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Knowledge Related to Real-time Video Editing

Real-time video editing is a system of editing video where it takes no longer to render a video than the length of that video clip itself. Live video editing is where there are various cameras at various angles and position, capturing single or multiple subjects and the footage is routed through a vision mixing device and edited and transmitted in real-time.

Broadcasters traditionally used large, disparate computer systems for real-time video editing with multiple CPUs, multiple gigabytes of RAM and high-powered hard drives. Some had additional hardware components designed to enhance the performance of the specific video editing software being used. Other approaches used to ensure real-time playback included continuous background rendering, and using multiple networked computers to share the rendering load. These systems would allow broadcasters to edit and render a video clip in 30 minutes.

These systems are now outdated thanks to the instantaneous nature of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Broadcasters and content rights holders now use cloud-based video editing technology which allows them to clip, edit and share video across multiple digital platforms such as websites and social apps within seconds rather than minutes.

Blackbird is one of the earliest examples of a cloud-based video service. Invented by Stephen Streater and released in 2004, it is credited as the first cloud-based video editor. Its diverse userbase extends from global, national and regional media organisations, leading sports content distributors and post-production houses to government departments.

Grabyo is an example of a cloud-based real-time video editing platform. It was founded in 2013, has partnerships with Facebook and Twitter and is used by some of the largest media companies in Europe and North America.

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Statistics of video clip

There are 1,637 testimonies posted on the campaign website, with over 214 that are shared via video. As of July 2012, there are 11,750 people registered with the Campaign representing 67 countries. Silent No More has a presence in Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Spain and Uganda.



Musicvideo of video clip

The music video was released on November 5, 2018 and recorded Seal Beach, California.

Throwback VideoThe group did a TBT on May 21, 2020, and showed new behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the 'All Day' clip and how the group had fun on California beach.

Knowledge Related to Real-time Video Editing 1


Style of video clip

Corson discovered U2 as an adolescent and tried to sing like Bono and Luciano Pavarotti on the duet Miss Sarajevo who inspired him the single We'll come again. He has an operatic voice who serves melancholic lyrics and melodies. He illustrates his songs by artistic video clips. Corson reminds Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black for We'll come again.


Leadership of video clip

In July 2005, Internet industry veteran, Jeff Crigler, appointed as founding Chief Executive Officer.

In January 2008, Former AOL executive, Marcien Jenckes was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO, Jeff Crigler assumed the role of President.


Early life and background of video clip

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, McDaniel graduated in 1992 from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA with a major in Photography and a minor in Fine Art. She studied photography and was inspired to pursue documentary photography after traveling throughout Europe and Israel.


Early life of video clip

Giovanni Damien Niubo was born in Miami, Florida, on February 19, 2002. His father is a New York City native, and his mother Gisela was born in Havana, Cuba. The actor has three older siblings.

After dropping out of high school at 16 he made the choice to proceed with his acting and singing career instead of sticking with college.

Knowledge Related to Real-time Video Editing 2


Videos of video clip

Todd Jarrett's Instructional Video (VHS)

Blackhawk's Pro-Tips with Todd Jarrett Season 1 (DVD)Many of Jarrett's shorter pistol shooting instructional clips are popular on sites such as YouTube, LiveVideo, DownRangeTV, and Google Video.


Competition of video clip

A competition was held on Agnetha's official web site where fans were invited to submit videos to YouTube of them dancing to the song. Visitors to the site could vote for their favourite videos. The Top 10 videos by vote were selected to feature in the official video clip for the song.


Notable works of video clip

Mrkische Suite for orchestra, op. 92

Sir John Falstaff, symphonic poem, op. 60

Piano Concerto in C minor, op. 115

Octet, op. 34

Symphony No. 3 in E minor, op. 96

Sappho, musical drama


Der Fremde (The Stranger)


Der Pietist ("The Pietist", or "Oliver Brown")

Humoresques for piano, op. 79

Choralvorspiele for organ, op. 89

Piano Trio No. 2, op. 58


Formats and track listings of video clip

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Come Undone".


(Released 31 March 2003)

"Come Undone" (single version) 4:34

"One Fine Day" 3:36

"Happy Easter (War Is Coming)" 4:03

"Photo gallery and video clipsUK DVD

(Released 31 March 2003)

"Come Undone" (video) 4:34

"One Fine Day" (audio) 3:36

"Happy Easter (War Is Coming)" (audio) 4:03


Cast of video clip

Ryan Potter as Peter Hammer

Vanessa Marano as Samantha "Sam" Willow

Kyle Massey as Andy

Meaghan Martin as Natalia Bell

Sterling Beaumon as Spencer Grace

Lana McKissack as Jill

Margaret Cho as Ms. Ghetty

Katalina Viteri as Tiffany

Lynn Telzer as Jennifer


Music videos of video clip

An acoustic music video, directed by Stephen Shepherd, premiered in September 2012. A live performance video from Yahoo! Ram Country, directed by Steve Angus, premiered in January 2013. The official music video, directed by Roman White and featuring an appearance by Amber Sym, premiered on February 22, 2013.



Track listingCredit and personnel of video clip

Credits adapted from the liner notes of the single's physical release.

RecordingRecorded at Prime Sound Studio, Studio Sound Dali, Onkio Haus, Tokyo, Japan in 1999.CreditsAyumi Hamasaki vocals, songwriting, background vocals

Max Matsuura production

Yasuhiko Hoshino composing, programming

CPM-Marvin arranging

Naoto Suzuki sound producing

Wataru Takeishi music video director

Jonathan Peters co-producing, remixing

Dave Way mixing


Commercial performance of video clip

The song debuted at number 6 on the Gaon Digital Chart, on the chart issue dating January 14-20, 2018, topping the componing Download Chart. In its second week, the song reach a new peak at number 2.

The song also debuted at number 3 on the US World Digital Song Sales with 2,000 downloads sold.


Promotion of video clip

Kygo initially posted a teaser of the song on 11 February; Billboard described the clip as a visually "glitchy" teaser with the song's "melodic guitar line" heard through a "roaring wind". Kygo later shared the cover art and the release date. Your EDM felt it would be a song "typical of Kygo's core sound".



Knebworth performances of video clip

A memorable performance of the song took place at one of Williams' concerts at Knebworth in August 2003. Singing to 125,000 people he interjected with "Britain, I'm your son", and further interacted with the audience when he brought a girl up on stage.


Formats of video clip

12" Single"Getting into Something" - 4:15

"Getting into Something (Midnight Mix)" - 4:31

"Never Too Late (Remix)" - 3:49CD Single"Getting into Something" - 4:15

"Dorothy (Acoustic)" - 3:11

"Ne Me Quitte Pas (Acoustic)" - 3:42

"Never Too Late" - 3:50Cassette Single"Getting into Something" - 4:15

"Dorothy (Acoustic)" - 3:11CD Single (UK promo)"Getting Into Something (Single Mix)" - 4:15


Colleen Rafferty of video clip

Three people are being interrogated about a paranormal encounter or phenomenon they experienced. But Colleen Rafferty's (Kate McKinnon) recollection of the events vastly differs from the other two (played by Cecily Strong and the host), and is filled with unsavory details


Photos and images of video clip

Newgrounds Art portal - Artists who submit art to the Newgrounds Art portal may choose to use a Creative Commons licence.

Open Clip Art Library

Pixabay - Provides public domain photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and film footage


ChartsRemixes of video clip

In 2005, Sony BMG commissioned remixes of "Pointless Relationship" for the UK release of the track. The remixes were done by Groovefinder and were sent out to radio stations. The Groovefinder Remix was to be included on the UK single but when the release was cancelled, remix promo CDs were withdrawn and the remixes remain officially unreleased.



Charts"Redbird Fever" of video clip

In late 2004, Wilson recorded a re-written version, titled "Redbird Fever" to commemorate the St. Louis Cardinals' entering the World Series (as well as her devotion to the team). "Redbird Fever" spent one week at number 60 on the US Billboard Country Singles Chart dated for the week ending November 13, 2004.



Samples of video clip

The "I guess I didn't know..." vocal in "Busy Child" is sampled from the song "Know the Ledge" by Eric B. & Rakim. The song also features a vocal sample from the DJ Pierre-produced house track, "Summertime (Is Get Busy Time)". The sample was made to sound like "Get busy, child!", which makes the basis for the song's title.



Track listingSingles of video clip

"An Ponas"

The first single is "An Ponas". The video clip of the song was released on 23 November 2015."Akou Na Deis"

The second single is "Akou Na Deis", released to Greek radios on 7 January 2016."Poion Koroidevo"

"Poion Koroidevo" is the third single, released on 19 April 2016.


Track listing of video clip

CD track list

Sora Iro ()

My Girl



My Girl(instrumental)

Stay(instrumental)DVD track list

Sora Iro Music Video (with dance introduction)

Girls Party Time Live Video (Rhythm Nation 2007)

2008.01.21 Bright Debut Premium Live: Brightest Star Live Document Clip


Song information of video clip

The song was successful in Greek radios along the video clip was played on MAD TV continually. Helena has performed this track since 2007 to date in all her resident shows in Athens and her tours Arhizei To Partyin 2008 and Fisika Mazi in 2010


Track list of video clip

"Living in the Past"

"To Be Sad Is a Mad Way to Be"

"The Whistler" (music video)

"Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll; Too Young to Die" (music video)


"Thick as a Brick"

"Songs from the Wood"


"Heavy Horses" (music video)

"Lap of Luxury"

"Said She Was a Dancer"


"Steel Monkey" (music video)

"Jump Start"


ChartsCover versions of video clip

The Clique Girlz covered the song and also performed it live on Praise The Lord.

Mizrock covered the song in 2007 on her mini-album, Good-bye, Yesterday and the song is entitled "Beautiful Day".


Recommendations of video clip

The Bahraini human rights group recommend various changes to the Bahraini government aimed to ending human rights violations and providing reparation to victims as well as to the EU and US to increase awareness of ongoing issues and pressure the Bahraini government to comply


Endorsements of video clip

Jarrett has been sponsored by, and is a frequent spokesman and celebrity shooter for, Para-Ordnance (a pistol maker), Dawson Precision (a M1911-series pistol maker), Crimson Trace (a pistol laser sight maker), C-More (an optical firearms sight maker), and Blackhawk Products Group (a maker of tactical field gear and gun accessories).


Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents of video clip

Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents was an animated television show created and animated by Scott Bateman.

It aired January 8 to January 22, 2007 on Plum TV. Three episodes were completed before funding ran out.


Noch mehr gefangen im Schattenreich von Die rzte of video clip

Noch mehr gefangen im Schattenreich von Die rzte (Any more imprisoned in the netherworld from Die rzte) is the fourth VHS by the German Punk Rock band Die rzte. It's the second part of the tourvideos from 1993-1996


Diagnosis of video clip

Differential diagnosisIt may be mistaken for choreoathetosis, however, these abnormal movements are relatively constant irrespective of whether the eyes are open or closed and occur in the absence of proprioceptive loss


Re-releases of video clip

In 2004, 5 Years in a LIVEtime was released on DVD as disc 2 of the Images and Words: Live in Tokyo / 5 Years in a LIVEtime set. A commentary track by the band members was included on the DVD


Lyrics of video clip

The lyrics sing about a man who's lost in despair and is looking for a way out. He's realizing that it's time for him to make amends and do what's right. At the end of the song, he decides it's time for him to leave the past behind and move on.


General Information of video clip

Dance Your Pain Away is an uptempo pop song, much more upbeat compared with the previous single When You Really Loved Someone. The single was added to BBC Radio 2's 'A' list in July 2013, quickly reaching number one on their airplay chart before the single was released


Pretenders version of video clip

The final version which was one of the last production accomplishments of Johnny Ramone, and was done shortly before his death, was a cover version by The Pretenders. It was included on the album We're a Happy Family: A Tribute to Ramones.


Content of video clip

The song is about a male who is pulled over by a police officer for reckless driving. The narrator claims that his driving is not due to alcohol intoxication, but rather because of the actions of his lover, who is showing affection to him


The plot of video clip

El Seor de la Maldad (English: The Lord of Evil) steals a magic talisman. And a team of four young people, with the help of a magician, try to regain it


Performance of video clip

The first performance of the song was in a Live Stream Performance of the group made in YouTube Space in Los Angeles. The song was performed on Filipino and Brazilian programs, being: ASAP Natin 'To! and Pinoy Big Brother: Otso (Filipinos); And Hora do Faro (Brazilian).


Video clip of video clips

The original music video consisted only of the national final performance of the song and was submitted as official preview video for the Eurovision Song Contest. A professional video clip was shot in the Koper harbour, on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia and made available through on 11 April 2014.


Artwork of video clip

Di Renzos work is characterized by its distance to the real world. You could describe him as a director who combines the magic with the sensual; the romantic with the lascivious; the naive with the erotic - and thus creates a unique dream world


Selected episodes of video clip

Sunday 29 January 2006, 1.30 pm "Summer Series 9: 'Stephen Hagan'"

Aboriginal Activist and former diplomat Stephen Hagan is interviewed about his campaign to have an offensive word removed from a Toowoomba sports stadium.

Sunday 8 November 2009, 1:30pm "Giving Voice"

Regarding the Northern Territory National Emergency Response, featuring Bob Randall.


Track listings of video clip

Ian Hunter 1975 single"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" 3:52

"3,000 Miles from Here" 2:48Shaun Cassidy 1980 single"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" 4:08Great White 1989 single"Once Bitten, Twice Shy" 5:20

"Slow Ride" 3:53

"Wasted Rock Ranger" (Cassette only)


Coco d'Or Parfait of video clip

Coco d'Or Parfait is a re-release of Coco d'Or, and was released on January 1, 2005. It includes all the songs from Coco d'Or, plus three new tracks, "Misty", "Lullaby Of Birdland", and "Doralice", as well as a DVD containing the video clips of "Fly Me To The Moon" and "Orange Colored Sky"

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Is There a Way for a Video Clip to Become a still Picture?
My camcorder allows me to play my tape and press the photo button and it saves the frame to the memory stick1. How is Obama the best choice for America with his ties to ACORN shown in this video clip?All the McCain supporters should go to ACORN and praise the Holy "That One" and have them register you 40 or 50 times and then go use all your votes for McCain2. When should you use the workflow of moving a video clip onto the Source Monitor vs Timeline in Premiere Pro (could trimming videos on the Source Monitor have more merits than doing it on the timeline, etc.)?The source monitor is where you choose which part of a shot you wish to use. It would be very inefficient to put the entire shot in the timeline. Once you move the shot into the timeline, you need to see it in context against the previous and subsequent shots in order to determine how well the transition from one shot to the next works. That's where the trim function comes in. You "massage" the edit points until the cuts feel correct. So to summarize, roughly grab the portion of the shot by auditioning that in the source monitor. Then add that portion of the shot to the timeline, watch the shot in conjunction with your assembled sequence and then finesse. The entire fundamental theory of montage is based on the juxtaposition of shots and you can not tell that by simply viewing a clip on its own in the Source monitor3. Does anyone know the name of the song in this video clip?Frederic Chopin's fantasie impromptu in c# minor (C sharp Minor). Second is a movement from Beethoven's moonlight sonata. Third one, I forget just now, but it's a fairly popular one (i.e. I think Mozart)... Fourth is from Claude Debussy's "Deux Arabesques". 5 is Beethoven's "Fur Elise". 6 is arpeggio from Franz Liszt's "etudes de Paginini". So probably attributed to Paganini. And I have no clue what your finale is.4. dividing a video clip by 4 areasThis can be done using ffmpeg with its crop filter. Using a command line tool makes it easy to automate the process or run it from another program or script. It also has a library API.These commands will create the four videos, one for each quadrant, each with a full copy of the audio. (Use -an instead of -acodec copy to drop the audio.) You can use any supported video format in place of mp4.crop parameters = width : heigth : start x-axis : start y-axis.5. Man did not land on the moon (video clip included): Which facts are wrong and which are right?Since when do trolls call themselves "theorists"? Ohh... I get it... that is short for "conspiracy theorist". Never mind. The part about believing is quite telling, though. This is more about religion than knowledge. Well, can not argue with faith, no Sir! Anyway. I believe according to Yahoo rules I have to answer the question. 1) The US went to the moon and won the political stunt. 2) The USSR gave up after the political stunt was over. 3) We never had total nuclear war. Which is pretty much what Kennedy had in mind when he initiated the program. 4) Everybody won. 5) I know scientists who work with moon-rocks. And somehow I can not help myself but to think they would be very pissed if they could not see tell-tale signs that those actually came from the moon but looked like something from someone's back yard. :-)6. how do you down load a saved video clip on to psp from my computer?Theres a program called 'psp video 9',google it...very easy to use...hope this helps7. i want to watch the video clip of when t.i. and new new was kissing an put it on my myspac page?Yeah, that part was romantic, but I am not sure you can just get any old video clip from any movie offa the web. I do not know. Good luck. p.s. try Bigoo.com8. need to capture a single frame from a video clip?You can use the print screen button on your keyboard and crop it. that is the easiest way, as you do not need any other software
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Video Clip to GIF Converter?
Windows movie maker should actually be able to do that. Or if you have adobe illustrator, I believe it can do that. Otherwise, check for freeware programs that can help you.1. How do I transfer a small video clip from VHS recorder to my pc--do I need a special cable?A cable is not enough: you need an adapter that will take the video output and convert it into a digital data stream. I've listed some devices in the sources section below. They come with software for recording video to files on your PC. They also let you watch TV on your computer2. Did anyone see the video clip with the son who slapped his mom in the face and told her to SHUT UP??If that had been my son who slapped me, he would be grounded for 3-5 months, lost his driving privileges and gotten a spanking from me or my husband. He would learn never to hit me again3. How do people make videos that go with music? Like, they'll use pictures to go with some video clip?I have used a programme called Pinnacle which is very easy to use. You drop and drag your photos and insert a music track4. how do I get a video clip off one computer and put it on another computer to burn to disc?if the clip is .mpg / .avi etc., just copy it as data to a flash drive or a CD and load it into th e 2nd computer. If the vid file is an image (.iso) like a full movie it will not fit on a flash drive or a CD. You could try making a data DVD for the transfer. If this does not help, give more details on the vid format and size for a better answer.5. How do I edit my video clip?This is going to be a lot more work than you probably want to put forth for such a simple change. If you just want to capture a screen shot and edit it in Photoshop, this can be done fairly easily with some working knowledge in PS. If you are talking about editing the entire movie and returning it to DVD format, you are in for quite a bit of self-training as CGI is not easy... However, you can start with some basics of Adobe Premiere...6. Did anyone see the video clip with the son who slapped his mom in the face and told her to SHUT UP??I think they will need long term professional help. This child has moved passed any idea of preserving the family when he is willing to say and do these things on camera and FOR the camera. Sadly, most abused children try to protect their parents. Noah wanted her to admit to a whole host of things and kept saying he had a picture of his broken nose. Who knows what he would have done if he had gotten her to admit to any of that. He is probably on line now buying each DVD transcript to show to Child Protective Services. Whether she did anything to deserve it or not, she needs to sleep with one eye open!!!7. Christians, could you please give your opinions on this short video clip?I wish someone would do that to Dr.Laura8. Is it possible to extract the value of g (the gravitational constant of a planet) from a video clip?It's actually very easy to calculate. If you know a given height, you can time the time taken for an object to fall. We know the acceleration due to gravity on the Moon, it is 1/6th that of Earth so it's 9.8/6=1.6m/s Using S=Utat ....................since U=0 t=S/a On Earth, an object falling from 20cm will hit the ground in 0.2 seconds. On the Moon the same fall will take 0.5 seconds. At a film speed of 25 frames per second the Earth fall will last for 5 frames. The Moon fall will last for 12.5 frames. A pretty obvious difference. Anyone who can not tell the difference is blind or stupid.9. How Do I Put A Video Clip Into My PSP?you have to get a psp memory stick with a usb cable find a mpeg 4 or avc file clip to download it onto and finished
How to Go to a Specific Time of a Video Clip Quickly in Youtube?
How to Go to a Specific Time of a Video Clip Quickly in Youtube?
You can also do this on iPhone by sending link in an email to yourself, but before sending add &t=xmxs to the end of the link before sending. Then copy the received email link. I tried for like an hour and found this to be the only way it worked on iPhone1. is there a way for a video clip to become a still picture?Capturing a Photo from Video is possible, however as stated earlier it will produce a lower quality image. The main reason for this however is that DV tape is generally interlaced, meaning that footage from the next/previous frame is intertwined with that frame. In more expensive editing softwares such as Adobe, Final Cut, Avid there are options to De-Interlace the frame, which will make it one whole frame.2. How is Obama the best choice for America with his ties to ACORN shown in this video clip?I am in no way for or against Senator Obama but I believe that since this /is/ a campaign ad that it is probably either slightly out of text or exaggerated. You have to wonder if he really had that close of an affiliation with ACORN in general as well as in the sense that he was involved with any of the decision making for all those bad loans, etc3. What video clip has a police officer as the main character, that get caught ina nuclear blast in NYC? AnimatedAnd search your video there4. I am looking for a music video clip which has a partying monkey in it. Anyone know the song?Bloodhound Gang " The Bad Touch" maybe ?5. what type of file is a video clip file? a "AVI" "DVD" "MP4" "3GP" "MPEG" "MOV" "WMV" "RM" or "SWF"on my camera it shows films as avi or thm6. How do I get a FLV file I down loaded to play a video clip on the media player on windows vista?You need an FLV player program to play the FLV you downloaded. The program i use is linked below. In 1 of the options menu in that program you can check "associate with flv files" which means from that point on you can simply double click an flv file and it will automatically load in that player (you might have to do file open for the vid to play if you dont do this option)7. Can i edit (retouch) a video clip?If you want to make a change such as making a nose bigger (or smaller) in a complete video clip, then it can be a very time consuming process unless you have access to a very powerful commercial editing system. For the normal home video, it is normally a case of isolating each frame, and editing it in a normal photo editor, then chaining the frames together back into a video clip. It is very difficult to get every frame to follow on perfectly from the previous frame. You also have to make sure that the sound track continues through the edited clip. About 18 months ago I used Roxio Media Creator to produce a video of a wedding. Much of the video was recorded with an unattended HD video camera on a tripod. The HD camera was set to a fairly wide angle shot, and the final video was created in standard definition. As the camera was running unattended, all the panning and zooming in the video was introduced in the Roxio software. There were also a number of people taking still photographs at various points during the ceremony, and these were available to me to incorporate into my final video. As might be expected with a camera on a tripod, there were a number of occasions where people walked in front of the camera. I covered these incidents by substituting appropriate still images at the appropriate points. I arranged for the Roxio software to include slow pans or zooms on the still image, so that it maintained the feeling that this was a video and not a slide show. I also retained the original sound track while the still shots were showing. This meant that the substitute image sequence had to be exactly the same length as the video sequence it was replacing. Another trick is to use other video clips to replace the picture while keeping the original sound track. For example, during a long church sermon, filmed inside a church, you could include a picture sequence showing the outside of the church while the sound track continues with the actual sermon. I hope this gives you some tips on what you might try.
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