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The Hottest Questions About Canisters

Do you want to know about Canisters? Here are some frequently asked questions.

The Hottest Questions About Canisters 1

1. Is it safe to preheat spraypaint canisters on a gas grill?

Really? Wait until the outside temp is close to 60 degrees to use spray paint. Right now, your RV wheels could care less. Anyway, spray paint canisters on a gas grill.....seriously? I guess you could try, however, the neighbors may call the police because they fear of a bomb in the area.

2. How do you safely and legally dispose of old, damaged/unsafe camp stove gas canisters that are still full?

Putting my comment into an answer - I do not think you need to over think it, they are nothing special. Propellant for most aerosols is Butane, these have an odor added, so are no different than a can of air freshener and could be used as one if you like the smell of gas. As the amount of butane in each can is not that much, I would put them into a cooker (outside), use a detergent spray to check for leaks. If there is no leak, light it and let the gas burn. If there is a leak, I would leave the cooker outside in a safe, open space (away from combustibles) and let the gas run out without lighting it, you may want to open the valve on low and leave it overnight. Ideally do this on a day with a bit of breeze to disperse the gas (mainly for the smell). As gas is heavier than air, I would sit the cooker up high on a table top, and make sure there are no open pits close by (e.g. swimming pools etc.) for the heavy gas to accumulate in. Some might suggest keeping smokers away while doing this - however I am normally non-interventionist, and believe in letting nature take its course.

The Hottest Questions About Canisters 2

3. Can I mix deep red canisters and accents with our arabella plate set?

Wow, that is a challenge. They do not really go together -but you can work it. deep red, dark blue, and a little gold in kitchen colors/accents [ DON'T add any more colors ]: canisters [ the dark red ] curtains placemats small appliances [ toaster, blender, etc. ] maybe white walls, appliances, floors, or counters?

4. Will Coleman fuel canisters fit the Jetboil Flash Cooking system?

I would not count on it. If you are smart you will go to the sporting goods store and check for sure. The way it appears online shows a Jetboil canister which I am sure would be expensive

5. is it bad to store co2 canisters (for pellet guns) is freezing conditions?

The cartridges are filled with liquid CO2

6. My friend bought me a Walther PPK BB-gun for my birthday. It uses 12g CO2 canisters, how many shots?

Well why ask on Yahoo Answers when you can go in your backyard and count how many can hit the Coke can from 10 feet. Also, what brand is your PPK? And what is the fps (speed)?

7. I am looking for kitchen canisters. 4 in total, flour, baking soda, baking powder and sugar....?

Good Luck---I've been around awhile, and I have NEVER seen canisters labeled for "baking soda" and "baking powder"....generally those are things people keep in the I am guessing your best bet will be to label them yourself, and get some kind of glass paint from a craft store to do it... Rarely do I see canister sets labeled at all, with names of what you are 'supposed' to keep in there..I guess they figure everyone keeps something different...Like for me, keeping flour & sugar on the counter in a canister set attracts ants in the summer, so I keep them in plastic containers with tightly sealable lids in the cupboard, and my canisters have rice, beans and tea in them... You might be able to find the labeled sets in a thrift store, I think that labeling thing was more common for goods produced awhile ago, but like I said, still doubt you will find it saying 'baking soda & powder." Just find a set that matches your kitchen, and like I said, paint the words on yourself with paint for glass or ceramics, whatever the canisters are made of...some paint comes in a bottle where you can do the words without a paintbrush, just squeeze the paint out as you are writing....If you do paint on them, just hand wash them in cool water when you need to wash them (not in dishwasher or with hot water) and do not use a scrubber over the area where you painted. Good Luck!

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Understand  Canisters
Understand Canisters
An Introduction to CanistersDavid Cornell Leestma (born May 6, 1949) is a former American astronaut and retired Captain in the United States NavyWhat to Put in Kitchen CanistersKitchen canister sets are made in different shapes and sizes, as well as materials from ceramic to copper to glass. One important factor that they all have in common is that they must be airtight to store dry goods. The canisters must seal efficiently to keep out moisture and insects that can spoil stored foods. Most dry food staples can be stored in kitchen canisters, especially if they are kept out of direct sunlight. Flour Baking supplies, such as different types of flour, keep well in kitchen canisters. Airtight canisters with silicone or rubber seals that are seated on the cover and fit tightly to the lip of the canister work best to keep out humidity and moisture that can make the flour clump together. These seals also keep insects and their larvae out of the flour. The flour canister is usually the largest canister in a kitchen canister set. Sugar The next largest canister in a kitchen canister set may be the sugar canister. Sugar is also negatively affected by humidity and moisture. It creates lumps and becomes sticky when the canister seal does not form an airtight bond with the canister. Ensure that the seal works correctly by brushing it off so that no sugar crystals clog the grooves in the seal when closed. Pasta Remove your spaghetti pasta from its store box and place it in a tall kitchen canister. These taller kitchen canisters are ideal for storing spaghetti without breaking up the dry pasta strands. Whole spaghetti strands that you can twirl on a fork Italian style make the eating experience more enjoyable for spaghetti lovers. Keep the spaghetti kitchen canister on the counter top within easy reach for quick meal preparation. Coffee It is especially important that coffee beans and ground coffee be stored in an airtight kitchen canister so that they do not lose the oils essential to the coffee taste through evaporation. Silicone or rubber seals can make a kitchen canister airtight; however, they often attract ground coffee particles that stick and can prevent a good seal on a coffee canister. Brush off both the seal and the canister rim before closing so that they are free of coffee particles.Is there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?s there such a thing as 'spoiled' c02 canisters?==noI've bought 2 boxes of Crossman brand c02 from a local store for my bike innertube inflater. Once filled, the pressure in my tyre would drop substantially within 24 hours.==leak I concluded that this drop just might be normal for co2.==no My normal hand pump uses air, which is mostly nitrogen with very small amounts of co2. I conjectured that the co2 might dissipate through the inner-tube easier than the nitrogen which makes up most of the air, hence the rapid pressure drop. ==.000005% maybeWhen I exhausted those canisters, I order 2 more boxes of the same brand and quantity online. It's been 2 days since I filled with the new canisters, and I squeezed my tyres just now on a whim. Wow, it's like I just filled them. The pressure should be rather low right now. I haven't used a gauge, but the pressure feels about right on the front tyre. The rear is a little harder to judge with its kevlar weaving, it's higher pressure, and my lack of experience with judging this type of tyre's pressure by touch.--doesn;t work, touchCould it be the case that the co2 canisters stocked locally had gone 'bad' somehow? ==noI hear they put OILS AND THINGS inside of c02 canisters.==nno I suspect those boxes had been on the shelf for a long time. Maybe some chemical breakdown happened with the oil and c02 or something along those lines? Clearly, there is a difference in the boxes I've ordered.It's possible that I overfilled by a large amount, but that would imply that my tyre guage and/or judgment of tangible stuff is off by quite a bit.3 hours ago - 4 days left to answer. Report AbuseAdditional Details@JohnI have a frame pump I always take, but filling the rear type to at least 110==too high for mt bike is a nightmare, even though the pump should handle it. The constant pumping motion has ripped my valve base at least once.==doing it wrong It's really exhausting, especially when I don't have it perfectly seated and I loose lbs of air at high pressure in a split second.2 hours ago@McGBut my tubes haven't changed - yet they appear to be holding pressure better suddenly. It's intriguing. I have to observe this more.==yeah so far you have not observed it accurately2 hours ago@John & Groin*Shug*I'd have a floor pump if I could find a reasonably priced one whose quality I did not need to question. My search so far has been discouraging.==99% of them are ok and much cheaper than 888 boxes of co2wle1 hour ago
HCDE 451 // A3 Process Blog: 3D Printing Film Canister Holder
HCDE 451 // A3 Process Blog: 3D Printing Film Canister Holder
PromptThe A3 prototype was an exercise in 3D modeling and printing. We had to create a functional object that was of our own design and used three product commands taught in class. For my model, I chose extrude, boolean, and fillet edge. DesignDesign RequirementsWith the freedom to create any item we wanted, I chose to create a holder for my 35mm film canisters when Im transporting them in my bag or keeping them on my desk. When Im out and about, I usually carry two cylindrical containers, and it becomes quite a hassle when the small canisters roll away or get buried at the bottom of my backpack.As a result, my design requirements for the container were as follows:Prevents canisters from rolling awayHolds 35mm canisters of different sizes (theyre not all made the same!)Holds a minimum of 2 canistersIdeationI began by sketching a few ideas. I first thought of designing a rectangular-shaped container, but it had an excess amount of unused space inside for the cylindrical shapes. I also considered one long tube where the canisters could stack onto each other, but I decided that this shape could make it challenging to get the canister at the very bottom.I measured the widths of my different film canisters and designed for the largest canister size. Ultimately, I decided on a shape that resembled two cylinders stuck together. It would have a flat lid and a wall thickness of approximately 0.10 inches. The top and bottom would be a little sturdier with a thickness of approximately 0. 20 inches. Prototyping: 3D Modeling on RhinoI created concentric circles (with the wall thickness as the space between them) for the bottom part of the container, and used a similar approach for the lid, making sure to make it just large enough to fit snugly onto the bottom part.I combined the outline shape and extruded it to fit the canisters, and used boolean to cut the inner shape out. I also used fillet for the bottom edge of the container. By only filleting one edge of the object, I would be able to determine the orientation of the container when Im feeling around in my bag.Prototyping: PrintingI used the University of Washington CoMotion Makerspace and printed my design using one of the 3D printers available.ReflectionChangesOverall, I am pleased with my prototype. It fulfills its purpose, and my different types of film canisters fit. However, if I were to iterate on this product again, I would re-design the following aspects:The lid of the container is slightly loose when placed on the bottom part. It would have been helpful to know how much space to leave between the bottom container and the lid such that the cap would be neither too tight nor too loose. Some industry conventions or tips regarding this measurement would have been useful before creating and measure the lid.There is a bit of wiggle room when the two largest possible canisters are placed in the container. While it isnt particularly important whether they rattle around, I think it would be better if they could be more snugly fit to create a smaller product and save space and construction materials. Making Time to PrintAdditionally, I think I would use a different software to design this item. Rhino appears to be a good software for large designs, but I have more experience with SolidWorks, and I think I would have been able to finish the assignment sooner if I used this alternative tool. Particularly with an assignment where I had to make time to go to the Makerspace, and as a commuter with a part-time job, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to print. I had little experience with Rhino before taking this course, and there was a learning curve with the software. While there were online tutorials available, it was challenging at times to figure out a solution to some problems with my particular case RELATED QUESTION Why have we dealt away with round tank turrets in recent years? Composite armor doesnu2019t like curvesIf you were to look at all the tanks in history that used large, rounded and cast turrets, youu2019ll notice that they are all composed of pretty much all steel.The best examples of these are Soviet Cold War era tanks with their u201coverturned soup-bowl turretsu201dThe turrets were shaped this way in order to improve protection from anti-tank weapons. It should be mentioned that there are tanks that incorporate composite materials into their design whilst also using rounded armour plating. An example of this is the Soviet T-64, which despite using composite materials in its construction, still maintains a rounded cast turretHowever, if you were to look at these kind of tanks, youu2019ll notice that all the modern armour upgrades applied to them, all basically make up large flat panels. This is why designers have done away with round armor plating in general. There really isnu2019t any major benefit in using them, and its easier to incorporate composite armor and ERA with flat panels. Why have we dealt away with round tank turrets in recent years?
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