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Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker?

What do you mean by "enhance"? How do you want to change it? Audio editing is not like using Photoshop, where you can press a button and the picture is optimised for you - it's much more of a black art. Lots of things are possible, but you need a good idea of what you need to do

Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker? 1

1. Best Blu Ray video/audio quality to show off home theater?

I basically had to function to this alittle. I actual have a Sony 5.a million htib and that i offered a blu ray participant later. Now I actual have the htib working the embody sound and the blu ray is asserted to the television. The audio output from the television is asserted to the enter of the htib. Works super. I actual have one greater dvd through htib, regardless of if this is not related through fact the blu ray took this is port. as quickly as you utilize a blu ray, you will not flow back to time-honored dvd's. playstation . the best purchase worker grew to become into incorrect or basically attempting to enhance you early

2. Record video, with audio from a separate microphone on Windows 7

What you would need is a program that can take separate video and audio tracks. You can either capture them separately with different programs or together with a single program. Each has their merits. OBS is a free Open Source option that will capture them together. It has a few nice benefits to it as well

Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker? 2

3. In the US is it legal to record video with audio on in stores as long as you don't record any private conversation?

Security cameras typically do not have audio recording. Because it can result in lawsuits. Sure, the store might win that lawsuit. But who wants to create a scenario that manufactures cause for others to sue you? So most security cameras lack microphones.But no, if you want a general rule that applies to all 50 states (which have 50 sets of laws on this), it is generally illegal to record conversations of people. Which is going to automatically happen if you have cameras on during business hours. I do not see how you could really have a choice if you have cameras with audio

4. shielding video and audio cables from AC current interference?

Yeah, you have the right idea. Maybe a wood or rubber divider would greatly decrease the interference

5. Has anyone worked at a PGA Tour event as a video or audio technician?

No, but I would love to, that is an awsome gig you have there! Make sure you enjoy it, Take Care!

6. can HDMI cable transmit the video/audio source from a DVD recorder to TV?

lol!!! dude...thats what it was made to do!! lol! :)

7. Zimmerman Police Video & Audio – He is a poor liar?

man you sure do smoke some good stuff its easy to manufacture your own fantasy by leaving out anything that does not fit your narrative lol. things like it was dark and pouring down rain and the street lights were out on that corner and a host of other stuff we will completely ignore so your fantasy can sound logical. even if everything were to happen exactly as you say, then zim is still not guilty because he is well within his rights to shoot and kill treyvon in self defence as soon as he starts beating zims head into the concrete. ooops did I just rain on your neat little scenario

8. were can i find a free video player download that will play all video and Audio types?

There is nothing that will play all formats. Some formats have patents and copyrights which are strongly enforced, which means that they need paid for and cannot be free. If someone releases one, they get sued. For most formats, there is VLC, GOM, KMplayer, or the Klite codec pack might work.

9. Overlay image in video and pause the video and audio during the specific interval

In order to pause audio and video, you can either loop the streams or offset the PTS.loop=loop=len_frames:size=1:start=pos_frames,setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TBHere, len_frames is the length of the loop in frames, and pos_frames is the position of the pause in frames. You can calculate these numbers by obtaining the framerate of the video and multiplying it with the chosen length and timestamp in seconds. The same goes for the audio part, for which you have to use aloop and asetpts, respectively, and the sample rate in Hz. Furthermore, you have to mute the audio by setting the volume=0.The looped video and audio streams will be longer than the originals, and you can then show the overlay on them. As such commands are rather complex to put together, I wrote a Python program that inserts a "buffering" indicator while video and audio are paused. You can check how the loop commands are generated here.See Gyan's answer here, which essentially does:setpts='PTSgte(T,start_time)*(shift/TB)'combined with -vsync vfr, where start_time is the time at which the frames are offset and shift is the shift applied. As for playing the audio during a particular time interval, you can use the -itsoffset input option to offset its start.Or you offset the PTS of the audio stream with a fixed amount using the asetpts filter

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