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GET DOWN TO THE TRUTH:Is It True That Michael Jackson Wore a Wig?

I honestly do not care but I do not think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET DOWN TO THE TRUTH:Is It True That Michael Jackson Wore a Wig? 1

1. Should I get a wig? And is it strange to wear a wig 'over' hair?

I wore wigs when my hair was at tailbone length for the same reasons... I like short styles sometimes and I like the versatility of wigs and other hair pieces. But you never wear a wig over the hair... a wig has coarse fibers that connect the strands together and that being on your hair can damage it and cause breakage. You should invest in satin/spandex skull caps that fit snugly with no room for the wig fibers to touch your hair. Since I have jet black hair and my wigs were varying shades of black, it was easy for me to find a bunch of these caps, but I have no idea what color your hair is, nor the wigs you intend on donning... but find something as close to that color as possible. The easiest way to wear a wig over long hair is to have it braided close to the scalp, think cornrows... and there is a braiding method called a beehive where the braid is one continuous braid going around the head and it resembles a beehive... I wore cornrows and then just looped them around the top of my head before placing the skull cap over it. The skull cap eliminates most of the bulge and minimizes the bulky big-head appearance. Trust me, you can have long hair and still rock a wig.

2. what happens to hair if not washed for over 6 months in a wig ?

I think that "this lady" is actually YOU. Well whatever, if "she" has had it on for 6 months, then -Her hair is probably locked up, and tangled like crazy. -She has a dirty scalp, and buildup. -Should have 2.5-3 inches of growth, but then again her dirty scalp might have stopped the growth - Lots of sweat, oil, and dirt on her hair and scalp. -It will get REALLY damaged, and if yo try to comb it, it might break off Why in the world would "she" wear a wig for 6 months straight without washing it or her own hair? Disgusting it. She probably smelled. All kind of odors and living creatures stayed on her scalp and hair YUCK

GET DOWN TO THE TRUTH:Is It True That Michael Jackson Wore a Wig? 2

3. Where to find Alice in Wonderland wig?

There are a few on Ebay but the cheapest one is $13.0o I have attached the link for it below

4. Is Kelly Clarkson really Britney Spears with a wig on?

how in the world did u come up w/ that comparison, and kelly can actually sing

5. which purple wig should i get? (pictures included)?

The 1st or the 3rd one

6. hi friends!What is your favorite style of wig?

I like the lace wigs when they are done correctly. I prefer long wigs with nice swoop bangs

7. I got this wig for my birthday, styling ideas?

wave it out ,, put your hair up etc:D

8. For my Kagamine Rin cosplay should my wig be short or long?

No i do no longer think of it incredibly is going to count in any respect. i am going as Lambo and that i've got brown eyes (he's has green). so which you would be advantageous! And the 2d wig is the superb. Use a black pen?.

9. If you were to come home and catch your dad in a dress, heels, and wig could he probably count on you to not?

I would not tell my mom. Why hurt her if she does not know, and maybe she does know, anyway. No blood money for me

10. Full Lace wig installers in Los Angeles?

You can get a better price because its online, and they have how to videos and live chat during the week.

11. How can I color a wig?....................?

Aww. i think of your incredibly fairly and does not elect a wig. Sorry if that did not answer your question. i am uncertain what colour or actual the wig feels like, so i does not probable understand or get a picture from it.

12. Who thinks Biden Looks Like Val Kelmer with a gray wig?

I do not . Sorry. Biden's nose is narrower and pointier

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