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Have Any of You Ever Hired a Contractor That Did a Bad Job Or Was Inexperienced?

i had a so called contractor remove an old patio door and install a new pella vinyl patio door, the frame was not installed square to the side walls, door was not secured correctly..... the trim, oh please, was the worst.... long story short, i removed all his crud of work and reinstalled the door myself. not only was i out a bit of money but the door came out excellent after i installed it myself - live and learn sometimes -.

Have Any of You Ever Hired a Contractor That Did a Bad Job Or Was Inexperienced? 1

1. What year did VIN numbers come out for motorbikes?

What you prefer to do is impossible. The VIN is inspired in hidden places on the engine and the physique. The attachments to the sprint and door are everlasting and impossible (is particularly) for an novice to pretend. in case you may desire to realize getting a call and registration without somebody viewing those products, and then had a criminal duty exposure (as once you have an twist of fate, or have been given a cost ticket), your clarification could deliver you to penal complex for a stable stretch. you may prepare for an abandoned call. the guy who abandoned it wo not be able to be the criminal proprietor, and there may well be a private loan that could be happy, to no longer point out different possible issues. Your community motorcar branch can help you cope with the final factors. If there are no bumps in the line, a pair of greenbacks and slightly persistence and this candy experience would be all yours, criminal and upright.

2. would a wild rat kill/eat my guinea pig?

here are some things i thought of there not the best but its just at the top of my head sooo ya haha find a cover from like house hold items and if there to small then tape them all together cuz it would just be for the night u could put the cage some were so it high or some thing lid from ur laundry basket u could also put a small blanket or pillow case over the cage but make sure these things wont fall on ur hammie or hurt him! im not sure about the soung wave thing but im sure it would hurt his hearing because there both like the same thing but rats r yucky haha so i wouldnt do it i hope i helped just keep an eye on hism and look aroung ur room and if u dont c it close ur door then it has a less chance to get in

Have Any of You Ever Hired a Contractor That Did a Bad Job Or Was Inexperienced? 2

3. Suitable name for knife sharpening business?

I remember that a man used to come around door knocking at houses, sharpening stuff. Mum used to get the knives done. Would you need to go into the house? I think that would not be successful, a man asking to go INTO your house to look at the knives!!! You must have a van with professional looking advertising on it, with your phone number visible from the front door. When you park the van in their driveway, make sure your number plate is visible too. Do not leave oil leaking on the drive. Have business cards or leaflets to leave if they are not home. If you do it on the person's front verandah, have an impressive looking toolkit with shiny, neat, well kept tools. And a nice uniform with your firm's name embroidered on the pocket and the person's name on the other side of the chest, as though you have a lot of employees. And a little seat to sit on. You could open the back of the van and use the tray as a table. Do not leave tailings all over the verandah. Do not gossip to the next door you go to about the one you just left. This all costs money, so you must know first whether you will get a return on your investment. If you are in a small town, you will run out of customers. You can not bother people after a certain time of night - it's the law. And asking for sharp things at night is not a good thing. A lot of people may not be home in the day and housewives often have no money. It is a gypsy's sort of job, where you travel from town to town. There must be a useby date on a sharp knife, maybe as a rule knives need sharpening every year or so and this gypsy chap turns up annually and the householder says OH YES, I REMEMBER YOU, and then makes him a cup of tea and asks about his travels. So you should have a social sort of personality and you will get a piece of pie too. You should look wholesome with no visible tats. Do not look like you have just come out of jail and do not be too thin so it looks like you are on drugs. Do not ask too many questions, like WHAT IS THIS HOUSE WORTH? or DO YOU LIVE HERE ALONE? Do the job quickly as tho you have lots to accomplish that day. Let everyone watch if they want to and put lots of interesting flourishes in. Have a sense of humour and when you seem to have finished, ask if they have any swords, cos you are an expert on them. Also, people might say AND CAN YOU FIX MY POT, COS THE HANDLE HAS COME OFF, and treat you like a general tinker, so it would be a good idea to be prepared to be an all round handy fixit man. In a small town, I do not think just sharpening things would be a goer. In shopping centres there are kiosks called MULTI SERVICES and they sharpen stuff, cut keys, fix shoes, engrave, repair handbags, and sell shoe polish and bootlaces. Some of them do not deal with shoes, they just do the other stuff. You can not rely on just one thing to keep you going. In household hints books they tell housewives to go out to the concrete kerbing and slash the knife at it several times to sharpen it. I have seen knives advertised that do not need sharpening but I do not know if they are lots more expensive than ordinary ones. If you need a good name, look up all words referring to knives and sharp, in the Roget's Thesaurus. Good luck. I think you might have better luck if you clear gutters as well, and do handyman work. I would not get anything sharpened because most of my knives are serrated and they never dull. My scissors have always stayed sharp enough. I do need a man to hang pictures and stop taps dripping. You could call the business SHARP AND SHARPER (like Dumb and Dumber!!)

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