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Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra Concept Video

Earlier this month, photo renders of the Sony Xperia XA3 made their way online. It's worth noting that such renders are not direct leaks from Sony Mobile and instead build on information from insiders and CAD details. In the past, renders like the one below have proven quite accurate so while I always suggest taking them with a grain of salt, it's quite likely that we are looking at what the Xperia XA3 will look like. Sony Xperia XA3 leaks via rendersOffers a dual-camerasonyreconsidered.comNow, a new video render depicts what the bigger, 6-inch Xperia XA3 Ultra will probably look like which is mostly the same as the Xperia XA3, but just larger. If it holds to the same pattern as the Xperia XA2 series, we will see these phones debut in January at CES 2019. Thanks for being an SRN reader. If you liked this post and want to help me cover Sony even more with reviews, videos, and podcasts, please clap (you can more than once!), share on your favorite social sites, and subscribe to the SRN newsletter

Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra Concept Video 1


Will a new video card improve my picture quality?

Most likely it will be improved, whether or not you notice an improvement will also depend on your monitor and what resolution you will be running. And yes, the HDMI output through sound cards carries only video, so use your sound card for audio

What's up in this SPAWAR video?

Sony Xperia XA3 Ultra Concept Video 2

Without knowing anything about the experiment nor the camera, I would suggest that what is shown in the video is a combination of shot noise and aliasing due to a poor choice of gradient mapping. Note that the gradient bar at the bottom of the frame jumps from a fairly deep red (actually darker than precedent tones) to pure white in one increment - this may result in small fluctuations in temperature appearing much more visually significant than they are.I had a go at my own gradient maps (in Photoshop) to show off this effect - I tried to go for something similar to their gradient mapping, which for all I know is hardwired into the camera:Something to consider. I read an article recently about injudicious gradient mapping overemphasising tiny differences in geospatial and medical datasets (and also obscuring important distinctions in other scenarios). It's a good read and I will link it when I find it again

how can i convert this video file?

i use VidCrop PRO - supports most popular video formats *.AVI, *.WMV, *.MPEG, *.MOV, *.3GP, *.MP4., etc. Result movie file would be avi, wmv, mpeg1, mpeg2, 3gp, mp4 and it will be controlled with width, height, frames per second and other codec properties

Unable to find video card OR drivers?

Download a free program like Everest System Analysis. Then you can find out what video card you have and even what driver version you have

Make Dell Latitude D830 video card work with Directx 9.0

What video card does the D830 have now? Could have integrated or nVidia Quadro 135M or 140M I believe.Do you have the latest Dell drivers or just the MS ones that came with Windows? Grab what you can from Dell. Might be Vista but may be better than MS. Worth a try.

Making a Kinetic Typography with Sony Vegas (music video) please help?

The YouTube video you linked was done using Adobe After Effects which is a professional digital motion graphics and compositing program. You did not state which Sony Vegas program you are using but it sounds like the option you are looking for is not available on your version. If you do not get any answers here, you may want to post this same question on the Sony Vegas user forum (see link).

Isn't this Proof that George Zimmerman defended himself? see video?

no. "possibly blood also the body language of the police officer " is not 'proof''. it may well have been self defense but the video alone does not prove that

Arsenal fans, could this be the best Arsenal video ever?

Yeah I think it's an excellent video just finished watching it. Really well done, my favourite one though is that “keep the faith one“ going from 2005-2012 I am sure you will either have seen or will be able to find it, it really is top notch. But yeah this one is quite superb too. Really highlighting a tricky season which we struggled through at times but at the end, like a watch lol, we clicked into gear.

Need help finding Youtube video! I forgot the title Anyone recognize this video?

is from Flintstones?

Advice for an aspiring video editor?

If you are talking about editing professionally, there are really only two editing systems out there used in 'the industry': avid and final cut pro. An avid system is too expensive for the average person to buy. Final Cut Pro however is something you can feasibly put on a credit card and buy yourself to practice on at home. Both run on macs. The Final Cut Pro book by Diana Weynand is probably the cheapest and best way to learn that software. The book runs about $50 and comes with a disc with professional video material to work on for each lesson. When you study with the book you can go at your own pace and really focus on learning each task, committing it to memory. Conversely, classes are extremely expensive (minimum $800) and usually cram all of that lesson material in a couple of days, which makes it really hard to retain anything. After you learn the basics, hone your skills by working on student films for free. So, my best recommendation and your cheapest option, by far, is to study final cut pro via the official textbook.

I want your opinion on Violence in video games.?

You know it all boils down to the parent. The parent chooses to buy their kid that video game. The parent allows a child to watch violent movies. The parent let their children become exposed to violence because they use them as a babysitter to occupy their children. As far as placing blame for them committing acts of aggression. That's the parents fault for not monitoring their children

I am shooting a music video and have to dres myself in an 80's glam rock outfit. what do i wear?

ok wear like rly puffy big hair and make sure ur hair looks wild lol den wear like dis bright glittery gold colored rly short shortsz and for ur top wear like a motley crew or kiss 80's rock type of sorta shirt instead of a bikini top make sure to put on accesories like from the 80's like guitar shaped earings oh n da make up rly heavy make up like lots of eye shadow wit glitter on and underneath the eye oh and black eye liner too and put on bright pink blush and last but not least for the lip stick red or rly bright pink and high heels ... hope i helped oh also go to google images and look up 80's girl style so u can kinda get an idea good luck at ur music video if yuhh become a big star dont forget meh jk jk lol ;)

Any recommendations for which video/ graphics card i should get?

I would agree with the first poster, but I do not think your PSU is powerful enough for the extra amps the 9600GT needs to run smoothly, but I think your computer will do fine with a 9500GT, since it's half the amount of amps needed. It's not the best out there, but will play FPS games on medium or so, and much better than that video card you have now

Girls: Do you ever just play a video game by yourself in your freetime?

my favorite video game was ape escape until those damn monkeys started to piss me off lol

Wasn't the Jonas Brothers tonight video Awesome?

WOOOOW I see it, and i loved it ! It was an awesome video I love this guyz =)

whats the best video editting software and where can i get it?

Adobe maximum acceptable is the main suitable video enhancing application. this is the applying of decision between experts and semi-execs because of the fact it particularly is a mature product with countless upload-ons and a subtle person interface. Apple's very final decrease professional was once a real contender yet provided that FCP X they have taken steps backwards in terms of usability and good factors. That being stated this is not any longer much less costly ($800) or uncomplicated to comprehend yet rather well worth the attempt if this is going to be you destiny

Can my employer show other employees me on video tape?

Here is a big problem in answering your question for those of us familiar with this type of law. You do not mention what state you are in which is necessary to give you the correct statute. You have two issues here. The first being what are the privacy act laws of your state. Second: Were you and the staff made aware that you are being videotaped. Third: Is there sound on these tapes. As for them showing this tape to other employees without your consent definitely there is a major legal threshold which applies in 38 states that it cannot be shown without the persons consent. I suggest you meet with an attorney who specializes in privacy act laws and civil rights.

Can I use a 3rd party video card with onboard video?

unfortunately no. you can only use one at a time. if you get two graphics cards that support SLI then you can use two at a time but with onboard graphics you just cant

When I see black and white footage of war, who was taking pictures/video? The soldiers themselves? Or did they have official photographers?

Well, it depends. If you see a first person view of a plane shooting at another, those are gun cameras. If it's all unofficial and the person behind the camera does not duck, it probably is a hard ass soldier. If it's all official and they run like pussy's when the shooting starts, then its definitely a cameraman from a news channel or what ever. I do not really wanna answer anymore, so further explanations are welcome, etc..When I see black and white footage of war, who was taking pictures/video? The soldiers themselves? Or did they have official photographers?

SURVEY: Who here has heard that Wii Sports is now the #1 top selling video game of all time?

a million) Tetris (beats Wii activities via a Mile with one hundred thirty tens of millions revenues) 2) Wii activities 3)super Mario bros. 4)Mario Kart Wii 5)New super Mario bros. 6)Pokemon crimson and Blue 7)Pokemon Gold and silver 8)Nintendogs 9)thoughts coaching 10) GTA San Andreas be conscious i've got no longer secure some video games like %guy, Snake and Pong because of the fact those have had a lot of incarnations it extremely is is problematical to checklist yet they might certainly be up there on the perfect

adobe premier makes my video insanely choppy when i encode a movie to quicktime?

Do not increase the framerate. Make sure you are exporting at the same framerate at which your camera records ^__^ If you are unsure about your camera's recording framerate, use google to find your camera's manual. Your timeline also needs to be at this framerate. If it's only happening when there's too much light on screen, try fiddling around with the “reduce flicker“ option. Also like the person above me said, make sure your computer is powerful enough to deal with performance problems. Try exporting to a lower quality *.mov, or use a different program to convert your files from a video that comes out fine to quicktime *.mov Or, perhaps it's because YOU HAVE A WAY OF CIRCUMVENTING THE UPDATES with a little software program. :O

What are some good software for creating video lectures?

Video lectures have different categories like does it involves just a camera recording or screen capture and some other animations elements etc.In case you are looking to edit a video shot with a single or multi camera, any standard free editing software will do a good job. like: Lightworks, Resolve, Hit film express. etc. If you are willing to invest in software you can opt for Adobe Premiere pro.Other than this, if you also want to capture the computer screen I would suggest you to look for Camtasia

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How to Record a Digital Whiteboard Video
How to Record a Digital Whiteboard Video
In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to record a digital whiteboard video where you will record yourself writing or drawing on screen.Including digital whiteboard techniques in your video is a great way to make your videos more interesting and to engage your students. You can draw on a blank white background, include a custom branded whiteboard, or annotate images in order to demonstrate something.The are 4 things you need :• You need some sort of digital drawing device to record your writing.• You need a drawing program that you can draw in. (There are many free options that work really well.)• You need a screen capture program to record the screen while you draw.• You need a video editing program to edit the video in post production.Watch the video below, then continue reading.The first thing you need to record a digital whiteboard is some sort of digital drawing device. If you already own a computer or laptop, the best option is to buy a digital drawing tablet, like the Wacom Intuos SA drawing tablet is essentially a mouse device that is controlled by a special pen. When you tap the pen to the surface it acts as a "left-click", but it also senses the position of the pen just by hovering over the surface. So, it tends to feel really natural when you are using it.They also have pressure sensitivity built into them, so depending upon how hard you press the pen to the surface, the darker the line will show up. The pen has a couple of buttons on the side that you can assign to different actions as well. I have been using Wacom drawing tablets for 5-6 years now, and they still work great. I would recommend getting the Wacom CTL4100 Intuos ($80 Amazon).The only drawback to these types of drawing tablets is that you have to look up at your screen while you write, so you need good hand-eye coordination. Wacom also makes several drawing tablets that have screens built-in, so you can directly see what you are drawing, but if you are going to spend that kind of money, I would recommend getting a Microsoft Surface Pro instead.The Surface Pro is like the jack of all trades of devices. It's a tablet, but when you connect its keyboard, it's also a fully functional laptop. The best part is it runs Windows 10, so any program you can run on your desktop computer, you can run on this. It's not like a simplified Android or Chrome operating system, it's full-blown Windows! I love this thing.Once you have a drawing tablet, you will need to decide which drawing program you want to use.You can use nearly any program that allows you to manually draw in it. Photoshop, Paint 3D, Gimp, Powerpoint, are all programs I've used to do this. Here are my top recommendations:For Windows users, Paint 3D is a great program to use for digital whiteboards. In addition to the nice selection of drawing tools, you can also insert 3D models from the free 3D library. You can orbit them around, then annotate them in 2D.I love the simplicity of Microsoft Whiteboard. It works extremely well with my Microsoft Surface Pro. One thing that's cool is you can have multiple people connect to a whiteboard for live collaboration.SketchBook is a professional drawing program built specifically to be used with drawing tablets. It has a very easy to use interface, and it looks great. It's free! Once you have SketchBook installed and opened, you can pick a brush to use. For digital whiteboards, I like to use the felt tip pen at a size of about 5. I like the balance between heavy line weight and soft edges that combination has.You also have the ability to import images onto the canvas. This is great if you have a custom background you want to draw on, or if you want to annotate a specific image in order to demonstrate something. Just go to File > Add Image. Then, tap ESC to close the Move tooltip.This is your "whiteboard", where you will be drawing on your screen, now you will need to record your screen. It's really important to make sure your canvas is zoomed to actual size, to prevent any pixelation in your screen capture.To record your screen, you will need screen capture software. I use Camtasia, which not only includes screen capture software but also comes with a full video editing studio as well. But you can also use the built-in XBox Game Bar on Windows, or Quicktime on Mac.There are many things I like about Camtasia, including the fact that you can choose a preset aspect ratio, full screen, or lock to a window. You can also record a web cam and microphone at the same time as the screen.Another free option for screen recording is OBS. It's a pretty powerful program, but not as simple to use as Camtasia.There are a few different scenarios you might find yourself recording digital whiteboard. A common misconception is that you must record your digital whiteboard along with your audio in real time. But in most cases, you will find it easier to record them separately.One important thing to remember is that your digital whiteboard should have minimal effect on the speed and flow of your dialog! If you are dragging through a video while spelling out each word in real time while saying "Thhhhhhiiiiiisssss iiiiiiiiiiissssss........ uuuuuuhhhhh........ Tuuuuuuuuutooooorrrriiiiaaaalllll ...........Uuuuuuhhhhhbbbooooooooooooouuuuutttt........" you are missing the whole point of doing a digital whiteboard. Your digital whiteboard should enhance your videos, not inhibit them.Recording your audio and screencast at the same time might seem like the most logical and straight-forward solution for creating a whiteboard presentation. After all, that's how all of our teachers in school do it, right? They would draw on the board during the presentation of the days' lesson.Many of the videos at Khan Academy take this approach, and they do a good job of it. But, in my personal experience, I find myself shying away from this approach (especially when I first started out) for a few reasons:• Writing on screen is hard! It takes a lot of practice to get it right, and recording everything in real time can be stressful, especially if you are brand new to it.• Writing on screen takes time. Meaning, you may be well finished with your statement, but you are still scribbling away trying to catch up with your writing. This dead space can sometimes make people lose interest. This is especially true if you are going to be drawing or illustrating.• Sometimes, I just feel like I am struggling to do two things at the same time, and in the end my message suffers. I lose my train of thought, or I misspell words.If you find yourself overwhelmed while trying to record audio and draw at the same time, do not worry, there are some other methods you can use to make it less stressful.In most situations, you do not need to record your whiteboard at the same time you record the audio. The pace of speaking and writing rarely match up, and you will almost always need to transition between new canvases to illustrate new points, which requires post production editing anyways. For instance, when I recorded my tutorial on setting up a WordPress site, I recorded video and audio of me talking, while sitting at my desk. Next, I used Adobe Premiere to edit the video and cut out the junk in order to make a complete, concise tutorial. I essentially completed all the post production on this video before even thinking about digital whiteboard.At that point, I reviewed the video again and identified some areas where I thought I could use digital whiteboard in order to illustrate my point a little better. One example was when I was describing how exactly hosting works, I wanted to illustrate some servers, and how they deliver your site all around the world. So I wanted to draw some files, then some arrows pointing to a server, then have some more arrows point to the earth, then have an arrow wrap around the earth as if to show that your web site is accessible all over the world.Once I had this idea in my head, I started recording the digital whiteboard. I did not worry about timing, or pace. I just drew what I wanted to draw. If I messed up, I hit undo. All of this is going to be edited in the video editing software (Cut out the mistakes, increase the speed to match the audio), so there's no need to stress out about getting it right the first time, or drawing really fast to get it done at the right pace. Take your time, enjoy it, and have fun!A hybrid approach to recording whiteboard is to record your audio and your whiteboard simultaneously, but leaving silence as needed in order to give yourself enough time to finish drawing. Then, in your video editing software, you can take the silent part of the clip (where you are finishing up a drawing), and increase the playback speed to reduce the amount of dead space in the final video.When you are recording audio and whiteboard at the same time, make sure you give yourself enough time between phrases to finish writing. Do not feel like you need to talk while you are writing just to fill in dead space. Just finish writing/drawing, and you can speed up that clip of video in post production.The biggest challenge with this approach is keeping your train of thought in between the silences, and maintaining the same vocal intensity and rhythm throughout.• Do not feel like you have to show the animation of every single word or illustration you make. It's ok to cut to the completed version of the drawing at times when you need to save time.• You can create transparent overlays by using a chroma key effect inside your video editing program, in order to overlay your writing on top of videos.• Here's a good example of the digital whiteboard in use• Here's another example. Not digital, but a really good example of how drawing captures attention,• Using a slideshow program like Powerpoint allows you to attach your annotations to each slide, so when you go to a new slide, the annotations will disappear.• Camtasia has a built-in feature called ScreenDraw, which lets you draw on the screen, over the top of anything that's on your screen.• In most video production software, you have the ability to export a single frame as an image. Bring that image into your drawing program, and line up your screen capture window with it and draw on top of it. Import it back into your video and place the clip right where you exported the frame. It will create a "freeze frame" effect and show you drawing on top of it.• Do not be afraid of using regular text on the screen. You do not have to draw everything by hand. (Especially if you have poor handwriting like me)• In Camtasia, you can disable the tooltip, so you do not see the mouse hovering on the screen.• Do not leave your pen tablet stylus sitting on top of the tablet, even though it's not touching the tablet, it will still control the mouse position, making it impossible to use your regular mouse. If you notice your cursor not moving, that's probably the reason.hey thanks for ur time. I really need 2 find a free video/sound converter i need it ASAP?google "Any Video Converter" does sound too
Is This Video Card Compatible?
Is This Video Card Compatible?
Yes, it has the correct PCI 16 slot, but the problem may be the 9800 GT card fitting in a slimline case You are looking at 9 inches long1. I connected 2 TVs to a Lenovo computer. One worked fine through HDMI, but the other one, which is connected via USB to a HDMI adapter, did not. How can I make it work?The HDMI port is connected directly to the the PC's graphics interface.USB is a very generic port. In the PC, it may have no direct connection to its video output. In other words, there is no way (probably, without a special driver) to tell the PC to grab the video output and send it over the USB port. Arguably, the USB port may not even be fast enough to send real-time audio and video to the USB port to be sent over HDMI.If you want to connect two monitors via HDMI you will need to get an HDMI splitter . Alternatively, get a docking station. Most allow dual monitor outputs.I connected 2 TVs to a Lenovo computer. One worked fine through HDMI, but the other one, which is connected via USB to a HDMI adapter, did not. How can I make it work?.2. The Universe is A Video Game????!!!?yes now go and steal some cars and go on a rampage across town wooohoooo!3. What is your favorite video game and video game system?start wars battlefront 2 for playstation 2 , and my favorite system is playstation24. what is the main difference between dish n direct?Satellite TV offers unbeatable value, a great selection of channels, little-to-no start-up cost, and freedom from the cable company. With over 12 million customers, DIRECT TV is the nation's largest provider of satellite TV service. Dish Network is close behind! (My personal favorite) Available in all 50 states (Hawaii residents have a smaller selection of channels, and customers in Alaska may need a larger satellite dish), DIRECT TV claims to offer the "most channels for your dollar." For customers with high definition TV sets, DIRECT TV offers a high definition package that features channels of high definition programming (ESPN, Discovery, HDNet, and HDNetMovies) as well as select high definition programming on HBO and Showtime. Customers who choose to install a standard TV antenna in addition to their dish can also enjoy high definition local programming where available. Receiving high definition satellite signals requires an HD-compatible dish and receiver, which are available from DIRECT TV at an extra cost. Total Available Channels (excluding digital music channels): 150, depending on plan Channel Selection Want channels? Satellite TV offers more options than you will know what to do with! From favorites like CNN, HBO, and ESPN, to more obscure options like the Speed Channel, Discovery Wings, and the Love Stories network, there is a satellite TV channel to suit every imaginable interest. Whether you are into sports, fashion, travel, or romance, you will find it all, and much, much more, on satellite TV. Sports: 30 sports networks, plus multiple subscription options including the NFL Sunday Ticket, Mega March Madness, and many more. Foreign Language Programming: Spanish & Chinese HDTV Channels: Up to 8 channels, depending on location and equipment Local Channels: Available in approximately 126 local markets by the end of 2004 Geographic Availability: All 50 US States Picture Quality The end result? Crystal-clear digital images and audio! Satellite TV delivers 100% digital audio and video. Despite the incredible distance that the signal must travel before it reaches your television, the end result is still crystal clear and equal to any digital cable picture! As long as you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky, the only threat to the quality of your signal is very heavy rain or snow, which can occasionally interfere with reception. If you live in an area with frequent severe weather, you can always get a slightly larger dish to offset the interference.5. Good and affordable video camera for short film and music video?Canon G15 can be a good choice Impressive optics for a compact camera. Takes great pictures in low light conditions without a tripod. I previously owned a G10 that I was very pleased with in good light conditions and that had quite poor performance in low light. G15 is a worthy replacement, plus is a bit thinner and there are several more features on the camera (like HDR etc)
What Phenomenon Causes "lunar Waves? [closed]
What Phenomenon Causes "lunar Waves? [closed]
Video astronomy requires much more equipment than traditional eyepiece viewing. It helps to understand what is going on between the camera lens and the video screen.Most important is the conversion of the cameras analog signal to the computer digital format. This is usually done with a frame grabber and its associated drivers. The cameras typically have 700 ish lines of resolution which are usually translated into 640 by 480 digital signal. The camera analog signal is 60 cycle interlaced. The computer display frequency is whatever the PC is set to. I will let the Math people tell us how the drivers fit all those numbers together and make a nice picture. I think the answer is PI or at least within a decimal place or two. The numbers get rounded and every once in a while the computer screen hiccups. National Enquirer sort of news. The frame grabbers come in a wide range of cost and reliability. There's no rhyme or reason to their reliability. They depend on the computers operating system which is not identical on every computer. The frame grabber and driver will work well on one PC but not another similarly equipped PC. Typically the astro video cameras two output connectors, a coax and an S-Video. The person making the video could have proven the "Waves" were and artifact of the PC by simply connecting one of the cameras outputs to an analog video screen, a television with a composite input for example and the other output to the computers frame grabber. Provided the camera and analog video are functioning properly he could have shown us a rock steady image on the analog screen and the waves on the Computer screen. With a little skill he could have shown us an alien or two surfing on the waves. Smoke, mirrors and snake oil. Suckers are said to be born at the rate of one per minute. I have a feeling the con artist birth rate is up there as well.It is a bit of a shame, Video or near live viewing as many of us call it, is gaining in popularity. Having someone use what is not unusual for a Video astronomer to see just for a bit of sensationalism serves no useful purpose. Another point to edit in. The uTube is a video of a video. The image we see is taken by a second video cameras pointed at a video image being displayed on a computer screen. Crunch the computer screen frequency and resolution with the frequency and resolution of the second camera. You end up with images of airplane propellers that appear to stand still or move very slowly. I wonder how much adverting revenue that sort of video would bring into uTube1. How to shrink FLA file (from 20mb to around 4mb)?First off the size of the FLA is usually not important. It's the size of the swf. Do you have images in there? can you resize the images smaller? How about saving them as optimized with photoshop? If you have media such as audio, video, or graphics - consider loading them externally using actionscript. Finally there are swf optimizers out there which can cut filesizes down considerably.2. VIdeo Converters for UbuntuParts of this answer comes from: Software for converting mp4 files from 720p to 480pMobile Media Converter by Miksoft can be an easier way to do transcoding tasks.In the above screenshot we can see a queue of videos (one in this example) to be processed with the same customised properties which includes transcoding for one or more of the next:For VideoOf course you will be in need to add (on your own) the proper codecs for which you wish transcoding your video files so that they will become available in the "Video Codec" Drop Down.Please have a look at this answer in which I explain something related. How can I maximum compress video files? Good luck!3. I have av cables. How do I cut the ends off, rig them in some way and make them wireless if possible?AV cables are just that, physical cables to transmit audio and video from one device to another. The voltages used are 1-2 volts. Although there may be electromagnetic fields around the conductors, they are cancelled by being opposite in direction on the inner and outer (sheath) conductors. Plus, the outer sheath is generally earthed. So if you are expecting to be able to make a wireless connection, you really need to add an AV RF transmitter and receiver. They will produce a wireless signal modulated with the AV information, and recover the information at the receive end.
Is This a Good Video Card?
Is This a Good Video Card?
OK for one thing you need a Driver that Is a Windows Driver Windows has it's own drivers to make your Video work . if it's a ATI please conctat me I can help in 2 seconds!!1. How to turn Video into Photo?particular. Firefox 40-one has this geared up-in, between many diverse comparable themes. in basic terms play any video that's "HTML5". this is going to grow to be a slideshow. It's additionally relatively basic to maintain on with, by way of fact of actuality it's honestly impossible to play it lower back in any quicker way. yet pay interest, by way of fact of actuality the slideshow might perhaps be too sluggish on your makes use of, with its 3-5 2nd placed off between frames2. Songs for wedding video - upbeat?Scratch that list and fill it with only disco. people eat that **** up. especially old white people with a wild side.3. top 5 video games ?1. Cod4 2. Gears of War 2 3. Cod: World at War 4. GTA IV 5. Rock Band 2 After playing cod:waw i still think that cod 4 is better...4. PLEASE HELP! Is it illegal to video tape the exchange of children for visitations?In every state, if the camera is in view, you can record anyone and everyone you want, with or without their permission. When the children are in his custody, he can record them at any time. In any public place (as in a Harley Davidson shop), any area open to the public can be recorded, whether the people know it or not. I can come to your house and video tape you leaving for work every day, stopping at the coffee shop, scratching yourass, etc, whether you know it or not. The rule by which video or audio taping becomes illegal is 'expectation of privacy'. You expect privacy in a bathroom or dressing room. You expect it in your own home or your car. Just about everywhere else, you have no expectation of privacy. You have to conduct yourself as though you are being recorded every minute that you are away from home or in the bathroom. As for recording private conversations, it depends on the state that you live in. In Tenn, for ex, as long as one party to a conversation knows that they are being recorded, it is legal. In NY, both parties have to know. As long as the camera is in the open, I can tape the exchange for my own personal use. So can you.5. how do i convert real life video to a cartoon video with no download?Well, there are no freeware editing programs that can do that. Windows movie maker has a very limited effects window, but it's free. An editing program like Premiere Pro or After Effects (Adobe) can change real to cartoon, but these programs cost 900$. There is a way to get these programs free however, through torrent files. This takes a couple days however, and it's a somewhat complicated process to understand at first. You COULD try to draw it by hand, frame by frame, but (depending on how long the footage is) this can take up to a year. Sorry, and good luck!6. Help with name of this video game?I believe you are referring to one of the games from the Final Fight series; it's a side scroller melee fighter, but I do not know about the shotgun... I played it on the Sega Genesis back in the 90s. The dark-haired fighter in red is Guy, the blond guy in a white shirt is Cody and the larger topless fighter with the mustache is Haggar. The girl is Poison/Roxy who was originally a female villain character, but then Capcom decided to change her to be a transexual in the later games since they did not think it was appropriate for their male hero protagonists to be beating up females lol! Anyway, this is my best guess. Check the link below and see if that's the game7. name of catchy music video?Bad Romance by Lady Gaga? I can not say its catchy though8. Is this the right video card?the AMD Radeon HD 7750 is one of the most advanced GPUs on the market right now. but really you dont need it. so you have a choice here. you can either get the Radeon HD 7750 (the more expensive option) and that will last you a long time. or you can step down one generation (like i did) and buy sometihng like a Radeon HD 6970 (it can still run 99% of games at max settings, and is cheaper) although if you go for a cheaper option the GPU will last you less time than the more expensive option if you want to keep gaming on max settings. in about 1-2 years the HD 6970 will start showing its age and you might have to lower some setting in games to get a decent frame rate. this can ofcource be sloved by changing the GPU. or by utilizing crossfire and buy another HD 6970 to double the power. which will last you a few more years. the more expensive option will last you about 5-7 years before you have to do something similar.
Do Canon and Nikon Cameras Include Video?
Do Canon and Nikon Cameras Include Video?
They may have but great still cameras do not make good video cameras. The same is true the other way around. Their requirements are entirely different. The video feature in a digital camera is very limited and wanting in many aspects. If you like to do more video, get a digital video camera. The dSLR is simply not built for video1. Help with video editing!?Pro Show Gold2. what is the worst type of camera for beginners?Stay away from Kodak and Vivitar. Stay away from very small P&Ss because of their very tiny sensor. Avoid cameras with only automatic and "scene" modes....... look for manual controls. Teeny tiny little onboard flash is bad..... get a camera with a hot shoe for a real flash. Oh and if video is your thing, get a camcorder..... still cameras will never be as good.3. Is there a way to set up a video camera to stream live video to a computer?It would help to know what camcorder and what software you have for video editing4. Video encoding: How much does the video file size increase with fps?I will try the theoretic approach. I would love to see some real-world examples that would prove or disprove my theory. Good question! If you have any comments or find some flaws, feel free to comment.For any current encoder (let's take MPEG-4/AVC/h. 264 as an example) frame rate does not matter as much as you think. Let's just assume there is no rate control and every picture is encoded with the same base QP (quantization parameter).You are right with the following: The motion difference (as defined in ITU-R P. 910, good read) between two frames of an 48 fps video will be lower than for the same video in 24 fps. This is due to the fact that the frames wo not differ as much from each other. Note that the whole temporal motion does not increase. In the end, an object moves from point A to B, so its motion vector will be the same length no matter how many frames per second.As the encoder looks for the difference between two (or more) frames and only encodes the residual values, that means it will have to code less residual per picture. In average, this will be half of the residual. So you are right with that. (We must not forget that only half of the residual does not mean half of the data needed to store it. It depends on the algorithmic coding implemented.)Then again, you have twice as many pictures per second, which means that - in average - the encoded information doubles again. To summarize, nothing much changes on that side. The encoder will do its best job to encode all the motion in the video, which in sum is the same (just in smaller steps, if you know what I mean). The only overhead we have to add is the overhead from small residuals that can not be arithmetically coded in an efficient way. The above only applies to B- or P-pictures, which depend on others. However, we have to insert an intra-coded picture every once in a while which is not dependent on any other picture. If this rate of intra-coded pictures does not increase, we could assume a linear growth in file size, maybe a bit more. However if you decrease the distance of intra-coded pictures in order to compensate for possible packet-loss or bitstream errors, you will carry more overhead and therefore the increase is more than linear, not much, but probably noticeable5. Antivirus software for video games?You have to have a firewall on to protect your computer from port-scanning but while you are gaming you should not need the anti-virus enabled in real-time nor the anti-spyware. You absolutely need to re-enable both of them (unless you have an all-in-one like AVG Internet Security or Norton or McAfee) when you visit other websites; there are jerks putting malicious software on so many websites, and then posting links to them - even here in Yahoo answers (they get deleted when they are found out). And there are those malware people corrupting legitimate websites. You could do this - have a computer dedicated to gaming with no anti-malware software other than a firewall, and have a separate computer with all anti-malware enabled for other web-surfing.
Hi I Have a T5i Canon Camera How Can I Monitor the Volume with Headphones It Has No Headphone Input
Hi I Have a T5i Canon Camera How Can I Monitor the Volume with Headphones It Has No Headphone Input
You can not monitor the volume via the camera because it does not have an external headphone jack. Had you purchased a camcorder, which is designed for video as opposed to buying a digital still camera that just so happens to have a video feature, you would be far better off. Your options are: buy an external audio recorder with a headphone jack. Or, buy a camcorder that will outperform your T5i with ease in all aspects of the video-making process.1. How do I justify a civil war being as brutal as possible?Wars with yesterday's mentality and tomorrow's technology, tend to be very brutal. Wars that happen during a major advancement in technology tend to be brutal on their own, WW1 were not particularly brutal (in terms of decisions made) compared to the wars that came before, but the brutality feels unprecedented due to scale and efficiency new technology enabled. Technology also enabling non-combatants to see the brutality in a very visceral manner unlike the detached manner it would have reached a wider audience before, photographs over written accounts, video over pictures, ect. Technology can even change how the populace feels about violence in general, increased availability of printed word for instance is believed to have made people more empathetic and less accepting of violence by inadvertently training people to see things from someone else's perspective. Additionally wars in which the populace of both sides are committed tend to be very brutal , the crusades are a great example, wars in which both side are extremely committed leads to disorganized fighting on many levels. this mixture of poor troops and trained troops makes slaughter and confusion more easy. (the last batch were pushover why are these ones giving us so much trouble, well because the last attack was disorganized rabble and this time it is seasoned troops. Nobody can really gauge the other sides strength well so total clusterfuffles become rampant. A civil war started by the populace (as opposed to a coup) will tend towards this. To add to this if both sides feel completely justified you get less compromise, more stand offs and on an individual level more justification of atrocities. religion can be a good example of this but any ideology will fit the bill just as well, no horror compares to those done by men of conviction doing the right thing. In the american civil war and WW1 it was freedom vs freedom, and was brutal because of it. The longer a war stretches on the worse this will get, and propaganda can easily make it worse, there is a reason the christmas truce was an early in the war event2. Wedding videography as a job?Wedding Videography although hard, is rewarding and fun! If you want to take this as a career path, learn learn, and most of all learn. The biggest part is separating yourself from the pack. Pro's are always learning and putting new techniques into their art from. We do Photography and Video and are able to capture the day from both perspectives. We also are always watching others to be inspired to take our art to the next level (and you should too!) Focus on Editing, (Using Premier or Final Cut Pro). Then look at getting the best equipment, both vid and audio. You cannot fix bad audio and correcting poorly lit video/shaky video is next to impossible without it look like an rookie shot it. My advice, find some equipment to rent or borrow. Offer it as a freebie to some of your dads clients. (if its free and you fail then no harm no foul). Once you get really good, then start offering it as a service to compliment your dads photography. Use 2 cameras. One stationary and one to get creative close and ups and angles. With audio, I always use a boom mic with the moving camera, wireless lapels for the stationary camera, and equip the groom with a lapel MP3 Recorder in the event you have audio issues with the wireless system (which happens time to time)3. Is it vandalism when your neighboru2019s visitors drive all the way in your small grass garden and leave tire marks?Get rocks and put them around the garden. About 2 or 3 times the size of a soccer ball. They don't have to be too close to each other. Unless you have video, not much you can do about vandalism. Is it vandalism when your neighbor's visitors drive all the way in your small grass garden and leave tire marks?
Gateway Laptop Mx8739 Needs Audio, Video, Ethernet, Wireless, Modem, Drivers for Windows Xp Home Edi
Gateway Laptop Mx8739 Needs Audio, Video, Ethernet, Wireless, Modem, Drivers for Windows Xp Home Edi
There is a possibility that you may not locate these drivers. The folks that are building computers are not interested is suppling drivers for XP because they no longer support it. You might try doing a search at the motherboard manufacturer's web site. I have installed XP in systems that came with Vista. Some worked, and some did not . If you can find the drivers, go for it. If not then you are pretty much stuck with Vista. Next, if you can not find the drivers that you need, you may want to try Vista with a little more ram. I have a Compaq laptop that is running Vista Home Pre, but I have added another gig of ram, for a total of 2 gigs. It seems to work just fine. I feel that it runs fairly fast for a lap top. One last thought. The Vista Service Pack 1 will be available in mid March. You may want to wait until then before you downgrade to XP.1. How to enable audio/video in Pidgin's XMPP for Google?If you are seeing the media menu then your Pidgin is compiled with voice/video support. If it's greyed out, then the other end of the connection is not broadcasting that they support voice/video connections.I have been working on adding voice/video support to the Hangouts plugin and for the most part it works, but I have seen that depending on what client the other person is using video does not always work.2. typing, audio, and video - problems after upgrading to 15.04Your problem could be due to various reasons, including but not limited to:3. Youtube audio and/or video down-loader? 5 stars best answer!?earlier They have been well-known: The Outsiders First strains: Jason Patric Get Your activity On: great Joe practice Me the money: Civil war video games n eCards minutiae: Mamba united states of america track minutiae: U.S. Virgin Islands track Pop Quiz: greater Hip-Hop-Like classic Rock project: Newport individuals competition action picture star Interview Video minutiae: Vanessa Williams leisure Video minutiae: 20 daily Dose Video minutiae!: Swedish leisure Zone!: increasing in this section movies long gone Wild!: White interior Oprah's Maui Farm 19: i admire my Farm Jason Derulo shares Inspiring tale 19: His Head terrific Pre and positioned up-work out meals 19: danger life Of the wealthy & well-known!: faith pungent warm Spots on the physique 19: The Scalp What reasons undesirable Breath? 19: Mickey4. Streaming audio/video in a publicly-hosted server increases bandwith usage [closed]OBVIOUSLY Not - because the data will come from where the video is hosted (in this case youtube) and not your server, with the exception of the tiny piece of additional HTML code that you have to embedd the video5. What is the best way to clean the outside of audio/video cablesGoo Gone. Put it on a cloth, rub it on the sticky part of the cable. Let it sit for a minute, then rub off with a dry cloth. Repeat if necessary. For this or any of the other suggested procedures, it would be a good idea to test on a small non-critical part of the cable. I've never had a problem with it though.6. I'm having trouble,attaching & sending video emails.Only audio no video on windows media player please help TY?it truly is because the actual media video/audio codec is not supported by technique of residing house windows media participant . you should use 0.33 celebration software to transform it to .avi (as you pronounced, you may want to already have one). even with the undeniable fact that the biggest, once you substitute the rmvb/rm document to avi, you should opt for the output document's video codec as wmv(or something like wmv2) and the audio codec as wma(if it no longer artwork, you should attempt mp2 mp3 and so on.). wmv potential residing house windows media video codec, wmv potential residing house windows media audio codec. If it no longer artwork, you should attempt the codec settings.7. A lot of static when piping my computer's audio and video to my TV?well you can try and reinstall a new audio system in your computer, or just buy a new audio card for you computer
Is There Any Significsant Difference in the Make/quality of an S-Video Cable?
Is There Any Significsant Difference in the Make/quality of an S-Video Cable?
It really depends upon the design more-so than the cost of the cable. This pretty much goes for any audio or video cable. How do you know which one is better than the other? Well it's really hard to tell without auditioning them yourself, but the next best way is to read reviews from customers and professionals. In general, Monster would be better than an OEM cable that comes with the new electronics like a DVD player or a S-VHS recorder, but the best value in a premium cable that I have had experience with is from DH Labs. I say get two cables that you are considering and compare them both, and send back the one you like the least. Make sure you have the option to return the cable before you buy it, but that would be my recommendation. Here are some places online that you can use to reference... _ _ _ _ _1. Why won't my S video cable that is plugged in from my laptop to my HDTV work?On the laptop make sure that you have specified in the display settings to activate the S-Video output The TV's input setting must be S-Video OR it could be a Video1 or Video2 (depending on the TV). It will NOT be a channel #.2. When RCA/S-Video cables are "gold plated," does that improve the picture quality?In addition to gold being an excellent conductor, it is also very slow to corrode. Since there is no solder connection between components and only pressure fit cables, other metals will oxidize and degrade performance. Gold-to-gold connections will not oxidize over time and performance will not falter. So far as a performance test between steel and gold connectors when they are brand new, your eyes and ears wo not be able to tell the difference but my oscilloscope probably would.3. How can you use Facebook's video creating kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?Video Creation Kit enables advertisers to convert static-imagery and text assets into mobile-optimized video ads, for Facebook and Instagram that are 15s or 6s in duration.You can choose from four video templates combining text overlays & product or brand logos with motion, following one of these themes:tPromote a product (6 seconds)tSell multiple products (6 seconds)tDrive product discovery (15 seconds)tShow product benefits (15 seconds)The key benefit is that video ads tailored to how people watch videos on mobile provide a better experience for users in Facebook and therefore, you are more likely to achieve your intended objectives.You can access the tool in the 'single video' ad format in Facebook Ads Manager. It's also available under the 'Videos' section of Page Publishing Tools.The templates are compatible with all ad objectives. Choose the ad objective that aligns best to your business goal. More information, including case studies can be found on the Facebook Business Blog and Help Center.Anyone using these? Would love to hear about your experience.How can you use Facebook's video creating kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?How can you use Facebook's, Video Creation Kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?.4. what is the name of the girl in pitbull's video "i know you want me"?Sagia Castaneda5. Will Andrew Brietbart's video be 0bama's undoing ?Brietbart died as he lived in the gutter with his face in the dirt. His bad Karma finally caught up to him. If this smut peddler had anything on Obama he would have sold it in 2008. I am quite sure the Republicans have not stopped trying to dig up something for the past five years. I have no doubt they are going to attack I just hope they do not keep using the tired old birther reruns- so boring6. How Can I Capture From My PS3 to PC S-Video?No that is not how it works you would have to buy a screen capture software like a hauppage7. Anybody else a big fan of Kassem G's video's?I friggin love KassemG. In my opinion, he is one of the best comedians out there!8. I am looking for something that can do the job of a VCR without playing tapes....and must output S-Video.?i suggest u get a new dvd
Which Is the Better Video Card (I Figure They're Probably About the Same)? ?
Which Is the Better Video Card (I Figure They're Probably About the Same)? ?
they are pretty close to the same, also what you ahve to watch for is it's pretty standard for graphics cards from all companies to just overclock the same hardward and put a better fan on. so if the price is a lot more you could just do it yourself with a water cooling or better fan. it's a good thing to know1. Which is a better Video Card for gaming? (im a n00b when it comes to this, plz help!)?To answer your question, the X1300 is much better but... Radeon 9250's are not even in the same class as the X1300. 9250's are old!!! Do you know that there is a difference between PCI and PCI-e? PCI predates AGP and PCI-e is the new standard. Make sure that your computer (motherboard) supports the video card you are looking at before you make your purchase. The Sapphire X1300 is PCI-e (express). You can ask a new question with your computer's specs and maybe soneone can suggest a good video card for you. Good prices, fast/cheap shipping. Good luck.2. Does a better video card help with processor overload?it does to some extend but ram does more. processor overload can be reduced by closing unwanted processes running this can be done by using the task manager in windows3. I need a better Video Card?The graphic/video card is a chip set made into and part of the mother board on lap tops and not upgradeable4. Which is the better Video Card?without understanding better about your pc this is no longer achieveable to assert what the finest improve course might want to be. A video card and pictures card are in basic terms diverse names for an similar element. Getting one will improve the performance of images on the computer yet no longer person-friendly performance. in case you pc is often very sluggish, then this is totally in all chance you want better RAM. Getting better RAM will likely furnish a larger improve than a pictures card although this is demanding to assert without understanding your contemporary pc specs5. Will A better Video Card With My AMD A64 3400 2.2ghz Make enough of a difference?Actually yoru specs may not be the latest and hottest thing, but they will still play most games that exists at the moment. Your computer is just fine... If anything would need to be upgraded, I would say either your processor, or your graphics card depending on what its CLOCK SPEED is and RAMDAC, as well as its GPU. I would say your computer is fine, in a lot of cases you can turn off the HIGHEST detail looks in the game so that you can actually enjoy the game at a decent performance speed... Ive seen some of the BEST FASTEST computers with the LATEST GAMES, LAG all over the place... Just know that the point is... Quality in looks is always at the costs of performance (preformance=speed) And unlike video game systems, computers will always be slower because they have to multitask and they are running an operating system. Video Game systems are dedicated to specifically graphics and the game, hence the XBOX360 or PS3 etc... Try turning down your Windows XP theme settings to make the computer in general faster, then see if you can tweak speed the game.6. More ram, better video card, or better newer processor?you choking the system with that slow memory, use pc6400 with low latency (3-3-3-8 or 4-4-4-12 BOTH ON 1T command rate!!!!!!!!) p.s. pc3200 is 400mhz switch the motherboard, thats a budget board with onboard graphics aside that its a very decent system.. if you can.. try to get into the 1066fsb cpu or 1333 fsb cpu GL7. Which is a better video card?the nvidia if you do not play Counter Strike or any Half Life product using the Source engine if you do not know what i am talking about then get the nvidia8. Will a better Video card speed up your cpu?If your current system has integrated video on the motherboard, with shared ram; then you will speed up your system by adding a PCI Express or AGP graphics card9. Which is a better Video Card: the NVIDIA Geforce 8400M GS or ATI Radeon X1300?Get the GeForce, will be SOOO much better than the ATI. NVIDIA makes better cards for gaming, plus tons of games are made for NVIDIA cards (you tend to see the logo, "NVIDIA, The way it's meant to be played"). To Justin V.....I am going with experience, not just some chart. The asker said he primarily uses it for games, so I gave him the best brand for gaming. From my EXPERIENCE, I have had more problems with my games when using ANY ATI card. Since I switched to NVIDIA, most if not all of my games have run smoother with having to DL less drivers.
How Much Will a S-video Cable Improve My Dvd Picture?
How Much Will a S-video Cable Improve My Dvd Picture?
IF you plug the S-video into your Old TV set without the rf modulator you will see an improvement, specifically in the sharpness and COLOR... If you connect it to an RF modulator, you just negated all the improvement of the S-Video cable completely.... The purpose of the S-Video cable is to keep the Color separated from the black-and-white signal, so INTERMODULATION does not occur (that's mixing of the black and white signal with the color) It's kinda like chocolate milk...You can not UN-Mix the milk from the chocolate, and the same applies to both of those signals....1. Console vs PC?? (also referring to Totalhalibut's video)?Console VS PC what I do not get is how on earth can a PC be smoother to play I played a fighting game on the PC and it's freaking hard as also the adventure games the console was much easier in my opinion the gaming experience in consoles can never be the same as the PC. And I do not want to start a war but PC games are great but 1 PC only 1 to 2(split screen or both in the game in one screen if ever it reach 4 it is just mess up and flash games do not count on my statement) gaming CONSOLE? 1 console 1 to 4 players to make my statement short console good in all genres more players at once and PC not all and needs more than 1 for a full fun experience but do not get me wrong I can not imagine the PC never being invented and oh yeah PC has no motion controls guess I should add that and do not get a new computer you said it yourself it was not meant for gaming and you use for PS3 like always all the time so the PC would not be in use most of the time2. Is it worth buying the S-Video cables for my PS3?you are actually not likely to work out plenty distinction between the $20 HDMI cables and the $a hundred HDMI cables. it is all digital circulate and maximum HDTVs have records errors correction in case of electromagnetic interference, so the adaptation is minimum. in my opinion, I also have a $7 HDMI cable bought from Amazon connecting my PS3 to my Sony XBR4 HDTV. i've got executed the comparisons with a $a hundred cable and back it as quickly as i found out it did no longer make a great distinction between that and the $7 cable3. Can you use a portable digital recorder to record audio directly to a dslr's video track without having to sync it in post?You can use one to record in parallel if that's any help! I use a Zoom H2N. I can record directly from this, or plug in an external mic, and while recording on the H2N also output the audio to the camera's audio-in/mic input. The thing is that the camera will still mangle the audio a little due to auto levelling... So I still sync in post! You can not in general (as far as I am aware) output the audio from the digital recorder and have the camera lay this down directly digitally with the video without D-A-A-D translation!4. What's the video en youtube of a woman that is talking on the phone and suddenly someone with a knife...?sounds reminiscent of psycho5. What is a S-Video cable?It is IF your TV and PC have s-video ports. Read the manuals to find out what kind of video out on the pc and video jn on the tv you have6. Can a S-Video cable carry Audio (Sound)?no you have to use speakers that plug into your sound card s-video plugs into your video card7. Play .Avi with dvd player? S-video card to tv?>?disable the onboard graphics chipset via the bios8. If I plug my 360 into my PCs Video Card with an S Video Cable would the 360 display on the monitor?That will NEVER work. The VGA jack on the video card is built to SEND OUT video signals ONLY. It is NOT built to RECEIVE. You CANNOT connect your XBox 360 to your video card. If you want to use your monitor as a display for your XBox 360, you MUST directly connect the XBox 360 to the monitor, either using an HDMI cable if your monitor has an HDMI jack, or the XBox 360 HDAV VGA cable (sold separately) if your monitor only has old VGA.
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