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Is There Any Way to Make More Audio/video Jacks in the Back of the Tv?

they have these things that go into 1 or more of the jacks that gives u more than the tv has a couple people i kno hav them

Is There Any Way to Make More Audio/video Jacks in the Back of the Tv? 1

1. What is the difference between audio & video tapes?

The recording of sound on a VHS tape is strictly the comparable technique as on an audio tape. The audio on VHS is extra effective high quality with the aid of relative length of the tape head and speedier tape velocity. approximately 10 years in the past there have been gadgets that enabled you to apply a VHS recorder as a wisdom backup gadget for difficult drives. whether or not they could be waiting to record an HDMI datastream is uncertain with the aid of fact the bandwidth could be undesirable (too low)

2. How do I record presenteru2019s WebEx or GotoMeeting presentation/conference with audio and video?

Whilst I can't help you wth your WebEx or GoToMeeting situation here. I can help you out with Drum - Free Instant Web Meetings and get your meetings recorded from the presenters view. Firstly, all meetings are recorded as standard. So you don't need to worry about selecting options or getting things up and running. To ensure it is from the presenters view, simply keep all your meetings guests as guests rather than promoting them to a presenter.How do I record presenter's WebEx or GotoMeeting presentation/conference with audio and video?.

Is There Any Way to Make More Audio/video Jacks in the Back of the Tv? 2

3. Transmit/receive audio/video without a cable?

You need the input and output to be on the same ferrite core for this to have a chance of working. You also need a ferrite that is rated for operation up to 3-4 MHz, which is the upper frequency of baseband video. The only way this has a chance of working is if you take the video and modulate a RF signal (or possibly an IR signal from an IR LED) and have an RF receiver and demodulator on the other end. .

4. Are audio and video transmitted through HDMI cables?

It should work that way, yes... I have my Xbox360 connected to my tv and both the video/audio come out of the tv. Also, my PS3 is connected to my surround sound with HDMI, then another to my tv and it works as well. I think you would be just fine with your new PC/Monitor.

5. Irritating auto-changing column types in Windows Explorer in case of audio/video files

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have been searching for everything to make my experience of editing easier. I stumbled here for one of my answers. What you described sounded a little difficult. I just went back to my folder and at the top heading of the columns right clicked got a menu choice of "size column" or "size all columns" to fit, opened and closed and it stayed. Also if yo click in the right place menu also gives choices of columns. This seemed easy to find as i have trouble searching files explorer reports not found even when it is right there.I do not know what I did to see explorer window without permissions im not sure but I got the Idea I ended up changing permissions on the C drive it's working ok.I know it's not right i dont know what trusted installer should be allowed.I own the c drive I am not sure that is right either.Anyway do you use Foobar I added the burn file. Also figured uot how to build a cue sheet with EAC from a file and then burn. So I will be lucky if I ever get this video edited. Good luck I get so tred of resizing columns and i need to wathc those items to keep track of the sceene,and from various folders.I do this I go looking for answers and answer myself. Thanks

6. Free, lightweight, all-in-one, audio and video format converter

I personally use VLC, it's a free and open-source media player that supports a lot of video and audio formats, and it can also be used for streaming or conversion even though it's UI is not the most intuitive for conversion.Basic how-to:

7. TV cables help? (audio video cables)?

You can use an "RF Modulator" for the DVD player that takes the Yellow/Red/White cables from the DVD player and converts it to channel 3 or channel 4 signals. These run about $25. A better choice is a "AV Selector Switch". You run the audio and video from your Sat box, your DVD player, your Wii, and the one output goes to the TV. These run $30-$80 - but have the advantage they dont try to convert the video to anything. Check Monoprice for cheap selector switches or go to your local Radio Shack to see what they have.

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