to play relay races and have them play i the yard long enough to get them tired. then pick out video to watch together1. If the visible light spectrum is just waves of enegry, which are similar to radio waves?Well, you seem to be confusing a few things. Radio waves are indeed the same type of energy as visible light, however the sound you hear on a radio is *encoded* in the radio wave. Think of it like these words that you are reading, they do not have any sound, but reading them aloud, you can make them sound. The microscopic pits on a CD do not have any sound in them, but put them in a CD player, and the unit will interpret the pits in the CD and generate sound. So, in the end, all of those are one and the same. Surely you have heard of fiber optic? Those are cables used to transmit a signal encoded using visible light, at a frequency far greater than radio waves, and thus with much more bandwidth. So you can encode sounds (and video, Internet pages, anything) using visible light; only because you cannot really broadcast visible light like radio wave, you need a cable to contain and direct it. (And in a single optic fiber cable, one can put several light beams of different color and thus frequencies, this allows to send several signal simultaneously; but each signal will typically use only color)2. Is there a Video Bible?Yes there is, Christian book stores carry them3. I want to display computer to my lcd tv?The only single cable that carries sound AND video is an HDMI cable, which your laptop does not have. Best bet is to probably get a VGA-to-HDMI converter cable (if your TV does not have a VGA port already -- check it, it may) and connect your headphone jack to your speakers. If you do not have speakers, well...probably stuck with your laptop speakers4. Thor's Day - Thursday - Pagans, Heathens, Hindus?Yes I do but I have a very ODD view on it compared to most. I do not say others are wrong, this is just MY THEORY!! I think that the human being is very much like a BATTERY. We harness energy into a cell which gives something life such as music or video and such. Well the soul is made of energy or why would electric pulses into it help restart it? This being so to me it makes sense when you die that your energy does not because energy does not die or be born. It is either positive or negative and can be harnessed but not created. So when the body dies and begins to decay that energy is released back into the world or with all the other energy un harnessed and when new life is procreated and that spark of energy gives it life if you happen to have been near some one that JUST died you have a strong chance of inheriting much of their energy where MOST inherit so much that is why they experience multiple past lives having the past energy of multiple people in them. Energy can retain memories I believe hence this is why some recall better than others depending on how much of that one energy that got. So I am not saying the traditional sense or the Hindu way is wrong it TOO and ALSO fascinated me as a possibility too and this is just another POSSIBILITY I have come up with that has logic but it is just a theory. What do you think?5. I'm scared for my friend's life. How can I put him in jail?Get her to record him using threatening behaviour, either sound or video if possible6. How do you send a video to another video on youtube?Tell him to use a proxy from another country - that is the only way. Google American Proxies or British Proxies, etc.. anywhere where your video is not blocked and he can access youtube through one of those and then view your video.7. Upgrade macbook pro late 2011?My 2010 MacBook Pro is like new. It has not slowed at all. It does not get hot, except when ALL notebook computers get hot: playing HD video and games. There is no upgrade can reduce heat. The only ways to reduce heat are.... - Buy a cooling pad. - Avoid playing with games - Avoid playing HD video. As for putting it on your lap, that's a bad idea, even thought people call it a "laptop". That term came from about 1990 when there were no HD videos or super killin games. Also, in those ancient times, all notebook computers were secondary computers for portable use, such as typing a memo in the taxi on the way to work. Everyone who owned a notebook computer back then also had a home computer. Nowadays, teenagers and college students buy notebooks to be their one and only computer. They are not typing memos to the marketing department. They are playing games and watching Youtube HD videos, so heat is unavoidable. If Apple made their notebooks two inches thick with two large fans, they would be cooler, like an Alienware that is two inches thick with two large fans - and weighs 12 pounds. "Does upgrading make it live longer?" No. Avoiding heat makes it live longer. "Is it worth the money?" Absolutely -- if you need the upgrade or if you plan to sell it to someone who needs the upgrade. "Ram/ssd thoughts" RAM is for using many things at once or one or two big apps, such as 15 tabs in a browser or CAD or editing 14MB raw files in Photoshop or NASA satellite control system. SSD is for faster opening of apps and documents. It can slightly speed up saving of files.
What Is Your Favorite Picture Or Video Taken with a Smartphone?
What Is Your Favorite Picture Or Video Taken with a Smartphone?
Wow, I have thousands, literally-bit of a nut when it comes to photography! This one is a recent choice. Corner of two main streets, George and Charlotte, in Peterborough, ON., community of about 80,000. My iPhone 7.And awhile ago, sunset clouds from my 10th floor balcony. Love the 'green moments'.1. What is the best overall smartphone deal?Buy an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 44s you can buy them new or refurbished or you can go on and find an iphone for cheap (make sure it's for AT&T and has a sim card slot) then go to AT&T and get the prepaid unlimited talk,text,pics, for just $50 a month flat no hidden fees or late fees any other charges you get 30 days of service no dropped calls you do not however get Internet but an iPhone is equipped with wifi so it's ok2. Buying new smartphone [closed]To be honest, the only phone on that website I would personally recommend is probably your first suggestion, the Samsung J3.Samsung devices have good build quality and performance overall, they also last a long time, from personal experience.Otherwise, I would most likely recommend the LG smartphones, either of the two below:To be reasonable, the General Mobile (GM) phones dont look too bad on paper, its just that i have never heard of them. My personal advice would be to buy a Motorola G5 and get it shipped to your country if you are looking for a pure and fast android experience.Hope this helps3. Ordered the wrong smartphone case??Sorry, however the help plan is needed inspite of no count if the telephone is penitentiary-broken or no longer. there's no way around the help plan. penitentiary-breaking permits you to apply a third occasion utility, & different agencies. All agencies require a expertise plan for a telephone.4. What will U.S. smartphone penetration be in 2020?I would be surprised to see any "featurephones" left in the U.S. in 2020. The demand will likely be tiny as the costs to obtain and operate (data plan) a smartphone will be comparable to or below current feature phones. Yes feature phones will likely continue to see their cost of components fall, but if you are a manufacturer and you can produce featurephone part X for almost no margin, or smartphone part Y for a decent margin, which one are you going to chose? Also if you see demand continue to trend towards smart devices, which one will you spend R&D on?I am pretty sure you can get a very basic smartphones for $50 now without a contract. In 7 years they may even pay YOU to use a smartphone and make up the $ from selling your info (note: new business model).What will U.S. smartphone penetration be in 2020?5. What is the best smartphone for under 2000 rupees?As per my knowledge, cheapest Android smartphone available in India is Celkon Campus A35K, which costs Rs.2999. Even the cheapest smartphone is not in your budget, forget about options. You can look for used smartphones on OLX and Quikr.6. Motorola Q PDA Smartphone QWERTY Keypad?No, the Q is Verizon-exclusive, and operates on CDMA, a different cellular technology than GSM which Cingular uses. A GSM Q is rumored to be released early 2007.7. Which Smartphone do you prefer and why?treo > all competitors usa t mobile8. Blackberry/Smartphone, out of these Bell ones?I have the blackberry curve$ Its the greatest blackberry Pros Battery life good Fast internet Yuotube can be watched Fast and good keyboard9. What is lifespan of a typical smartphone if it's always on?my current apple is a 4 and its going well10. How to extend the battery life for my smartphone?you probably have apps running in the background that should be turned off. wifi uses a lot of battery so turn it off if you dont plan on using it for the day11. Vivo Takes Lead In China Smartphone Market for First TimeOPPO and vivo fight for the top position in China after Huawei's decline. The top spot in China may change hands frequently this year. For the first time, vivo has risen to the top spot in China, according to Counterpoint's China Smartphone Weekly Tracker. In week 11 (March 8-14) of 2021, vivo surpassed its nearest competitor OPPO due to a consumer friendly product line-up. The battle for supremacy in China's smartphone market is heating up, with the top spot changing hands in quick succession. Riding on the continued strong performance of its newly launched budget model Y3 and S9, vivo was able to jump ahead of OPPO during week 11 and again in week 13. vivo was one of the first brands in the market to launch 5G devices, with the Nex 3 5G and iQOO Pro 5G in August 2019 and September 2019, respectively. vivo has grown its 5G portfolio quickly to account for more than 76% of its sales in February 2021, from a mere 0.5% in August 2019. vivo's clear product positioning has paid off. Currently, vivo's portfolio includes the NEX, X, S, Y series, and sub-brand iQOO. The NEX and X series are vivo's flagship series focused on camera capabilities while the S and U series are focused on good value for money. Y is focused on budget customers while the iQOO is are focused on online channels. In addition, vivo has been putting more effort into enhancing its camera capabilities through a strategic partnership with German optical expert Carl Zeiss. OPPO had been aggressive in January and February this year and became the No.1 smartphone brand in China with the successful rebranding of Reno series and the strong momentum of A series in the mid-segment. Ever since Huawei started to struggle due to US restrictions on the company, other Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been eager to take advantage. Commenting on the market dynamics, Senior Analyst Yang Wang said, "vivo and OPPO are adopting aggressive market and product strategies, and we expect to see the two brands continue to jostle for the top spot in 2021." Counterpoint's China Smartphone Weekly Tracker will be keeping close track of this new rivalry between the two Chinese manufacturers. The Tracker is available for subscribing clients. Counterpoint Technology Market Research is a global research firm specializing in products in the TMT (technology, media and telecom) industry. It services major technology and financial firms with a mix of monthly reports, customized projects and detailed analyses of the mobile and technology markets. Its key analysts are seasoned experts in the high-tech industry. You can also visit our Data Section (updated quarterly) to view the smartphone market share Global, the USA, China , and India. None China Smartphone Market Declines 14% YoY in Q3 2020; Over 50% Smartphones Sold Were 5G Capable None China's 'Two Sessions' See a Great Wall of Supply Chain Resilience, Next-Gen Technologies None China's Xiaomi launches premium phone to challenge Apple and Samsung and fill void left by Huawei None Global Smartphone Shipments Share - Last Eight Years of Winners & Losers
Snapchat: How to Edit Photos & Videos From Your Camera Roll
Snapchat: How to Edit Photos & Videos From Your Camera Roll
It might be pretty hard to imagine, but there was a time when people did not have cameras with them wherever they went. Today, however, with smartphones in every pocket, just about everyone has access to a good digital camera at the touch of a button.As a result, anyone with a smartphone has the opportunity to take pictures and videos of each and every moment from their lives that they want to share with others. In response to this, social media platforms like Snapchat were created to allow us to easily share these pictures and videos with all of our closest friends and family members.Of course, sometimes we capture moments that would make for terrific snaps, but it does not occur to us right away to share it with our followers. Instead, that awesome photo or video sits untouched and unappreciated in our phone's camera roll.Thankfully, though, it does not have to stay there. Snapchat makes it easy to access photos from your camera roll through the app, edit them, and share them with your followers, so no one will ever need to be out of the loop just because of a forgetful moment.Likewise, you may have snapped the perfect photo through Snapchat, only to decide that it's not quite ripe for public consumption. No problem. Snapchat also makes it easy to save snaps to your camera roll or memories for later editing and sharing.In this article, I am going to provide a short and simple tutorial on how to edit photos and videos from your camera roll for use in Snapchat. Whatever your photo saving and editing needs, Snapchat has you covered. Here's how.How to Add Pictures From Your Camera Roll to SnapchatWant to share a photo that you took three weeks ago at your best friend's birthday bash? Fortunately, Snapchat makes it incredibly easy to do so.Follow these simple steps to access all of the photos in your phone's camera roll:Go to the Snapchat Camera view (if you are not there already).Tap on the "two phones overlapping" icon at the bottom center of the camera view to open the Memories section of Snapchat.Tap "Read and Write' to allow Snapchat access to your phone's camera roll.Tap and hold on the photo you want to share.Tap 'Edit' to make any alterations to your photo.Tap the blue arrow to share the photo immediately, or use the editing features to edit the photo.There you have it. Now all of your followers can follow along to your night out or the birthday party you've thrown with your friends.Another great feature is the ability to add videos, edit them, then snap them to someone else. To do this follow the exact same instructions as above but choose a video instead of a photo. Then you can:Trim the Video - Using the small box in the lower left-hand corner grab the white ovals with three vertical lines and move them forward or backward to trim your video.Add text, stickers, etc. - Using the right-hand panel tap on the options to make edits and add content to your video.How to Edit Pictures Taken From the Camera RollIf your pictures and videos are not quite ready for social media, Snapchat also makes it very easy to edit your content before sharing it with your friends and followers.When you share a photo that was not originally taken in Snapchat, you still have access to most of the photo editing features. Note that we said "most." You will not be able to use any Geofilters or tags, as they directly pertain to the time and place that the photo was taken - information that Snapchat does not have regarding photos taken outside of the app. However, you still have access to all of the following editing features:• Text - Tap T to add text to the photo. Change the color of the font with the color bar on the right. Change the size or style of the text by tapping the T again.• Draw - Tap the pencil to draw on the photo. Change the color of the pencil with the color bar on the right. Tap the pencil icon again when you are finished.• Sticker or emoji - Tap the sticker icon to add a sticker or emoji to the photo. Remember to look at the bottom bar for more sticker options.• Cut and paste - Tap the scissors to cut and copy a portion of the photo. Use your finger to trace the section you want to cut. Use your finger again to move the cut portion around and place it.• Add a theme - Tap the paintbrush to add a theme to your photo. Scroll through the themes using your finger and tap on the one you want. Note that themes will only apply to the original photo.• Attach a URL - Tap the paperclip to add a URL to the image.• Set a time limit - Tap the clock to select how long you want the snap to be visible to followers.How to Save Snaps for Later SharingIf you are working in the reverse order and you've snapped a photo using the Snapchat camera that you do not want to share yet, save it to your camera roll or memories by simply tapping the save icon in the lower left-hand corner.On the other hand, if you've taken a photo from your camera roll and edited in Snapchat only to decide that you want to save it for later, complete the following steps.• Tap the save icon in the lower left-hand corner.Alternatively, you can also do the following:• Tap Save & Replace or Save as Copy. Note that Save & Replace will remove the original image from your camera roll.Once again, it's a fairly straightforward process, and it comes close to being foolproof.If you save a snap to Memories, then you can access it and edit it in the same way as you access and edit photos in your camera roll. However, because these snaps were taken with the Snapchat camera, they have a few more editing options. Namely, you can add geotags and filters appropriate to the time and place that the snap was taken.Snapchat is the perfect social media app for easily sharing all of your favorite photos and videos with your friends, family, and followers. Snapchat even allows you to share and edit photos and videos that you take outside of the app and save in your phone's camera roll.Thanks to Snapchat's easy save and access functions, each snap does not have to involve a snap decision. Take your time, savor your photos, and share when you are ready. After all, they are your photos, and Snapchat is smart enough to know that the easier it is and the more options you have, the longer you will be likely to stick around.Is there an epidemic of people dying from playin too many video games?I think anybody playing a game for 50 hours is a rare and extreme case
What Are All of These Girls/Young Women Wearing in This Music Video?
What Are All of These Girls/Young Women Wearing in This Music Video?
What Is This....I Ca not Even1. Why do girls and young women wear high heels when they don't know how to walk in them??????????2. Evolutionists, why do people disapprove of old men dating young women even though it makes evolutionary sense?From an evolutionary perspective, it's harder for the old dudes to go out and slay a wild boar then drag it back to the cave for his mate to skin and cook... than it is for the "young bucks."3. Why do young women look better than someone over 30?Maybe your wife is feeling the same about you4. how many young women would consider adoption if they knew that their child might resent them?Wow. Tish, again, an amazing question and as a bmom I feel you aimed this right at me!! If I had known then what I know now! lol If I had known how much he would change my life and make me WANT to change it for him....if I had known there was a dark side to adoption, I would have parented. I cant regret because I have learned in 41 years that focusing on the past is for those with no future but Things would have been different. They would have. Edit* Oh! and as for me? I dont resent my bmom in the least. I love my life, the life of my children and my friends, my parents, my beautiful boyfriend. If she would aborted me, my amazingly gorgeous smart son wouldnt be here about to turn 14 driving the 8th grade girls crazy. What a horrible loss that would be to the human race!! I dont know what her situation was. I love her..5. Why do the old men out there have a thing for young women?Am 21 and the man i am seeing in 46 we never really thought about the age difference other people always did, that sometime made thing difficult now we laugh and enjoy our time togther as men say you are only as young as the girl your feeling6. Is it safe for pretty young women to take the bus at night?yeah id dress unflattering, give a would ont talk to me' vibe, carry your phone, do not dress sexy7. MEN ANSWER, PLEASE: Do you think it's ok for a married man to flirt with young women and use sexual innuendo?He should not do it if you do not like it8. Where is a nice place to find cheap baggy sweatpants for girls/young women?TARGET or Old Navy their the best usually between $5-109. 40 Conservative Christian men, have you noticed how the USA is producing smoking hot gorgeous young women?Problem: They are all moved over to the Democratic side because republicants are on the wrong side of the contraception and abortion issues. Good news: I am a Democrat and I will look as much as I like. And I am not worried, I've got Jesus trimming the hedges. z10. which do young women prefer in a young man? clean-shaven face, groomed stubble, or beard?shave shave shave11. im a plus size young women and im looking for a hairstyle that would fit my face.?Your best bet is going to a reputable salon and having a stylist advise you. A good salon will always include an advice session with a stylist to determine what cut, style and colour look best on you. It is impossible to make such a determination online. Even with a photo, it would be difficult, because we do not know your hair and cannot feel its texture, level of dryness, etc. Please go to a salon and ask for input. It might help to pick up a few magazines, or to do an online search for ideas, so you can present them with a few options.12. What is the safest neighborhood in NYC for young women to live in?I am sorry but really this is kind of ridiculous. I was born in raised in NYC and i am 13. I walk back and fourth from school everyday. As long as you are careful crossing the street, there really are not any "dangerous" places. Just be careful where you go. I live in Madison Avenue which is very safe, but just a warning: the nicer the neighborhood is, the more expensive it will cost. :)
How to Record a Digital Whiteboard Video
How to Record a Digital Whiteboard Video
In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to record a digital whiteboard video where you will record yourself writing or drawing on screen.Including digital whiteboard techniques in your video is a great way to make your videos more interesting and to engage your students. You can draw on a blank white background, include a custom branded whiteboard, or annotate images in order to demonstrate something.The are 4 things you need :• You need some sort of digital drawing device to record your writing.• You need a drawing program that you can draw in. (There are many free options that work really well.)• You need a screen capture program to record the screen while you draw.• You need a video editing program to edit the video in post production.Watch the video below, then continue reading.The first thing you need to record a digital whiteboard is some sort of digital drawing device. If you already own a computer or laptop, the best option is to buy a digital drawing tablet, like the Wacom Intuos SA drawing tablet is essentially a mouse device that is controlled by a special pen. When you tap the pen to the surface it acts as a "left-click", but it also senses the position of the pen just by hovering over the surface. So, it tends to feel really natural when you are using it.They also have pressure sensitivity built into them, so depending upon how hard you press the pen to the surface, the darker the line will show up. The pen has a couple of buttons on the side that you can assign to different actions as well. I have been using Wacom drawing tablets for 5-6 years now, and they still work great. I would recommend getting the Wacom CTL4100 Intuos ($80 Amazon).The only drawback to these types of drawing tablets is that you have to look up at your screen while you write, so you need good hand-eye coordination. Wacom also makes several drawing tablets that have screens built-in, so you can directly see what you are drawing, but if you are going to spend that kind of money, I would recommend getting a Microsoft Surface Pro instead.The Surface Pro is like the jack of all trades of devices. It's a tablet, but when you connect its keyboard, it's also a fully functional laptop. The best part is it runs Windows 10, so any program you can run on your desktop computer, you can run on this. It's not like a simplified Android or Chrome operating system, it's full-blown Windows! I love this thing.Once you have a drawing tablet, you will need to decide which drawing program you want to use.You can use nearly any program that allows you to manually draw in it. Photoshop, Paint 3D, Gimp, Powerpoint, are all programs I've used to do this. Here are my top recommendations:For Windows users, Paint 3D is a great program to use for digital whiteboards. In addition to the nice selection of drawing tools, you can also insert 3D models from the free 3D library. You can orbit them around, then annotate them in 2D.I love the simplicity of Microsoft Whiteboard. It works extremely well with my Microsoft Surface Pro. One thing that's cool is you can have multiple people connect to a whiteboard for live collaboration.SketchBook is a professional drawing program built specifically to be used with drawing tablets. It has a very easy to use interface, and it looks great. It's free! Once you have SketchBook installed and opened, you can pick a brush to use. For digital whiteboards, I like to use the felt tip pen at a size of about 5. I like the balance between heavy line weight and soft edges that combination has.You also have the ability to import images onto the canvas. This is great if you have a custom background you want to draw on, or if you want to annotate a specific image in order to demonstrate something. Just go to File > Add Image. Then, tap ESC to close the Move tooltip.This is your "whiteboard", where you will be drawing on your screen, now you will need to record your screen. It's really important to make sure your canvas is zoomed to actual size, to prevent any pixelation in your screen capture.To record your screen, you will need screen capture software. I use Camtasia, which not only includes screen capture software but also comes with a full video editing studio as well. But you can also use the built-in XBox Game Bar on Windows, or Quicktime on Mac.There are many things I like about Camtasia, including the fact that you can choose a preset aspect ratio, full screen, or lock to a window. You can also record a web cam and microphone at the same time as the screen.Another free option for screen recording is OBS. It's a pretty powerful program, but not as simple to use as Camtasia.There are a few different scenarios you might find yourself recording digital whiteboard. A common misconception is that you must record your digital whiteboard along with your audio in real time. But in most cases, you will find it easier to record them separately.One important thing to remember is that your digital whiteboard should have minimal effect on the speed and flow of your dialog! If you are dragging through a video while spelling out each word in real time while saying "Thhhhhhiiiiiisssss iiiiiiiiiiissssss........ uuuuuuhhhhh........ Tuuuuuuuuutooooorrrriiiiaaaalllll ...........Uuuuuuhhhhhbbbooooooooooooouuuuutttt........" you are missing the whole point of doing a digital whiteboard. Your digital whiteboard should enhance your videos, not inhibit them.Recording your audio and screencast at the same time might seem like the most logical and straight-forward solution for creating a whiteboard presentation. After all, that's how all of our teachers in school do it, right? They would draw on the board during the presentation of the days' lesson.Many of the videos at Khan Academy take this approach, and they do a good job of it. But, in my personal experience, I find myself shying away from this approach (especially when I first started out) for a few reasons:• Writing on screen is hard! It takes a lot of practice to get it right, and recording everything in real time can be stressful, especially if you are brand new to it.• Writing on screen takes time. Meaning, you may be well finished with your statement, but you are still scribbling away trying to catch up with your writing. This dead space can sometimes make people lose interest. This is especially true if you are going to be drawing or illustrating.• Sometimes, I just feel like I am struggling to do two things at the same time, and in the end my message suffers. I lose my train of thought, or I misspell words.If you find yourself overwhelmed while trying to record audio and draw at the same time, do not worry, there are some other methods you can use to make it less stressful.In most situations, you do not need to record your whiteboard at the same time you record the audio. The pace of speaking and writing rarely match up, and you will almost always need to transition between new canvases to illustrate new points, which requires post production editing anyways. For instance, when I recorded my tutorial on setting up a WordPress site, I recorded video and audio of me talking, while sitting at my desk. Next, I used Adobe Premiere to edit the video and cut out the junk in order to make a complete, concise tutorial. I essentially completed all the post production on this video before even thinking about digital whiteboard.At that point, I reviewed the video again and identified some areas where I thought I could use digital whiteboard in order to illustrate my point a little better. One example was when I was describing how exactly hosting works, I wanted to illustrate some servers, and how they deliver your site all around the world. So I wanted to draw some files, then some arrows pointing to a server, then have some more arrows point to the earth, then have an arrow wrap around the earth as if to show that your web site is accessible all over the world.Once I had this idea in my head, I started recording the digital whiteboard. I did not worry about timing, or pace. I just drew what I wanted to draw. If I messed up, I hit undo. All of this is going to be edited in the video editing software (Cut out the mistakes, increase the speed to match the audio), so there's no need to stress out about getting it right the first time, or drawing really fast to get it done at the right pace. Take your time, enjoy it, and have fun!A hybrid approach to recording whiteboard is to record your audio and your whiteboard simultaneously, but leaving silence as needed in order to give yourself enough time to finish drawing. Then, in your video editing software, you can take the silent part of the clip (where you are finishing up a drawing), and increase the playback speed to reduce the amount of dead space in the final video.When you are recording audio and whiteboard at the same time, make sure you give yourself enough time between phrases to finish writing. Do not feel like you need to talk while you are writing just to fill in dead space. Just finish writing/drawing, and you can speed up that clip of video in post production.The biggest challenge with this approach is keeping your train of thought in between the silences, and maintaining the same vocal intensity and rhythm throughout.• Do not feel like you have to show the animation of every single word or illustration you make. It's ok to cut to the completed version of the drawing at times when you need to save time.• You can create transparent overlays by using a chroma key effect inside your video editing program, in order to overlay your writing on top of videos.• Here's a good example of the digital whiteboard in use• Here's another example. Not digital, but a really good example of how drawing captures attention,• Using a slideshow program like Powerpoint allows you to attach your annotations to each slide, so when you go to a new slide, the annotations will disappear.• Camtasia has a built-in feature called ScreenDraw, which lets you draw on the screen, over the top of anything that's on your screen.• In most video production software, you have the ability to export a single frame as an image. Bring that image into your drawing program, and line up your screen capture window with it and draw on top of it. Import it back into your video and place the clip right where you exported the frame. It will create a "freeze frame" effect and show you drawing on top of it.• Do not be afraid of using regular text on the screen. You do not have to draw everything by hand. (Especially if you have poor handwriting like me)• In Camtasia, you can disable the tooltip, so you do not see the mouse hovering on the screen.• Do not leave your pen tablet stylus sitting on top of the tablet, even though it's not touching the tablet, it will still control the mouse position, making it impossible to use your regular mouse. If you notice your cursor not moving, that's probably the reason.hey thanks for ur time. I really need 2 find a free video/sound converter i need it ASAP?google "Any Video Converter" does sound too
Is This Video Card Compatible?
Is This Video Card Compatible?
Yes, it has the correct PCI 16 slot, but the problem may be the 9800 GT card fitting in a slimline case You are looking at 9 inches long1. I connected 2 TVs to a Lenovo computer. One worked fine through HDMI, but the other one, which is connected via USB to a HDMI adapter, did not. How can I make it work?The HDMI port is connected directly to the the PC's graphics interface.USB is a very generic port. In the PC, it may have no direct connection to its video output. In other words, there is no way (probably, without a special driver) to tell the PC to grab the video output and send it over the USB port. Arguably, the USB port may not even be fast enough to send real-time audio and video to the USB port to be sent over HDMI.If you want to connect two monitors via HDMI you will need to get an HDMI splitter . Alternatively, get a docking station. Most allow dual monitor outputs.I connected 2 TVs to a Lenovo computer. One worked fine through HDMI, but the other one, which is connected via USB to a HDMI adapter, did not. How can I make it work?.2. The Universe is A Video Game????!!!?yes now go and steal some cars and go on a rampage across town wooohoooo!3. What is your favorite video game and video game system?start wars battlefront 2 for playstation 2 , and my favorite system is playstation24. what is the main difference between dish n direct?Satellite TV offers unbeatable value, a great selection of channels, little-to-no start-up cost, and freedom from the cable company. With over 12 million customers, DIRECT TV is the nation's largest provider of satellite TV service. Dish Network is close behind! (My personal favorite) Available in all 50 states (Hawaii residents have a smaller selection of channels, and customers in Alaska may need a larger satellite dish), DIRECT TV claims to offer the "most channels for your dollar." For customers with high definition TV sets, DIRECT TV offers a high definition package that features channels of high definition programming (ESPN, Discovery, HDNet, and HDNetMovies) as well as select high definition programming on HBO and Showtime. Customers who choose to install a standard TV antenna in addition to their dish can also enjoy high definition local programming where available. Receiving high definition satellite signals requires an HD-compatible dish and receiver, which are available from DIRECT TV at an extra cost. Total Available Channels (excluding digital music channels): 150, depending on plan Channel Selection Want channels? Satellite TV offers more options than you will know what to do with! From favorites like CNN, HBO, and ESPN, to more obscure options like the Speed Channel, Discovery Wings, and the Love Stories network, there is a satellite TV channel to suit every imaginable interest. Whether you are into sports, fashion, travel, or romance, you will find it all, and much, much more, on satellite TV. Sports: 30 sports networks, plus multiple subscription options including the NFL Sunday Ticket, Mega March Madness, and many more. Foreign Language Programming: Spanish & Chinese HDTV Channels: Up to 8 channels, depending on location and equipment Local Channels: Available in approximately 126 local markets by the end of 2004 Geographic Availability: All 50 US States Picture Quality The end result? Crystal-clear digital images and audio! Satellite TV delivers 100% digital audio and video. Despite the incredible distance that the signal must travel before it reaches your television, the end result is still crystal clear and equal to any digital cable picture! As long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky, the only threat to the quality of your signal is very heavy rain or snow, which can occasionally interfere with reception. If you live in an area with frequent severe weather, you can always get a slightly larger dish to offset the interference.5. Good and affordable video camera for short film and music video?Canon G15 can be a good choice Impressive optics for a compact camera. Takes great pictures in low light conditions without a tripod. I previously owned a G10 that I was very pleased with in good light conditions and that had quite poor performance in low light. G15 is a worthy replacement, plus is a bit thinner and there are several more features on the camera (like HDR etc)
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