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Where Can I Get a Henna Tattoo in Kansas City, KS?

Where can I get a Henna tattoo in Kansas City, KS?

Where Can I Get a Henna Tattoo in Kansas City, KS? 1

Henna Tattoo Feather

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what do you guys think about Gil Meche from the Kansas City Royals?

A good enough pitcher, but overpaid

Where Can I Get a Henna Tattoo in Kansas City, KS? 2

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Charlie Browns baseball team vs Kansas City Royals?

snoopy with a walk off granny in the 9th cause you all know the royals have to go there, they can not make a bunch of kids travel, they wont have the funds. Plus, the peanuts gang isnt under the MLB drug testing, so its easy to see why they win

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Have you seen what wins $10,000 in an art contest in Kansas City?

I wish I had kept my artwork from grade school. I could have made a killing today. I thought they were terrible at the time. But the stuff that's been selling for $$$$$ just gives me heart burn!!! (**)

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Amtrack train from Kansas city Mo. to Seattle Wa?

Why do not you just call amtrak 1-800-USA-RAIL...or go to amtrak.com

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Where can you get the best Mexican food in Kansas City?

a good Mexican but I would recommend Manny's on the boulevard just asked any hotel they will know where e to send you will love it

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Why is the Charger & Kansas City game being played in Mexico? Is that common?

Yes, it's common. The NFL is always seeking to broaden its viewing market, even, in Mexico, which I find ironic, considering a portion U.S. citizens want to build a wall between the two countries

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My wife and I are looking to move to Kansas city ,MO but close to KU and Raymore. Suggestions?

I am assuming you are looking to rent. If you are set on living in KC, MO then your best bet is to look along the southernmost leg of I-435 between State Line Rd and the Grandview Triangle (colloquial name for the I-435/I-470/I-49/US-71 interchange). I would personally advise you to look south of I-435; though I can not speak for every rental property in that area, I would consider them markedly safer than those immediately north of 435 in general. Why here? You are near JCCC, pretty easy direct access to Lawrence, KS (I-435 West to K-10 West, which will take you directly to 23rd St in Lawrence, roughly a half hour from city limit to city limit). Raymore is a pretty direct route as well (I-435 East to I-49 South to Belton/Raymore). This area is in the Center school district, so not the troubled KCMO school district. Still, if you are looking for private schools in the area, there are a number of good religious schools, that are open to anyone, and some non-denominational ones as well. A few nearby ones, in no particular order: The Barstow School (secular, K-12), Rockhurst HS (Jesuit, 9-12), Notre Dame de Sion (Catholic, K-12), and Hyman Brand Hebrew Acadamy (Jewish, K-12). The only experience with apartments I've had are with Park South Apts (108th and State Line), which is a little pricy but friendly, safe, and very convenient, and with whatever the complex is that is just northwest of the junction of 71 and Bannister, which is much cheaper, but not nearly as safe or nice a facility - but hey, at least there is a strong police presence there. Just a heads up - hope you both have cars. This area is very easy to get around with a car (one of the best metros for it even), but public transportation is way below the level other major metros are at. The buses are OK, but about the only place you can ever flag down a cab is the airport, and that is it. Now, if you are not set on living in KCMO proper, there are a number of excellent suburbs in the metro - Check out Wikipedia below to begin your hunt.

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My son is driving to Kansas City next week to live. Any tornado advice?

First, tornadoes are pretty rare. Generally, the season can be from late March/April through June, with possibly another short season in the fall. Look at the animation from the NSSL site. Yes, there are sirens. Radio and TV are also well practiced at relaying information about the weather situation at hand. If there's a serious situation at hand, it will be warned on by the National Weather Service and information will be relayed through commercial TV and radio as well as NOAA Weather Radio. There might not be any warning given given due to the erratic behavior of tornadoes and weather in general. Or, there might be 10-20 minutes of warning. The first signs? Well, it's important to note that tornadoes are found on the rear of a thunderstorm and not the front side (which tends to look pretty scary but usually just pack high winds). If you are driving around and you find yourself into a bad thunderstorm, turn on the radio (especially to a news/talk type of a station). If you find yourself in a similar situation at home, do the same or turn the TV on to a local station or turn on a NOAA Weather Radio. If there's something serious happening, it will be covered. My last pieces of advice...do not stop your vehicle under an overpass to use it as a storm shelter!! And read through the links that I've provided.

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