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What Do a Scientist and a Recreational Fisherman Have in Common? More Than You Might Think

When walking into a Bass Pro Shop one might become excited or overwhelmed with the massive amount of product each store carriers. Those who are active fishers know that you need special equipment and top notch gear to have an enjoyable or successful trip. Many of these outdoor enthusiasts venture to Bass Pro Shop to find products and clothing necessary for their recreational needs.

What Do a Scientist and a Recreational Fisherman Have in Common? More Than You Might Think 1

So where does a scientist fit into this equation?Performance fabrics are in high demand for athletic and outdoor apparel. This is because these activities often involve harsh conditions, extreme activity and users need the extra boost performance properties can give them, such as warmth or water repellence.

The textile company eVent fabrics has been developing textiles materials to give athletes, adventurers and professionals a better choice in waterproof and breathable apparel. These highly technical fabrics have different properties to be either waterproof or windproof, and are used by companies all over the world to enhance products and ad value to their end consumers use. Thinking back to Pass Pro Shop, a fisher would probably be interested in a fabric that is both breathable and dry when they are on a boat in the sun all day, and that is where eVent fabric DValpine is perfect.

DValpine is breathable and 100% waterproof material. It is used in products for activities such as backpacking, climbing, cycling, fishing, hiking, and snow sports.eVent DValpine Fabric Customer Persona: A person or company who develops products that are used near or around water.

The user is passionate about their recreation of choice and participates often and intensely. Their goals and values line with quality above all. They look to textile companies to provide the most highly functioning and advanced fabrics to utilize in their consumer goods, so they can create what they believe is the best product available.

What Do a Scientist and a Recreational Fisherman Have in Common? More Than You Might Think 2

They are hardworking, invested and passionate about product. eVent uses marketing to inspire consumers and companies alike that their technology is effective and superior to other products currently on the market. Their website is filled with videos of fabrics in use, and images of products that effectively use these fabrics.

Much of this content helps consumers to understand how, what and why these fabrics are superior, and breaks down the scientific properties that allow for them to brave the elements of outdoor recreation. The webpage also feature all of the brands that create products using their fabrics, many of which are well know (REI, Eddie Bauer, Ugg) and include links to their website or featured products. This enhances the credibility of eVent products when many reputable brands are active consumers.

A customer that utilizes this fabric in their products is American Fishing Tackle co. AFTCOs clothing is purpose built to handle the harshest saltwater elements. Meant to explore you, as you explore the waters edge, AFTCO has long stood for dependability.

Their Anhydrous 3L Waterproof Fishing Jacket that retails at $395. 00 is one of AFTCOs products that is developed using eVents DValpine technology in its shell. Anhydrous is the most recent advancement in weatherproof outerwear by AFTCO.

The innovative Anhydrous outerwear system is constructed with the latest in hyper technical fabrics and features to produce an absolutely 100% waterproof/breathable jacket to endure all that mother nature has to throw at you. AFTCO Customer persona: John is an active fisherman who prefers to be outdoors and on a boat above anything else. He works hard during the week but makes as many trips to the coast or lake to fish as work allows.

John is between 2240 with disposable income he chooses to use on high quality fishing gear. Fishing is his passion and hobby, he wants to improve his skills and experience when out on the water which is why he is willing to spend a little extra on the best products.Marketing efforts by AFTCo to increase the value of their Anhydrous jacket include images and diagrams to explain the properties the eVent fabric provides.

The company uses the same imagery eVent displays on their website which strengthens consumers views of the relationship between the two brands and increases perceived value. Consumers are able to visualize how this jacket will keep water out, and understand the properties in place that fulfill that promise. AFTCo makes sure to mention eVent by name in their product descriptions, which further promotes the value DValpine fabrics hold.

Bass Pro Shop brings AFTCos products to the mass market, of more recreational outdoors men. They carry many performance products and are viewed as a go-to spot for gear for the fishing community. The consumer persona for a Bass Pro Shop customer who would eventually purchase products with eVent fabric may be someone like thisAdam is a 33 year old single software developer who lives 2 hours from the coast where he keeps his boat docked.

Every Friday Adam drives to the beach after work, sometimes bringing a buddy or two and begins his weekend fishing excursion. He has been fishing his whole life, growing up he went with his dad a few times a year but he as recently become more invested now that he owns his own boat. Paying off the boat still, Adam goes to Bass Pro Shop to find products for fishing with a range of prices but are trusted brands.

Because he has been going out every weekend this past summer he thinks it is time to invest in a performance jacket that will keep him cool and dry the rest of the season, and after doing some but not a lot of research Adams decides the Anhydrous jacket by AFTCo is exactly what he needs. Bass Pro Shop does a decent job promoting the reputable brands that emphasize performance properties so Adam trusts that this jacket will get the job done. He wants to have fun while fishing with friends, and now he can thank some of the smartest fiber and textiles developers for creating a fabric that will do just that

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