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Wearing a Wig to School?

i think it's a great idea! just be careful your wig does not fall during PE. as far as wig shopping goes, get a real human hair wig. It will be the most natural looking wig you will find :) Good luck!

Wearing a Wig to School? 1

1. Damaged hair -- Using a wig full-time??? ?

wigs these days are fantastic... think of some celebrities that have gone Thu cancer and had wigs. synthetic hair will be cheaper than natural hair but does not mean it wont look as good, you will just have to go to some wig places and try a few on. as far as the weather goes it probably wo not be too bad if you cut your hair quite short before you get one. good luck

2. How do I dye a cheap synthetic wig?

Since it's a synthetic wig, dye might be too harsh for it. Try using blue food coloring, just mix some with water and try it out. It wo not be permanent of course but it will work.

Wearing a Wig to School? 2

3. do you think it's okay for a 14 year old to wear a lace front wig?

sure go ahead, if you can afford it

4. how do i dye a 100% MODACRYLIC Fiber wig?

Buy 2-6 sharpies of the color you want and break them open. If you take off the lid and bend it, the place where the body of the sharpie transitions into the tip should snap right off. Remove the ink cartridges and carefully slice open the plastic on one side with a sharp knife or scissors and then put them into a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with about 8-10 oz. of 70% rubbing alcohol and then twist on the cap. Let the mix sit for at least an hour, shaking occasionally (every 10-15 minutes) until desired color is reached. You can test it on a piece of cloth or paper towel. Once the dye is ready, spray it onto your wig. Make sure to cover it thoroughly. Once it's coated, let the dye dry and then fill a bowl with cool water. Wash the wig off in this bowl, changing the water as needed, until the water runs clear. With wigs, you should never scrub. Instead, use a soft "pressing" motion. You may want to wear gloves for this. Once the extra ink is out, pin the wig to a wig head and let air dry. Do not let it get near heat. After it's dry, you can brush it out (carefully and with a wide-toothed comb preferably). If it's the right color, then you are done! If not, then you can repeat these steps for a darker color. You can add more sharpie cartridges for a more concentrated color. You can also made a whole vat of ink dye and soak the wig in it. This tends to work better on long wigs. However, it takes longer to wash. To get the dye back out, just wash it in 70% rubbing alcohol until all the sharpie is removed. Good luck!

5. Where can I get wig wag headlight flashers for Honda CRV?

Hey you could just buy some universal ones and install them or have them installed

6. How do I curl a wig without irons?

Synthetic wigs do not usually hold shapes (unless they were made that way) but you could try washing it, putting in rollers while it is wet and then letting it dry while the rollers are in it. It might be curly for a little while. Or it might not get curly at all. But it's worth a shot!

7. would this wig look real?

some people will cause tha hair iz 2 thin.and some wont

8. Would you be interested in buying a Glass Wig?

Maybe britney spears would be interested

9. how do I get blood out of my great aunt's wig?

put it in the tumble dryer!! xx Lea xx hope i helped :P

10. Can I straighten a curly wig temporarily?

yes but be careful of the heat of the iron, it could break the wig,or make it loose hair

11. Where to buy custom-made wig in Charleston, South Carolina?

Hi, online shopping sites are a great help these days. I often purchase my requirements from various online sites. There are also free classified sites that provide a lot of information on various products.

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