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Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker?

What do you mean by "enhance"? How do you want to change it? Audio editing is not like using Photoshop, where you can press a button and the picture is optimised for you - it's much more of a black art. Lots of things are possible, but you need a good idea of what you need to do

Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker? 1

1. Best Blu Ray video/audio quality to show off home theater?

I basically had to function to this alittle. I actual have a Sony 5.a million htib and that i offered a blu ray participant later. Now I actual have the htib working the embody sound and the blu ray is asserted to the television. The audio output from the television is asserted to the enter of the htib. Works super. I actual have one greater dvd through htib, regardless of if this is not related through fact the blu ray took this is port. as quickly as you utilize a blu ray, you will not flow back to time-honored dvd's. playstation . the best purchase worker grew to become into incorrect or basically attempting to enhance you early

2. Record video, with audio from a separate microphone on Windows 7

What you would need is a program that can take separate video and audio tracks. You can either capture them separately with different programs or together with a single program. Each has their merits. OBS is a free Open Source option that will capture them together. It has a few nice benefits to it as well

Best Video/audio Editor Other Than Movie Maker? 2

3. In the US is it legal to record video with audio on in stores as long as you don't record any private conversation?

Security cameras typically do not have audio recording. Because it can result in lawsuits. Sure, the store might win that lawsuit. But who wants to create a scenario that manufactures cause for others to sue you? So most security cameras lack microphones.But no, if you want a general rule that applies to all 50 states (which have 50 sets of laws on this), it is generally illegal to record conversations of people. Which is going to automatically happen if you have cameras on during business hours. I do not see how you could really have a choice if you have cameras with audio

4. shielding video and audio cables from AC current interference?

Yeah, you have the right idea. Maybe a wood or rubber divider would greatly decrease the interference

5. Has anyone worked at a PGA Tour event as a video or audio technician?

No, but I would love to, that is an awsome gig you have there! Make sure you enjoy it, Take Care!

6. can HDMI cable transmit the video/audio source from a DVD recorder to TV?

lol!!! dude...thats what it was made to do!! lol! :)

7. Zimmerman Police Video & Audio – He is a poor liar?

man you sure do smoke some good stuff its easy to manufacture your own fantasy by leaving out anything that does not fit your narrative lol. things like it was dark and pouring down rain and the street lights were out on that corner and a host of other stuff we will completely ignore so your fantasy can sound logical. even if everything were to happen exactly as you say, then zim is still not guilty because he is well within his rights to shoot and kill treyvon in self defence as soon as he starts beating zims head into the concrete. ooops did I just rain on your neat little scenario

8. were can i find a free video player download that will play all video and Audio types?

There is nothing that will play all formats. Some formats have patents and copyrights which are strongly enforced, which means that they need paid for and cannot be free. If someone releases one, they get sued. For most formats, there is VLC, GOM, KMplayer, or the Klite codec pack might work.

9. Overlay image in video and pause the video and audio during the specific interval

In order to pause audio and video, you can either loop the streams or offset the PTS.loop=loop=len_frames:size=1:start=pos_frames,setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TBHere, len_frames is the length of the loop in frames, and pos_frames is the position of the pause in frames. You can calculate these numbers by obtaining the framerate of the video and multiplying it with the chosen length and timestamp in seconds. The same goes for the audio part, for which you have to use aloop and asetpts, respectively, and the sample rate in Hz. Furthermore, you have to mute the audio by setting the volume=0.The looped video and audio streams will be longer than the originals, and you can then show the overlay on them. As such commands are rather complex to put together, I wrote a Python program that inserts a "buffering" indicator while video and audio are paused. You can check how the loop commands are generated here.See Gyan's answer here, which essentially does:setpts='PTSgte(T,start_time)*(shift/TB)'combined with -vsync vfr, where start_time is the time at which the frames are offset and shift is the shift applied. As for playing the audio during a particular time interval, you can use the -itsoffset input option to offset its start.Or you offset the PTS of the audio stream with a fixed amount using the asetpts filter

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Video and Audio in All Applications Unable to Play Past First Frame/second
Video and Audio in All Applications Unable to Play Past First Frame/second
I am not sure if you are streaming or playing from HDD or both. If you are streaming: - Try checking you are firewall configurations. - Try waiting, a little longer to clarify if it's a bandwidth/connection problem - With Netflix, sometimes browser configuration(ie, really secure settings) can interfere with the loading process. Plug-in configurations, such as NoScript for Firefox, can completely block connections. - Check your router configurations. ** Try resetting your internet options, connection interface setting, and your router&&gateway. If you are connection setting are too-strict this could be the culprit preventing you from streaming.For MP4: - I can not really state anything more than has been said. ** However, if you are converting or have converted your files into MP4 formats that can sometimes cause problems depending on the converter you are using.Let me know what you tried, what worked, and if you fixed the problem.1. Thinking about buying a HDTV Video/Audio Dirstribution Amplifier for my HDTVs in my house. Will this work?Yes, you are right. You have answered your own question. What you put in is what you get out...times four. This is a good unit, if you have long runs from unit to set.2. Windows software for recording multiple video/audio sources?If it were me, I would try using a video recording interface with RCA connectors, as most TVs have an RCA audio/video output. Most of these connect via USB and come with some sort of software. For the video of the players, use a second software program and webcam/etc. to capture this. If you had a Mac, this could probably be sync would in Final Cut Pro. I am not familiar with all the software for Windows. The main part I do not think you will be able to accomplish (without expensive software) is capturing all of this in-sync with each device. This would require some sort of video-switcher software, similar to what TV stations use for live broadcasts. The method above is probably your cheapest route, if you can handle syncing it after the fact3. Tool to view video/audio file information [closed]I used to have this tool called GSpot270a, there is a quick start here.And a comparison of some tools here.There is this blog post View and Analyze Your Media Codec Information (Video/Audio) With MediaInfo which does not open at this time... do not know why, but it has the lines,I can see GSpot is not actively developed.4. Best quality option video and audio from single hdmi output on blu-ray player?You should connect HDMI directly from Blu-ray player to receiver for both audio and video and another HDMI from receiver to TV for video. This is the best way to go for HD sound and quality picture5. How can I convert a YouTube video to an audio file?You can use the YouTube Converter to make it.6. VLC media player is not displaying video, but audio worksI am using Ubuntu 16.04 and updated to vlc 2.2.7 had the same problem after updating the update.Go to Tools>preferences>video>output and select any of the first three options that end in (XCB). Resolved the issue for me.You can also try either of the OpenGL options and they work also. Hope it works for you. janitor-.7. Dropped my PS3 slim and now i lost video and audio?Obviously when you dropped it it killed it. There's nothing you can do for it but to send it in for repair or just get a new PS38. How do I convert a Youtube video into Audio and burn it onto a CD?Youtube downloader *period*.... search it in google and once you download it ( totally safe) all you have to do is go to youtube, copy the web adress and put it in it and it will immediatly begin to copy the video from you tube. if you want just the song and not the vid, then you just have to covert it using the downloader. its that easy9. I have a gateway lx6200 and on the front panel i have the yellow white and red video/audio ports input/output?You can hook up a video or an audio device such as DVD PLAYER ,GAME PLAYER, CD PLAYER
Legality of Video/audio Recording in Walmart?
Legality of Video/audio Recording in Walmart?
I can not find the direct code for recording issues for FL, but if the party being recorded did not give you consent, you are invading that person's privacy. Also, Walmart is a private property and you will be asked to leave if you are not following their policies (I am sure the video recording in store is against their policy without written consent from Walmart). That said, the dealer of the firearm has the right to impose the wait policy if they feel that it is warranted. They are not refusing that you have the right to buy it, but they can decide to sell/transfer to anyone they want to or refuse service like any other sales. You should have simply gone to another store.1. Xbox 360 loss of video but not audio and i have tried component and composite?It is probably the cord; check to make sure the switch is in the right position (standard def = yellow; HDTV = red/blue/green cluster). If it is, then you probably just have a bad cable; this happeded to me before, and I just went to Gamestop (or where ever you bought it) and exchanged it for another one2. Gstreamer 0.10 on imx6 Board can't play video with audioFirst of 0.10 is basically deprecated.Second, you should use the more recent freescale Gstreamer i.MX plugins, made especially for video decode/sink purposes3. Software to download online streaming media (video/audio)?orbit downloader for older then windows 8 is best and even real player downloader dose the work4. What is the easiest way to upload video and audio content?Some more modules not mentioned yet in any of the previous answers ...Here is a quote about the Take Control module (from its project page):... is a set of set of modules for Drupal for managing various administrative tasks particularly related to the file system. Beginning with version 2.0, the module has been refactored into a core/add-on architecture, where a core module take_control provides common routines and settings, whereas the bulk of front-end user interaction comes from add-on modules (e.g. file browser etc).Currently, there are 2 add-on modules:File Browser: A complete File Browser/File Manager for Drupal. Allows you to manage your Drupal file-system directly through Drupal without needing FTP or your Hosting Control Panel access.Quick Permissions: Many Drupal administrators are troubled by the: Drupal_Security_Do_Not_Remove_See_SA_2006_006 directive in Drupal file-system root's .htaccess file that effectively prevents write access to the file-system folder outside Drupal. This module allows you to take control of the file-system folder by specifying custom permissions on it from Drupal. Additionally, you can specify custom permission / delete any directory/file owned by Drupal using this module.The Document module is a Document Management System for Drupal. Here is a quote about it (from its project page):Features:The elFinder module integrates with elFinder, which is a open source AJAX file manager. Here is a quote about it (from its project page):Features:The CMIS API module aims to provide a generic API for integrating with CMIS compliant Enterprise CMS (ECM) systems.There are a few more modules that might look like a possible fit, though they are, in general, perceived as rather buggy / unstaled, or only support old (D6) Drupal releases so far. Below are some more details about those modules.There is also the Media Browser Plus module, which is an enhancement module for the Media module, with additions such as:Here is a quote about the Asset module (from its project page):... proposes a new approach to the media management in Drupal, resolving a long-standing problem of reusable media files (images, videos, documents, etc) that evolved into the problem of reusable media content (images/videos/documents/etc with the attached content like description/licence/etc).The Asset module provides new entity called Media Asset and the set of Media Assets examples (Image, Video, Audio, Document, Image Gallery, Free HTML), which can be enabled optionally.The 'Web File Manager' module is for D6 only. And issue WebFM for Drupal 7 has status Closed (Wo not fix). But there is also an ongoing discussion about a Ground-up rewrite of WebFM.5. What is the best video/audio editing software?When it comes to Audio editing software I would go with Audacity too, very good tool and completely open source as well
Shielding Video and Audio Cables From AC Current Interference?
Shielding Video and Audio Cables From AC Current Interference?
First make sure that none of the low voltage (audio-video-data) cables run parallel to the ac lines. If the l.v. lines run parallel for more than the length of a 60 cycle wave, they will adopt that signal, shielded or not in many cases. Shielding is never 100%. Also, make sure you dont have a ground loop or any cross phased ac lines. You can buy a hum reduction unit fairly cheap but will need one for every ac line. You can trick your lv lines into rejecting 60 cycle by looping it or wrapping it but that is hit and miss. If all this fails you can add a choke to your speaker wires at the speaker. Cut off everything from 80hz and below. Hope this helps.1. Is there any video or audio with accurate subtitles or transcripts?Try audiobooks!I do not know why I did not think about them earlier but they perfectly fit your request in a certain way, does not it?You can buy the book to read it while you listen to the narrator.I know there are several audiobooks out there. Personally, I had the first Harry Potter (in French of course) when I was younger.2. If video and audio recording illegal,is monitoring another employee's every move by writing it down illegal?You must not be in the U.S., cuz here it's legal to video monitor the workplace. Maybe try turning the tables on the employee by writing down everything he does... Until the point where you both are writing down that the other is writing stuff down.3. Just pondering a question. Can a parent send a child to school (hidden) "wired" for video and audio leagly?Children take video cameras to school all the time. There is probably no law that would prevent a child from video/audio taping events at schools. The fact that it is done covertly should not necessarily be an issue. However, there may be issues if the video camera is used inside a restroom/lockeroom. Also, the school may have rules that would address this issue that would not make it illegal, but a violation of the rules. You may have to have the teacher's or school's permission to video and/or audio record lessons or other events. As far as a child charging another child with assault; this is an ackward question. The word "charge" is a bit ambiguous. A child can certainly make an accusation of assault against another child. A child could file a police report against another child. A child could, in theory, make a citizens arrest of another child (I would strongly advise against this for many reasons, including the potential civil liability for the "arresting" child's parents). Also, the "charge" of assault is pretty specific and in many areas, carries with it certain factors that many people do not understand. For example, generally, assault is defined as, "a threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped." However, many states incorporate an intent element, others might include an element of imminent harm. Generally speaking, assault charges are generally not taken seriously unless they accompany a battery charge.4. How can I convert a YouTube video to an audio file?1. Go to YouTube to Mp3 Converter2. Paste the link3. Click "Download", the button that looks like this:Then you have the mp3 file5. Where Can I find this English Lesson (video) and audio tape online? Desperate for help!?I do not know that you will be able to find these resources online. However, if you live in a relatively major city, the public library would be an excellent resource - especially since it does not cost anything to use it!6. How to fade in/out a video/audio clip with unknown duration?The answer to question 2 is a resounding YES! I was looking for the same functionality and I ended up writing a bash script that asks for fade duration in seconds and calculates the initial frame for the fade-out:Fades require re-encoding so using a low crf value for libx264 gives a high quality re-encode. The comments should explain everything else7. Why Adobe After Effect CS3 doesn't work with my Canopus TV card? i am using the Video & Audio Out, is that why?I wish I knew the answer to your question, try email Adobe. P.S. You are hot, btw. At least your picture is.
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