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Custom 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Bathroom Vanities 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Digah Company 1
Custom 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Bathroom Vanities 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Digah Company 2
Custom 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Bathroom Vanities 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Digah Company 1
Custom 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Bathroom Vanities 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Digah Company 2

Custom 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Bathroom Vanities 7-15 Days After Sales Confirmation Digah Company

Guangzhou,Shenzhen etc.
Delivery Time:
7-15 days after sales confirmation
Plastic Foam+Paper Package+Strong Carton
Accessories (optional):
Basket,Cutlery,Magic Corner,Lazy Susan, Faucet,Basin,etc. Customize
Model Number:
Place of Origin:
UV Kitchen Cabinets
T/T,Western Union,Money Gram,etc.
1 Set

Company Advantages

1. Digah Company wall mounted closet drawers is manufactured with quality components and parts. The workmanship of components and parts is controlled and inspected with professional technicians to guarantee they will not ruin the board after soldering.

2. The materials for Digah Company bathroom cabinet manufacturers are carefully selected. The materials, controlled and inspected by QC team, must have high insulation level and anti-corrosive performance, especially the electric parts.

3. The raw materials used in Digah Company wood entry doors are strictly selected and inspected. Any materials such as mercury and lead will be excluded to prevent any environmental pollution and health risk.

4. There is no possibility of crosstalk in this product. The signal lines, power lines, and grounding lines are arranged scientifically and reasonably.

5. This product has the characteristics of low energy consumption. Optimized circuit layout, less wiring, and reduced energy consumption to a certain extent.

6. This product does not pose any safety hazard. It is tested by high voltage insulation and overcurrent test to prove its safety.

7. This product has reliable current operation. It is equipped with an overvoltage protection element to avoid shock damage caused by short circuits.

8. The product is robust and flexible enough to handle various kinds of pressure and conditions associated with industrial applications.

9. We tested it and we had no more leaks - so it works like the charm. So pleased with this. - Said one of our customers.

10. The product will not easily lose its flexibility, which helps it garner increasing success and applications in solving industrial problems.

11. The product provides a popular solution in solving industrial problems such as sealing and leakage thank to its abrasion resistance.

12. The properties such as excellent resistance to oxidants and harsh weather conditions make this product ideal for the extremely harsh industrial environments.



Door panel finish







Blum hinges/sliders with soft closing system

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah
Since UV cabinet door panel is beautiful, fashionable, smooth, wear resistance and with strong visual effect,it is gradually become the mainstream choice for the majority of consumers.
There are eight reasons for choosing UV kitchen cabinets:

1. Its surface smoothness is high,so its effect of the mirror high light is obvious.
2. Its color is attractive for its fine process and quality.
3. Environmental and healthy: usually if painted board is not well processed,it would constantly release VOC,while UV kitchen cabinet has solved the environmental problems for centuries. It not only contains less volatile compounds such as benzene, but also has reduced the release of gaseous materials after solidified.
4. Not fading: through experiments, it is proved that the UV kitchen cabinet door has better physical and chemical properties compared with the traditional board. It ensures that the UV paint cabinet door could keep long time without color loss and solves the chromatic aberration phenomenon.
5. Scratch resistance: it is hard enough so that iw would be brighter even it is polished and worn again and again,and it will not deform for a long time under normal temperature..
6. Acid and alkali resistant,corrosion resistant: it can resist all kinds of acid and alkali disinfection liquid baptism.
7. Its surface hardness is high, it is stronger than other boards to resist the impact. 8. Its surface is smooth and bright.

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-1                

Cutlery Tray

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-2                

Internal Basket

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-3                

Magic Corner


Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-4                

Blum Hinge

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-5                

Contemprary Handles

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-6                

Soft-Closing System

Kitchen Cabinet Door Colors

Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-7               
Digah -Customized Different Designs Of Uv Kitchen Cabinets | Digah-8               

Company Features

With the emergence and broad development prospect of aluminium sash windows, Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd has becomes more and more popular. Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd takes an important part and will have a wide development prospects in aluminium sash windows field. Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd has now developed into a comprehensive aluminium sash windows enterprise group integrating trade, logistics and investment.

Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd has a group of highly qualified R&D team. Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd has the most advanced technology and experience in producing aluminium sash windows in China. The strong R&D team is the source of the Guangzhou House Empire Construction&Furnishing Co.,Ltd's continuous adjustment and development.

Thinking locally has become our business operation principle. We encourage employees to think locally with regard to customs, language, personalities of different countries. We believe thinking locally can shape our success. We strive hard to improve our company's reputation so as to successfully go global. We will invest more in market research which can unearth local economic factors around the world and eventually helps us think in a comprehensive way. We are taking on our environmental responsibility. During our production, we think highly of sustainability and we constantly optimized the treatment of production waste so we can achieve energy efficiency. It is our desire to establish a growing, vibrant, and prosperous business operation principles that are highly regarded by our customers and employees. Our team is committed to providing each customer with excellent services and superior products such as aluminium sash windows. We strive to become our customers’ most valuable technology partner, to understand our customers’ expectations, and then exceed them.

Product Details

Adhering to the concept of 'details and quality make achievement', Digah House Company works hard on the following details to make the bathroom vanities more advantageous.

Application of the Product

The bathroom vanities produced by Digah House Company is very popular in the market and is widely used in industry.

Based on the actual needs of our customers, we provide a one-stop solution for them with the purpose of rational allocation of

Product Comparison

Digah House Company's bathroom vanities has the following advantages over products in the same category.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company takes talents cultivation seriously. Thus, we formed a loyal and efficient talents team and our staff are professional in working and providing service.

Sincere and credit are the strong commitment of Digah House Company to customers. And they are unnervingly implemented in daily service.

To be a well-known enterprise in China, Digah House Company implements the development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing' proposed by the central government, and adheres to the important concept of 'keeping the new and the right way'.

Our company was established in After years, we have gained a good reputation in the industry for the work experience accumulated by users in different industries.

The sales channels of our products cover the whole China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

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