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Chrissy Teigen Fitted with Purple Wig and Shares Images on Instagram

She teased her fans last week when she shared images on her social media showing herself sporting what appeared to be freshly dyed purple hair. But after revealing those images were just made using Instagram filters, Chrissy Teigen on Sunday posted pics that showed her being fitted with a purple wig. The model and cookbook author, 35, posted to her Instagram Story from a styling session, in which she was seen with a clear cap over her natural hair and then purple locks being stuck down along her forehead. When it was all done, she showed off her new look in a series of images. She also shared some full-length selfies while showcasing her model figure in a spaghetti strap black top and black leggings. It seems that the makeover took place in the bathroom of her mansion in Los Angeles. Chrissy was in full glam makeup for the session. Her eyes were made up with shimmery shadow along with black liner and mascara. Her cheeks were emphasized with dark blush and she wore matte pink lip color. She accessorized with several fine gold necklaces. The wife of musician John Legend appears to be changing up her look since ringing in the new year on vacation in the Caribbean with her famous husband and their two children, Luna, four and Miles, two. She's recently shown off a new nose piercing in addition to experimenting with her hair. It comes after she has publicly declared herself to be sober after acknowledging that she had started drinking too much, and as she seeks to move forward after suffering the heartbreaking loss of a baby boy at 20 weeks pregnant last September.

Chrissy Teigen Fitted with Purple Wig and Shares Images on Instagram 1

1. Should I wear a wig????

I think it looks cute! I hear wibs can be itch though. But if you can afford it I would go for it and wear it. Maybe change between it and your natural hiar :P.

2. Did Brian May really have long hair for all those years, or was he just wearing a wig toward the end?

Yes He Still Has Long Hair Now! And It's Real!! =] x

Chrissy Teigen Fitted with Purple Wig and Shares Images on Instagram 2

3. what it a good method to curl a lace front wig?

flow to a hair stylist that focuses on lace fronts. they are going to take the measurements of your head, and performance the wig custom made for you with the type you want. you should likely have 2 different wigs made for both different seems, as adverse to attempting to straighten the curly wig. in case you straighten it, that is not likely to look as smooth

4. Anyone know a good full lace wig shop in london?

Nope sorry xxox

5. Where can I find a great green wig for a Sailor Pluto cosplay?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find a great green wig for a Sailor Pluto cosplay? I looked at the seller from whom I bought my Yoruichi wig (which is great; the seller on ebay is tita-doremi), but the wig she has for Sailor Pluto is too dark. I do want a dark green, closer to forest green that is long enough to fall against the back of my knees or close to them. It should be...

6. Why do people pick on me for wearing a wig when I have alopecia?

I agree with you. The reason why people can we such Bi*ches is because they are too hung up on their own insecurities

7. How would you dress your brother like a girl?

A dress, stuffed bra, tights and heels. Defiantly go with some sort of wig. and jewelry

8. Where can I get a quality cosplay wig?

Try and find year round Halloween store. I live in Southern california and theres a lot of them in the Orange county/Los angeles county border. That, or go to Amazon.com or Ebay.com. Usually all wigs are universal size.

9. How can I make a Marie Antoinette Wig?

It may be hard to make it yourself.

10. Is Kelly Clarkson really Britney Spears with a wig on?

Kelly clarkson is a good singer. and No they arent the same person... your an idiot tho

11. Does Meghan Markle straighten her hair, or wear a wig?

Like many women in the entire world ( black, white, Latino, European, Middle Eastern, Asian) Meghan Markle probably blow dries her hair straight. Watch any sales video of WEN, other hair products, high end blow dryers, and the women have poufy hair that might be considered kinky, frizzy, and just not straight. They are women of all racial backgrounds, including white women. And women from all over the world wear wigs and clip in extensions, to save time and prevent their hair from being damaged. Who cares. In the event you are asking from a racial perspective, without going into the obvious, it is a bad idea and in poor taste

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