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Can I Use Rear Curtain Sync in Bulb Mode?

I think that firing the flash manually gives you a lot more interesting possibilities than rear curtain sync.If you want to have rear curtain sync, just push the (flash) button at the end of the exposure (just before releasing the shutter button)That being said, you can fire the flash at any time during the bulb exposure. If a dancer jumps, you probably want to freeze him in the air and not at the end of the exposure when he/she is on the ground again, which rear curtain sync would do.You can even fire multiple flashes during the bulb exposure, freezing the dancer multiple times in one image. To do this, you either need short recycle times of your flash or multiple flashes. (or dance moves that are slow enough to allow the flash to recycle)In fact, using a stroboscopic flash for this kind of shot is also possible (and people do this).

Can I Use Rear Curtain Sync in Bulb Mode? 1

1. What are the differences between the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall?

The "Iron Curtain" was a political allegory coined by Churchill in 1948 to symbolise the growing antagonism and breakdown of the war time alliance between the West and RussiaThe "Berlin Wall" was the fortified border that surrounded the three western sectors in BerlinThe "Inner German Border" was the fortified border that separated the Russian Sector (later East Germany) from the three western sectors (later West Germany) in occupied Germanuy

2. Do short curtain look tacky in a living room?

Mabye, but It depends on how the curtains color or pattern looks like. mabye you should buy a few and see how it looks with your windows

Can I Use Rear Curtain Sync in Bulb Mode? 2

3. I am looking for a cheap bamboo door curtain any ideas?

IKEA has many models . Home Plaza got many things too .. they both start from 25$ .

4. Im so designer home non friendly, HELP!!! I need a curtain color.?

nearly any color will go with tan, black and white. if you want a color that pops use a dk. red or medium blue. if you want something to blend in, use a darker tan (at least 2 shades darker)

5. What color accessories would go with black and white shower curtain?

Try Peir 1 Imports, the store. They usually hae great trendy items for decorating. Anyting cubey- For the rug I picture a fluffy black one...good luck and remember to have fun. I think black would be a bit depressing by itself. ..try to lighten it up a bit.

6. how can i a get ross dress for less stores to repair my bathtub which was badly stained from a shower curtain?

The manufacturer is responsible

7. Which do you prefer, a shower curtain or a glass shower door?

Shower glass door

8. Could I have a retinal detachment with no flashes, no blurry vision, no curtain, no pain, no floaters? I was seen twice by an OD for PVD and for sudden flashes, now gone. But they asked me to keep my April appointment due to sagging vitreous.

Well, yes, you could have a retinal detachment (RD) with "no flashes, no blurry vision , no curtain, no pain, no floaters". Because none of those symptoms are absolute requirements (pathognomonic) for an RD.Firstly, there is almost never pain with a RD because there are no pain fibers in the retina. Secondly, your "sagging vitreous" is probably a vitreous detachment (what you referred to as a PVD) and that's pretty common. While a vitreous detachment can lead to an RD, the vast majority do not.Thirdly, not all RDs lead to total black vision loss as described in one other answer. In fact, most do not. Macula-on RDs usually have a decent amount of central vision at the time of discovery/repair. Macula-off RDs usually have very poor central visual acuity at the time of examination. Small inferior RDs may have very few symptoms and may not be noticed by the patient, and may not progress. So, in answer to your question, yes you could have an RD without any of those symptoms. Is it likely though ? No.Assuming the OD was capable of doing a thorough, retinal exam with good dilation, view, and scleral depression, it would be unlikely that you would have developed an RD following the ODs exam without any new symptoms. But it is possible.This is not medical advice. Medical advice is what you can (sometimes) get from your medical doctor after they have examined you. Advice over the internet could be from a 9 year old who has just watched a South Park episode. Or a quack. You are probably better off with the 9 year old's opinion. So the best advice is don't waste time asking for medical diagnoses or medical advice on the internet. See your doctor. Could I have a retinal detachment with no flashes, no blurry vision, no curtain, no pain, no floaters? I was seen twice by an OD for PVD and for sudden flashes, now gone. But they asked me to keep my April appointment due to sagging vitreous

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