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What Is the Best Way to Repair a Door Jamb When the Hinge Screw Holes Have Been Stripped?

You either move the hinge, or pack the hole with toothpicks and Elmer's wood glue. Third option is to get the next size larger screw

What Is the Best Way to Repair a Door Jamb When the Hinge Screw Holes Have Been Stripped? 1

1. I feel like the biggest screw-up of a son. What do I do?

first off, do not put too much stress on either of you. you both have already been through so much. do not put yourself down. you made a mistake and had a breaking point. but now you have learned from your mistake. your dad probably just does not know how to handle it. you feel as if you have failed him, & im sure he feels he has failed you. you guys may need some counseling. as a family you guys will be able to talk. & if you do not want counseling just let them know you want to talk to them. explain to them how you did it, what you felt, & why you wont do it again.

2. Screw the Jim Thome home run. Ryan Gayburn just hit one too! That's even rarer!---->?

LOL..how many does Raburn have? All milestones are big! BQ: Of course not, his father played in the NFL!

What Is the Best Way to Repair a Door Jamb When the Hinge Screw Holes Have Been Stripped? 2

3. Why do only 30% of voters say they would screw up and vote for Obama again?

According to your poll, 64 % could vote for Obama. A landslide! Obama in 2012. BTW, the GOP says "government can not create jobs-only the private sector." Then they blame Obama for not creating jobs. The GOP = hypocrites and partisans, not patriots.

4. How common are screw jacks under houses? Do I need to replace them? If so, does anyone have an estimated cost?

Expect to replace the entire service entrance. $800-$2000

5. Why did substituting water for milk screw up my recipe?

Okay? Last time I answered a question like this I got thumbs down? But I will try again? Milk add a creamy texture to casseroles and baked goods and also milk has fat. Fat is what makes food taste good. Evaporated milk is concentrated milk and makes food velvety and creamy. Water in baked goods disappears making the muffins dry. Milk makes muffins less dry because it does not disappear like water does. You can also try applesauce if you are ever out of milk? And the muffins wont tastes like applesauce either! I have used applesauce in chocolate brownies and you can not taste the applesauce at all.

6. How many genius does it take to screw in a light bulb.?

25 if their as stupid as someone who would ask a question or 200 yr old joke like this

7. Screw head snapped off while fixing my Moen kitchen faucet, how can I get it out?

A broken screw that small is going to a little hard to deal with.....determine the id of the hole (not the od of the screw) use a slow turning drill (Batt. powered) ...And try to drill thru the screw...If you do get the hole drilled out...Retap the hole and put a new screw in...If you do not have the tools to try this . ..Get a new cartridge.

8. How to get a broken torx bit out of a bleed screw?

Depending on how stuck it is you may be able to pull it out with super-glue on the end of a stick. Use a "helping hands" tool to hold it while it sets

9. What color wires go with each screw on my thermostat?

Typically it is Red to R White to W Do not remove the jumper between RH and RC Green to G which should be the fan of the furnace and the Blue Should be B

10. How can I re-attach cabinet door when screw pulled out?

Go to Home Depot or Lowes. They can help you. You might have to put a small piece of wood and some glue in the hole. Make sure the distructive friends are not invited to any more parties

11. is it wrong to put bags over girls heads and screw them?

do the ONION! PULL UP HER DRESS OVER HER HEAD AND TIE IN A KNOT!Put a flag over her face and do it for old glory

12. A close friend is about to screw me over. what do i do?

Have a talk with your friend and tell him what you think about it. If he's your true friend he will respect your wishes

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