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Patents: Screen of Mist



THERE may not be many beautifully simple ideas left to invent, but the

Taisei Corporation of Tokyo has hit on one of them. It has filed a British

patent application (2 220 278) on a technique for producing at the flick

of a switch a very large projection screen - made of water.

The screen is a mist of water, produced by a row of very fine nozzles

pumping water up into the air at high pressure.

When a cinema or video projector is focused on the mist, it reflects

enough light to create a visible image, hanging mysteriously in the air.

The inventors suggest that the ideal place to use the system is on a barge

floating on a lake, a river or the sea and drawing water up from below.

Theatres could exploit the invention to produce a temporary screen on

the stage, removing it at the flick of a switch.

The inventors claim that screens several tens of metres high can be

produced by powerful pumps.

Patents: Screen of Mist 1

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