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Which Is the Better Video Card (I Figure They're Probably About the Same)? ?

they are pretty close to the same, also what you ahve to watch for is it's pretty standard for graphics cards from all companies to just overclock the same hardward and put a better fan on. so if the price is a lot more you could just do it yourself with a water cooling or better fan. it's a good thing to know

Which Is the Better Video Card (I Figure They're Probably About the Same)? ? 1

1. Which is a better Video Card for gaming? (im a n00b when it comes to this, plz help!)?

To answer your question, the X1300 is much better but... Radeon 9250's are not even in the same class as the X1300. 9250's are old!!! Do you know that there is a difference between PCI and PCI-e? PCI predates AGP and PCI-e is the new standard. Make sure that your computer (motherboard) supports the video card you are looking at before you make your purchase. The Sapphire X1300 is PCI-e (express). You can ask a new question with your computer's specs and maybe soneone can suggest a good video card for you. Good prices, fast/cheap shipping. Good luck.

2. Does a better video card help with processor overload?

it does to some extend but ram does more. processor overload can be reduced by closing unwanted processes running this can be done by using the task manager in windows

Which Is the Better Video Card (I Figure They're Probably About the Same)? ? 2

3. I need a better Video Card?

The graphic/video card is a chip set made into and part of the mother board on lap tops and not upgradeable

4. Which is the better Video Card?

without understanding better about your pc this is no longer achieveable to assert what the finest improve course might want to be. A video card and pictures card are in basic terms diverse names for an similar element. Getting one will improve the performance of images on the computer yet no longer person-friendly performance. in case you pc is often very sluggish, then this is totally in all chance you want better RAM. Getting better RAM will likely furnish a larger improve than a pictures card although this is demanding to assert without understanding your contemporary pc specs

5. Will A better Video Card With My AMD A64 3400 2.2ghz Make enough of a difference?

Actually yoru specs may not be the latest and hottest thing, but they will still play most games that exists at the moment. Your computer is just fine... If anything would need to be upgraded, I would say either your processor, or your graphics card depending on what its CLOCK SPEED is and RAMDAC, as well as its GPU. I would say your computer is fine, in a lot of cases you can turn off the HIGHEST detail looks in the game so that you can actually enjoy the game at a decent performance speed... Ive seen some of the BEST FASTEST computers with the LATEST GAMES, LAG all over the place... Just know that the point is... Quality in looks is always at the costs of performance (preformance=speed) And unlike video game systems, computers will always be slower because they have to multitask and they are running an operating system. Video Game systems are dedicated to specifically graphics and the game, hence the XBOX360 or PS3 etc... Try turning down your Windows XP theme settings to make the computer in general faster, then see if you can tweak speed the game.

6. More ram, better video card, or better newer processor?

you choking the system with that slow memory, use pc6400 with low latency (3-3-3-8 or 4-4-4-12 BOTH ON 1T command rate!!!!!!!!) p.s. pc3200 is 400mhz switch the motherboard, thats a budget board with onboard graphics aside that its a very decent system.. if you can.. try to get into the 1066fsb cpu or 1333 fsb cpu GL

7. Which is a better video card?

the nvidia if you do not play Counter Strike or any Half Life product using the Source engine if you do not know what i am talking about then get the nvidia

8. Will a better Video card speed up your cpu?

If your current system has integrated video on the motherboard, with shared ram; then you will speed up your system by adding a PCI Express or AGP graphics card

9. Which is a better Video Card: the NVIDIA Geforce 8400M GS or ATI Radeon X1300?

Get the GeForce, will be SOOO much better than the ATI. NVIDIA makes better cards for gaming, plus tons of games are made for NVIDIA cards (you tend to see the logo, "NVIDIA, The way it's meant to be played"). To Justin V.....I am going with experience, not just some chart. The asker said he primarily uses it for games, so I gave him the best brand for gaming. From my EXPERIENCE, I have had more problems with my games when using ANY ATI card. Since I switched to NVIDIA, most if not all of my games have run smoother with having to DL less drivers.

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Which Is a Better Video Card?
Which Is a Better Video Card?
Actually the 6770 is better The 7350 is not really a gaming card but for general use. 6770 is only a 6000 series but its in the middle range of that series where the 7350 is in the low end of the 7000 series.1. Which is better a better video card?Best Combo: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS & NVIDIA e-GeForce 7200 GS2. is 512MB ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4530 is better video card for gamming ????????ATI will continuously be extra desirable than Intel, Intel snap shots enjoying cards are generally in-built (that's a ingredient of the mummy board) and probable proportion their memory with the ram. AtI are applicable snap shots enjoying cards. maximum newish laptop video games require ATI or nVidia snap shots enjoying cards besides.3. Which is the better Video card??9800 GTX or 4850. The 9800 GTX uses less power iirc, and there is at most a 10 percent difference between the two cards at any given test (5-10 frame difference)4. Will a better video card help with editing pictures?a video card upgrade is for videos. not for pictures. ram doesnt really help with the picture quality either, it just speeds up the filtering process, etc. mainly, you dont ever need to upgrade your graphics card to do any digital imaging things. especially since it doesnt change the picture every fraction of a second. your card is fine. if you want better quality out of the picture, increase the amount of megapixels that the camera is using to take the picture. it will store it as a larger file, but will look a lot better when zoomed in a lot (due to less grain/pixelization). if you have any further questions, feel free to email me.5. What CPU is better/video card is better?What is your budget?, they are all quite slow in terms of performance6. Better video card set up?The card has 512mb of dedicated video memory (memory that is on the video card) But the card has the ability to use (steal) another 512 of your RAM memory as video memory if it needs to *shared memory. That makes it over 1 GB of video memory when you read it in "dxdiag". 1) Do not let that fool you, memory is just used as a marketing strategy. -Modern Video cards do not make use of all that memory. -When you buy a video card, it is common for rookies to look at the amount of memory to determind whether or not the video card is good or not. -Now it all depends on the architecture and the numbers of shaders, transistors etc etc... very geeky stuff. Therefore having lots of memory does not actually increase game performance. (check benchmarks eg "3D mark" for list of fast chips) 2) Crossfire can help game performance by 30-40% because it makes use of both GPU chips. It is still better to buy the BEST video card instead of getting 2. (many reasons where i will not get into) it does not matter if you get the 4850 or 260, they are about the same. I generally prefer Nvidia, they offer better drivers and games run smoother in my experience.7. I want to speed up my PC. (Besides a CPU upgrade) What's best: more memory, faster drive, or better video card?More memory? That would slightly increase your computer speed, but not enought to where you would notice any difference. Faster drive? You can not physically make your drive faster with a program or tool. You can clean your drive of files and material, if thats what you mean. Video card? that would only effect the graphics within your computer. Yeah, it make increase the performance of the picture, therefore getting a better quality image, but speed would not be effected. I would suggest "cleaning your computer" to increase performance and speed. Delete piled up cookies, get rid of registry errors and keys. They do sell programs specifically designed to "clean up" your pc for you. Webroot window washer is one off the top of my head. Sorry if i contradicted any parts of your question. Hope this helps you out!8. Microsoft indicated I needed a better video card in order to install Windows 10. Updated video card ( GeForce 210 ).?use a program to delete all the old drivers including the 210 drivers. clean install again
More Ram, Better Video Card, Or Better Newer Processor?
More Ram, Better Video Card, Or Better Newer Processor?
you choking the system with that slow memory, use pc6400 with low latency (3-3-3-8 or 4-4-4-12 BOTH ON 1T command rate!!!!!!!!) p.s. pc3200 is 400mhz switch the motherboard, thats a budget board with onboard graphics aside that its a very decent system.. if you can.. try to get into the 1066fsb cpu or 1333 fsb cpu GL1. Should i get a better video card or increase the ram?Just increase the RAM. Go to "My Computer" and Click on "View System Information". Then Go to the "Advanced" Tab Look for "Performance" and click on settings. Go to the "Advanced" Tab the pops up and then to "Virtual Memory" Adjust the settings to your desire. With 3.2 GHZ You are doing fine. Hope This Helps!!! :)2. More RAM or better Video Card?runing with a intel graphics wich are mostly intergrated ones yes it is that bad. it will take more power from the cpu. a new graphics card will immensly help no GPU= Tired CPU3. Which is better for video card benchmarking/rating - playing games or using benchmarking software?Benchmarking softwareNow, these kinds of software are much better simply because they are consistent (i.e. Run the same tests for each card) and they are more demanding than normal games are (usually). This will give a bit of overhead, so that you will see your card perform better in actual games. The reason that playing actual games are not that great is simply because it's inconsistent. You can not always have 12ults go off with everyone strafing like crazy on max graphics. Games are inconsistent for testing your GPU.4. GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB PCI-E or the ATI X1300 PRO... which one is the better video card?With NVidia the better the extensive sort regularly the better the prevalent. PCI-exhibit is quicker than the two PCI and AGP and could allow you to combine 2 playing cards with an SLI Bridge. a competent place to discover comments is CNet. I positioned a hyperlink under. My p. c. . in that checklist is the NVidia 7900 GS.5. SSD or better video card? (for FFXIV)?if you are thinking about stepping up to 3 monitors, I would check out some of AMD's Eyefinity cards. AMD's next GPU is looking pretty amazing, so I might wait for that6. Would a better video card be worth the money if I only play World of warcraft on my computer?your processer and ram are good, so yeah, a better video card would up the framerate. the graphics can not get better, but they will look a lot better because of the framerate7. Will a better video card help with editing pictures?lol no. it doent help with the actuall editing of the picture. the card u have is standard8. Will my computer run better if I add a better video card to my crappy Video card, both are SLI ready?Nvidia does not guarantee SLI will work with different cores. Proceed with caution and make sure you are able to return the card. A single 8600GT for $120 is too much for a standalone card. Try the 8800GT for $200 as it is unrivaled in the performance/price. The 8600GT and 8500GT SLI combo will be worse than a single 8800GT. It needs a 12V rail at 26 amp or a recommended 450W PSU though.9. Which is better for a video card?Duel ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB This one is much better.10. lap top or notebook for online college course?A Notebook would do just fine for something like school. The only benifits of a laptop over a notebook is that it means bigger screen, better video card, things that only matter for hardcore gamers, computer artists, and people who need more than just a computer. Notebooks are thin, light, and protable, so they are great for college.11. Should I buy a better Video Card?yeah its your video card, as for which one its hard to say without knowing if you have a PCI-E slot or if your using an AGP still plus your price range. for those games a series 8 or better nvidia card will fix the problem12. What would be the downsides of switching out my laptop motherboard to get a better video card? Data loss, etc?Huh?? Where did u hear that? You can not do that. Its like breaking into Federal Bank. Laptops are fixed, and if you want to change the motherboard, another motherboard wont fit in. You will have to change the case, power supply will be a problem. Its simply impossible for present day. Dont know if in the future, laptops could be assembled.
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