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Trying to Remove an Emtek Door Handle/lock but Can't. Removed the Obvious Screws but Cant Remove the

Emtek Door Handles

Trying to Remove an Emtek Door Handle/lock but Can't. Removed the Obvious Screws but Cant Remove the 1

1. What would be good to use to protect my fridge door handle from striking my counter top when it opens?

specific, I used to maintain a thick bathmat top there because of the fact it became into only the suited length and frequently saved the glass bottles rom breaking. Now I only attempt to no longer overload the front of the refrigerator cabinets (yet a tabasco bottle broke the day gone by, attempt cleansing that up!)

2. My dad took my door handle off what should I do?

Im sure there is more to this story, a one time accidental locking of a door does not warrant him taking it off. I would try with an open mind look at what has happened in the past and try to work with your dad to build a better relationship. There is a book called "yes your teen is crazy" i suggest you and your dad read it, I will bring some insight to why teenagers do what they do, its a very good book.

Trying to Remove an Emtek Door Handle/lock but Can't. Removed the Obvious Screws but Cant Remove the 2

3. Does your clothing always get caught on the door handle or dining chair?

not always..but dresses i like or do not want to tear will surely tear

4. How do I fix a broken door handle on a truck?

Depending what part of the country your from & the type of vehicle you own try e-mailing this place maybe they can help you.

5. What would be good to use to protect my fridge door handle from striking my counter top when it opens?

on the top of your door, you will see where you can put the hinges on the other it!

6. Why is a door handle on an opposite edge to the hinges?

For maximum leverage (torque) to overcome the force of the atmospheric pressure acting upon the large area of the door, thus displacing the air as it is opened (or closed)

7. How to I Break into my car?

Well first you may be able to affordably get key made. if you have original dealership purchase paperwork among the car loan vehicle description ect will be a key replacement form and have the number. and your local dealership may be able to get on internet and get code. thats what i did for my 96 chevy cavalier cost $6. other wise have you been trying to open with door handle or snag keys from ignition? is it electronic locks have a fob? maybe you can poke the button. before breaking a window or actually damaging your door seal try your dealership for rekeying.

8. I got locked in the freezer at work, because the inside door handle was broken, can I sue?

This got here approximately to me basically 2 weeks in the past, purely i became unlocking my vehicle door and the lock became frozen, so i attempted jiggling the main, shifting returned and forth attempting to loosen the ice up, did not artwork so I utilized slightly greater stress and snap. I additionally had slightly (perhaps a million/sixty 4") uncovered, yet not likely adequate to snatch with tweezers, hemostats, or needle nostril. So. i attempted rapid-drying adhesives, yet not large glue. i attempted a pair situations even though it became chilly exterior and the glue was not curing rapid adequate, i presumed i became gonna finally end up gluing the broken key into the lock. So, I grabbed so heat soapy water and a enamel brush from the residing house, and sat available and scrubbed off each and all the glue that i could desire to verify or get to. I went interior to get heat for a at the same time as. perhaps 2 hrs. I went returned exterior to objective the tweezers returned. lo and behold earlier I even have been given to my vehicle door I seen the broken key protruding some million/4". I yanked it appropriate out with the needle nostril. What got here approximately? The water that I used to scrub the glue off iced over interior the lock and pushed broken key out. What success! Now this might artwork in case you reside able with chilly temps. otherwise i could have been given get some extractors (do not wreck those off on your lock) or call a locksmith.

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What 5 Things Must I Do to Become a Well-rounded, Progressive UX Designer in My Career? [closed]
What 5 Things Must I Do to Become a Well-rounded, Progressive UX Designer in My Career? [closed]
I agree with Glen. Really you need to be passionate about design. What is inspired you to want to pursue Interaction Design/UX?Some people have an innate ability for design, but to get you in the mindset, read Don Norman's books about the Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design. He takes it beyond computers and looks at everyday items as mundane as door handles. It really does help you to look at the bigger picture1. restaurants and using their forks and spoons? just how sanitary are the utensils?They definitely are not sanitized when they reach your table, possibly clean as in free of visible dirt. It's the same type of risk you take when money exchanges hands, which is anything but clean, and the germs that can be found on door handles to the restaurant itself and washroom doors. Many people do not wash their hands2. How dangerous is it to go to the grocery store during this coronavirus pandemic?It continues to remain seriously concerning gathering anywhere people are congregating.People are not distancing enough from other people.Dr. Lydia Bourouibas, Fluid Dynamics, MIT, "A sneeze can expel droplets of Covid-19, 23-27' away. Mucus and saliva can burst from out of the mouth at nearly 100 mph, staying suspended in the air ?. 6' is not near enough a person needs to distance from others."New England Journal of Medicine, "Loud talking expels droplets of Coronavirus up to 3' away from the speaker. "People are understandably concerned about the economy and paying their bills, but the disease is still very real and proving deadly for those still in denial.Infected people not appearing to have symptoms are unknowingly transferring Covid-19 to bystanders. The disease travels on droplets from coughing, sneezing, spitting, (yup watched a guy spitting out of his car window into the wind), and talking. Droplets fall onto people, and surfaces everywhere. Live viral killing germs of Covid -19 lasts:4 HRS ON COPPER24 HOURS ON CARDBOARD72 HOURS ON PLASTIC & STAINLESS STEELYou know those plastic shields to protect workers? Zero protection for customers facing the plastic where hundreds of shoppers just stood, leaving their droplets.Wear your masks, stand away from plastic shields. 96 HOURS ON GLASSSo while we hold stores glass doors, and refrigerator doors, rubbing on the doors, potentially wiping coronavirus all over ourselves, then potentially taking the virus home to our families.Wear masks, carry disinfectant/alcohol/peroxide sprayed wipes, and use these for door handles, money, everything.Wipe down everything you purchase before taking items inside your homes. Imagine the many unwashed hands handling foods, boxes, and packaging you are now handling.We must shop, (delivery where I live is unavailable till June, maybe), but we can be smart about our shopping trips.Make it short and fast, distance as far as possible, get home asap. SCRUB YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME. If we distance as far as possible from others, wash hands and clothing, wear clean masks, we will live through this pandemic. Be safe, and pray for the worldHow dangerous is it to go to the grocery store during this coronavirus pandemic?3. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, what are some tips to consciously not touch your face throughout the day?Touching one's face can be a very normal habit that must be consciously considered and avoided. Possibly a string around the wrist, or look into a mirror and slap your own face to remind yourself not to touch (actually works). Of course if you don't wash your hands with soap and water and avoid touching public handled items (door handles, gasoline pump levers, bannisters and railings, elevator buttons, etc. ) then avoiding your face is even more important.In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, what are some tips to consciously not touch your face throughout the day?4. Tesla recently came out with their CyberTruck. Would you buy one, and why?I would buy one if they changed one thing about it. Tesla has a feature that hides the door handles when in operation. This is a no go for me. I read a story about a man who bought a Tesla based on its safety ratings. Its all he cared about. And disappearing door handles seems like a sure way to prevent someone from easily hijacking your vehicle while you are in it. In this particular case, it failed him.He wrecked into a telephone pole and the part of the vehicle that controls the door handles malfunctioned and he got trapped inside. The vehicle caught on fire, thus bringing his worst fears and mine to life. Other than that, the truck from first glance, my initial reaction was "Elon missed the point" (referring to a trucks actual use as utility). But the more I read articles and looked at the truck, it started to grow on me. I dont actually know why I like it, but if they gave me some door handles that stayed in place fulltime, I would definitely buy it. Tesla recently came out with their CyberTruck. Would you buy one, and why?
Alexandria and Arlington Crime Watch
Alexandria and Arlington Crime Watch
These were among incidents reported by the Alexandria Police Department. For information, call 703-746-4444 or visit St. N., 400block, 4:15p.m. March30. An assault was reported.Armistead St. N., 400block, 9:50p.m. March28. An assault was reported.Bruce St., 3900block, 9:03p.m. March28. An assault was reported.Cameron St., 1700block, 10:50p.m. March28. An assault was reported.Columbus St. N., unitblock, 3:38p.m. April2. An assault was reported.Fairfax St. N., unitblock, 12:48a.m. March31. An assault was reported.Ford Ave., 4500block, 3:40a.m. March31. An assault was reported.Jordan St. S., unitblock, 12:09a.m. March29. An assault was reported.Kenmore Ave., 4800block, 7:38p.m. April1. An assault was reported.King St., 3600block, 11:26a.m. March31. An assault was reported.King St., 4600block, 11:07p.m. March28. An assault was reported.Milan Dr., 3800block, 8:16p.m. March31. An assault was reported. An arrest was made.Mount Vernon Ave., 3100block, 10:14p.m. March30. An assault was reported.Mount Vernon Ave., 3400block, 8:20p.m. March29. An assault was reported.Patrick St. N., 800block, 9:45p.m. March31. An assault was reported.Raleigh Ave., 4400block, 12:53a.m. March29. An assault was reported. An arrest was made.Seminary Rd., 4900block, 10:01p.m. March29. An assault was reported. An arrest was made.Thornton Way, 700block, 8:38p.m. March28. An assault was reported.Van Dorn St. S., unitblock, 12:45p.m. March31. An assault was reported.Wesmond Dr., 100block, 6:01p.m. March31. An assault was reported.West St. N., 700block, 11:41a.m. March30. An assault was reported.Yoakum Pkwy., 200block, 2:51p.m. March31. An assault was reported.Raleigh Ave., 4400block, 12:53a.m. March29. Kidnapping was reported.Stevenson Ave., 6300block, 3:02a.m. March29. Kidnapping was reported. An arrest was made.Van Dorn St. S., 100block, 11:48p.m. March29. A robbery was reported.Beauregard St. N., 1400block, 8:41a.m. March30. A theft was reported.Braddock Rd. E., 400block, 1:42a.m. March28. A theft was reported.Bragg St. S., 100block, 4:09a.m. March28. A theft was reported.Bragg St. S., 100block, 10:31p.m. March30. Trespassing was reported. An arrest was made.Business Center Dr., unitblock, 1:13p.m. March28. A theft was reported.Calvert Ave., 300block, 4:46p.m. April1. Property was stolen.Columbus St. N., 100block, 3:30p.m. March27. A theft was reported.Duke St., 1700block, 9:30p.m. March28. A theft was reported.Duke St., 3100block, 12:15p.m. March31. A theft was reported.Duke St., 4300block, 7:08p.m. March30. A theft was reported. An arrest was made.Edsall Rd., 5700block, 7:50p.m. March28. A theft was reported.Fayette St. N., unitblock, 5:11p.m. March28. A theft was reported.Hilton St., 100block, 8:32a.m. April2. A theft was reported.Hume Ave., 100block, 3:41p.m. April2. A theft was reported.King St., 1700block, 8:56p.m. March31. A theft was reported.King St., 2200block, 7:13p.m. March31. A theft was reported.Mount Vernon Ave., 4100block, 6p.m. March29. Trespassing was reported. An arrest was made.Park Center Dr., 2800block, 12:44p.m. April1. A theft was reported.Park Rd., 300block, 1:19p.m. March31. A theft was reported. An arrest was made.Park Rd., 300block, 4:50p.m. March29. A theft was reported.Pickett St. S., 400block, 8:45a.m. March31. A theft was reported.Raleigh Ave., 4400block, 6:23p.m. April2. A theft was reported.Richmond Hwy., 3100block, 12:18p.m. March31. A theft was reported. An arrest was made.Richmond Hwy., 3100block, 2:51p.m. March31. A theft was reported. An arrest was made.Richmond Hwy., 3400block, 4:52p.m. March31. A theft was reported.Ripley St. N., 100block, 10:56p.m. March29. A theft was reported.Royal St. S., 500block, 11:26p.m. March31. A theft was reported.Seminary Rd., 4900block, 12:31a.m. March31. A theft was reported.Seminary Rd., 4900block, 1:28a.m. March31. A theft was reported.Seminary Rd., 5000block, 6p.m. March29. A theft was reported.Taney Ave., 5300block, 4p.m. March29. A theft was reported.Whiting St. S., 300block, 8:25a.m. April1. A theft was reported.Clifford Ave., 400block, 6:26p.m. April2. A vehicle was stolen.Duke St., 3600block, 11:59p.m. March31. Property was damaged.Duke St., 4200block, 5:14p.m. March31. Property was damaged.Madison St., 1300block, 7:27p.m. March28. Property was damaged.Notabene Dr., 600block, 9:31a.m. March28. Property was damaged.Quantrell Ave., 5900block, 12:02a.m. April2. Property was damaged.Whiting St. S., 200block, 5:21p.m. March29. Property was damaged.These were among incidents reported by the Arlington County Police Department. For information, call 703-558-2222 or visit Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2700block. An attempt was made to commit arson.Cathedral Lane, 3900block. An assault was reported.Columbia Pike, 3000block. An assault was reported.Columbia Pike, 3700block, 1:29a.m. April1. A female was struck in the head, causing a laceration. A 21-year-old Alexandria female was arrested and charged.Fairfax Dr., 3900block. An assault was reported.Glebe Rd. N., 2300block. An assault was reported.Glebe Rd. N., 3300block. Threats were reported.Hayes St. S., 1100block. An assault was reported.Lang St. S., 2700block. An assault was reported.Wakefield St. N., 800block. An assault was reported.Westmoreland St. N., 2100block. An assault was reported.Wilson Blvd., 2400block, 4:45a.m. March29. An assault was reported.Wilson Blvd., 3100block, 1:51a.m. March31. An assault was reported.Ninth Rd. S., 2500block. Harassment was reported.11th St. N., 2300block, 6p.m. March28. Two people fought.20th Rd. N., 5800block. An assault was reported.Carlin Springs Rd. S., 200block. Weapon violation was reported.Fairfax Dr. and N. Queen St. Weapon violation was reported.Interstate 395 and S. Glebe Rd. Weapon violation was reported.Fifth St. S., 3600block. Weapon violation was reported.Arlington Blvd., 4500block, 2:19p.m. March27. A man was observed peering through a bedroom window. The man fled when he was confronted by a resident.Fort Myer Dr., 1200block, 1:35p.m. April1. Two men entered a convenience store and took money from a cash register after a brief struggle with an employee.Dinwiddie St. S., 1300block. A theft was reported.Fern St. S., 1200block. Property was stolen from a vehicle.Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4100block, 12:06a.m. March28. An attempt was made to enter a residence by tampering with a door handle. A man fled from the scene when he was confronted by a resident.Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4100block, 1:30a.m. March30. A man heard a door to the residence open and when his dog barked, a person fled from the scene on foot.Garfield St. N., 900block, 12:44a.m. April1. A man was found inside a vacant apartment. A 59-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested and charged.Garfield St. N., 900block, 10p.m. March31. A residence was entered.George Mason Dr. N., 1600block. A theft was reported.Hayes St. S., 1100block. A theft was reported.Henderson Rd., 4300block. A theft was reported.Henderson Rd., 4300block. Property was stolen.Moore St. N., 1700block. Trespassing was reported.Powhatan St. N., 2000block, 2:41p.m. March30. A bicycle was stolen from a garage.Vacation Lane, 4100block. A theft was reported.Veitch St. N., 1900block. A theft was reported.Walter Reed Dr. S., 800block. A theft was reported.Wilson Blvd., 2900block. A theft was reported.Wilson Blvd., 3900block, 8:15p.m. April1. Property was stolen from a business.Wilson Blvd., 4200block. A theft was reported.Wilson Blvd., 4200block. Property was stolen.Seventh St. N., 3800block, 6p.m. March30. A residence was entered.22nd St. N., 1500block, 10:42a.m. March31. Sports equipment was stolen from an open garage door to a residence.Army Navy Dr., 400block, March28. A white 2010 GMC truck was stolen.Army Navy Dr., 800block, 7:10p.m. March30. Police located a reported stolen vehicle in a parking garage. A 19-year-old Gaithersburg female was arrested and charged.Hayes St. S., 1100block, March28. A red 2018 Kia Forte was stolen.Randolph St. S., 3000block, March29. A silver 2012 Jeep Cherokee was stolen.Seventh St. N., 3800block, 1a.m. March30. A black 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL320 was stolen.28th St. S., 4800block, March31. A silver 2016 Kia Optima was stolen.29th St. S., 4800block. A vehicle reported stolen was recovered at this location.Courthouse Rd. N., 1300block, 3p.m. March30. Property was damaged.Crystal Dr., 2100block. Graffiti was reported.Crystal Dr., 2100block. Property was damaged.Frederick St. S., 1000block. Property was damaged.Kirkwood Rd. and Washington Blvd., 1:38p.m. April1. Property was damaged.Kirkwood Rd. and Washington Blvd. Property was damaged.Long Bridge Dr., 400block. Property was damaged.Stafford St. N., 1100block. Property was damaged.Wilson Blvd., 6000block. Property was damaged.28th St. S., 4800block, 11:34p.m. March30. Two males and two females crashed a stolen vehicle into a parked vehicle, causing theirs to overturn. They tampered with four vehicles and one of the vehicles with keys left inside was stolen.— Compiled by Ria Manglapus
Considering Buying a 2011 Mazda 3 S Sport Hatchback. What Do You Think?
Considering Buying a 2011 Mazda 3 S Sport Hatchback. What Do You Think?
i have a 2010 mazda 3 maxx sport hatch. i love it. i went all out and got a lot of extras... like front and rear sensors... chrome side indicators...tow-bar (mainly for protection)... roof-racks... the tilt alarm... cargo tray and net... scuff plates. ... darkest legal tint. i got my car in oct. it's done 10000 k's now... seems like only yesterday my baby was brand new. i picked celestial blue... and i put chrome side mirrors on and chrome door handles. it looks hot. inside... my gf and i are personalising a bit... we got adhesive suede in blue off the net... and carbon fibre vinyl in 3d black... just to make it more us. it looks amazing. we wanted to get rims... but the people at mazda said it might affect the warranty and that the mazda ones were worth 900 each so to keep them. (we are undecided). but yea... go for it... i love it. the built in nav... oh and i love love love the flick key idea...1. Pranks for our last day of school ?just do loads of sifferent ones like: * dead fish in the pool and dye it * grass seeds over the field * move bins or something in the way of paths and reception *vaseline on door handles * move aload of classrooms back to front. * rude balloons stuck around * play music really loud from roofs *bubble bath in the toliets * swap board pens for permanent * &have to have a massive water fight. if you want to do something big, bring 3 sheep in and name them 1, 2 and 4 - classic. xx : P2. Bradington-Young Develops Leather Upholstery Cleaning GuideLuxury upholstery specialist, Bradington-Young, a Hooker Furnishings Company, has developed an educational guide to provide retailers and consumers with information on cleaning and disinfecting leather furniture during the pandemic. The new guide outlines how to protect leather goods from being damaged by alcohol-based disinfectants like hand sanitizer gel and wipes used to protect against COVID-19. According to a CDC report, the COVID-19 virus cannot live long in porous surfaces such as leather and wood as the small holes trap the microbes and keep them from transferring, unlike surfaces such as door handles or glass doors. Bradington-Young suggests avoiding any liquid or spray containing alcohol as this will compromise the bonding agent on the topcoat of the leather. Once the topcoat is compromised, the leather will no longer be protected, and color transfer begins. "After receiving an influx of questions and concerns from consumers about how to clean and disinfect our products, our customer care team wanted to be as proactive as possible when it came to protecting the quality and longevity of our leather goods," said Cheryl Sigmon, vice president of merchandising at Bradington-Young. "With the increased use of disinfecting agents in homes across the country, we were concerned that consumers would assume that it's safe to use them on their leather furniture. So, we created this easy to use guide to reassure them that it is still safe to purchase leather furniture and to provide them with the resources they need to properly clean these products without damage. "And, as more and more retailers return to 'normal' operations, we anticipate that they will also benefit from these leather care tips to help keep their floor samples safe and clean for their customers," she added. The new guidelines add to the company's extensive leather education resources, which include a general leather care guide - available on its website, deck labels and hang tags - a Leather Lifestyle Parings Guide that helps consumers choose the type of leather that is best suited for their lifestyle and a leather care cleaning kit. The cleaning kit, which includes a bottle of leather cleaner and protection cream, is available to Bradington-Young customers free of charge, upon product registration. Additional leather cleaning kits are available for purchase through the company's customer care department. Available on the company's website, the leather cleaning guide outlines best practices for caring for each of the different types of leather, including Aniline, Nubuck, Finished and Aniline-Plus leathers.3. is there any other way to remove window cranks without the tool?I've used a screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the clips from window cranks and door handles on GM cars
Honda Jazz Long Term Review
Honda Jazz Long Term Review
The Honda Jazz pioneered the premium hatchback segment in India when it was first launched in India in 2009. At that time the Jazz offered sedan-like practicality and space along with impressive dynamics but failed to gain the market-share it deserved. The second generation of the vehicle was launched here in 2015 and got a mild update in 2018. The diesel Jazz is now a part of our long term fleet. Honda mildly updated the Jazz just a year ago with new features and some cosmetic changes. The facelift brought LED lights and chrome door handles along with turn indicators on ORVMs. The Jazz's modern and premium styling elements don't attract much attention even after the facelift. The design doesn't look dated but there are no major exterior changes with this facelift.However, this facelift does bring new features to the interior. The interior has always been this car's strong point. Honda has loaded the Jazz with a ton of features such as keyless go, cruise control and automatic climate control to name a few. The top-end variant also gets a reverse parking camera with guidelines. It does miss out on a sunroof unfortunately but the dual-tone black and beige theme does give the cabin an airy feel.The updated infotainment system is much more responsive and the facelift also brings in support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The front row of seats provide great support and comfort and the same can be said about the rear seats. The cabin is extremely spacious and can easily seat five people in comfort. Even the boot is spacious.The 1.5-litre diesel engine powering the Honda Jazz makes 99 HP and 200 Nm of torque. The engine has impressive drivability and is ideal for commuting duties. The motor doesn't have any low-end lag and delivers linear performance throughout the rev range. The engine is on the noisier side and becomes more vocal in the top-end but also manages to deliver a stellar 18 km/l of fuel economy which is truly outstanding in this segment. The 6-speed manual gearbox delivers smooth shifts while the clutch is on the lighter side.Honda has also tuned the suspension to be on the stiffer side resulting in a great ride and handling balance. Sharp bumps do enter the cabin but overall the ride is very pliant. High-speed stability is very good and the body roll is also well contained. Braking performance is decent. The steering also offers remarkable feel and feedback. While being light in the city, it weighs up at higher speeds and offers a good amount of confidence around corners.The interior of the Honda Jazz is really spacious and comes with a good number of features. The diesel engine is extremely frugal and the Jazz has exceptional dynamics. The Jazz offers sedan-like practicality while still being compact and fun to drive. Despite having all these characteristics, the Jazz is quite under-rated. Although this segment has way too many offerings and the Jazz is one of the most expensive options, people looking for a reliable and spacious hatchback will not be disappointed by this vehicle.
What Are Some Things I Can Do to a Hyundai Sonata to Make It a Better Looking Car?
What Are Some Things I Can Do to a Hyundai Sonata to Make It a Better Looking Car?
For the front end. Depending on the year. A new grill that makes the cars front end look better would be good. Get rid of that Hyundai badge! It'll look more sporty, and is always a main priority when I work with a car. Also,some led strips for the headlights. Angel eyes would be bomb. Front end complete. For the sides. Window tint as you said. If it's older and doesn't have chrome, and you like chrome. Put chrome strips you get at autozone advanced auto pep boys around the windows on each side. You can even order chrome door handles if you're into it. For the tires. Nice rim's. Hell, throw some Brembo caliper covers on or use paint specifically for calipers. Make them whatever color you want to match up with the car. It's a huge improvement. It has to be done carefully to not look cheap. For the rear. That is something I could never figure out on all of the years of the Sonata. Sorry, I'm unsure on that. Lip spoilers look sorta odd depending on the year. Those are my cheapest suggestions. Without doing the whole body kit thing costing you $1800 plus.1. Question: What Type Of Roller Is Best For Painting Doors?Is it better to spray or roll interior doors? Whether you spray, brush or roll, you will get the best results if you prepare the door properly, and, because paint levels better on a horizontal surface, if you take the door down and lay it flat. Even if you have to paint the door in place, you can still get good results.. What is the best way to paint interior doors? Fingerprints and grime are to be expected on interior doors in high-traffic areas. So pick paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish, rather than flat or eggshell, for a surface that's much easier to wipe clean. A glossier paint also makes doors and trim stand out beautifully against the flatter wall surface. Do you use a foam roller for gloss paint? A long sleeved mohair roller would be used to cover a textured wall or an artexed ceiling whereas a smooth foam roller would be used to paint emulsion on a nice smooth, plastered wall. ... Synthetic fibre roller sleeves are ideal for oil based paints such as gloss painting a flush door. Why does my paint roller slide instead of roll? You will know immediately when you've overloaded the roller. It will drip en route to the wall and have a tendency to slide and smear instead of roll across the surface. ... On walls, that means the first stroke should be up. If you roll down on the first stroke, the paint may puddle under the roller and run down the wall. How can I paint without brush marks? Painting Tip #4- Painting techniques that help eliminate brush strokesDo not press too hard on the brush. ... Paint in the details and then smooth over.Going back over semi dry paint will cause ripples. ... You want to apply a thin coat, but do not "stretch" the paint on the brush. ... Always paint in one direction. There are many advantages to using a foam roller to paint your interior doors. ... The roller will spread the paint more smoothly and evenly, and it wo not leave brush marks or a bumpy surface. Because the foam roller spreads a thinner layer of paint, you will need to do at least two coats. Shaking a paint can, or stirring it too vigorously introduces air into the paint that can cause foaming, as can using old or low-quality paint. ... Applying paint too rapidly or using the wrong roller also creates tiny bubbles on the wall. What roller gives the smoothest finish? Walls, Wood, and Metal - Small 1/4 nap roller covers or foam rollers will produce the smoothest finish. Light to Medium Textured Surfaces - Microfiber rollers are best. How can I paint over gloss without sanding? To avoid sanding you can, however, use a liquid deglosser such as Krudd Kutter or M1. We like to use ether one at 518 Painters. These are specially designed liquids that will degloss most surfaces and promote a chemical bond between your glossy surface and new paint. What are foam paint rollers used for? Painters often use traditional rollers for uneven exterior walls and foam rollers for smooth interior walls, doors, and cabinets. Foam rollers glide along a smooth flat surface very easily and dispense the paint on the surfaces evenly. Foam rollers tend to last a shorter period of time than traditional rollers. Can you use a roller to paint a door? If you are going to paint a plain, flat door, use a foam roller to roll on the paint and use an angled brush to paint the sides. You want to make sure you leave no roller lap marks. To remove any lap marks, roll a lightly-loaded roller over the wet coat of paint to smooth. Can I use a roller to gloss a door? You can use a variety of brushes and rollers for this step. For large flat surfaces use the Ultimate Gloss 4 inch Roller Set. This will give you a very fine finish very fast. For areas with some detail use the Ultimate Gloss Angled Brush or the Ultimate Gloss Flat Brush. How do you paint interior doors without brush marks? How To Paint A Door Without Brush Marks (5-Step Guide)Evaluate necessary prep work.Remove door, door handles, and door hardware.Apply primer (if necessary) and sand.Apply the first coat of paint (semi-gloss paint or the paint of your choice)Lightly sand between coats.Apply the second coat/topcoat and let dry. How do I get a smooth finish with a foam roller? Here is how to get a smooth painted finish without a sprayer.Start with sanding. ... Prime corners and small edges with a foam brush. ... Prime large, open, and flat areas with the foam roller. ... Sand again, this time with 320 grit sandpaper. ... Prime everything again, just like before. ... Finish coat in your chosen color.More items... What is the best paint to use on interior doors? Choose paint recommended for interior doors, such as types with a durable gloss or semi gloss sheen that makes it easy to clean. If possible, paint in a well-ventilated area or use a fan to circulate the air. Before painting, clean the door with a degreasing cleaner. How do you paint a door with a foam roller? Edge in around windows and panels with a brush first, then coat the rest of the door with the foam roller. Use the rollers for both primer and paint. They spread a thinner coat of paint than brushes or conventional rollers do, so you will need at least two coats. How do you prevent roller marks when painting doors? Avoiding Roller MarksUse a 1/2-inch roller cover. ... Load up more frequently. ... Roll over the wet edge. ... Always prime new wood, masonry and drywall: Primer is an adhesive that seals porous materials and prevents paint from soaking in. Is it better to paint a door with a brush or roller? Use Brush for a Hand-Painted Finish Low-nap and foam rollers are ideal because they leave minimal stippling on the surface. But to achieve a really nice finish, use a paintbrush to lightly brush over the final coat of paint while it's still wet to level out roller marks and leave a smooth "hand-painted" texture.2. 1982 Chevy C10 Customization Ideas?You are only limited by the depth of your pockets and reach of your imagination. It's all up to you, pick up a copy of Truckin' or Hot Rod magazine and see what others have done for inspiration. Also get a copy of an LMC Truck catalog for some of the goodies you will need/want. Go for a 4/6 suspension drop, shave the mirrors and door handles, clean/paint the stock rally wheels if it has them, or find a set. Strip the inside of the cab, clean/paint if needed, install a Dynomat insulation barrier, reupholster the seat or graft a pair of front buckets from an Escalade if you can find one, hook up 3" dual exhaust with an x-pipe and turbo mufflers, install a phantom grill, upgrade the headlights to HID projectors, paint it a deglossed black with multicolor pinstripes, re-wire it with a Ron Francis or Painless kit, get an Ididit column... Building an '81 Scottsdale stepside myself on a frame-off resto. Got big plans when time and money permits...3. What can I do to prevent getting sick (swine flu)?Yeah, just keep washing your hands frequently like you are doing. I read that the swine flu or H1N1 gets in the air but does not stay long, it settles on an object and I was thinking about is really dirty period. so if someone sick is handling the money well then it just spreads more. I agree with the President of Mexico, stay home, its the safest place to be to avoid getting infected. If you go out stay away from bird droppings, I read that bird droppings can spread it too. Keep your shoes clean and do not walk around the house with them, clean the floor near the door way where you do walk with your shoes. I will edit this later with more info. when I find it. Good Luck. Stay away from sick people. I've read alot about how scientist say Particle Respirator masks do help, and some say they do not . But I would rather be safe then sorry. So if your in an infected area you should wear the mask. A key symptom is fever. Alot of the symptoms are just like normal flu symptoms also vomiting and diarrhea have been reported. So far only 1 person has died and it was a baby almost 2 yrs old. The flu usually affects very old people and very young children. Although the Spanish influenza affected people 15-40 the most. At least thats what I have read. Treatment for swine flu is mostly the same as any other cold or flu - stay home, rest, drink plenty of liquids, and take pain-killers and over-the-counter aids as needed. The U.S. approved anti-viral drugs include Tamiflu, Relenza, Symmetrel and Flumadine, but only Tamiflu and Relenza are effective against this flu. There is not a vaccine for the swine flu yet, it usually takes months to develope. So we just have to hang in there. Since you was your hands so much (so do I since the swineflu) you should get a mosturizer for your hands because mine started to feel really dry and hurt. Keep your house clean. Wash door handles, counters, do not leave dishes out, wash bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases and just keep everything clean. An air purifier is a good idea, I have been saving for one. Wash you hands and face when you return home.
How Tesla Can Create Model 3 Quickly | HuffPost
How Tesla Can Create Model 3 Quickly | HuffPost
Artist interpretation of Model 3*Photo Credit: Theophilus ChinOn a recent investor call, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced that the company is tentatively planning to show their much anticipated and less expensive Model 3 in March of 2016, with production starting by late 2017. Considering there hasn't been so much as an official teaser shot released so far, that seems like an overly optimistic target to many onlookers. Tesla has a reputation for bringing out new products well behind initially-announced schedules. Both their Roadster and Model S were delayed multiple times before finally being released to the public. Model X is fully one year behind schedule, with no firm release date yet provided.Model 3, however, has some things going for it that the other models didn't. First, the drivetrain for Model 3 should largely be plug-and-play. Tesla has already designed numerous drivetrain and battery pack configurations for front, rear and all-wheel drive vehicles. Beside the Roadster, Models S and X, they have created drivetrains for the Toyota Rav4 EV and the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. Producing an appropriately sized motor, controller and battery pack for Model 3 should be child's play for Tesla.At a target price of $35,000, there shouldn't be anything particularly new or ground-breaking planned for Model 3 either. While no one is expecting it to be a dull knock-off of its more expensive siblings, it is bound to have fewer bells and whistles than its stable mates. Building a cheaper car for the masses demands this, so Tesla will have no need to work out the operation of complicated falcon doors, autopilot programs or even disappearing door handles. Model 3 can offer a conventional sunroof, door handles and more industry-standard options and still be a hit for Musk as long as it has that Tesla cache and the promised industry-leading range. Since 3 will be smaller and lighter than S or X, it won't need as large a pack to deliver that range. Tesla should have no problem achieving the promised 200 miles once their Gigafactory is up to speed producing cheaper, more numerous batteries. As to production, Tesla will have several years of manufacturing experience behind them by 2017, so they should have an easier time building the smaller Model 3. They have hinted that 3 will be built largely out of steel instead of aluminum, which is easier and cheaper to work with. It is also more forgiving. After S and X, building 3 should be a breeze. We should also not overlook one of the company's greatest advantages. Tesla Motors operates more like a tech company that builds car than it does an old, lumbering, multi-national manufacturing corporation. It doesn't require as many levels of study and approval to launch new products. Their vehicles even get software updates over the airwaves. As they build up their manufacturing experience, we can only imagine product development will speed up as well.So while Tesla has yet to release a new vehicle on time, there are many reasons to believe they could do so with Model 3. Only time will tell of course, but there is no doubt the desire for a less expensive, smaller model is there. It will be up to Elon Musk and Tesla to prove to the world, and their investors, that they are capable of moving at the speed of demand.*Disclosure: The author has no commercial or professional interest or relationship with any of the automotive manufacturers listed in this article. He is simply an EV enthusiast who loves variety.
Jaguar  F-Type
Jaguar F-Type
Jaguar has refined its 75 years plus of experience with sports cars to deliver a light, aluminium, two-seat, rear-wheel drive stunner! It's hard to believe that it's fifty years since Jaguar produced a two-seater but the wait has been worth it.F-Type's exterior is breathtaking and I'm sure Ian Callum has designed a future classic. The deployable flush door handles, the one piece clamshell bonnet (made from a single pressing), the aggressive nose and fantastic low-set tail end that features an active retractable spoiler are just some of the body's styling highlights. With a footprint that is 6% bigger than Porsche 911 F-Type is a substantial machine in the flesh.Inside F-Type is a 11. The cabin is divided in two with a large grab hand defining driver and passenger areas. The leather seats are supportive and very comfortable. The 'Z' folding soft top roof can go up or down in just 12 seconds (at up to 50km/h). But surely such a stunning machine can't drive as well as it looks We went to Spain to test the newest Jaguar on the racetrack and roads to find out. Importantly there are three petrol F-Types in the range - defined (initially) by their power output. The entry car 'F-Type' has a three-litre V6 with 340hp that can do 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds. Next up is a tweaked version of this engine with 380hp (F-Type S) and a 4.9 second 0-100km/h time. This machine gets a mechanical rear differential that aids driving dynamics. The range topper is the 'F-Type V8 S' with 497hp and it can sprint to 100km/h in just 4.3 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 300km/h (186mph). V8 S gets an electronic differential among other performance enhancements. All engines are supercharged. Stop/start technology features as standard and Jaguar says this gives up to a 5% saving on fuel.F-Type uses the latest tricks of the trade to deliver a glorious soundtrack to the driver. An 'active exhaust system' (standard on S models/optional on the entry car) opens exhaust valves in the rear box when you accelerate hard from 3000rpm to deliver a wondrous roar right up to the redline.The induction note is also channeled into the cabin. There is a button to have the addictive throaty sound delivered all the time. Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a quick shift eight-speed automatic with paddle shifts. A torque converter is used just for first gear then the drive is directly linked, which means sharper, instant power delivery. To engage drive you need to pull a trigger on the gear selector - how cool is that!On the Navarra racetrack we put a V6 S through its paces. Dynamic mode lets drivers select various parameters like steering weight, traction control settings etc. On the limit the sharp steering F-Type is very forgiving. The rear differential makes the tail end much more controllable when cornering. Acceleration and braking impressed too, but for drivers who want true Porsche 911 rivalling performance the V8 S is the machine. It is devastatingly good at delivering its power to the road. F-Type's brakes get uprated with each model and the V8s do a good job of scrubbing off speed when needed.The F-type will bring out the inner kid in you. Sadly the one thing that isn't childish is the price. The starting price is circa €108,000, rising to €125K for the S and €150K for the V8 S. In the real world F-Type is surprisingly easy to use. The suspension delivers a sophisticated ride that won't break your back. From chatting with Jaguar insiders I think we can expect a four-wheel drive version and a coupe in the future. Jaguar says 90% of F-TYPE buyers will be new to the brand.F-Type puts performance back at the heart of Jaguar.Michael Sheridan
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