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If I Wanted to Make Window Curtain Panels That Were About 63" Long...?

Your panels will hang much better if you have at LEAST a 5" hem folded over at the bottom, even 6" if it's a sheer or a very heavy fabric (the weight will make the folds nicer or it will hang straighter if you are doing a flat panel.) So I would recommend at least 9" added to the 63" drop for 72". Be sure and wash it to pre-shrink it before you cut or sew it if you are buying washable fabric.

If I Wanted to Make Window Curtain Panels That Were About 63 Long...? 1

1. what color curtain to go with dark olive green couch?

Olive Green Couch

2. Can I put a curtain rail on the top of wooden window frame itself? Or does it then need to go on ceiling?

you can mount them anywhere you want. you just need to use the correct fasteners/screws or wall anchors

If I Wanted to Make Window Curtain Panels That Were About 63 Long...? 2

3. Do you check behind your shower curtain everytime you enter the bathroom?

YES i do i HATE my curtain that is the first thing i do when i enter

4. What color accessories would go with black and white shower curtain?


5. LED stage display project case | huge flexible LED stage background | mesh LED display | LED curtain display - Shenzhen Verypixel Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

On November 20, Verypixel has finisjed the installation and passed the acceptance this huge Flexible LED Stage Background Project in Hongkou District, Shanghai. For now, it is our biggest indoor project combining with flexible LED display and mesh LED display. The whole stage background divided into 3 parts which repectively are the main screen of VP-Mesh-I10, side screen of VP-Flex-18.75 and ultra imperial arc-shaped indoor display(VP-Mesh-I16) rear surround the stage. We used our VP-MESH rental series for the stage main screen, which gave a full play to the advantages of its light, thin, fast assembly. It only took a 6-man team a half day to install this 80sqm main screen body. We adopted inner arc-shaped door design for the side screen, which totally reflected the flexibility of VP-FLEX and PH18.75mm also provided a good image effect made it icing on the cake. In Consideration of cost savings for customers and installation environment requirements, we adopted VP-Mesh-I16 rear surrouned the giant background stage.The peneration design of VP-Mesh product solved the heat dissipation issue of this giant screen. Relative to the VP-Flex, in the context of achieving the same effect, VP-Mesh has a higher performance-price ratio. The project includes two of our series products that reflects our ability to design flexible product solutions and once again proves our products and services. Which LED stage screen manufacturer is excellent? Shenzhen,China looking for Verypixel!

6. Anyone know where I can get a 7 foot shower curtain?

How about joining two [or more] together! I am sure that would do the job and possibly look better - it would be 'fuller' and have a more are laxed' look. Good luck!

7. Why were the conservatives desiring a Southern Iron Curtain fence to keep illegal immigrants out?

As you said, "to keep illegal immigrants out". Pretty straight forward

8. have some thick curtain type material canopy that goes over bed , what's best way to clean it?

Take it down and throw it in the washing machine

9. Finding properly sized curtain panels for my room to block out light.?

if you want to go cheap here is my advice. Get a dark big blanket, you can get cheap at any linen store and hang it over the entire window, you can use tacks for it. Trust me, use your money for food and drinks, do not spend that much money on a window treatment that will get F***ed all the hell. I did it in college and no one ever commented that it was tacky

10. Would we have been as afraid of the Russians if they called it "La partition" instead of the Iron Curtain?

They would still have les bombs

11. HElp! Iron CUrtain?

The iron curtain was a name for the area that separated the communist nations of Europe and the non-communist nations of Europe, that was given by Winston Church Hill in 1946. It divided Eastern Europe (in which they were communist allies to the Soviet Union) It was used to stop the spread of soviet expansion and communism. It really depends on what period your doing. If your doing the fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980's and the early 1990's. These are approximate dates, but it could be people who are reaching out from behind a wall or something similar to the iron curtain. Maybe you can have it being put up by politicians in Eastern Europe during the mid-1940's. Like I said before. It depends on what time period your doing.

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