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How Do I Detect My Audio Card and Video Card so I Can Download the Right Drivers?

u can look it at e website of the mfg

How Do I Detect My Audio Card and Video Card so I Can Download the Right Drivers? 1

1. how do you check the graphic card and video processer and all that ?

Lots of ways : 1.) Click on the start button having windows icon in lower left corner of the screen in windows vista, type in the search box would xdiag'. It will show you the dialog and ask for checking the digital signatures, do what you like yes or no, then dialog will appear, processor, RAM, page memory, BIOS, Directx version..etc.. will be written then click on the display tab and there it is all information you needed. 2.) Right click on the 'Computer' Icon on the desktop, if there is no icon then press the same start button again right click on 'Computer' and click on properties. Then select device manager. There it is every information you needed. Just view the properties of what you need. 3.) Or you can directly view system information from Computer. Also check the windows experience points given to your computer there by windows vista. Generally, there is no problem getting help in vista, lots of options!

2. What is the best ATI Graphics card for video editing?

definite its ok yet for video enhancing its the processor and the ram you will ought to worry approximately ,as this sounds like a computer laptop,ithink it is going to likely be very slow.and a the rendering is not in 3-d so a severe end image chip is a wast

How Do I Detect My Audio Card and Video Card so I Can Download the Right Drivers? 2

3. best graphics card for video game programming?

NVIDIA has best graphics, support, and also avalible at offordable price

4. Difference Between grapics card and video card?

video card and graphics card mean the same thing

5. What is sound card and video card and how it is different from driver?

Okay simple explanationVideo card : its a piece of hardware. That means it has capacitors resistors etc on it and a graphics processing unit. This card makes sure ur games run smoothly. . Powerful graphics card means better game playSound card : again hardware responsible for converting ur mp3 files etc into audible sound thru speakers using a digital sound processing unitDriver : Its software. Some lines of programming.. That have a simple Job.. Did u read the above descriptions? They both have some processing unit. Driver is the software which makes sure ur computer knows how to control those processing units. Drivers are update regularly by the manufacturer of the video card or sound card so that they Performa better. Try to keep ur drivers upto dateWhat is sound card and video card and how it is different from driver?what is sound card and video card and how it is different from driver?

6. Which Graphics Card/Video Card is Better?

Very good computer, And i would go for getting the better graphics card, BUT I AM NOT REALLY GOOD AT SPECS so i would wait for another response

7. what is a graphic card/video card?

A graphics card, video card, video board, video display board, display adapter, video adapter, or graphics adapter is a component of a computer which is designed to convert a logical representation of an image stored in memory to a signal that can be used as input for a display medium, most often a monitor utilising a variety of display standards. Typically, it also provides functionality to manipulate the logical image in memory. ... Video cards (video boards / video display boards / graphics cards / graphics adapter) are physical hardware circuit boards that connect to the Motherboard. Video cards are also now being placed onto the computer motherboard to help bring the cost down on computers. When the video card is connected to a monitor, it serves as the visual link between you and your computer, allowing you to view and manage your computer's software data. Video Cards must specify its video standards, allowing end users to know what video cards may or may not be capable of doing. With new computers, you will most likely find SVGA standard video cards, allowing you to run the majority of software applications as well as run at high resolutions. Generally, most video cards shipped today are included with video memory. Video memory is built onto the video board and/or motherboard, allowing the video card to run at higher resolutions and run at more efficient speeds. Video cards are most commonly found in the PCI slots; however, with the release of the Pentium II came the AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) support. This new type of slot was released on August 26, 1996. This new technology allows the card to run at 66 MHz, 32-bit bus. With the increasing popularity of advanced gaming came a new breed of video cards known as the 3D accelerators. When originally released, these cards only had support for 3D and not 2D and commonly required an additional 2D card to fully work. Today, 3D accelerators support both 3D and 2D, contains several MB of memory and processor on the video card. RESOLUTION INFORMATION The below information applies to a desktop CRT monitor's resolution. If you would like more information about LCD display resolution

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Can I Ran the Spider-Man 2 PC Game Without a Graphics Card and a Video Card? If Not, What Are Some G
Can I Ran the Spider-Man 2 PC Game Without a Graphics Card and a Video Card? If Not, What Are Some G
These are the requirements for Spider man 2 game if it matches your pc's capability then you can run the game without any problemCPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800RAM: 3 GB.OS: Windows XP.SOUND CARD: 3.0.FREE DISK SPACE: 9 GB1. how do i detect my audio card and video card so i can download the right drivers?u can look it at e website of the mfg2. 3D Accelerator Card? (Video Card)?sure sort of a fraphics controller is refering greater to the driving force that runs your video card maximum computing gadget have a geared up in video card yet for some greater extreme end video games you desire a three-D accelerator its basicly a greater acceptable video card i hear voodoo makes a effective form that wont brake the economic employer wish it enables3. Can I use any USB SD MEMORY CARD on a video/picture camera?check the instructions, but if it works with 4 GB then there is a good chance that it can use 16 GB as well. not guaranteed. also remember for video, the class of the card is very important, you need at least a class 6, again the instructions will state what class of SD card is required4. Difference Between grapics card and video card?graphics card is just that......more power for the graphics, images, animations, etc that you see. this will increase the pixel strength, clarity, motion, etc. a video card is for your monitor. more memory, etc. if you are trying to play games better....then you need a graphics card. if you have installed a newer monitor, dual monitors, etc...then you need a new video card.5. Can I ran the Spider-Man 2 PC game without a graphics card and a video card? If not, what are some games like this?No u can not . Basically these high graphic games need a graphic card cuz the work of the graphic card is to process and present the game smoothly on a pc . But if u really wanna play a game without a graphics card i recommend u to play these games(1)- far cry 3(2)- gta san andreas(3)- gta vice city(4)- Assassin's creed 1,2,3(5)-CS:GOThese r my personal favourites and I play these games without a graphics card but if u really want to play spiderman then u have to buy a new gaming pc or upgrade ur original oneHAPPY GAMING6. Does my computer need a new Graphics card & Video card?!?Yes. Your card's pretty old, I do not even think that model is DirectX 9 compatible. It might be a good idea into looking to get more RAM - 1.2GB should be enough to play the game at a minimum level, although you would probably benefit from more RAM as well as a new card if you want to play The Sims 3. Seeming your card is old, you might have a bit of trouble upgrading. I would guess that your card is AGP (x4/x8) and most new graphics cards are PCI-E x16, so you might need a new motherboard. Good luck. :)7. is a graphics card and a video card the same things?Hey, yes,they both are the same. A video card, video adapter, graphics-accelerator card, display adapter or graphics card is an expansion card whose function is to generate and output images to a display. Many video cards offer added functions, such as accelerated rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics, video capture, TV-tuner adapter, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding, FireWire, light pen, TV output, or the ability to connect multiple monitors (multi-monitor), while other modern high performance cards are used for more graphically demanding purposes such as PC games. Video hardware can be integrated on the motherboard, as it often happened with early computers; in this configuration it was sometimes referred to as a video controller or graphics controller.8. Can I have both a video capture card and a video card in my computer?You need a fast video card to help you output the video you are capturing, however if the thing slows during the capture it's probably related to processor speed rather than Video speed, if it slows down when playing it then get the vid card
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