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What Clothing Do You Favor to Keep You Video-call Ready While Working From Home?

A simple plain top and jeans. I also remember to brush my teeth wash my face and brush my hair Any semblance of civility. Just because we have been physically distant does not mean I shoukd look haggard or sad

What Clothing Do You Favor to Keep You Video-call Ready While Working From Home? 1

1. Do you prefer audio calls to video chats, and are video call meetings overrated and over-used?

Thanks so much for your A2A Barbara :-) If it is with several family members then video, otherwise I prefer audio. No, I do not think video call meetings are overrated and over-used

2. What happens when you receive a real phone call during a skype video call?

A cell phone is set up to interrupt any app that is running when a call comes in, so the phone call would interrupt or override the Skype call running as an app. The Skype call would disconnect when the regular phone call came in. It is the same as if you were playing a video game app on your phone and a call comes in. The app is disconnected when the phone call comes in

What Clothing Do You Favor to Keep You Video-call Ready While Working From Home? 2

3. How do I make a long-distance relationship work (without a video call or voice call)?

Why would you not want to video or voice call? this seems extremely suspicious. There is almost no way that a relationship will work, long term if you are not willing to call eachother. Texting is nice but, it's no where near the same as hearing the emotion in their voice or seeing it in their face. I am in a long distance relationship. I've never met my boyfriend in real life but, we call almost 24/7. We sleep on the phone and video call as often as possible

4. Any one knows if u need to pay to use skype video call?

You do not need to pay for Skype it is an online free service

5. How can I record video call in Skype?

You can use an unregistered hyper cam

6. What clothing do you favor to keep you video-call ready while working from home?

To be honest, I do not do video calls at all.My phone is a very basic model that allows me to talk and sends texts, and on my pc I do not have a camera, since I have no need for it. What ever work I do from home does not need video calls, since we do sewing, and if someone wants to know what we do, I send pictures, not video.

7. how do you get skype animation things with a video call?

Skype does not come with this type of software, but some web-cams do. Most laptops with built in web-cams have it. The one I know about is called "You-Cam. " I do not know where they sell it, but you might find it on the internet

8. How an ISP can detect if someone having a WhatsApp call or video call? without detecting or blocking the rest of the app [duplicate]

ISPs in general can detect VoIP connections because these network flows in general have specific network metrics such as , constant rate, a relationship between up stream and downstream and some more. However, some applications such Skype the embed all encrypted traffic on one network flow, make impossible to know how many messages has been sent. In the case of whatsappp you can take some samples and analyze but I suspect that works in a similar way as skype.

9. How do I know if my chatmate is a real surgeon base in Syria? He talks to me in phone when he is free and video call, he even sent me photo of his id for me to justify he is not scammer.

There are ways you can verify if you want to. Questions like where did you go to med school? can be checked on the web. Where did you go undergrad? Colleges have alumni offices, look him up. Where did you grow up? Google maps will tell you if it's there.Why did you join the Army [or UN]? Usually once the questions start there's a lot of "Why are you asking this, do not you trust me..."Surgeons in the military are not deployed to places where the action shifts a lot [as it is in Syria right now] In order for surgeons to perform surgery they need a sterile place and a number of other specialists doing their job too. It can be done in the back of the truck in a true emergency but normally the wounded are put on a truck or helicopter and flown the where the surgeon is. This is true for the UN as well. There are none of those places in Syria at the moment.So your surgeon [who's telling you he is in Syria] is not in Syria. Another point is his ability to spend time away from his job to hang out on a dating chatsite on the internet. All of the MDs I know have friends,family etc and try as best they can to keep up with them. The fact that you are having these chats says one of two things; he is not who he says he is or his family and friends have stopped communicating.I have spent some of the time the last ten years dealing with scammers on the web, driven in part by my aunt who gave thousands of dollars to a "general"to help buy a mythical house in Hawaii. So I have a close up view of the situations it creates and it's ugly. There are two kinds of them. The "hit and run" [ you send him a steam card or two and he' or she's gone] and the "long haul trucker", you are dealing with the latter. They will build trust for a period of time and then an "emergency" will arise. His child is sick, being kicked out of boarding school, his [mother etc] is ill and need his financial help. Since he is where he is he can not send them money so he needs you to do it and he will pay you back when he sees you [which is never going to happen] or he wants to come and see you but he has to pay fees to get leave to come. In a military setting, no army charges their troops for anything. There are other games that are played. He wants you to keep his "box" for him (it may have millions of dollars or gold.) So you are going to do it but wind up giving a lot of personal and financial information to the "shipper" [ which can be used to launder money or clean out your bank account].So by now you should realize what you are dealing with. What your heart wants is not going to happen.....I would not curse him out ( some of them get pleasure out of your pain) just drop him,block him and never go back to the site you've been talking on.Have a good life

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