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About How Much Would It Cost for Audio/video System Installation in a Car?

I would recommend a small privately owned shop that has been around for more than 5 years. You can not haggle the larger shops on install price. Standard prices for installation in the Chattanooga area are: speakers $50/pair Subs $25 each Amplifier $75 Visor & headrest monitors $150 each So you would be looking at about $900, you can talk a small shop into doing everything for around $750. Prices are alot higher in bigger cities. You are probably looking at 8-10 hours labor for one man. Expect to leave your car for 2 days.

About How Much Would It Cost for Audio/video System Installation in a Car? 1

1. How to hide audio, video or images at gallery? [duplicate]

You find a possible solution in many posts around here -- if you know what to look for, that is...Responsible for files turning up in the gallery etc. is the media-scanner, so you have to keep that one from processing the directories you want to ommit. The usual approach for this is placing a file named .nomedia (note the starting dot) into all directories you want to exclude (in your case, the ones containing your audio books). Simply put, this tells the media-scanner: "No media here, just skip this folder".

2. its only audio and no video whyyyy ?

avc.. hm, I dont know but it happened the same to me once, i think its because its an avc

About How Much Would It Cost for Audio/video System Installation in a Car? 2

3. How can I find exact delay in badly synced audio and video streams in a media container?

Do you know what a clapper is? It's an old device used in movie making and looks like this:This is used by the editor to sync the video and audio together. You need this because there is nothing about audio and video streams that really allow a computer to work out how out of sync they are.Your best course of action is to work out why your recording is going out of sync. It sounds like your computer might be underpowered (conjecture as I do not know how powerful your computer is). If you can not solve the syncing problem, then use a clapper (or make one) and then trial and error your way into syncing it back up.Of course this only helps with fixed sync issues, if you have progressive sync issues then you can use the time signature to resync the streams and this is something the computer can help you with. Is suspect that's what ffmpeg is trying to do

4. What is the best way to clean the outside of audio/video cables

When I was a a corporate photo/video shooter I found the "desk and office cleaner" everyone had worked pretty well with paper towels. Now that I shoot in the third world, it is Lysol wipes when i get back to the studio. And it is terrifying how many it takes until they come out clean.

5. How do I connect a Creative 5.1 speaker system with 3 x 3.5mm jacks to a TV with audio video RCA output?

You can create your own RCA to 3.5mm jack adapters or buy them from the local electronics shop. If you explain them what you want they should be able to create the cable for you. Just keep in mind that you are only going to get the Left and Right channels as that is all your TV can output. You will also need to figure out which of the 3 3.5mm jacks receives the Left and Right channels and connect those to the adapter

6. what is this called when it has multiple audio video cable ports?

AV switcher

7. Audio / Video Options disabled in Pidgin when using Yahoo Voice Video

From Pidgin's FAQ:Yahoo uses its own protocol, so the answer to your question is that, unfortunately, you can not enable Yahoo voice and video chat with Pidgin for the simple reason that it's not implemented for now

8. is there a different hdmi cable for audio and video or are they the same?

HDMI cables carry both digital audio and digital video together. Because of this and since I have never seen "Audio HDMI" and "Video HDMI" cables My answer to your question would be: No there is not a different cable and Yes they are the same.

9. (Preferably rare) Audio/Video recordings of famous mathematicians?

Timothy Gowers here on youtube lecturing a talk on: The Importance of Mathematics

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