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What to do if Aluminium Window Series is damaged during shipping?

The damage of goods during shipment seldom happens at Guangzhou House Empery Co.,Ltd. But once it happens, we will do everything we can to compensate for your loss. All damaged goods can be returned and the freight incurred will be borne by us. We know that such incidents may arouse the considerable cost of time, energy, and money to customers. That’s why we have carefully evaluated our logistics partners. Together with our experienced and reliable logistics partners, we make sure you receive a shipment without any loss and damage.

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As one of the most well-known exporter, DIGAH is going to increase its capacity and grow stronger. DIGAH produces a number of different product series, including steel door. The design of DIGAH wooden wardrobe is unique. It is carried out by our designers using new types of fabrics, new colors, and innovative structures. we takes you back to the green nature. Aside from the convenience and environmentally friendly aspects of using this product, over the course of its lifetime, it could save much money each year. our team sees through the wonder of the life.

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The ability of our team to produce bedroom door lock is in a leading position.

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