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Stud Finding for Window Curtains What Does It Mean That the Whole Side of the Window Frame Is Magne

There's metal corner bead under the finished surface. It will be more difficult to screw into than drywall alone. Put the screw more than an inch away from the corner and you should be fine. As a renter, just make sure you remove the curtain and patch and paint the holes you made when you need to leave

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In languages that don't allow underscores in integer constants, is it a good practice to create a constant for 1 billion?

Do not create a constant for your big literals. You would need a constant for each such literal, which is (in my opinion) a complete joke. If you desperately need to make your literals clearer without the help of things like syntax highlighting, you could (though I would not) create functions or macros to make your life "easier":.


Firefox intermittently tries to download/open a PHP page rather than it execute on the server

If PHP is configured properly in Apache and the client is functioning properly, the PHP script may not be specifying the proper MIME type for the content output. The Content-type often has to be printed for the browser to understand how to handle the data.What is the content of the file that Firefox is attempting to download?.


What happens if a wizard uses Command Undead to command an undead to keep fighting even though it has been Turned by a Cleric?

There is plenty of opportunity as a moderator to add your own rule for this kind of situation as long as its fun for everyone. Perhaps a spell check between the wizard and cleric to determine which holds more power over the creature to gain control or maybe the conflicting commands cause the creature to suffer damage, etc


Is it possible to pay US Income tax, without paying state income tax?

With the new law US citizens have have to pay taxes on any worldwide income. Whether you will need to pay state taxes depends on whether you are still considered a legal resident of that state. As far as paying taxes in Mexico if you have a visa there you will need to check with the Mexican government.


Is it okay for a dog's cold and sneezing to last for more than a week?

Your first words say it all "I bought a dog from a pet shop". Take it back and get your full refund. I have never met anyone that didn't end up with a sick dog they bought from the pet store, any pet store. I have heard they buy all their pets from puppy mills.


Does the monero-powpy miner check if it has a new job?

The stratum miner processes any jobs sent to it. Although the stratum miner is one file, it is actually two processes: Line 88 (which is in the 1st process) has q.put(job), which puts a received job in a queue and line 111 (which is the 2nd process), has job q.

get(), which consumes a job and mines it.


SLD filter -it is possible to write a unique filter that would filter values that contains substering NEW

It sounds like you need a PropertyIsLike filter rather than a PropertyIsEqualsTo filter - this would allow you to write a filter like:PropertyIsLike can only handle basic regexp with simple wildcards, single wildcard and escape characters. If you need a more expressive pattern then you could use the isLike function which takes a full Java regexp pattern


What is fusel alcohol, and does it cause hangovers?

Yeast produce higher alcohol during fermentation as side product of metabolic pathway from certain amino acid i.e. Leucine, valine, serine etc. The fusel oil produced in fermented wash depends on the number of factors such as yeast strain used, nitrogen content and temperature. Fusel oil gives the pungent taste. It is less vita tile than the ethanol


How to tell colleague nicely that it is not fine to make jokes about my team mates?

How would you handle this situation properly?Do nothing unless it happens again, in which case tell him then and there that it's out of line.Currently you have nothing much to complain about, nothing that warrants you confronting a person from another department over which you have no control about a joke he made a week ago


Static executable weird behaviour when running it in older FreeBSD

FreeBSD 12 had serious ABI change called "ino64". IIRC, libc can handle that when linked dynamically, so I'd try that first. If that doesn't work, your only option is to compile on FreeBSD 8.

Generally, you shouldn't expect binary compiled on X major release to work on X-1 release. But it works other way around by installing misc/compatXX packages


What is causing my Intel 7260 bluetooth device to disconnect when I unblock it with rfkill?

The same problem occurs with my Lenovo T440s. I do not have a solution at this point in time, but it looks like we are affected by a kernel bug (a discussion of it can be found here).Addingto /etc/rc.local seems to help a bit, but the connection to my bluetooth mouse is still unstable.


What does social tool mean in this text? Is it an idiom?

It's a figurative tool. Tools are something you can use to accomplish something you want to do. If I have a screwdriver, I can use it to tighten a screw.Playing piano was something he could use (figuratively) in order to be social. He was able to meet people "he would otherwise scarcely have known" using this tool


Keeping my Aussie outside, is it wrong?


There is nothing wrong with keeping your Aussie outside, as long as he has water and shelter from the weather, he is cool. Your doing all the right things, feeding him, watering him, interacting with him etc. I see no problem that. I hope that I have been of some help to you and your Aussie.



Is it possible to enable http compression for requests?

This is NOT allowed. According to the HTTP specification (RFC 2616), Content-Encoding is NOT one of the possible request header fields, therefore it is not possible to compress the request entity body as there is no legal way to let the server know this has occurred. Any compression of the request body is done only as a non-standard extension


Is it possible to use services that provide their own pid, like dnsmasq, to use with upstart?

You can use the Upstart job and shell scripts in this repository:restart dnsmasq without tearing down the bridge, simply use the restart command (do not use stop then start, that will tear down the bridge).Note that you will need to migrate your configs from /etc/default/lxc-net to /etc/lxc-net.


Should I insulate a garage when converting it to a workshop?

My only concern would be if the projects would suffer, if you can handle the extremes. For example, gluing up wood and the glue freezes, or in the summer, applying a clear finish and sweating onto the work. Sanding is made difficult while sweating onto the project, it will make for a really bad finish job.

.. Done that.


I have a Ball Python Shedding... How do I speed it up?

My python loved having a bathing bowl to help it shed. It actually stayed in the bowl for hours. They will always be a little sensitive around this time because they are vulnerable. I wouldn't help peel it unless it was absolutely necessary. Give it time, increase the humidity and keep monitoring it. It should be fine


Which library/framework did you ditch as being too complex for the problem it is solving? closed

ASP.NET WebForms - Although as .NET web developer it's been my bread and butter for a long time, since I started using the MVC framework (and coming from a PHP / Smarty Template environment) -- you realize that sometimes there are just better ways to do web development and the abstraction that it uses is overkill and leaky


FTP Server - Do you really need it? closed

No, you don't. If you're set up for ssh connections which, given this is a VPS...Use SCP and ditch insecure connections. FTP for anonymous transfers might be fine, but for website maintenance, something with a little security is a better bet. You connect by SSH and transfer the files securely.

One Windows client for this is WinSCP.


when clicking an item on the taskbar it is always selected no aero peek

It might just be your video card is not enough to handle Aero. If you're video card is lesser than the requirements, even if you enable Aero, it won't work. At the bottom of this page has requirements to use Aero, check if yours is within reach for Aero to function.


How do i properly install ubuntu on a pc with ubuntu already on it?

Well, I can tell you from my personal experience, Lubuntu is WAY easier to handle, a lot smoother and a lot faster in comparison to Ubuntu. It's also more similar to Windows, so you won't have much problems maneuvering. Also, how about you try making a Live CD/DVD and booting from that? It's usually a faster option.


Is it possible to set more than one motion tracking point in After Affects CS6 at the same time

It is possible to set more than one motion tracking marker on a piece of video in AE.It totally depends what you're trying to accomplish - whether it is 2D or 3D tracking, whether you need to track rotation and scale, or only position.There's a video tutorial here explaining how to set up 2D motion tracking:.


Is it possible to use wget for copying files in my own system?

It would probably make more sense to use rsync instead. For example:The -P or --partial flag prevents incomplete files from being deleted if there is an interruption. If you run the same command again, any incomplete transfer will be resumed.

This way, no need to bother with a local web server, which you would need for wget


Can I take text which is in a csv and make it the name of the csv file

You could use cut to select the exact column you need, then you could use date (for instance, in combination with sed) to set the filename.Put this in a loop to go through all your files and you're done.To help you on the way:This will select the date, now it's your turn to transform it.


Is it better to use MAE or MSE for perfomance measure? duplicate

This really depends on what is the aim of your model; some idea is to cut your decision into 10-15 equally-sized classes and make a boxplot of error and absolute value of error; this will give you a nice insight in how the error is distributed and which overall measure handles this better, like this (on mock-up data):


Is it better to serve a django site using nginx apache or nginx tornado?

A great solution to serve Django (or other WSGI apps) actually is Nginx Gunicorn. So far, this setup works very well, and the Gunicorn software is a recent one with a very good reception by the Python and Django community. You should try it.I'm currently using supervisord to handle my gunicorn processes but other solutions are possible.


Changed default mail client, but Spotlight still opens Mail.App; how to change it?

The best way I've found to set any default app is with RCDefaultApp - freeware - old but still works in Yosemite.It installs as a Control Panel item called Default Apps; you can then set many defaults - simplest are the 'Internet' ones, first tab - dial in your preferred app from the drop menu.



Is it okay to leave early if my boss does?

Short answer: Your boss leaving early has no impact on when you should leave. What time does your boss arrive in the morning? What time do you arrive in the morning? Is he there before you, or after you? Work your hours, do what you are being paid to do and don't worry what time your boss leaves


How can we best customize our price-shopping close reason, and clarify how to use it?

To me price-shopping is just a subset of shopping. I would rather just call it shopping.If you click he link in the reason to close the guidelines are pretty clear to me. Shopping is a better summary word in my opinion.

Mods does the site have the option to change that? Does this come down from above?


Mouse wheel scrolls when it shouldn't in Windows 7

I had the same issue with my mouse (also with a button to toggle spin/ratchet mode). In my case, it was the mechanism that handled the ratchet mode wearing out. I was able to fix it a few times by taking apart the mouse and fiddling with the wheel. Eventually I had to buy a new mouse.


My Black Lab smells really bad. We wash him and it makes no difference! Please Help!?

I suggest you visit with the vet. There can be many causes for this. For example, my dog had a bloody tumor which caused him to smell. It can also be diet related. It never hurts to take your pet to the vet and have them checked out. Better a small vet bill than to lose your pet.


should singleton be life-time available or should it be destroyable?

Whatever floats your boat.If you need to destroy it (maybe to reclaim memory or maybe it has state that's no longer valid) you should do that.If it holds state that's inconvenient to recreate on demand, you should keep it around.If you have no particular reason to destroy it I think you should keep it around.


Is it safe to screw #14 screws into the bottom of Center Support Beam?

This will be absolutely fine. People put screws into beams all the time. The fibers that run along the beam will barely be broken by this. (Notches out of the beam interrupt the fibers, which makes them another story altogether.

)You might want to predrill with a small (like 1/8") drill bit to make your life a little easier

Stud Finding for Window Curtains  What Does It Mean That the Whole Side of the Window Frame Is Magne 1

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