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Frontend Upload for Images, Mp3s and Video?

We had the same problem using ckeditor for our WYSIWYG. There was nothing to upload images from the redactor.So we created a controller action to handle the upload and save the image file into one of our Craft asset source folder.Here is the complete code, the payload response is adapted to what ckeditor is expecting but you can use the first part for any generic asset upload.In case you are using this for a WYSIWYG look at (and update) your HTML purifier config if the image tag is stripped from the field when saving it.Hope that helps saving someone's time ;) Cheers

Frontend Upload for Images, Mp3s and Video? 1

1. outputting s video to component to hdtv and getting invaild source?

It's possible that the s-video output on your graphics card may not be able to support the resolution that your OS is configured for. The Windows XP loading screen is on a standard VGA resolution and the Windows XP GUI is typically presented at Super VGA resolutions, which might require higher bandwidth than what is capable with the s-video output.

2. Can I output my computer's video signal into the cable lines in my house?

how about this?Grandtec USA GWB-4000 Ultimate Wireless PC to TV Converter:of course this gadget takes care of your audio signal as well!

Frontend Upload for Images, Mp3s and Video? 2

3. who knows how much the 2g memorie card for the Digital Concepts® Kid's Video Camera holds?

hi my digicam does the following on a 1gb card 640 putting = 14 minutes wonderful 320 putting = 27 minutes medium high quality one hundred and sixty putting = over 2 hours low high quality Mine is a Nikon even with the actual proven fact that i do not recognize even if the make makes any distinction

4. Here's a video of Obama saying the U.S. has 57 states. Did he make a mistake or is the video doctored? Perhaps?

obama was mocking america perhaps

5. A friendu2019s video has been uploaded on a porn site. Can it be removed?

YeS anytimeA friend's video has been uploaded on a porn site. Can it be removed?

6. S-VIdeo To connect Laptop and TV?

There should be a key for toggling the display of the laptop (FnF4 on my HP laptop). It should enable the S-video feed. One of the S-video cables I used was faulty as it displayed a grayscaled distored image. So I got a different cable and it worked fine.

7. connect computer to a tv using S - Video Cable?

If your PC has a 9 pin mini-din VIVO socket, you need a breakout cable to get S-video. A 7 pin mini-din will directly accept an S-video cable for video out (the graphics card on my one computer supports that). If your computer has no mini-din video connection, you need a VGA to TV converter box.

8. Can I Use S-Video To Hook-Up Two Monitors On One Desktop PC?

Yes you can, however you will not get a high definition picture through an S-Video cable. The picture quality will be average at best

9. S-Video out of iTouch possible??????

there is a connector you can get for 3 dollars US that will allow you to put an s-video jack at the end of a standard component video cable. lemme see if i can find it on google. other then that i would just use the component(rca) jacks as the quality will be just as good and you wo not have to purchase anything else found it -----v

10. Is there any truth to Nathan Richu2019s video about the origin of the coronavirus?

Why would a self promoting ? Ex drug addict with a really strange upbringing and no science education know more than the scientists who study viruses for a living?Looks more like an anonymous attempt to get people to watch his video

11. S video cable connecting the Laptop (HP dv5000 series) to a LG Plasma tv.?

make sure the plugs are connected all the way inside to the computer and plasma.. if its not working return to the store

12. Do I NEED a converter box for VGA to S-Video?

You (almost) absolutely need a converter box. To convert from a VGA output to an S-video input requires: 1. combining the R/G/B/Hsync/Vsync signals to get Y/C signals, 2. downconverting, 3. interlacing. That's more than a passive adapter cable can do! ------ "Almost" absolutely because it is technically possible to provide a way for a passive cable to work -- if and only if your computer's video card/chipset can use the VGA connector in a non-standard way to output S-video through it. No pins are officially defined on that connector to carry these signals, so the cable would likely be proprietary (unique to the manufacturer of the video card). So, it's extremely unlikely, but technically possible.

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