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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Fashion Shop Store

high school.. back to school shopping?

im not good with links so im just gonna tell you where u should go

go to Aeropostale- they have great shirts

macys for jeans - special the sevens

and american eagle great clothes


's fashion back again?

Well, I'm more of a sophisticated person so I wouldn't ever. But, I might just buy a bright too n pair with all neutrals to b a lil trendy with some classic pieces


Shopping for Harajuku and Punk clothing in Japan? i need some info?

If you want Harajuku style clothing, why would you go to Kyoto? Go to Harajuku, Takeshita dori. Go to Angelic Pretty, they have good quality for 20,000. Or Bodyline, every dress is about 5,000 but not good quality.


What are some stores to buy prom dresses in LA?

Go to Unique Vintage in Burbank, you can see what they have on line as well. Prices are reasonable for every budget. I purchased a few dresses as low as $75

There website: www.Unique-Vintage.com


Americans and westerners, are you into Japanese fashion? How old are you?

Nah.. I dont like anything about Japan.. Well, uhh.. that kimono shirt is nice though.. But anime? Nahhhh........ they're uhh.. lame... No offense.. Im just being honest here.. I would buy a kimono. LOL!


Do designer mall stores donate old fashions to Goodwill?

Usually goodwill stores will have people donate their clothes there. Ususally those designer clothes get filtered down to stores like Marshalls and Ross etc but there may be chances that some may donate them to Goodwill



I SET THEM BABY!!!! i just be myself wear what makes me stand out. I wear whats comfortable and what fits me.. I'm famous for ripped jeans and concert t-shirts and crazy coloured hair!!!.


Japan and Korean Fashion shops in Multiply, Wordpress and blogspot for the US?

there are many stores on the internet like yesstyle.com, dvdheaven.com, and other places. if you live in an area like LA, where you can go to Ktown and get some clothes there too


When wealthy people shop at thrift stores, are they stealing from the less fortunate?

In my area many thrift stores profits benefit low income and disabled citizens. Of course people of all incomes are welcome to purchase at these stores. Therefore, purchases are available to all regardless of income.


would you seek exclusivity or convenience when it comes to fashion?

this will be age dependent

teens go for convenience, mass produced garments aimed AT the masses

middle age will opt for masstige, or unique, more because they can afford to more than teens can


what other careers are related to fashion design?

the closest you will find will be fashion coordinator for a dept. store/private shop, buyer of fashion , store owner or manager all pretty much retail. then there is the pattern drafters for simplicity etc.


I am a Fashion Victim!?

Do you have any friends who are fashionistas? Maybe you can ask them for some tips. Look online for apparel that is in style right now, or pay attention to what people wear at school


Shopping in Manhattan? Prom dress.?

A lot of my friends went to Cliquers on Fifth Avenue and Macy's. I found my dress on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn but i don't suggest that to you. Check the website: jovani.com


?trinket/gift store on strip in las vegas?

Last time I was there 2005, there was a great $10 boutique in Treasure Island. Take the local bus to Fremont Street there you will find all the Las Vegas souvenirs that you want.

Have fun!


Where to shop for clothes for teens?

walk around the mall.

some forever21 shirts can be cute. if she's plus sized, torrid is a really cute clothing store too.

I shop everywhere from hot topic, delias, hollister, vanity, wet seal, and 579.


What are the latest fashions for back-to-school?

crop top blouses and low rider jeans are always good and so is just t-shirts and jeans if its a happy color and summer isnt over so hit the tredmill and do some sun bathin


spring/summer cute fashion tips please?

here's a start...if you're into fashion...DON'T SHOP AT ABERCROMBIE (total ***** store for 12 year olds)

Look at vogue magazine: get inspired from there and find cheaper/similar outfits from Forever21 or something.


What stores do middle school kids shop?

Middle School Boys should shop for Light Colored Suits and Good Dress Shirts, Ties and Dress Pants.

That way They are more fun for me to get into a fight with.

Nothing turns me on more


What is the best plus size store.?

4-16 sizes - Visit Christopher & Banks.

C.J. Banks size 14 and above

If you do not have a store near you - I have seen the clothing available on ebay - nice stuff


fashion help, i dont know what to wear?

Wear what ever you want(: I love those stores and shop there all the time. If your friends don't like you because of what they wear they aren't true friends. hope this helps(:


Having a HORRIBLE time shopping?

let her go shopping at her favorite store, go to yours, then make arrangement to meet afterwards. I think fashion bug sales plus size clothing. You can always shop for other things besides clothes.


Girls: Where do you like to shop?

ABERCROMBIE<3!!!!!! FOREVER21!!!!!! Juicy!!!! American Eagle sometimes!!!!!! And for makeup MAC SEPHORA AND ULTA<3!!!!! Oh plus tillys!!!! 4 clothes and Nordstrom and vans for shoes and victoria secrets PINK section oh and did I mention, AVERCROMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good mens clothing stores in paris?

paris is the fashion capital of the world, there are hundreds of great clothing stores with all sorts of styles, you just have to go window shopping until you find a store you love!


What are some websites that Sell urban fashion from Japan or Europe??

I love JP fashion too! here are a list of sitesgood luck!


(PLUS PLUS in a big world) do u think is a good name for an bigsize fashion retail shop name THANKS?

considddering todays dress inkludes BIG OVERSIZE MOMMAS clothes... name it anything with fat...fati-mas....

or ghettolicious!

or bigcity!

or plus mommas!

" Sorta small,but not"

wish you werent?

fats r us!

r us mega!


Shopping at thrift stores?

Atlanta has tons of goodwill and salvation army thrift stores. Try to go to some near an older and wealthier area of town. You won't believe the treasures they have. Have fun shopping!! : P.


What fashion stores do you like to shop at?

I'm always looking for stores other then the usual Forever 21, H&M, etc..same stuff as everyone else! I like to shop at online boutiques. I like vidaliyas.com for cheap high fashion look clothes


Online Shopping Stores Australia?

Unfortunately, Valleygirl's online store just closed. But there are:Hope this helps (:


best or top fashion dress shop online?

However, my fav online store, FREECULTR doesn't sell anything like bridal gown, prom dress etc...but this is one of the best online sites that you can check out to shop for trendy clothes


I want to know best Online Shopping Place in Fashion...?

Myntra and Jabong top this list apart from these I would say cilory, shopperquick, craftsvilla and cbazaar are also really good. if you are looking for cheaper prices then shopclues and freekamaal are good enough


Where In Nyc Can I shop for KOREAN Clothes !!?

Hi, in Soho, some boutiques carry clothes from Korea, but usually so expensive, so I am buying from korean fashion online store usually from www.k-styleme.com / www.yesstyle.com. They provide free shipping as well


FaShIoN QuEsTiOnAirE GiRLS OnLY!!!!!!?


Vogue, Lucky, Teen Vogue


150-200$ a month

150-200$ per item maximum

Favorite store-Buckle

Favorite Designer-Diane Von Furstenburg

Trends, magazines and myself.

Favorite trend-Boho

Least favorite trend- nautical

I like all colors!

Leighton Meester


discount fashion shopping in Madrid Spain?

Why on earth would you want to go in a chippy with all that Spanish cuisine about? Might as well stay at home.Get some tapas down yer,better than any fish and chip meal


-2013 back to school fashion?

I'm gonna be a Soph too!

I got my clothes from Aero, dEliA*s, F21, Papaya, Wet Seal, Nordstrom, Love Culture, and Pacsun. They have some really cute clothes in the clearance/sale section :)


Why don't people shop at thrift stores as much?

Many people find it gross to wear a stranger's clothes. They think the original user's sweat, dirt, etc. is still on the garment. Many places will actually dry clean their clothes before selling them.


San Diego shopping.. good outlets and malls?

um... there's a Carlsbad outlet that has pretty cool stuff. But the biggest mall that's not an outlet would be Horton's Plaza. It has every single shop!

I hope this helps!


What jobs are in the fashion industry?

Theres alot. Theres designing, personal assistant, photographers, other designers, Public relations, fashion merchandising, retail, spokesperson,

project promoters... Etc. Just google stuff and look on the Occupation Outlook Handbook. Good jobs. Or take a career inventory test.


Fashion help is here!?

I love to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister. I like other places clothes they just don't fit me. I am a smaller girl. My e-mail is . I would love the help!! Thanks!!


MALE teen fashion- Which mall stores?

I frequent the gap, and H&m at the mall, and american apparel for some basics. urbanoutfitters occasionally. Some of their stuff has gone downhill, and up in price the past few years, unfortunately


what stores to shop at and how to shop when....? (teen needs help!!)?

individually, i admire adult men who placed on entire prep clothing or "punk" clothing soo id say abercrombie, and pacsun :) when I say prep i propose, like sweaters and button ups, like ecu


Poll: Is there a certain "type" of store you've walked in to and felt completely out of place?

yeah i went into Hollister and felt out of place. i don't wear trashy clothes, mostly just the athletic look, but i think i felt out of place because i had never shopped there before


I need some shopping help!?

Ross always has cute clothes pretty low prices, walmart has the miley cyrus/max azria line and its super cute and cheap!! :D forever 21 has cheap jewelry, target always has the latest trends

. hope i helped .


Why is so bad shopping at my local stores?

everyone is different and so what if their style suits the "known" brands. YOU suit the quirky and cute little boutiques near you not the "new look" or "hollister"


Where to shop online for tall, skinny fashion clothes.?

Express just recently added an online store. They have really great jeans and pants that I'm pretty sure come in longer inseams. Victoria's secret also has longer inseams on their jeans and pants.


I need a new store to shop at help me?

i have a store for u to go go to wet seal, rave,target for little dress and bathing suists,wal-mart for cheap but good stuff,tillys and all other stros that hav ewat u like


what store to shop in?

What I bought for 8th grade where alot of cute blouses and shirts with flowers on them. I also wore alot on skinny jeans with converse or uggs. You can shop at garage, hollister, abercombie, ardenes.

..? :).


what is a 7th grade girls fashion????(prepy)?

Im in the seventh and this is whts in go to ambercrombie and fitch or aeropostale or hollister or american eagle u cannot go wrong with any of those stores. do not even think about goodwill


how to start an online store?!?

call your local library;

fact; 95% of all INTERNET only businesses fail.

can guide you further

there are books on this for ebay. MOST people search for months!

have you a written biz plan?

done market research?



You should try some bright coloured clothes... go with flats... jewelry is always good.. like hoop earing.. you should get a cute bag also. Try to go to abercrombie, they have some cute stuff going on


online shopping stores for girls, trendy, in fashion?

You will surely like these:


I need to find a cute or girly store online?

we adore hues has the suited colourful legwear products. Knee highs, socks, tights, thigh highs, etc. in fifty one hues. wonderful high quality and large fees! Love them :) wish you verify them out and sturdy luck!.


What are the best online fashion shopping stores with worldwide delivery & which I can really trust?

I also like shopping online because of the convenience and most of my fashion dresses are from three wishes clothing. I love their elegant cooper st dresses here. Check them out at


What is some clothes stores where I could shop that fits my style?

forms of clothing: tees and denims or white shirts with black pants. I save at diverse places. the variety call isn't significant to me, if curiously intense-high quality to me i'll purchase it


Where can I find online shops?

I would go on each individual store's website. Most of them should have their own online store. It seems you may also like West 49 type clothes. You can shop online at their website.

Good luck!


What are some reasonably cheap stores for juniors? ?

I suggest you to shop at GotApparel.com for Men, Women, Kids and Infant.You could find their all latest clothing styles.They want to provide their customers high quality fashion clothing at low price

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