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I Eh... Dropped My PS3 Slim and now the Audio and Video Are Out?

No, DO NOT open your PS3. Sony has already said they would fix it for free, so let them do it.. they could've charged you for a repair as well, since damages like this are not usually covered by the warranty. I have no idea what could have broken, my PS3 dropped from 4 feet into a hard tile floor and nothing broke then.

I Eh... Dropped My PS3 Slim and now the Audio and Video Are Out? 1

1. I had the no audio video error on my xbox 360 but now i have the 3 red lights?

you have the red ring of death and that means you have to send it in to get it fixed

2. What's the best audio video repair shop in los angeles or california?

well i used to take my stuff to some place in orange county but i live in downtown la so that made no sense and the place was terrible. They charged me sooo much and were not able to fully fix my speakers. ' I actually have a bose setup as well and ended up taking it to " Solutions " in Los angeles (silverlake area). Really cool service center and I think they actually are an official certified service center for a couple of the companies you listed. They have an expedited service at no charge and they do amazing work. They've been around for forever and apparently they are pretty well known by the biggest musicians around. Hope that helps! below is there site.

I Eh... Dropped My PS3 Slim and now the Audio and Video Are Out? 2

3. Why are Audio/Video products from High End companies getting more and more cheaper by the day?

This decrease in price is due to a few things but the main one is the 'Credit Crunch' with electrical goods being a luxury item are the first thing people will stop buying in tough times. this brings down the demand of the product so down comes the price

4. how to hook up dvd/cd player to audio-video stereo reciever????

Locate the "CD" inputs on the rear of your receiver, lower left hand corner of the receiver (below the antenna and "phono"). Locate the left and right audio outputs on the rear of your JVC dvd player. Use an "RCA" cable to connect the two utilizing the RED connectors for the right channel and the WHITE connectors for the left channel. The JVC dvd player's video output (yellow connector) will go directly to the television set, since the receiver does not allow for video connection (video switching). To listen, simply select the CD input from the front of your receiver. If you have a cd player as well and it's using the CD input already - utilize the "Video 1" input (thrid set of connectors down from the top, just right of the CD input area).

5. What's meant by 'audio-video interface connectivity'?

You can plug it into your television like you would a DVD player and view the video and audio

6. What type of audio video cables came with your sharper image progressive scan dvd player? I can not find mine.

You may have got nothing, or nothing more than S-Video or composite (yellow). Very few companies include now component cables. Assuming your TV has component input, Just buy componenet video (Green/Red/Blue) and audio (Red/white) fom any store.

7. Completely open-source and encrypted text, audio, and video chat software [closed]

Jitsi will give you most of what you want, I believe the only thing it does not encrypt at the moment is video chat. Voice and text chat are encrypted with ZRTP and OTR respectively

8. What to use to quickly cut Audio/Video

I wrote a helper for ffmpeg that mimics substr() syntax.ffslice infile [start [duration [outfile [ffmpeg-args]]]]Note that ffmpeg will only split on keyframes. This usually works well enough for most cases, but if you need precise video segments, see How to extract time-accurate video segments with ffmpeg?. You can force all the needed keyframes before segmenting

9. does power line conditioner and voltage regulator really help your audio and video quality?

Personally, I have not heard any difference between using a conditioner and not, but logically, they can make a difference. Personally, I use an APC condition and an MIT conditioner for the different sections of my setup. The main reason I got them was to protect my equipment from voltage irregularities. Many people experience varying degrees of success with conditioners. Both my conditioners sound transparent as far as I can tell, but I also know people who have tried Furmans and can not stand them. My personal belief is a power conditioner is mostly a band-aid for a poor electrical system. A dedicated AC line is more beneficial because it gets rid of all the different inductive loads that put noise on the line. After you have that, a conditioner might be a good add-on. Also, the higher quality equipment usually have much better designed power supplies that filter out anomalies in the AC. This means paralleling capacitors across the diodes in the bridge rectifier, adding voltage regulation chips, etc. Most consumer gear has poorly designed power supply sections that pass on voltage irregularities to the other sections in varying degrees. This hurts the quality of the audio/video. If you are in the market for a conditioner, I would go for a good name brand that does not limit current too much. Your power amps will be needing lots of it, and some conditioners are too current limiting which degrades their performance.

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