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Video Call to IPhone (FaceTime) Via Windows, Android, Or Web

If the user has Facebook, then the Facebook Messenger app (available on iPhone and Android) allows for video chatting. In addition, it's a plug-in for Facebook so it allows messaging/texting with other Facebook users

Video Call to IPhone (FaceTime) Via Windows, Android, Or Web 1

1. what does it mean if i IM someone in my list in YM and when the window shows video call, voice call and IM env?

interior the international, i could say MSN Messenger may be the superb. maximum persons choose to apply the Yahoo one by using fact the video is greater valuable finding... yet their is alot of spammers. MSN Messenger could be a greater valuable selection.


The only answers within the Yahoo! Messenger help section that may help are listed below. If you have a corrupt or incomplete download of Messenger, delete the current one completely and re-download and SAVE. Install Download and SAVE the program directly from the File Hippo web site - it seems more successful than an update or install from Yahoo's site, or even choosing to install by Run. I suggest saving it to your Desktop so it does not get 'lost'. Install it only AFTER completely cleaning the registry of remnants. Download the most recent version of any Yahoo Instant Messenger (highest number, top of its list) You might consider downloading CCleaner to help clean out the registry safely, but be sure to back up the registry first with the program. (It's also a handy program for deleting temp files, history, etc in one click - for a faster, cleaner computer) Some firewalls have issues with installing Messenger, but disabling your firewall while online is VERY dangerous! Usually, by installing after downloading, the firewall will ask for permission to run the program. If you use Internet Explorer 8 as your browser, Yahoo Messenger 10 will not work properly without Flash and Java programs also installed.

Video Call to IPhone (FaceTime) Via Windows, Android, Or Web 2

3. How do I activate the WhatsApp video call feature?

WhatsApp's impending support for video calling appears to be closer to launch. According to new reports, the feature is now functional in some of the beta builds of the Android application, following its recent arrival in the Windows Phone version of the Facebook-owned messaging app. The iOS app was also updated just last week, but video calling support was not included at that time. In this case, a new dialog box will appear, offering the choice between a standard voice call and a video call. In addition, the call log will show which calls were made via video by annotating them with the camera icon, instead of the telephone icon.you can check the full story about whatsapp video calling storms the net

4. Google Hangouts video call always on top

AltSpace brings up the window menu with Always on Top, Minimise, Maximise and other commands.To find out how to do the same on Windows, check out the answers to "Make window always on top?" on Super User

5. Can I get in trouble for smoking on a video call while working from home?

Your employer is in a position to forbid or require you doing one thing or another (within reasonable limits - like to wear an uniform, not to use tobacco, alcohol or drugs, not to swear, to speak only some specified language, etc) in office hours, no matter where exactly you are (you may be on a field trip, and the place may be an actual field).In my country (Bulgaria) an employer is even required (by law) to ban smoking at the workplace and to enforce the ban. Both the employee and the employer will be fined for a violation (well, in a rare occurence when an inspector appears surprisingly). I think this perfectly extends to the "home office"

6. URGENT!! Video call disabled on Skype?

Ha ha! That happened to me too. Check that your video camera is plugged in. If it comes w/ your computer than tell skype company that its broken

7. Why does Michelle Obama say "His home country in Kenya" in the first video then call him "a Kenyan" in the 2nd?

Because Barack Obama Sr. is a citizen of Kenya, Barack Obama Jr. is also a citizen regardless of whether or not he was born in Kenya

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