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Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot?

Not enough arch support in the shoes. remove shoe insoles, and replace it with high arch support. Hope I helped! Jenn

Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot? 1

1. i have a question about foot pain,see details below.?

Did your doctor test you for excessive uric acid? Could very well be gout. Gout is extremely painful, and causes redness of the affected area and extremely sensitivity

2. Best cure for chronic foot pain?

Your Answer: If you could shed just 20 pounds, that would be blessed relief!! My wife has varicose veins in her legs - a nurse running the hospital halls on 12 hour shifts. If she gains just 5 pounds, her legs will ache badly. If she loses that 5 pounds, her legs stop hurting. Take a change of shoes to work with you to change into the second half of the day to give your feet a little relief. If you go into a Nail Spa, like they have inside Walmart Stores, every two weeks & get a Pedicure - you will think you've died & gone to Heaven! They massage your feet, scrub all callouses & dead skin off, trim the toenails, & wrap your feet & lower legs in hot towels for blessed relief. The chair you sit in has a back massager & massages your back the entire time of the pedicure. Feels great. Just as many men get pedicures as women do. To help shed a little weight. Dump the junk food, fast food garbage & sugary sweet soda's. Drink lots of water to help keep the traffic flowing. Snack on raw fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early EVERY morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk - then - do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Never skip breakfast. You get you energy for the day from your breakfast meal. Get 8 hours sleep each nite. No smoking - no beer/ale - no booze & no drugs.

Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot? 2

3. foot pain and really hurts!!?

Like the previous answer, I too recommend you see a doctor. You can start with your primary care doctor or urgent care center if necessary, but I recommend you simply skip that and see a foot specialist. See a podiatrist if you have one available and you live in the United States where we are actually physicians and surgeons. Otherwise see an orthopedic specialist if a podiatrist is not available or you live outside the US. While you do not give much detail on the nature of your pain, generalized foot pain without external signs could indicate many conditions. Its best to simply have it medically evaluated for proper treatment to end your pain. If your condition is inflammatory (as many causes of foot pain are), then soaking in hot water as prior answers have advised will only make the pain worse. Acute inflammation needs cooling, heat only increases blood flow and increases inflammation. Heat is better much later on in recovery if healing stalls and the tissue needs better blood flow to stimulate it's healing.

4. Help! I like to jog but have bunion foot pain at times. What can I do to still jog but reduce pain?

I would suggest getting some custom orthotics made. Not just the OTC ones. Either go to a pedorthist or podiatrist and have them made for your feet. I would also suggest seeing if they will give you a splint to help pull your toe to where it should be. Then make sure you are taking anti-inflammatory meds when there's pain

5. I dislocated my hip 8 weeks ago, the joint was replaced within 6 hours why do I have terrible foot pain?

Terrible feet. Change them for some nice ones

6. have suffering from cold,sneezing,trimbling hands ,chest pain,back pain,thorat pain,foot pain,headache,neck ?

Sounds like youre just really stressed out to me

7. I had two back surgery's in 2007. My back,leg,and foot pain are worse now than before. What can I do for it?

You need to find a top-flight neurosurgeon and they can help you but be prepared for a long recovery

8. Do you get ankle or foot pain with pregnancy?

i know a woman whos lower legs swelled up due to being pregnant

9. Can you use Gold Bond foot pain reliever on other parts of your body?

Sure. If it helps, you can use it anywhere on your skin. Many times similar products are marketed for specific parts of the body because the public wants something specifically for the feet ... or back ... or whatever. One example of this is hemorrhoid cream ... which is often used under the eyes to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. As long as you do not eat the stuff, it wo not hurt you and may help.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward; Planning to Bare Your Soles in Sandals This Summer? then It's Time to He
Byline: Caroline Jones SUMMER may mean the freedom of open-toed shoes but it can also be filled with foot pain for many of us, as our toes take an extra pounding.And it's an added burden our tootsies could well do without, as figures from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists show that 75 per cent of us suffer from foot problems.'When the weather warms up our feet widen as they're exposed in sandals," explained consultant podiatrist Dr Tariq Khan."This means they pick up more fungal infections and injuries, while flatter styles, such as flip-flops, can end up overstretching the legs, back and ligaments, triggering pain." There's also a go" chance many of us are squeezing into the wrong size shoes. Figures out this month revealed that, thanks to a rise in obesity and the population getting taller, the UK's average shoe size has increased by two sizes since the 1970s.And as the majority of adults have not had their feet measured since childhood, there's a good chance you're wearing "The wrong size."The problem is that not many shoe shops measure adult feet," says Dr Khan. "It's worth finding one that does so you can get the correct size." Exper" agree the ideal summer shoe should give your toes room, have a strap or laces to prevent your foot slipping and a cushioned sole, plus a heel of about one inch.So are summer heels a "big no-no? "Like most things, they are fine in moderation," says Dr Khan.Treat those feet..1 Plantar fasciitis An inflammation of the band of tissue that runs along the underside of the foot, causing pain under the heel.Fix it: Rest, good footwear, heel pads, painkillers and stretching exercises are all good.2 Heel spurs A small bony growth or "spur" that grows on your heel bone, which causes inflammation and heel pain.Fix it: Exercises, improving footwear and anti-inflammatory medication can help.3Corns Thick, hardened layers of skin that develop on bony areas of the feet.Fix it: If painful, see a chiropodist.4 Ingrown nails When nails get imbedded in the skin. Fix it:Soaking feet in salt water can help to prevent infection and reduce swelling. See a chiropodist.5 Bunions Painful bony swellings at the base of the big toe.Fix it: You can buy pads that ease the pressure on the big toe joint.'When the weather warms up our feet can widen'
What to Do About Severe Foot Pain?
What to Do About Severe Foot Pain?
talynol..and rest in for the next day or 21. foot pain and bunions?Hallux valgus, bunions, have an impact on the way that we walk and can impact the foot, ankle, knee, hip and even lower back. It is possible that because of the adaptations from the deformity you developed tendinitis. It is not uncommon to have other problems associated with this. I would do the normal pain management of anti-inflammatories, ice after activity, and rest. If the pain continues without improvement then you should seek medical evaluation. At this point you should treat it yourself.2. What's the most effective way to conquer foot pain?I am in a solid proper now from a damaged foot , sprained ankle and torn ligaments. The health center was once not able to discover something incorrect so I went to a foot and ankle professional who observed a crack in my foot. Its been five weeks and I have two weeks to move with this solid. Yes the agony is severe. most often the more severe agony i ever been in. The handiest different harm I ever had was once a torn ACL and meniscus in my knee which required four hours of surgical procedure. But that is by way of way more painful !!! well success.3. Severe Foot Pain Please Help?Gout normally strikes near the big toe, and it's a result of a long-term high-Purine diet (beans, lentils, organ meats, shellfish, etc.). You can make sure of it by getting a Uric Acid test. Too much U.A. in your blood? You have gout. Yes, there is medication for it, so it's a waste of pain. A few days of 300mg Allopurinol (your doctor will prescribe it for you if your blood test shows you need it) and you' will be OK, BUT you need to take it for a few weeks probably, AND modify your diet. Another possibility is a "Heel Spur". This is pain in the heel from a hardened heel tendon (I believe). Ca not tell you much more about that. WebMD has a symptom checker if you want to go through it.4. Help With Severe Foot Pain?Standing on a concrete floor is hard on the feet as well as the back and knees no matter how good the shoes. You may want to try some gel insoles to help as a buffer. The burning sensation is interesting. Do you have diabetes? It's probably just foot stress but I had to ask. Soak your feet in very warm water after work and for added help, add some epsom salt. This stuff is amazing for achy joints. I use it all the time and find it very helpful. Try ibuprofen or Aleve for the pain unless you have stomach issues. These may cause stomach discomfort. Taking with food can help lessen the possibility of this but wo not necessarily prevent it5. severe foot pain and swelling when I wake up?if u have diabetes, that could be some of the symptoms, if u cant go to a doctor, u should go to ur local pharamasist, and ask for a prescription that might help, if all fails, its best u see a doctor. good luck :)6. What's causing my mom's sudden foot pain?If your Mom is overweight and her diet consists rich foods, it could be what is called gout. Its onset can be very painful and out of the blue. Some have been known to have it if not overweight.7. is it good to go running when suffering of foot pain?If your limping from the pain its bad. If its just annoying pain, its most likely OK, but have a DR. check it out to be sure8. Foot pain on top of foot?!?It's possible but I do not think that is what it is. Have you been jumping around before then? The top of your foot is covered in muscles and tendons, you probably just strained it in someway. In regards to your knees and wrist, it could be you freaking yourself out or you could have possibly strained it as well, are you athletic have you been pushing yourself? Did you fall or run into something?.
32 Weeks and Feeling Pressure and Foot Pain?
32 Weeks and Feeling Pressure and Foot Pain?
foot pain could be cramp, i never had it before pregnancy at all, but since pregnant i have it alot, it really hurts and u feel like u cant move your foot at all. my midwife said due to babys weight on nerves in leg, cutting off circulation1. Foot pain below my second toe?When you toe hurts call a tow truck2. what should I do -foot pain?I had this same problem for a while except the pain was from my ankle. it stayed for about a week or two and then left. You could possibly have the same problem but only a doctor would know. Stay at home, massage it, soak it in some lukewarm water daily until you can run for a while without the pains3. How to fix some foot pain?Dr Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics they cost about 50 dollars, Most Walmart's have them in the RX area all you do is stand on the mat and the computer tells you what insert you need for your shoes, i gotta tell you these things saved my life, best of luck4. Ankle and foot pain help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?There's too many things in the foot to know exactly what it might be there. Your hip pain is one that I can help your with and there is a chance this may help your foot as well. Your hip pain is caused by tight muscles in your lower back pressing onto the nerves going to your hips and legs, so it can cause the foot pain, just not sure about it. To get rid of your hip pain you have to free up your back muscles and here's how to do that: Back: (do from a sitting position) Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side. For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.5. My ankle brace causes severe foot pain?I feel for you. Remember that your body is in PAIN, and it needs to rest and to heal. Injuries sustained in youth can mess you up a lot later in life. Its almost never worth it, even if you think so now. Make sure to take your NSAID's (anti-inflammatories like advil or aleve), remain hydrated, eat well and sleep a lot. Best of luck6. What foot pain is this?If your foot's natural padding has eroded over time, wear sneakers. They have extra cushioning in the heel, which will make up for your reduced, natural fat pads. Lace-up shoes will also put less stress on the front of your foot if you have pain there.7. Incredible foot pain at work?There are many reasons for the foot pain, would like to know more details about the pain. Some of the reasons for foot pain would be stress fracture on the navicular bone especially seen in people working continuously on a hard ground, inflammation of the extensor tendons, plantar fascia strain, lateral plantar nerve entrapment and many more. According to your job description only conclusion I could come up to is inflammation of the extensor tendons, which is basically caused due to the overuse of the tendons in foot. A good way of getting rid from this foot pain is using a good massager on regular basis, I would recommend OSIM uSqueez warm a foot massager with great features like warm air technology which helps improve blood circulation, wrap around and squeeze to deliver a simultaneous massage to feet, calves and ankles and inbuilt foot rollers to deliver a foot reflexology massage which helps alleviates muscle aches by stimulating all the vital acupressure points8. How to reduce foot pain, leg pain and back pain while standing at work for a long time?Dr. Scholls
Smart Drug-Free Therapy for Painful Feet  Blog on Healthcare
Smart Drug-Free Therapy for Painful Feet Blog on Healthcare
April 13, 2018 by CompanioHumans have a tendency of ignoring a problem till it transforms into a trouble. This attitude is a total failure when it comes to ignoring foot pain. Which can make you a cripple despite of having alright legs. We dont concentrate on foot pain till the pain worsens and a situation of being attentive to overall foot health arises.There are many options to choose from when it comes to taking measures for foot pain.Generally, foot pain patients turn towards oral medications as they want to get rid of the pain immediately. Oral medications, when taken for a long time might have some side effects. This threat holds people back from using oral medication for foot and leg pain.To avoid this, they are now turning to alternatives that do not involve any medication but still work more efficiently in reducing pain. These alternatives are:Foot and leg massage withOintment2. Oil3. Foot roller4. TherabandStretch exercisesWalkingJoggingNutritious FoodPhysiotherapyHeat and cold therapyLow-level laser therapyElectrical StimulationEvery therapy works best in its own way, however; electrical stimulation is the smartest therapy when compared to other therapies.Foot Pulse ACU is a smart electrical stimulation device that treats foot pain quickly. It treats Diabetic foot pain, Arthritic foot pain, Bunion pain, Toe and ankle pain, Swollen feet and nocturnal feet cramps. It is concentrated with powerful ACUpulse technology based on TENS therapy. TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Transcutaneous means through the skin. ACUpulse with this therapy delivers mild and regulated electrical impulses over the surface of the skin which travels to the nerve endings. These impulses block the messages of pain from reaching to the brain and reduce the pain level quickly. The electrical stimulation from Foot Pulse ACU produce pain-killing hormones inside called as Endorphins to treat the foot pain naturally. Nowadays we want to buy everything smart. First we select that smart technology and then start pondering about how it is going to fit in our lifestyle.After checking on its usability, we also try to assess the maximum output that our new interest can possibly deliver to us. Finally after balancing the pros and cons and when the pros weight more than the cons, we add that smart technology to our lifestyle. In that way, Foot Pulse ACU has all pros and is the best when compared to other treatments.It is the innovative product of present times.People incapable of mobility like jogging or walking can use it while sitting on a chair. It saves the time. Only 30 minutes therapy in a day can reduce the pain.It rescues from managing the hassles involved in other treatments.One-time investment and years of benefits. Easy to carry from one place to another. Any comfortable sitting arrangement of home or office is ok to use the Foot Pulse ACU.Low-power consumption as it consumes negligible electricity.The design of foot pad on the device is made to fit every foot. It needs very less space to store because of its sleek design.We are the intelligent race among animals; capable of inventing things that help us to do our work easily.We have made our lifestyle very fine with those inventions and as a result, our life becomes painful! Yes, what youre reading is cent-percent correct. Facilitating our lifestyle has made our life very less active and unhealthy. The increasing foot pain problem is one of those several unhealthy catch ups. Contaminated or processed food, automobile convenience, fashionable footwear, concrete floors at homes and offices, sitting and standing postures and being inactive in household works are some lifestyle-related reasons that make our foot health worse. The severity of foot pain only increases when it is not taken seriously. Extreme pain can knock us down and stops us from moving places. This means we are unable to do our daily activities, meet friends and family and enjoy our life. So, now whenever you think of investing in smart technology for pain relief, opt for Foot Pulse ACU.Originally published at on April 13, 2018
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