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Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot?

Not enough arch support in the shoes. remove shoe insoles, and replace it with high arch support. Hope I helped! Jenn

Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot? 1

1. i have a question about foot pain,see details below.?

Did your doctor test you for excessive uric acid? Could very well be gout. Gout is extremely painful, and causes redness of the affected area and extremely sensitivity

2. Best cure for chronic foot pain?

Your Answer: If you could shed just 20 pounds, that would be blessed relief!! My wife has varicose veins in her legs - a nurse running the hospital halls on 12 hour shifts. If she gains just 5 pounds, her legs will ache badly. If she loses that 5 pounds, her legs stop hurting. Take a change of shoes to work with you to change into the second half of the day to give your feet a little relief. If you go into a Nail Spa, like they have inside Walmart Stores, every two weeks & get a Pedicure - you will think you've died & gone to Heaven! They massage your feet, scrub all callouses & dead skin off, trim the toenails, & wrap your feet & lower legs in hot towels for blessed relief. The chair you sit in has a back massager & massages your back the entire time of the pedicure. Feels great. Just as many men get pedicures as women do. To help shed a little weight. Dump the junk food, fast food garbage & sugary sweet soda's. Drink lots of water to help keep the traffic flowing. Snack on raw fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early EVERY morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk - then - do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Never skip breakfast. You get you energy for the day from your breakfast meal. Get 8 hours sleep each nite. No smoking - no beer/ale - no booze & no drugs.

Sharp Foot Pain on the Bottom of the Right Side of the Arch on My Right Foot? 2

3. foot pain and really hurts!!?

Like the previous answer, I too recommend you see a doctor. You can start with your primary care doctor or urgent care center if necessary, but I recommend you simply skip that and see a foot specialist. See a podiatrist if you have one available and you live in the United States where we are actually physicians and surgeons. Otherwise see an orthopedic specialist if a podiatrist is not available or you live outside the US. While you do not give much detail on the nature of your pain, generalized foot pain without external signs could indicate many conditions. Its best to simply have it medically evaluated for proper treatment to end your pain. If your condition is inflammatory (as many causes of foot pain are), then soaking in hot water as prior answers have advised will only make the pain worse. Acute inflammation needs cooling, heat only increases blood flow and increases inflammation. Heat is better much later on in recovery if healing stalls and the tissue needs better blood flow to stimulate it's healing.

4. Help! I like to jog but have bunion foot pain at times. What can I do to still jog but reduce pain?

I would suggest getting some custom orthotics made. Not just the OTC ones. Either go to a pedorthist or podiatrist and have them made for your feet. I would also suggest seeing if they will give you a splint to help pull your toe to where it should be. Then make sure you are taking anti-inflammatory meds when there's pain

5. I dislocated my hip 8 weeks ago, the joint was replaced within 6 hours why do I have terrible foot pain?

Terrible feet. Change them for some nice ones

6. have suffering from cold,sneezing,trimbling hands ,chest pain,back pain,thorat pain,foot pain,headache,neck ?

Sounds like youre just really stressed out to me

7. I had two back surgery's in 2007. My back,leg,and foot pain are worse now than before. What can I do for it?

You need to find a top-flight neurosurgeon and they can help you but be prepared for a long recovery

8. Do you get ankle or foot pain with pregnancy?

i know a woman whos lower legs swelled up due to being pregnant

9. Can you use Gold Bond foot pain reliever on other parts of your body?

Sure. If it helps, you can use it anywhere on your skin. Many times similar products are marketed for specific parts of the body because the public wants something specifically for the feet ... or back ... or whatever. One example of this is hemorrhoid cream ... which is often used under the eyes to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. As long as you do not eat the stuff, it wo not hurt you and may help.

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