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Does the New Sony Fw Series Have a S-video Port?

get the dell it has heaps more than the sony. sony does not have a graphics card it uses a chipset, meaning you wont be able to pay many games or any very intensive programs. sony also uses vista 64 bit which may be hard to find software for. the dell use windows 7. the dell uses the new core i7 whereas the sony uses the outdated core 2 duo (still a good cpu just older now). get the dell

Does the New Sony Fw Series Have a S-video Port? 1

1. How can I get the same quality playing videos with an s-video cord from my laptop to my HDTV?

if your tv has a VGA input use that instead, S-video will not look good on your hdtv because its not the best quality. If your laptop has a DVI out put buy a DVI to HDMI cable to get outstandding quality on your tv or even a VGA to DVI converter anything abouve s-video should work Composite s-video Component VGA HDMI/DVI

2. What do u think about the new coldplay's video (

i think the video is cool, but chris looks awkward in his new style. something just doesnt look right with him in that outfit. the song is sooo good. i have had it on repeat since yesterday when it came out on itunes.

Does the New Sony Fw Series Have a S-video Port? 2

3. Can I win against a verbal contract that he claims it's on video?

Because there is nothing in writing, no "partnership" relation was ever defined especially regarding what was the original consideration [which was not a monetary set value] but merely your donated initial work hours. And so it is also not binding upon any of the prior or current partners that they can choose to step away from this informal arrangement without suffering any penalties, since no such penalties for termination were ever defined in writing. Even if there were video or audio recordings, did everyone clearly give permission to be so recorded - where are the formal written releases and are they part of any written partnership agreement [like as an Exhibit]? And was there any written non-competition or confidentiality covenants duly executed by the partners? Failing that also, every so-called partner has the right to step away from this poorly structured arrangement without suffering or creating harm to the remaining partners. This is truly an informal gathering which never raised itself to the level of a formalized partnership of any kind. Good luck!

4. How to make S-Video clearer?

You need to adjust your videocard output settings for the S-video in your properties for your videocard. Chances are you have an ATI/Intel/nVidia card so you need to -RIGHT click on a blank area of your desktop and choose properties -Should have brought up Display Properties -Go to the SETTINGS tab -Click on the ADVANCED button down in the right hand corner -You should now be in the property tabs for your videocard and explore through these tabs as you will find a section refering to TV or NTSC output (PAL in Europe) to an external display. -Refresh rate should be 60hz USA and 50hz in Europe -output to a SDTV should be 640x480 and since your using the S-video out thats the best your gonna get. And yes text sucks through S-video but it should be at least readable as it works great on my TV, so I think a little tweakin' will improve the situation... Good luck, you will figure it out!!!

5. i have a 26" sanyo vizon that i want to use as another monitor it has hdmi , s-video input what do i need ?

What ports do you have on your computer, i use a hdmi cable, as i have a hdmi port on both my tv and laptop

6. what is the S video for home theater about ?

The S-Video can be used to hook a computer up to it and use it as a monitor, if you have the appropriate cable, or it could be used for several other thing

7. what has better picture quality s video or component (red blue green)?

Component is a much better choice of connection than the S video cable

8. S-Video output better then component?

Composite - Baseline quality SVideo - 20% better picture over baseline Component - 25% better picture over baseline This was determined using a reference quality 50" RPTV a few years ago by Home Theater Magazine. Bigger displays showed more improvement, smaller displays showed less. So for standard def - SVideo is the best bang for the buck.

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