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I Just Bought a Blonde Wig for Halloween and Well It Really Dosen't Look Good with My Complexion I A

80's Madonna!!!!!!!! im serious put the wig on and flip it to the side put a lot of hairspray to put keep it together then get a big bow and put it on the empty side of your hair (if you know what i mean) then get a tutu it doesnt matter what color remember its the 80's! (you may need to wear like a short skirt under or something) then for the top it can either be a tang top or a shirt (solid color) and you know she used to wear A LOT of pearls!!!!!!! so just buy some fake pearls which u can get at any craft store then you should get some knee high socks but put one leg with da sock down and the other leg with the sock all the way up and shoes i would wear heels but i dont know whats your preference you can do flats or whatever other type of shoe and makeup different colors like hot pink eyeshadow and lip gloss and put on some blush as well and put on your fake eyelashes! haha lol sorry it was a little long but hope i helped :)

I Just Bought a Blonde Wig for Halloween and Well It Really Dosen't Look Good with My Complexion I A 1

1. How to Curl a Wig

You want to spruce up your wig with curls, but you are afraid to damage it. Fear not. You can use sponge rollers, a curling iron, dowel rods, or a straightening iron with pins to curl it. With the proper treatment, your wig will be full of bouncy curls.

2. Hair cut way to short, wig, extensions, etc???

Go to a different hairdressers and ask for human hair extensions , if looked after you can keep them in for up to 6 months They look and feel just like real hair , the price varies from salon to salon , but it will be worth it .

I Just Bought a Blonde Wig for Halloween and Well It Really Dosen't Look Good with My Complexion I A 2

3. I don't know what to wear for Shirley Temple?

Ringlet wig Apron dress White stockings Black leather shoes that look like kids dress shoes

4. can wearing a wig too much kill your hair?

Although it may not seem so, your hair does need exposure. Why do not you just cut your hair? It could be that your hair is not getting enough from being under the wig so you could either use a better conditioner or just get it cut. Why have long hair if you do not like it?

5. Which wig is better for my cosplay? (tsuna-katekyo hitman reborn)?

umm, they are all kinda creepy but i think 1 matches the best. why tsuna? lol :D

6. Anyone good with hair, I wear a wig, and I wear a band around it because the front is messed up.?

you can wear hats, turbans, scarves, or bandanna's instead of a wig or a combination of hats and wigs

7. What style of wig would suit me ?

A Mohican would look rather fetching, hair with VSL (visible scalp line)

8. Where can I buy a long, white pigtail wig?

If you look on foxy it's hair extensions or wigs same with images and I would suggest just buying a white wig and putting them into pigtails yourself

9. I cant find an elfen lied lucy/nyu cosplay wig :( help!?

If it's too long cut it

10. Wig Care and Styling Tips – Hair by Brenda

None Spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray on to each section as you heat style to protect hair None Versatile 3-Way Hair Spray works great to help hold your finished style. Adjust the nozzle to "L" for low, "M" for medium hold, or "H" for high hold, depending on your needs None When curling your human hair, you can use small metal clips to hold each curl while cooling for a tighter, longer-lasting curl. For a looser, more natural looking curl, allow curls to hang while cooling None Boho Beach Mist can be used to on dry hair to add texture and revitalize natural curl

11. Looking for the right L wig from death note?

the two one in all them look the comparable they the two have the comparable lentgh and thicknees so whtever you chosse you be a brilliant lin at a anime comedian con (that ewhy you submit the question acceptable)

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