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Shielding Video and Audio Cables From AC Current Interference?

First make sure that none of the low voltage (audio-video-data) cables run parallel to the ac lines. If the l.v. lines run parallel for more than the length of a 60 cycle wave, they will adopt that signal, shielded or not in many cases. Shielding is never 100%. Also, make sure you dont have a ground loop or any cross phased ac lines. You can buy a hum reduction unit fairly cheap but will need one for every ac line. You can trick your lv lines into rejecting 60 cycle by looping it or wrapping it but that is hit and miss. If all this fails you can add a choke to your speaker wires at the speaker. Cut off everything from 80hz and below. Hope this helps.

Shielding Video and Audio Cables From AC Current Interference? 1

1. Is there any video or audio with accurate subtitles or transcripts?

Try audiobooks!I do not know why I did not think about them earlier but they perfectly fit your request in a certain way, does not it?You can buy the book to read it while you listen to the narrator.I know there are several audiobooks out there. Personally, I had the first Harry Potter (in French of course) when I was younger.

2. If video and audio recording illegal,is monitoring another employee's every move by writing it down illegal?

You must not be in the U.S., cuz here it's legal to video monitor the workplace. Maybe try turning the tables on the employee by writing down everything he does... Until the point where you both are writing down that the other is writing stuff down.

Shielding Video and Audio Cables From AC Current Interference? 2

3. Just pondering a question. Can a parent send a child to school (hidden) "wired" for video and audio leagly?

Children take video cameras to school all the time. There is probably no law that would prevent a child from video/audio taping events at schools. The fact that it is done covertly should not necessarily be an issue. However, there may be issues if the video camera is used inside a restroom/lockeroom. Also, the school may have rules that would address this issue that would not make it illegal, but a violation of the rules. You may have to have the teacher's or school's permission to video and/or audio record lessons or other events. As far as a child charging another child with assault; this is an ackward question. The word "charge" is a bit ambiguous. A child can certainly make an accusation of assault against another child. A child could file a police report against another child. A child could, in theory, make a citizens arrest of another child (I would strongly advise against this for many reasons, including the potential civil liability for the "arresting" child's parents). Also, the "charge" of assault is pretty specific and in many areas, carries with it certain factors that many people do not understand. For example, generally, assault is defined as, "a threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped." However, many states incorporate an intent element, others might include an element of imminent harm. Generally speaking, assault charges are generally not taken seriously unless they accompany a battery charge.

4. How can I convert a YouTube video to an audio file?

1. Go to YouTube to Mp3 Converter2. Paste the link3. Click "Download", the button that looks like this:Then you have the mp3 file

5. Where Can I find this English Lesson (video) and audio tape online? Desperate for help!?

I do not know that you will be able to find these resources online. However, if you live in a relatively major city, the public library would be an excellent resource - especially since it does not cost anything to use it!

6. How to fade in/out a video/audio clip with unknown duration?

The answer to question 2 is a resounding YES! I was looking for the same functionality and I ended up writing a bash script that asks for fade duration in seconds and calculates the initial frame for the fade-out:Fades require re-encoding so using a low crf value for libx264 gives a high quality re-encode. The comments should explain everything else

7. Why Adobe After Effect CS3 doesn't work with my Canopus TV card? i am using the Video & Audio Out, is that why?

I wish I knew the answer to your question, try email Adobe. P.S. You are hot, btw. At least your picture is.

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