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Is There Any Significsant Difference in the Make/quality of an S-Video Cable?

It really depends upon the design more-so than the cost of the cable. This pretty much goes for any audio or video cable. How do you know which one is better than the other? Well it's really hard to tell without auditioning them yourself, but the next best way is to read reviews from customers and professionals. In general, Monster would be better than an OEM cable that comes with the new electronics like a DVD player or a S-VHS recorder, but the best value in a premium cable that I have had experience with is from DH Labs. I say get two cables that you are considering and compare them both, and send back the one you like the least. Make sure you have the option to return the cable before you buy it, but that would be my recommendation. Here are some places online that you can use to reference... _ _ _ _ _

Is There Any Significsant Difference in the Make/quality of an S-Video Cable? 1

1. Why won't my S video cable that is plugged in from my laptop to my HDTV work?

On the laptop make sure that you have specified in the display settings to activate the S-Video output The TV's input setting must be S-Video OR it could be a Video1 or Video2 (depending on the TV). It will NOT be a channel #.

2. When RCA/S-Video cables are "gold plated," does that improve the picture quality?

In addition to gold being an excellent conductor, it is also very slow to corrode. Since there is no solder connection between components and only pressure fit cables, other metals will oxidize and degrade performance. Gold-to-gold connections will not oxidize over time and performance will not falter. So far as a performance test between steel and gold connectors when they are brand new, your eyes and ears wo not be able to tell the difference but my oscilloscope probably would.

Is There Any Significsant Difference in the Make/quality of an S-Video Cable? 2

3. How can you use Facebook's video creating kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?

Video Creation Kit enables advertisers to convert static-imagery and text assets into mobile-optimized video ads, for Facebook and Instagram that are 15s or 6s in duration.You can choose from four video templates combining text overlays & product or brand logos with motion, following one of these themes:tPromote a product (6 seconds)tSell multiple products (6 seconds)tDrive product discovery (15 seconds)tShow product benefits (15 seconds)The key benefit is that video ads tailored to how people watch videos on mobile provide a better experience for users in Facebook and therefore, you are more likely to achieve your intended objectives.You can access the tool in the 'single video' ad format in Facebook Ads Manager. It's also available under the 'Videos' section of Page Publishing Tools.The templates are compatible with all ad objectives. Choose the ad objective that aligns best to your business goal. More information, including case studies can be found on the Facebook Business Blog and Help Center.Anyone using these? Would love to hear about your experience.How can you use Facebook's video creating kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?How can you use Facebook's, Video Creation Kit to make creating mobile first ads easier?.

4. what is the name of the girl in pitbull's video "i know you want me"?

Sagia Castaneda

5. Will Andrew Brietbart's video be 0bama's undoing ?

Brietbart died as he lived in the gutter with his face in the dirt. His bad Karma finally caught up to him. If this smut peddler had anything on Obama he would have sold it in 2008. I am quite sure the Republicans have not stopped trying to dig up something for the past five years. I have no doubt they are going to attack I just hope they do not keep using the tired old birther reruns- so boring

6. How Can I Capture From My PS3 to PC S-Video?

No that is not how it works you would have to buy a screen capture software like a hauppage

7. Anybody else a big fan of Kassem G's video's?

I friggin love KassemG. In my opinion, he is one of the best comedians out there!

8. I am looking for something that can do the job of a VCR without playing tapes....and must output S-Video.?

i suggest u get a new dvd

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