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Can a Soldier Make a Video Call From Their Camp?

Block him straight away

Can a Soldier Make a Video Call From Their Camp? 1

1. How do I make a video call on Airtel?

The mobile should support the video call facility ,Then it is possible to video call when network is connected in 3G/4G

2. Why do presidents of countries still communicate via telephone calls, instead of using video call tech or even old school official letter writing?

Heads of Countries, Presidents, Prime Ministers and all alike usually communicate using, monitored Secured Telephone connection for Security and privacy reasons.As secured lines, monitored by the CIA, FBI, & Home Land Security, it is well protected from eaves dropping, phone tapping and other Espionage activities of Foreign countries.This Telephone connection is normally term as a Hot Line. The President and Foreign Heads of State can talk and discuss issues that are critical, confidential or Secret that may include possibility of out break of Wars or impending Conflicts with ease, under very secured Privacy and their conversation is kept Secret from prying ears of Spies and unwanted eaves droppers.Other means of calls, are wide open and may not be Safe, as Eaves Droppers and Spies with the Right Equipment and Military training in Intelligence techniques and Technology may inadvertedly have access to such calls, and Leak such information to undesired parties which may result in mayhem and undesirable outcomes.Hope that answers and Satisfy your query. Have a nice day and a good weekend too

Can a Soldier Make a Video Call From Their Camp? 2

3. How do I know if my chatmate is a real surgeon base in Syria? He talks to me in phone when he is free and video call, he even sent me photo of his id for me to justify he is not scammer.

Does he have an accent? Has he asked you for any money or gift cards? Has he declared his love in a short time? Does he use phrases we do not use? Are you his queen? These are some of the red flags to look for. Please do a bit more research and learn more of the red flags. How is it that a doctor has time to make calls and be on the internet? I know scammers are great at making false documents, take a good look, I am sure there are plenty of red flags. Be careful, if your gut is telling you he's scamming you, listen to your gut

4. Can someone chat during a WhatsApp video call?

Yes, It is totally possible if the person have picture-in-picture app and most of the phones have this feature. It will minimise the video call screen and the person can chat. Option two is that after the person received your call he/she can open WhatsApp web and that will lead to chat and call both at the same time. The only way to find out if the person is chatting with someone else is to see if the person is online at the time during the call. If the person is not chatting the last seen will be visible with timestamp being the time when you started the Whatsapp voice call.This is the example of picture-in-picture mode you can use two apps at the same time. Can someone chat during a WhatsApp video call?

5. what does a music video call sheet look like, what do i write in it?

It looks like any other call sheet for a shoot.pdf

6. is using skype video call eating up my internet credits?

nicely once you sense approximately it on youtube your getting a flow of a video and on skype your streaming video and sending video out. So approximately double the bandwidth (fancy term for info superhighway utilization)

7. Do you prefer audio calls to video chats, and are video call meetings overrated and over-used?

Thanks so much for your A2A Barbara :-) If it is with several family members then video, otherwise I prefer audio. No, I do not think video call meetings are overrated and over-used

8. How do I activate the WhatsApp video call feature?

Thanks for A2A!Hello dear, If you are not getting Whatsapp Video Call Feature on your Whatsapp App, then first Update it to the latest version.There is no such thing to activate this Video Call feature. It is bydefault embedded for every user.Thanks

9. What clothing do you favor to keep you video-call ready while working from home?

A simple plain top and jeans. I also remember to brush my teeth wash my face and brush my hair Any semblance of civility. Just because we have been physically distant does not mean I shoukd look haggard or sad

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