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What to Do About Severe Foot Pain?

talynol..and rest in for the next day or 2

What to Do About Severe Foot Pain? 1

1. foot pain and bunions?

Hallux valgus, bunions, have an impact on the way that we walk and can impact the foot, ankle, knee, hip and even lower back. It is possible that because of the adaptations from the deformity you developed tendinitis. It is not uncommon to have other problems associated with this. I would do the normal pain management of anti-inflammatories, ice after activity, and rest. If the pain continues without improvement then you should seek medical evaluation. At this point you should treat it yourself.

2. What's the most effective way to conquer foot pain?

I am in a solid proper now from a damaged foot , sprained ankle and torn ligaments. The health center was once not able to discover something incorrect so I went to a foot and ankle professional who observed a crack in my foot. Its been five weeks and I have two weeks to move with this solid. Yes the agony is severe. most often the more severe agony i ever been in. The handiest different harm I ever had was once a torn ACL and meniscus in my knee which required four hours of surgical procedure. But that is by way of way more painful !!! well success.

What to Do About Severe Foot Pain? 2

3. Severe Foot Pain Please Help?

Gout normally strikes near the big toe, and it's a result of a long-term high-Purine diet (beans, lentils, organ meats, shellfish, etc.). You can make sure of it by getting a Uric Acid test. Too much U.A. in your blood? You have gout. Yes, there is medication for it, so it's a waste of pain. A few days of 300mg Allopurinol (your doctor will prescribe it for you if your blood test shows you need it) and you' will be OK, BUT you need to take it for a few weeks probably, AND modify your diet. Another possibility is a "Heel Spur". This is pain in the heel from a hardened heel tendon (I believe). Ca not tell you much more about that. WebMD has a symptom checker if you want to go through it.

4. Help With Severe Foot Pain?

Standing on a concrete floor is hard on the feet as well as the back and knees no matter how good the shoes. You may want to try some gel insoles to help as a buffer. The burning sensation is interesting. Do you have diabetes? It's probably just foot stress but I had to ask. Soak your feet in very warm water after work and for added help, add some epsom salt. This stuff is amazing for achy joints. I use it all the time and find it very helpful. Try ibuprofen or Aleve for the pain unless you have stomach issues. These may cause stomach discomfort. Taking with food can help lessen the possibility of this but wo not necessarily prevent it

5. severe foot pain and swelling when I wake up?

if u have diabetes, that could be some of the symptoms, if u cant go to a doctor, u should go to ur local pharamasist, and ask for a prescription that might help, if all fails, its best u see a doctor. good luck :)

6. What's causing my mom's sudden foot pain?

If your Mom is overweight and her diet consists rich foods, it could be what is called gout. Its onset can be very painful and out of the blue. Some have been known to have it if not overweight.

7. is it good to go running when suffering of foot pain?

If your limping from the pain its bad. If its just annoying pain, its most likely OK, but have a DR. check it out to be sure

8. Foot pain on top of foot?!?

It's possible but I do not think that is what it is. Have you been jumping around before then? The top of your foot is covered in muscles and tendons, you probably just strained it in someway. In regards to your knees and wrist, it could be you freaking yourself out or you could have possibly strained it as well, are you athletic have you been pushing yourself? Did you fall or run into something?.

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